Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 18

Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 18

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Page 1



What’s wrong Minato ?

Alba* too……? (*Note : Sorry guys, raw qualities being fairly low, I thought it was Alpa at first)

I heard something after boosting my hearing with magic

I can hear voices which seem to be arguing…

Suula-san, have the carriage head to the voices please

It might be a caravan which met with an accident !

What !?

Page 2

We kept following you even after going through deadly battles

Don’t be so stingy, you’re a damn wealthy merchant right !?

That’s not a reason, where the heck do you see  a bodyguard who sets his hands on the merchandise !!

Good grief…

You guys, over there !

Are you the caravan who departed from Wolka…!?

Page 3


Yo, you two,  what a coincidence

We met yesterday, to think, we would meet again today,  on top of that in such a place

Is he your acquaintance ?


If I remember correctly, you’re Zaly-san…?

You don’t need to add [san]* (*Note : it’s called an honorific, it’s less polite without honorifics but then it makes it friendlier)

Just drop the honorifics and call me Zaly

I’m an acquaintance, after all

Page 4

I mean… that exchange barely lasted a few minutes

I’m not sure I can categorize him as an [Acquaintance]…

We gotta eat so we can put forth our strength to protect you guys, right !?

Protecting the merchandise is also the role of the bodyguards, ok !

Aahh, once we get back to the city, we will probably need to pay money as a penalty

To make matters worse it’s already questionable whether or not we’ll be able to accomplish the quest

Are you sure you didn’t choose the wrong partners ?

Ahahaha, you’re harsh…

First of all, let’s withdraw from this place

Tell the caravan’s carriage to follow us

Page 5

Why are you in our carriage ?

Well, the number of people here is more convenient, I guess ?

Ah, by the way, the boyfriend over there

Boyfriend !

I forgot to ask yesterday but,

It’s you right ? The one who beat the [Naga] ?

You know, the adventurer who is black from top to bottom


You did notice ?

After all

Well yeah I mean, with that appearance

Page 6

I feel better now

Thank you

Huh… That’s all ?

No excess of inquiry, huh

This guy, Zaly… is flashy but…

He doesn’t look at Elk or Suula-san with obscene eyes

His way of holding a certain distance between us gives off a pleasant feeling……

After riding the carriage for a while, it went dark so, today

We decided to camp in the forest

Page 7

I’m sorry

I can’t sleep so I’m going to walk for a bit

I didn’t bathe neither yesterday nor today, hah

I guess I’ll at least wash my face…

Page 8


Washing my face made my eyes even heavier…

Well now that I’m here

Let’s catch some food that could be used for tomorrow’s breakfast

Page 9

Alright ! This works well…

As far as I know

The only ones who are able to catch fish that way, are you and bears

Elk !

Page 10

Standing on the surface of the water without sinking , how do you do that ?

Magic ?

Well yeah, it is magic

Have you ever heard about surface tension ? For example, the method used by water striders

It’s something I developed during my training when I was a kid

Using water magic,

it’s a trick that creates surface tension under my feet

You know, Minato

Well that is If I train more but,

You think you could teach me that kind of magic ? (PR : I dropped the “Do” at the beginning on purpose to make it friendlier)

Page 11

…I know how Elk feels

Until now, she has been seeing my absurd

and yet interesting original magic

I understand her feelings of wanting to try using it

If it’s about handy magic like the one I’m using now

I’ll be happy to teach you hereafter, ok ?


in my repertoire, I’ve

a lot of [taboo] magic, It’s not only about initiating other people,

even I am forbidden by my mother to use it

Even my specialty, [Elemental Blood],  is too unique, I can’t divulge its existence carelessly

Page 12

I won’t teach those kinds of magic to anybody, whoever they may be.

Of course, not even you, Elk

…By the way,

What did you come here for ?

I didn’t get to bathe so I came to wash my face

Oh, same as me then

Page 13

Ah, that’s right

Might as well bathe in the river I guess

Hey Minato, can I ask you to stand guard  ?

Huh… Wha…


Ah… I’ll go over there ok…

Page 14

I don’t really mind even if you stay there

You should be used to seeing me in my underwear right ?

Well yeah, that’s true…

After giving lessons to Elk

At times she would have bruises so when she had to apply ointment to her bruises she would be in her underwear

I am the one who has to apply the ointment to places she can’t reach with her hands, like her back

It was embarrassing at first so

I offered to give a tip to Tanya-chan and ask her to do it but…

Ohh… You would leave me, in front of that Devil’s incarnation

Defenseless, while I’m exposing my skin ?

Is what Elk said to me, so I gave in

Page 15


It feels so good

So pretty……

If you’re going to stare at me so much, why don’t you join me ?

Ah, uh


What’s that ?

I feel several presences in the nearby environs ……!


Page 16

Ah, Alba

You were awake too… Oh right, you’re nocturnal by nature

Two presences left…!

They are both coming from downwind……

One of them has quite the weak presence…!

