Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 24

Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 24

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: Five days later…
The Company finally reached the village where The Valley of Flowers is…

H: Chapter 24

B2: The Flower Village, Minette

B3: Thank you for coming all the way here this year too…

B4: You’re always welcome here!


B1: Phew, they really trust the company, don’t they…

B2: Well, they come every year after all. So they’re probably a kind of important guest to this village, I think?

B3: Hey, Minato-kun… Can we still keep doing that one spar a day even though we’ve already arrived..?

B4: Eeeh…

B5: Well, I personally don’t really mind because I can learn a lot from her too. But, the problem is…

B6: Why are you looking at me?
Just do as you please


B1: Elk always pouts whenever I involve myself with Sherry-san…

B2: It’s really stifling here so I really hope she stops doing that…

B3: Everyone, welcome to our village!
We have everything in Minette from flower dishes to processed goods, and I can assure you that all we have is only first-rate goods!

B4: Even though you won’t be staying long here, please enjoy our village!


B1: To think that their very own village chief is personally welcoming us… This company must be very important in their eyes…
As expected from Marlus Company…

B2: Well now… It’s a free time from now on…
And sorry, but I’m going to walk around this village on my own

B3: So, see you all later!

B4: Minato-kun, if you have nothing to do, do you want to do some exercise with me?

B5: Really, this girl is so…

B6: Sorry, Sherry-san
But I…

B7: I already have something I want to do in this village

B8: This! This! This is it!!


B1: Lily Dog and Violet Sandwich!

B2: And of course, Dandelion Burger and…
Grilled Chicken and Flower..!

B3: Wait, are you planning to eat all of these!?

B4: Of course!

B5: I’ve been craving to eat them since I heard about them for the first time!!

B6: Yeah, this is good!
The flowers that they put inside really have the freshness of the vegetable and a really nice fruit like taste!

Sfx: Munch

B7: Ah, really now…

B8: Hmm..?


B1: What’s wrong, Elk?

Sfx: Look Around

B2: You… You didn’t hear anything, Minato?

B3: What do you mean?

B4: Err, it’s like…
A high-pitched… Like a little kid’s voice…

Sfx: Noisy

B5: A little kid’s voice..?
Well, there are a lot of kids around here, after all…

B6: No, it wasn’t a normal kind of voice…

B7: It was more like a very soft and clear voice…
It was a really strange voice, you know…


B1: Hear that!? It happened again!!

B2: Eh?
Just now!?

B3: Auditory Strengthening

B4: Too much noise here. I wonder which one does she mean…

Sfx: Noisy Noisy

B5: I can hear it again!
Even now!!

B6: Err, like, “At this rate” …
And, “Why?” for example!

B7: You can hear it too right, Alba?

B8: Pweet?


B1: Err…
But I didn’t hear anything at all…

B2: And neither did Alba…

Sfx: Sulk…


B1: It’s really rare for you to borrow my Necronomicon, right Elk?

B2: Aah, it’s no use…

Sfx: Thud

B3: I thought that I would understand where that voice came from if I read this book…
But this book is WAY too thick..!!

B4: Since I feel like I heard that voice directly in my head…
I thought it was a kind of magic or something….

B5: Directly to your head?

B6: Wait a second Elk…

B7: If I remember correctly…

Sfx: Flap flap flap


B1: Found it. Is this what you mean?
This [Telepathy]

B2: Telepathy..?

B3: It’s a well known magic in my previous world too…
But basically, it lets you talk with other people from a distance by sending your thoughts directly to them

B4: If you have an aptitude for it, it’s not that hard to learn that magic

B5: However, after I read more about it…

B6: Seems like it’s impossible for me

B7: However, I really wonder why Elk can hear that telepathy in the first place…

B8: Or rather, from who..?


B1: Yeah, I don’t really know anyone in this village
And I don’t know where it came from either…

B2: A situation where you get telepathic messages from a stranger, huh…

B3: Then could it be a SOS signals that was sent indiscriminately, perhaps..?

B4: If I remember correctly, you heard something like “At this rate”, right?

B5: Yeah…

B6: Moreover, it sounded like she’s really at her wits’ end

B7: Well then… Let’s look for her!

B8: So… Do you hear anything?

B9: No, not at al-…


B1: Wait!
It’s here!!

B2: Eh!?

B3: I heard a voice!

B4: Let’s see… “Someone”… “..lp”..?
I think it was “Someone help”!

B5: Sigh… If only we could trace her location by reading the Mana in the telepathic messages she sent…

B6: “The Square”!!

B7: She’s behind the big tree at the square just outside the village!
I can’t hear it perfectly, but she really said that!!


Sfx: Dash Dash Dash

B1: There’s no other square beside this one, right..?

B2: So it’s my turn then

B3: Auditory Strengthening!

B4: Uuh…

B5: Over there!!


