Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 27

Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 27

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note


B1: Heyaaaaa!!

Sfx: Bwoooosh

H: Chapter 27

Sfx: Bwoosh Bwoosh


B1: I came to watch because I heard our plan became something amazing, but…

B2: It’s like watching a fight between real monsters…

B3: We’ll definitely die if we have to fight with them…

B4: That’s why we make them fight each other

B5: It’s to make sure that they won’t aim for our heads!

B6: But that guy is unbelievable…

B7: Even we who are just watching them from over here can feel the heat of the flames…
B7b: But that guy is deflecting it like it’s nothing!

Sfx: Bwooosh


B1; Come on come on come on!

B2: What’s wrong, Black Lion-kun?
B2b: You won’t be able to defeat me if you’re just defending, you know!?

B3: …Sigh

B4: What’s that sighing for!?
B4b: It’s rude to do that in the middle of the fight, you know?

Sfx: Jump

B5: You know, I like strong people… But the ones I hate the most are, people who can’t focus…
B6: In the middle of a fight!!

Sfx: Bwooosh


Sfx: Crack

B1: Gu… hack..!!

Sfx: Crumble


B1: That… was unexpected…
B1b: I guess that Black Lion name is not for nothing…

B2: I know that your strength shouldn’t be underestimated, but this…
B2b: Seems like it will be the end of me if I get another punch like that, eh..?

B3: Nice to know that

B4: Good for you then

B5: While you’re at it, let me tell you another thing about me

B6: I’m pretty much a brat
B6b: So I don’t hide it if I like or hate other people

B7: And the kind of people that I hate the most are


B1: People who force their own values to other people!!

Sfx: Bam!

B2: I don’t really care about what people’s values or what their principle are
B2b: But when they force them onto other people without even thinking how much trouble they’re making for others

B3: I just can’t stomach people like that!!

Sfx: Fwish

B4: Like, Battle Junkie for example..!!


Sfx: Crang!!

B1: Haaaaa!!

Sfx: Crang Crang Crang Crang Crang

B2: That’s a nice expression you have there, Minato-kun


B1: Nice…
B1b: As I thought, this is really nice..!

B2: You’re definitely the strongest opponent I have come across up to now!

B3: So strong I’m not even sure that I can win against you!

B4: This is it…


B1: This kind of fight is the one that I’ve yearned for all this time!!

B2: Hey, it won’t end with just you’re armor being destroyed, you know?
B2b: I’m sure you’re insides are pretty messed up even now

B3: You’re really going to die, you know that?

B4: Ahahaha, what are you talking about?

B5: Are you seriously expecting me to stop…
B5b: In the middle of this exciting fight? Of course I won’t..!

B6: Let me ask you this, Minato-kun…

B7: If there is a very delicious food…
B7b: Or a cute naked girl right in front of you, are you seriously going to leave them alone?

B8: Of course, I’m faithful to the girl I like after all!!

B9: Men…
B9b: Should be a little greedy, you know…


B1: Guhaaa!

Sfx: Kick!

B2: !?

Sfx: Rustle

B3: Okay okay, that’s enough, both of you


B1: Mission accomplished!
B1b: The rescue mission has safely ended!

Sfx: Swish Swish Swish

B2: So you can stop the farce, you know!

B3: Eeeh? I’m out of time?
B3b: Can I continue the fight for a teeny bit longer? Please?

B4: You’re so late, Zaly-san!!

B5: She was like this all the time so it was pretty hard for me, you know?
B5b: And she’s getting more and more serious the longer we fight!


B1: A… A farce..!?

B2: So, will you explain it to me, Zaly-san?
B2b: Sherry-san only told me to match her acting when she first attacked, and that’s it!

B3: Match me, Minato-kun!

B4: Okay okay…

B5: It turned out that the first monster attack was really caused by the Northern people

B6: The Village Chief who couldn’t be found at the time
B6b: Suddenly came to Sherry-san’s place last night

B7: And told her that “Minato-kun was the one who led the monster attack”


B1: He did come out from inside the forest, didn’t he?

B2: I’m sure he went inside the forest to lead the monsters or something..!

B3: Minato-kun doesn’t have any reason to do that though

B4: I’m sorry to break this to you
B4b: But aren’t all adventurers people who will do everything as long as you pay them?

B5: Furthermore, all of the monsters who attacked this village

B6: Were the kind of monsters who live across the forest, on the area near the Northern Village

B7: Wait?
B7b: We made sure to bury all of the monsters we defeated

B8: So why is someone like you who weren’t there at that time knows that they are all northern monsters, Village Chief?

B7: Err… that’s…

B8: Uhh… Oh, right!
My subordinates! My subordinates told me about that!

B9: It’s really embarrassing, but the relationship between us in Minette and the Northern Village is not that good…

B10: So the possibility of Minato-kun being hired by the Northern people too is…


B1: Alright

B2: I’ll watch over Minato-kun from now on
B2b: If I see him move suspiciously, then I will personally …

Sfx: Phew…

B3: Oh, Village Chief! It’s rare to see you at this time
B3b: How’s your daughter?

