Makikomarete Isekai Teni suru Yatsu wa – Taitei Cheat Chapter 12

Makikomarete Isekai Teni suru Yatsu wa, Taitei Cheat Chapter 12

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: What!?

B2: That Rize Kingdom is!?

B3: Yes…


B1: Rize Kingdom has succeeded in summoning heroes
And now they sent a proposal to annihilate the Demon Race together with us

B2: Father…

B3: I know…

B4: I’ve never thought that the Rize Kingdom has a way to summon heroes too…

B5: Anyway!

B6: I’m personally very happy about this proposal, however, we still need to ask our heroes how they think about this

B7: As you wish!

B8: Wait!

B9: You haven’t told me the reason why Rize Kingdom chose to summon heroes now

B10: …


B1: Milord, have you heard about how Shikka Kingdom got attacked by a swarm of Dragon Folk? I believe they were worried about that, so…

B2: Hou… Dragon Folk attacked Shikka..?

B3: Then that won’t end well for them

B4: On the contrary…

B5: Shikka Kingdom was…

B6: Safe and sound

B7: !

B8: Based on witnesses’ testimonies, there was only one adventurer who stood and fought against the Dragon Folk

B9: And his name is..!


B1: Foodie King!!
TLN: Previous TLer translate this as King Eater, which I think isn’t spot on enough, so I changed it to Foodie King


Sfx: Rumble Rumble

B1: They said that the forest near the castle town where the battle happened was burned down to ashes!!
Furthermore, you could see many craters formed because of the clashes of enormous powers from the battle there!!

Sfx: Blast!!


B1: The damage on Shikka’s side was only a partial destruction of that forest…

B2: On the other hand, the Dragon Folk who flew all the way to Shikka were met with a complete annihilation, or so I heard

Sfx: Grab

Sfx: Splat

B3: Seriously..?


B1: Such a guy really exists in Shikka Kingdom..?

B2: Seems like I have to reconsider our war plan…

B3: If that adventurer lends them a hand against us, I fear that our chance of winning is slipping away, My King

B4: You’re right

B5: Alright, it’s worth a try!

B6: Send a messenger to him and do everything you can to bring him to us!

B7: Yes, Milord!

Sfx: Bam


B1: Father…

H: Foodie King, huh…

H: It will be really reassuring if that guy could cooperate with our heroes… The Demon Race won’t hold a candle against us, and after that…

Sfx: Grin

B2: Eh?

B3: Things will get busy from now on, Veres

Sfx: Flap

B4: Ah, yes!


Sfx: Fwooooosh

B1: Eat this!

B2: Ripples of 17 Years!!

Sfx: Gyaaaaaaah!!

B3: Shouldn’t it be 495 Years*? Wait, are we referencing the same thing?
TLN: Song in Touhou Project

Sfx: Clack Clack


B1: This tower sure is perfect for leveling, don’t you agree?

B2: Guys, let’s check our status once again


B1: Sigh, I’m still 9 levels short from Yuushi’s…

B2: Really?

B3: Yeah…

B4: Ah!!

B5: Daichi!!

B6: You’re trying to look at our naked body with Super Analysis again, aren’t you!?

B7: It’s okay, Mio!

B8: I mean, we’re strong enough to overwhelm the knight captain even with our current level!

B9: Yeah…

B10: Kyaaaaaaa!!


B1: A woman’s scream!?

B2: Was it Veres!?

B3: No, it’s different! Anyway, let’s go!!

Sfx: Step Step Step

Sfx: Bam!!

B4: !!

B5: Goblins!?


B1: No! We won’t make it!!

B2: Tch!

B3: Earth Skip!

Sfx: Voom

Sfx: Slash!


H: Eeeep!!

B1: I won’t let you go!

B2: Aqua Mist!!

Sfx: Fwish

Sfx: Crash

Sfx: Fwip


B1: It’s alright now. So please raise your head…

B2: Ugh…

B3: !

B4: Eh!?


B1: Hinagi!! Are you alright!?

B2: Who the heck are you guys!?

Sfx: Fwing

B3: Stay away from Hinagi!!

B4: Wait! These guys just saved my life!!

B5: !

B6: Saved your life..?

B7: Furthermore, the two of us were classmates!!

B8: In Middle School, that is! ♥

B9: Eh..?

B10: Eeeeh!?


B1: But you sure surprised me!

B2: I mean, I fainted because of the Goblin’s foul stench and when I woke up, I see you Mio right in front of me!

B3: Goblin’s foul stench, huh…

B4: Well, they sure are smelly

B5: Err…

H: Ahem!

