Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 25

Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 25

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: A kind of Spirit..!?

B2: Yes

B3: Have you heard about [Dryads]?

H: Chapter 25


B1: I’ve heard about them before
But if I remember correctly, your race is considered to be monsters…

B2: Ah, I’m sorry. Please don’t take it the bad way, okay?

B3: Err, your race is like spirits of plants who live in the forest, right?

B4: That’s correct

B5: We…
We made a small village inside this forest and lived there, but…

B6: Ah! So that’s why!

B7: You see, these girls have a different smell from humans…

B8: So it’s the smell of fresh leaves and clear water that I smell from the-…


B1: Wait, so you smelled their body odor all this time!?
You perv!

B2: I can’t help it. My sense of smell is strengthened, you know…

B3: But thanks for the cold stare abuse anyways!

B4: Err… Uhm…

Sfx: Fidget Fidget

B4: Uhmm… My name is Neil…

B5: You see, even though Neil is our friend, she is not a Dryad

B6: She is an [Alraune]!

B7: Alraune..?

B8: It’s a race that is one rank higher than the Dryads


B1: They have more powerful magic than Dryads
And by borrowing the power of the plants in the forest, they are able to use various kinds of magic…

B2: They also have high intelligence. Just think them as Dryads’ older sister, I guess

B3: We have been living inside this forest from a long time ago

B4: And by purifying the Mana in the air with our special skill, we made the forest abundant all year long

B5: The humans in the village believe us as the Protector of the Forest
And we maintain a good relationship with them


H: Praise the Protector
Praise the Protector

B1: Sometimes, they even revere us and offer meat or fish to show their gratitude…

B2: But well, we only consume water and fruits, so…

Sfx: Smelly

Sfx: Bury it!
Bury it!

B3: It’s actually a bit troublesome for us when they do that though…

Sfx: Rustle…

B4: And around noon today…

B5: We saw several suspicious men which we never saw before inside the forest, and…

Sfx: Glare


B1: No!!!

B2: Stop it!!

B3: …And that’s the story up to this point, huh…

Sfx: Trot trot trot

B4: But you see, that’s not all the story

B5: A lot of strange things happened in the forest these days…

B6: Hmm? What do you mean, Lyla-chan?


B1: You see, I saw a big lizard some time ago…

B2: Lizard..?

B2: Yeah, a big lizard that walked on its two legs

B3: Its tail was so long, and it had sharp nails and fangs

B4: I was so scared that I couldn’t even move when I saw it…

B5: I thought it was going to eat me at that time…

B6: But then, it walked away like nothing happened


B1: I think it’s a kind of [Lizardman] by listening to your description…
But the strange thing is, there shouldn’t be any Lizardmen around here

B2: Then just what in the world did Lyla see..?

Sfx: Shudder Shudder


B1: Minato? What’s wrong..?

B2: Elk… And Dryad girls…

B3: Gather around me, now..!

B4: W-What happened, Minato..?

B5: Just do it!!
I don’t have time to explain this!!


B1: This smell..!

B2: It’s “that guy”..!!

Sfx: Rustle

Sfx: Phew…


B1: Thank the Heavens…
Seems like it didn’t notice us

B2: H-Hey…

B3: Well, of course Elk is going to be worried…

B4: I guess it’s better if I explain it to he-…

B5: Uwaaaaah!!

B6: Kyaaaaah!!

B7: What now!?

B8: It’s from the village!
Let’s return asap!!


B1: Pant…

B2: Pant…

B3: Oh my, you guys are so late, you know?

Sfx: Kick


B1: I already finished them all

B2: Sherry-san!!

B3: That was really abrupt

B4: A Demon Beasts’ flock with their claws and fangs tainted red by blood suddenly attacked this village

B5: I came as quickly as I could because I thought some of the villagers might be injured…

B6: But when I arrived, everyone was just fine…
Perhaps the Demon Beasts fought each other or something

B7: Does that kind of thing happen often around here?

B8: Not quite, they told me that it’s their first time being attacked by Demon Beasts


B1: This time, we got out safely because the village’s vigilante corps and our men worked hard, but…

B2: As long as we can’t pinpoint the cause…
The villagers must be anxious about this…

B3: Minato! I received a message from Neil!
She said a weird human was spotted in the forest!

B4: Sorry Sherry-san, but I leave this place to you!

B5: Eeeh!? You’re going to go again!?
But I thought you’re going to help me find the cause of this!!