Looks like he is use to acting in secret…

It’s at a level where I barely sense it even with my intensified sense of smell and hearing


Page 17

Looks like there are other visitors

Minato-dono and Elk-dono

Page 18

Hum… If I had to say, it is as I expected but

You guys are not simple adventurers, you’re not companions either

It seems you have an intimate relationship

It doesn’t seem like [things] have gone to the extreme though…




It’s a healthy thing for younglings

Wel-…Well Elk

I’m leaving first

Oh, you’re leaving Minato-dono

I don’t mind if you keep watching there

Page 19

I don’t know if she is serious or not with that proposal…!

Well, Suula-san has been living in a society full of men

So she might actually think that…



I know, I know. I’m curious about what that presence is so I’m going to check it

Sorry, Suula-san

Please take your time

Ah… He left the fish there, I’ll bring them later

Elk-dono, I’m coming in

Page 20

Elk-dono, did you notice ?

Uh ?

It seems Minato-dono felt some kind of presence and

went to ascertain what they were

No, nothing at all

His senses are twice as sharp as a normal human and

His eyes seemed serious so it doesn’t look like a pretext to leave

Well then, I wonder what it was

If it’s not a demon…

I guess their objective was to peak at our bare skin

Those delinquents ?

Well that’s indeed a possibility but

Even my subordinates sometimes come to peep at me when I change clothes for example

Page 21

Eh !?

Wh-… Is that ok !?

Of course not, but

It’s the nature of certain men

I don’t particularly want to blame them

Because they are fully aware that

if I notice them, they will be punished

Besides, if I don’t notice them

That just shows how good they’re at acting secretly right ?

At that time

They can at least look at my naked body as a reward for their devotion

If you live a long period with men

I wonder if you’ll get to put things in perspective like that…

Page 22

Page 23

Big breasts

Narrow hips

The ideal physique for a woman

Even if they peep, I guess it’s understandable that men want to watch

However, Elk-dono

If there really was someone and only Minato-dono was able to notice it

I can only say it’s an admirable skill

I totally had no idea

If it was one of my subordinate, in that case, I would be happy but…


I wouldn’t be the least bit happy though

Page 24

I can’t see any suspicious silhouettes, huh…

Though… there’s a ever so slightly smell

Slight enough that it can’t be noticed by anyone but me

Well… I don’t feel any hostility and

It doesn’t seem like a good thing to keep going, I guess I’ll just go back

Page 25

… I don’t know what was their objective but

I don’t like the idea of someone peeping at the bathing scene of my friend

That’s why, if their actions get any more suspicious than now……

I’ll send them back with my fists

Page 26

He was always looking over here

Not only my presence, he even knew my position, which means he completely noticed me

I was quite confident at hide-and-seek though

For real,

Who is he ?

Oh well, let sleeping dogs lie, right

I’m used to danger but I’d be dumb to call for it

I’ll quietly withdraw here

I’m quite interested though…

Page 27

It appears that those guys are unrelated anyway

We are progressing more smoothly than I expected

Page 28

Smoothly ?

How so ? We’ve been enduring attacks since a while ago

Well, I think it’s going smoothly

If you think that we are going through the forest fully loaded with food


From the monsters’ point of view, even we are counted as [Food] after all

You’re right…

That’s why I was against transiting through this forest

Though, the merchant was in a hurry and steamrolled his way in…

(Outside box) We are employed tools after all

But well at this rate, we will get out of the forest in the course of the day

It seems like we might be able to be back at Wolka by tomorrow

Huh ?

Wasn’t the merchant going to Ristal…?

Page 29

Due to the monsters’ attacks,  some of the goods and bodyguards were left out so

In this case, it’s standard to replace them

Oh ? We’re going back to the city but

I heard that the caravan will head to Ristal once we get out of the forest

Haa !?

Is he sane ?

Besides replenishing the goods, going while being short on guards

I can’t believe it

I guess, he wants to reach Ristal as fast as possible…

I think it’s reckless though

I offered to escort him to Ristal

But he refused saying [I can’t bear to have the guards, who are protecting the peace and order of our country, participate in this kind of thing ]


That’s past the point of being a hard worker

Isn’t that weird ?

Page 30

By the way, Zaly-dono

I only heard about an important cargo but

Do you know what this caravan is transporting ?

I’m sorry but I too, don’t know the details about this cargo

The guards are like those guys now

Once in a while, we ride on the cargo boxes

Most of them are provisions anyways

Then, there are those boxes which were carefully packed

There are only a few of them I believe

Page 31

Boxes ?

They were attached with cords, they put cushioning hemp sacks

Plus, they even covered it with odor-blocking fabric

It must be some pretty high quality goods

Fabric that blocks odors…

It might not only be food

Maybe raw monster material or even corpses…

No way…

I don’t wanna get involved in troublesome stuff, ok ?

No, I don’t think that’s it

Because there’s a sweet smell floating in the air

Minato, could it be that… through the odor-blocking fabric you…

Well, just a bit……

Page 32

What’s going on !?

……Uwah, oh gosh……

That smell and color… isn’t that [Blood Maple] ?

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