B4: Uhh… She’s… She’s still in a deep sleep…

B5: Oh, my condolences
B5b: Then you should be by her side, Village Chief. Just leave the night patrol to us, The Vigilante Corps!


B1: Come to think of it, I heard that her condition is something that requires you to be by her side, right?

B2: Err, yeah… But she’s a bit better now, I think…

B3: But she’s not fully recovered, right?
B3b: I think it’s better if you hurry and return to her side

B4: I hope she will get better soon

B5: Well now…

B6: Did you hear all of that with your telepathy, Zaly-san?
B7b: So can I trust you to find out about the Village Chief’s daughter now?

B7: And after I snooped around…
I found out that her sickness is a big fat lie


B1: His daughter was actually kidnapped by the Northern people

B2: And they made her a hostage to make the Village Chief do everything they told him

B3: So in other words, The Village Chief was trying to pit me up against Sherry-san…

B4: And Sherry-san deliberately accepted that without hesitation

H: I won’t even wear this heavy armor if I really fight for real, you know…

B5: I just wore it to give our performance more impact…

B6: But you never told me you can use Telepathy, Sherry-san…

H: I’m so jealous…

B7: It’s pretty normal for Dark Elves to be able to do it though

B8: So anyway, I’ve successfully rescued the Village Chief’s daughter and escorted her back home safely

B9: Thanks to them getting too focused with your fight with Sherry-san, I guess

B10: Well then, I guess it’s time to collect our performance fees from the gentlemen over there, isn’t it?


B1: ..!

B2: Well, I realized that you guys were watching from over there from the very start though

Sfx: Glance

B3: You had some real fun by calling us names like monsters or something like that, didn’t you?

B4: Hey, what should we do!?

B5: What else!? We have no choice but to fight now!

B6: I’ll leave the ones in the thicket to you, Minato-kun

B7: I’m going to chase after the ones who ran away
B7b: I saw some of them disappear while I was explaining the situation to you after all

B8: Since the act is over…

B9: I’m going to fight for real too, okay!


B1: Alright, let’s go!

Sfx: Dash!

B2: Uooooooooooooh!!


Sfx: Slash!!

Sfx: Thud

B1: Uwaaah… No hesitation at all…

B2: I forgot that Sherry-san will attack without pulling any punches to anyone who shows hostility to her…


B1: Sigh… Then it means…

Sfx: Swish!

B2: Eat this!!

B3: If I don’t defeat them all before Sherry-san does…

Sfx: Smack!

B4: There won’t be anyone left who can confess for their crime later!!


B1: Damn it all!!!!

B2: Sorry, Sherry-san!

Sfx: Jump

Sfx: Kick!!

B3: That’s dirty, Minato-kun!!

B4: That’s my prey, you know!?


B1: Even if they are A Ranked Adventurers…
B1b: If we work together, he’ll definitely..!!

B2: Oh, you guys are going to come all at once?
B2b: I’m flattered. You don’t have to, you know?

B3: Take him dooooown!!!


Sfx: Smack!

Sfx: Clang

Sfx: Bam!

Sfx: Kick!

B1: Ugheee!

B2: It’s not fair, Minato-kun…

B3: Bugh!!

B4: Crack!!

Sfx: Cawk Cawk


B1: Ugh…

B2: Aaah…

B3: With this, at least the guys over here won’t be able to do anything stupid for a while, I guess

B4: Zaly-san will definitely capture the ones who ran away, so I’m not really worried about them


B1: Right, Sherry-san?

Sfx: Glooom

B2: It was so booooring…
B2b: You defeated most of them before I could do anything after all, Minato-kun…

B3: Although I finally had a chance to fight Minato-kun, I had to stop halfway…
B3b: So I was thinking to vent my anger on them, you know!!

B4: That’s the very reason why I did that, you know?

B5: This way!
B5b: Hurry up!!

B6: People are coming..?


B1: Wait, aren’t you guys in the Vigilante Corps..?

B2: The Adventurer who saved the Village Chief’s daughter told us that…

B3: The main culprits of the monster attacks are already defeated inside the forest, so he wanted us to capture them

B4: Zaly-san, huh…

B5: Nice timing

Sfx: Tied


B1: Then, Sherry-san
B1b: I’m going to go to where Elk is, is that okay?

B2: Sure, leave this place to me

B3: Okay then, I’m counting on you

B4: Groooooooaaaaarrr!!!

B4: It came from the village’s direction!

B5: How can it be!?

B6: But we’ve definitely defeated all of the monsters that attacked our village!!


B1: Either way, we just can’t leave it alone!
B1b: Judging from its roar, it probably a pretty big monster!

B2: I’ll head there at once! What about you, Minato-kun!?

B3: I’m really worried about Elk, but…
B3b: She probably can hold her own against the Northern Village guys…
B3c: And if Alba is with her…

B4: Sherry-san, I have no time to explain!
B4b: Hurry up and ride my back please!

B5: It’s faster that way!!

B6: …Huh?