Sfx: Fwooosh

B1: I won’t let you get near anymore than this!!

B2: Hey, you!! What are you doing her-…

B3: Wait, whaaat!?

B4: Hi, Minato-kun and Elk-chan

B5: Sorry for intruding


B1: Why are you here..?

Sfx: Flap Flap

B2: Because actually…
I have a magic item that makes me able to intercept telepathic messages with me

B3: And I heard that the spirits here were in big trouble

B4: You saw the Demon Beasts rampage or something at the village, right?

B5: I thought that there was another troublesome thing happening inside the forest too, so…
I came here, sorry

B6: Uhmm… Excuse me…
But who is this human?

B7: He’s my adventurer comrade

B8: He’s not a guy that will hurt you Neil-chan, so you can be at ease


B1: By the way… Did anything happen after we left?

B2: We didn’t see any more kidnappers inside the forest…
At least for now, that is…

B3: Hmm..?

B4: Are you telling me that there are humans who were kidnapping the spirits in this forest?

B5: Yeah. I beat 2 of them around there
Perhaps there is an evil merchant who makes profit from selling these spirit girls

B6: Well, even though they still look pretty young, they have pretty good looks after all…

B7: Hmm, I think that’s probably not the reason though…


B1: What do you mean?

B2: Ah right, I forgot that you guys don’t know about this

B3: You see, most of spirits like Alraune and Dryads…
Can’t really live in a place other than where they were born

B4: What? Is that true?

B5: Yeah

B6: They really need the air and the water from the forest to live
If by chance, they ever separated from this forest, no, from this valley, then they’ll probably…

B7: Yes
Our life force will be greatly weakened…

B8: And we will probably die after a few days


B1: Wait a minute!!
Then why would they target Neil and the other Dryads in the first place?

B2: …Who knows..?
Maybe those two we beat before will talk if we hurt them a bit more?

B3: Uhm well, I also thought the same too…
So I tried to interrogate those two, but…

Sfx: Twirl Twirl Twirl

B4: Whoa!! What the hell is this!?

B5: Hee, that’s unexpected, Alraune-chan…
I never guessed you’re the kind of girl who likes torture by just looking at your cute face
Was that a pretty extreme kind of play?

B6: I-I-I didn’t do anything like that!!


B1: All I did was make them a little bit honest…

B2: And loosen their tongue a bit by making them sniff a flower…
That grew in this forest, that’s all!!

B3: I don’t think that’s better though…

B4: But what I found out was only that those two were just hired goons…
Which were only hired with some coins, that’s all…

B5: I couldn’t find out anything about their employer nor his purpose for hiring them to kidnap our friends…

B6: Hmm, this is troubling…

B7: Then let’s just go back to the village for now

B8: Okay. Let’s bring those two goons with us too while we’re at it

B9: We have to hand them over to the vigilante corps after all


B1: ..!

B2: Neil-chan, don’t look at them!!

B3: Kyaaaaaaa!!

B4: Neil..! Pull yourself together!!

Sfx: Collapses

B5: Considering that they have weapons in their hands…
Seems like they were fighting something after they broke out from their binding…

B6: However…


B1: There are no traces of a fight here…

B2: I believe that the owner of these footprints killed them in an instant

B3: Seems like it came from deep inside the forest and returned there afterwards

B4: Do you plan to run after it, Minato-kun?

B5: …No…

B6: Anyways, help me out Zaly
Let’s burry their remains

B7: The Dryads would be shocked if they see something like this in their forest

B8: Roger that

B9: Certainly, after looking at Alraune-chan’s reaction, that seems like our best course for now


Sfx: Swish Swish

B1: Ah, you finally returned!

B2: Sherry-san! Sorry for before

B3: Did you find anything?

B4: Yeah, about that…

B5: Wait, why is Zaly together with you?

B6: Well, I’m their collaborator, I guess?

B7: Well, sort of


B1: Well, that’s just perfect! It never hurts to have a lot of people I can trust around…

B2: After you left, we asked everyone around to search for clues…
And I met with a person with some interesting information

B3: So I thought it’s better for you guys to listen to it together with me too

B4: I’m very sorry for intruding on you with a large group at night like this

B5: No no, don’t be

B6: It’s really an honor for me…
Since it’s really a rare chance to be able to accommodate people who work as merchants like you…


B1: First, please enjoy these tea and cookies

B2: I was really a grandma’s kid in my previous life, so this atmosphere really calms me down…

B3: So, Dwarf Grandma…

B4: Could you tell us the detailed story about what you told me earlier?

