Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 29

Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 29

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note


H: Chapter 29

Sfx: Leap

Sfx: Swish!


B1: Heya!!

Sfx: Fwack!

B2: As I thought…

B3: Both of its outer skin and its muscles are really hard..!!

Sfx: Fwish!


Sfx: Clang!

Sfx: Skiddddd

B1: Ouch..!

B2: What power..!!

Sfx: Fwish Fwish

Sfx: Swooosh


Sfx: Bash!

B1: A chance!

Sfx: Fwish

B2: What!?


Sfx: Splat

B1: I wonder, how long has it been…

B2: Since a monster’s attack made me shed some blood?

B3: On the other hand…

B4: Everyone, fall back!!
B4b: Yaaaah!!!


Sfx: Bwooooosh

B1: [Rouge Crack]!!
TLN: Rouge means red in French. Also, I’m sorry for mistranslating Crack as Crash in ch26.

Sfx: Bwoooosh

B2: Say your prayers!!

B3: !


Sfx: Fwoooosh

B1: Tch..!
B1b: It’s not hot enough, huh..!

B2: Guha!!

Sfx: Bash!!

B3: Damn it! But this level of wound won’t eve-…

B4: Stop, you have broken bones! Please withdraw!


Sfx: Swish Swish

B1: !!

B2: [Sand Storm]!!

Sfx: Snap!

B3: Leave this place to me!
B3b: Elk-chan, please help the injured to retreat!

B4: Understood!


Sfx: Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sfx: Bwoosh

B1: Its regenerative ability is just too high! Gosh, it just won’t die!!

Sfx: Swoooosh

B2: Bird-chan, please!

Sfx: Shine!


Sfx: Snap Snap

B1: Phew, that Bird-chan is really amazing…

B2: Is it because it’s Minato-kun’s pet?

B3: I guess so. I mean…

B4; Minato sometimes taught it his own original magic for fun.

Sfx: Fwish Fwish


B1: Rooooaaaarrrr!!!

B2: Oh no!

B3: Bird-chan, fall back!!

Sfx: Voom

B4: It charged 6 beams at once..!?


B1: Are you kidding me..!?

B2: Even though it casted 6 beams at once, those beams’ power wasn’t dropped at all..!?


B1: Hey, Elk-chan!?
B1b: Why didn’t you tell me that Bird-chan can even do that!!?

B2: Don’t ask me!!
B2b: Even I didn’t know it could do something like that!!

B3: I knew that it’s a monster with a very high mana, but…

B4: Seriously!?

B5: But that’s…

B6: Hmm..?
B6b: Six beams…

B7: Six…

B8: Hey, Elk-chan!
B8b: Could it be that Bird-chan is actually Neferlides!?


B1: !
B1b: You knew about it!?

B2: Seriously..?
B2b: He really got an amazing pet…

B3: Didn’t he..?

B4: You see, there are a lot of legends in my hometown.
B4b: And one of those legends said that…

B5: Neferlides actually has 6 brains inside its head.

B6: Huh!?


B1: Well, you know how they say that cows have 4 stomachs…
B1b: And how insects have multiple eyes, right? It’s something like that.

T: First Stomach

Second Stomach
Third Stomach
Fourth Stomach

B2: But in Neferlides’ case, each one of those 6 brains are as smart as a human brain.
B2b: Furthermore, it can use each one of them for different purposes…

B3: So in other words, by rotationally resting their brains, it’s even possible for them be active over a very long period.

B4: And if they use all of their brains to chant magic at once
B4b: It’s not impossible for them to use a far stronger magic than when they only use one

B5: I mean, isn’t it obvious? Their focus and processing speed is 6 times ours after all.

B6: …Sigh…
B6b: I just don’t know how to react to that anymore…


B1: Well, look at the bright side…
B1b: This bird will definitely be as reliable as its master.

B2: You can say that.

B3: Anyway, we have to focus at the enemy in front of us right now.

B4: It already regenerated that much after all.

B5: Haaaa!!


Sfx: Leap

Sfx: Bash Bash Bash Bash Bash

Sfx: Smack!!

Sfx: Fwip


B1: Even though I’m definitely stronger than 4 years ago…
B1b: My attacks just don’t work on it..!

B2: Its strength is really at a different level from the other monsters!

B3: Then I will use everything I experienced in my 16 years of life… to beat you!!

Sfx: Dash!


Sfx: Swiish!

Sfx: Stop

B1: Huh!?

Sfx: Fwoosh!

B2: A feint!?

Sfx: Bash!

B3: Don’t get cocky!!


B1: !!

Sfx: Grab!

Sfx: Fwooooooosh

B2: Heave…
B2b: …Ho!!


B1: Deryaa!!

Sfx: Craaassshh!!!


Sfx: Snap


B1: As I thought, it wasn’t really effective, eh…

B2: Up until now…

B3: I never met any monsters who are able to use such a clever skill like feint…
B3b: It has a monster’s peculiar outstanding physical strength and endurance, and to top it off, it also has a flexible mind

B4: The other monsters would usually only excel in physical strength,
B4b: While less gifted in intelligence department. Anyway, they usually have something missing, that’s why humans are able to beat them.

B5: But this guy… Is just too perfect..!

B6: It’s as if…

Sfx: Open Mouth

B7: It’s a living natural disaster…

Sfx: Inhale

B8: !?
B8b: Is it going to breath out something?

B9: Fire?
B9b: Or will it breathe poison like Nagas?


B1: Rooooooaaaaarrr!!!

B2: Wha..!?

B3: M-My head..!!


B1: Eeeeeeeek!

B2: Uwaaaargh!!

B3: Even Elk and the others who are fighting over there heard it!?

B4: Just how far is that attack’s range..!?

B5: Shit, I don’t have time to worry about them..!

B6: The Unknown is…

Sfx: Gasp


Sfx: Dash!!

B1: I can’t dodge it..!!

Sfx: Bwooosh


B1: Uwaaaaaah!

Sfx: Bwaaagh!!

Sfx: Rustle

B2: Ugh…

B3: Did I fall on top of a tree..?

B4: Wha-..? Eh..!? Minato!?

B5: T-That really surprised me… Are you alright, Minato-kun!?


B1: Whoaa!!
B1b: It was the plant monster!?

Sfx: Fwiish!

B2: Whoops!

B3: To think that I got blown to this place…

Sfx: Step

B4: Sherry-san, I leave the rest to you!


B1: Now, where’s the Unkno-…

B2: That stance… Is it going to scratch me?

B3: No, wait!

B4: Its tail is moving!

B5: Sorry, but your prized feint won’t work anymore!

Sfx: Fwish


B1: Hmm?
B1b: This movement…

Sfx: Fwish

Sfx: Smack!

B2: So it’s actually a kick..!!

B3: But this kick…
B3b: Were you copying my move!?

Sfx: Fwooosh


B1: This punch is similar to mine to-…

Sfx: Grab

B2: Shit!

B3: Uwaaaaaaaaaargh!!


B1: Noooooo!
B1b: Minato!

H: Hmm, what’s this? I feel like I’ve felt this kind of pain before…

H: Oh, right. It’s really similar to what I felt in that airplane accident in my previous life…

B2: How nostalgic… But I just can’t feel happy about it…

B3: Goddammit…