B1: Uh…

B2: Minato!
She’s injured!!

B3: Give me a sec. I’ll bring out some medicine now

Sfx: Rustle


B1: She has scratches all over her body…
I wonder what happened to her…

B2: For the time being, the only serious wound on her is her sprained ankle, I guess

B3: We only have my clothes, but…
Use it to prevent her body temperature from decreasing more

B4: Ugh…

B5: …Who are you..?

B6: Passerby A and B, I guess?

B7: Seriously?

B8: It smells like medicinal herbs…


B1: Are you the one who applied this to me, Onee-chan..?

B2: Yeah, that’s right, but… Is it really okay for you to stand up like that?

B3: Yeah, I’m alright…
Seems like the herbs are already taking effect…

B4: Thank yo-…

Sfx: Gasp!

B5: Don’t tell me, you guys are… Humans..!?


B1: Eh!?

B2: Eh? What’s with that question..?

H: [Flower Fog!!]

B3: Cough cough cough cough cough

Sfx: Boff!

B4: Wha-Wha-What is this!? Smoke? Powder?


B1: Elk, are you there!?

B2: Cough!

B3: Yeah, but I can’t see anything though…

B4: I can smell a flower scent from this smoke…
Is this pollen!?

B5: Come on!
Let’s grab Lyla while they’re distracted!

B6: I can hear several people voices and footsteps…

B7: I know… But you threw too much pollen…
I can’t see anything now…

B8: Just move! Lyla is going to be kidnapped if we don’t do something!

B9: I don’t really understand, but seems like I can’t stand doing nothing either

B10: I wonder what are they going to do next after hiding themselves with this pollen…


B1: But first, I have to get out from here!

Sfx: Fwooosh

SFx: Bwooosh

B2: Heya!

Sfx: Jump

B3: Ah
So you already escaped to the sky when that happened?

B4: That’s so sly, Alba…


B1: Seiya!

Sfx: Bwoooosh!

Sfx: Bwoooosh!

B2: Kyaaaaa!


B1: Nice, found you Elk!

B2: Wait…


Sfx: Step

B1: Uwaah, they’re really glaring at me…
Then could it be that the pollen just now was these guys’ work..?

Sfx: Cough Cough


B1: Lyla..!

B2: Err… Can we just talk it ou-…

Sfx: Dash

B3: You villain!!

B4: [Torrent Cord]!!

Sfx: Bwooosh


B1: This is bad! It’ll hit Elk and..!

Sfx: Rustle

B2: Hmm? Wait, was it an attack just now..?

Sfx: Swish

B3: Impossible..!! Why didn’t it work!?

B4: Even if you ask me that…

B5: Ahahaha…


B1: ..!

B2: Give our Lyla back…
You kidnapper!!

B3: Huh?

B4: That’s right!

B5: Give her back!

B6: Why are you doing this!?

B7: Look! Even Lyla hates…

B8: Eh..?

B9: She doesn’t…
Hate it..?


B1: ..?
What’s this..?

B2: I feel like there’s a very big misunderstanding between all of us…

B3: Kyaaaaaaa!!

B4: !!

B5: Wha..!?
Don’t tell me, over there too..!?

B6: What should I do…

B7: ..!

B8: Please save them!
You are not the bad guys here right, Onii-chan!?

B9: There are bad guys inside the forest right now endangering my friends!!


B1: Noo!! Let me go!!

B2: Why are you doing this!?

B3: Why you ask?

B4: Because you’ll sell nicely, of course

B5: I see… I understand everything with that


B1: Well then, let’s end this quickly

Sfx: Step Step Step

B2: Err, excuse me..?

B3: Huh!? The hell are you!?

B4: En Garde!!

Sfx: Stab Stab Stab Stab

B5: Guha!!

B6: Thank god we made it..!

B7: Ah, Nell-chan!!


B1: It’s alright now…

B2: !

B3: Minato!

B4: I know

Sfx: Rise up


B1: Snap

B2: You bastard..! What do you think you’re doing..!!

B3: Snap

B4: That’s my line

B5: This nice village with clean air and delicious flower dishes…
Why are you corrupting it by trying to do an inhumane thing like that?

Sfx: Fwip

B6: Shut up, you brat!!

B7: Don’t get in our way!!

B8: Sigh… Why are you villains always using the same line over and over again like that?


B1: Guha!

B2: Guoooh!!

Sfx: Bam!!

B3: Well done, like always

B4: Well, I only made them faint because we’re in front of little kids though…

B5: Alright, everything is okay now


B1: I’m very sorry!!

B2: Come on, you don’t have to be that frightened

B3: I mean, everything was just a misunderstanding after all

B4: However, I want you to tell me…

B5: Just what in the world happened here?

B6: Actually, we are not humans

B7: We are the incarnation of the plants which live inside this forest…
Or you can say that we’re a kind of Spirit

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