B5: Sure, sure…

B6: That’s if you’re content enough with a dusty story before this village was even built


B1: This is a story from around 90 years ago…

B2: When their settlement was still located farther in the north

B3: At that time, their settlement still wasn’t called the Flower Village

B4: Because back then, they haven’t even started doing this flower business
They were living by eating the meat from Demon Beast they hunted or wild plants from the forest

B5: They burned a part of the forest, and made it as their field for them to grow crops

B6: It’s pretty much similar to what we call as “Slash-and burn agriculture” in my previous world

B7: They lived as a solitude tribe in the harsh Northern Lands…

B8: Without any single contact with the outside world

B9: However..!


B1: Living in the northern lands was really difficult
They started to search for a safer and more abundant land to live, and finally…

B2: Someone who proposed an idea to migrate towards the south appeared

B3: That idea birthed a friction between their people…
And they were separated into two different factions, between “migrating” and “staying behind”

B4: Both factions kept denying each other and engaging in a never ending dispute

Sfx: Whack!

B5: Sometimes, they even fought so hard that they injured each other

B6: And in one autumn day…
That time finally came..!!


B1: With a harsh winter approaching in front of them…
The people from the migrating faction finally broke up with the staying behind faction…

B2: And migrated to south, leaving their birthplace behind

B3: And that place is this Minette Village, right?

B4: After that, we from the migrating faction…

B5: Acquired a better living that can’t even be compared with what we had before

B6: And as there is a trade route nearby…

B7: We started to make “flower” as our specialty product and started to trade with people outside our tribe

B8: By the way, we also tried…

B9: To share some of our blessing with our family who chose to stay up north…
However, they were so obstinate and didn’t even want to listen to any single word we spoke…


B1: And after that, our relationship with them was completely cut off

B2: …But why are you telling this story to us now?

B3: Because in the midst of the attack
I saw several big figures disappearing into the forest

B4: Well, if a dark elf who’s said to be good at seeing in the dark says that, I guess there are no doubts about it…

B5: Besides, she said they were “big”, so they definitely weren’t part of the Dryads or the Alraunes…


B1: Wait..!

B2: There are Dryads inside that forest!?

B3: Anyway, I’m sure that they aren’t Dryads…

B4: I think they are people who have some kind of grudge against this village or something

B5: Wait. If the attack was not something that naturally happened, but something man-made…

B6: Then there is a pretty high chance that the descendants from the staying behind faction were the ones behind it!
But why did they do something like that?

B7: To drive out people who already live here…
And snatch this village from them, perhaps?

B8: Stop right there
That only works if we assume that the people from “up north” were involved in this

B9: I think it’s too early for us to conclude that

B10: Ah, I guess you’re right


B1: Sherry-san
Have you heard the Village Chief’s story yet?

B2: Village Chief? Isn’t that the guy…
Who gave a speech when we arrived, right?

B3: About that, sorry, but I haven’t even met him yet

B4: I was thinking of meeting him after the attack, but…

B5: Seems like he won’t leave his sickly daughter’s side no matter what

B6: Hmm, now that’s really troubling…
I still want a bit more information if possible about this matter

B7: Listening to your talk…
Seems like…

B8: There was something bad that happened in the forest, am I right?


B1: How deplorable…
That forest is the one who graced us with all of these blessings

B2: So we should never make The Forest’s God angry, no matter what

B3: The Forest’s God..?

B4: Does something like that really exist in that forest, Grandma?

B5: There is this legend…
That was conveyed to us since we still inhabited the northern land

B6: Whenever humans do too many bad deeds…
It will anger the God of this forest, and he will deliver the judgment to them, or so the legend says…

B7: Well, if something like that really exists, I’m sure things will be much easier for us
I mean, that God will even take care of the villains for us

B8: Now now, you shouldn’t talk like that


B1: Because the anger of the Forest’s God is really frightening, you know…

B2: In one legend, it said that the Forest’s God brought a whole village to ruin just because they forgot to bring their offerings
And I presume this is a true story, because there were a lot of villages in the northern land once, but only one remains now

Sfx: Shudder

B3: Rather than a Forest’s God…

B4: Wasn’t that more like Destruction God?

Sfx: Drip

B5: Don’t tell me…

B6: “That Guy” is really involved in this matter..?

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