Makikomarete Isekai Teni suru Yatsu wa – Taitei Cheat Chapter 10

Makikomarete Isekai Teni suru Yatsu wa, Taitei Cheat Chapter 10

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Makikomarete chap 10

Page 1:

*chapter 10: The food battle begins


Page 2:

Awesome! What on earth is this power?

It’s Kyousai-sama’s special Imaginary Magic


Page 3:


Alright! Do we need anything else?

uhm… we had our carriage turn into a wagon

And we have travelers’ documents as well

Then we’re probably good to go now

Yosh! Then let’s hit the road

The castle city of Shikka Kingdom


Page 4:

The last town we visited was bustling enough

But it was nothing compared to this place


Page 5:


What is with this crowd?


Page 6:

This is Shikka’s famous Food Battle

Food Battle?

… and why is that elf lady in the middle seat idle?

She’s Ayr

Just wait and see!

There it is! Ayr’s ultimate skill!


Page 7:

The Ultimate Breast Gripping

The food gripped in her breasts

Will be devoured, be it bananas or sausages

Such a seducing eating etiquette

It cannot be stopped once she has started

Such incredible speed!

She’s finished it all!!


Page 8:

Ayr is the winner!!

She’s turned the table at the blink of an eye! Incredible

She has won many times before!

Even though she is a dark elf, she is also the queen of food

Her ability stays true to her fame

Oh boy… that slim body can take in more than it looks

The nutrients must have been focusing at her boobs!!


Page 9:

Those creepy perverts…

Nothing different from the sexual harassers


Eh? Don’t you agree, Kyousai-sama?


Page 10:

That color… that shine…

Could it be…



Page 11:

Well that’s rice alright… so what’s the big deal?

There is rice in this world as well??

I haven’t seen a single grain of rice ever since I came to this world… who knew it is so common here…



Page 12:


Oh that’s great!

Ayr has just proposed a challenge invitation!

And the nominator is

The man who just shouted out over there!!

You’ll get 3 years’ worth of rice as the prize for winning Ayr!!


Page 13:

Kyousai-sama, I have no idea why she spontaneously challenged you…

But you’re not gonna accept her challenge, right?

Kukuku don’t you underestimate me like that


Then the rice will be cooked in stick cakes as Ayr wishes

The battle will start in the next 2 hours

Rice stick cakes? Like the Kiritanpo?

… so she can stuff it in her breasts, right?…


Page 14:

We have 2 hours until then, how about a tour around here?


2 hours are enough for me to give master a full service

Why don’t we get ourselves a hotel?

What are you blabbering about!?

I was with him first, so I get the chance first!

And what does it have to do with me?!

Oyo y…


Page 15:


Isn’t it Aruno over there?

Yeah that’s him



Who are you kids and how do you know Aruno?

Don’t bully a weaker one like that!

Say what!

He disparaged the boss’ cooking and got fired!

What an insolent trainee chef

Let go of me!!

You’re the one Ayr challenged, right?

Even though you’re gonna lose anyway, but good luck


Page 16:

Come on!!

But where did Aruno ran off to anyway…

Don’t stress yourself out, he lives here after all

He’ll probably come right back once he’s tired

Oh now that you mention it

Then ignore him, let’s get a hotel room!


Won’t you just quit it!!


Page 17:







I think I got rid of them


Page 18:

It’s Ayr-san!

What is she doing here all alone?

Eh? Why is she taking her clothes off here?

God bless me! This is my lucky day!


Page 19:

Come out, Kuu-chan

You worked so hard, come on out






Page 20:

A bird just came out off her breasts?

No… it could be…!

Who’s there??

Oh man Ayr so you were here?

The food battle is about to begin


Page 21:

… I know that, be there in a min

But didn’t I say that NOBODY is allowed to come behind the camp?

Oh about that … my bad!

Kuu-chan, it’s rice coming up

Eat up

I must report this …

To Kyousai

She’s hiding a gluttonous beast inside her breasts!!

Then the main event of this afternoon is here at last!


Page 22:

The rice stick cakes challenge!!




*is about to play into her hand!

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