B6: I’m really sorry to cut your friendly pleasant chat short, but…

B7: Don’t you think that we need to introduce each other first?

B8: Ah, you’re right

B9: My name is Matsumae Hinagi

B10: I was Mio’s classmate in Middle School

B11: And I am her former classmate, Touya Mio


B1: I’m Hagari Shiki

B2: This team’s vanguard

B3: Sasaki Jin

B4: I give you my thanks for saving my friend

B5: And I’m Hourai Kotone, 17 years old and 160cm tall!

B6: Even though I look like this, but I feel lonely easily! Pleased to know you guys!

B7: I’m Haneda Rin!

B8: I’m Suzuki Yuushi, the Guildmaster

B9: The name is Takami Daichi, nice to meet ya!

B10: Nice to meet you too ♥

B11: Hey, Hinagi…
I know it’s very sudden, but can I see your status?

B12: !

B13: Status..?

B14: Can you really see it?

B15: Pretty much everyone can see it if you use a skill called Super Analysis

B16: Hee, that’s my first time hearing it

B17: Sure, why not? ♥ Look as much as you want!


B1: Uwaah, as expected from Mio’s classmate, they are pretty big, aren’t they…

B2: W-Why are you telling them that, Rin!?

B3: ?

T: Hinagi Matsumae

B4: Ooh, Kotone-san has nice things too…
Eeh!? Sasaki-kun unexpectedly has a big one!!

B5: Hey, where are you looking at, Rin!!

B6: ?

T: Kotone Hourai

B7: Thanks Hinagi! All of you have skills and 2 or more elements in your status, so you might become much stronger in the future!

H: Why is it ok for you and not for me!!

B8: …Now, I have one question for you guys, is it okay?

B9: Sure, shoot

B10: Why are you guys here in this world?

B11: Hmm…

B12: We got summoned here before we realized it…
And then this person called the King of Rize Kingdom told us to defeat the Demon King because we are the heroes


B1: It’s the same…

B2: Our’s is from Dolette Kingdom though…
TLN: Prev TL use Dollet before

B3: And I believe that this dungeon is still inside Rize Kingdom’s jurisdiction though

B4: I’m sorry

B5: But the fault lays with me

B6: We were so focused in raising our level by combing every dungeon we found one by one… And by the time we realized it, we already crossed the border unknowingly

B7: What power..!!

B8: And that attack just now… They must not be your Average Joes..!

B9: ..!

B10: I just realized it, but…


B1: Aren’t you guys THOSE missing High School students?

B2: You were everywhere in the TV and Newspapers 3 months ago

B3: I don’t think that was them, Kotone

B4: Sure, I thought the same too before…

B5: But there were 5 guys who were missing, so it couldn’t be them

B6: Oh right, I forgot

B7: That’s right…

B8: There were actually 5 of us in the start…


B1: There was another friend of us who was summoned together with us

B2: Another… friend..?

B3: Hinagi…

B4: I don’t think I can hide this from you, so I’ll tell you the truth

B5: That another friend is someone you know very well, Hinagi

B6: It’s Takanashi Kyousai!


B1: Eh, really!?

B2: Kyousai-kun is here!? Where is he!?

B3: …

B4: Hey! Hinagi is asking you where he is now!

B5: Why are you clamming up like that!!

B6: You numbskull!!

B7: She’s only human, so it’s natural if she doesn’t want to talk about particular things!

B8: Kyousai is…

Sfx: Grip

B9-11: Yay!

B12: Dead because of me…


B1-3: Yay!

Sfx: Munch Munch

Sfx: Chew Chew

B4: You’re lying…

B5: That’s a lie, right..?

B6: Not long after we arrived in this world, we encountered a Demon Race, and…
Kyousai lost his life after protecting me… Not even his bones were left at that place…

B7: Ptoo!

B8: Yo, Foodie King! Nice seeing you eat so well!

B9: Hi, Tavern’s Uncle!

B10: Oh, are those new Grape Juice bottles you have there?

B11: That’s right! You sure are sharp, aren’t’ ya!!


B1: Well, everything here tastes really good after all!

B2: Kyousai was just dragged in all of this…

B3: As expected from the Hero who saved our town from the Dragon Folk, The Foodie King-sama!

B4: If it suits your palate, you can eat everything in our shop!

B5: Thanks!

B6: Without any elements…

B7: This is so good!!

B8: His skills weren’t extraordinary either…

B9: Ah! Foodie King-sama! ♥

B10: Even all of his stats were way lower than mine…

B11: Please give me an autograph, Foodie King-sama!! ♥

B12: Me too, Foodie King-sama!! ♥


B1: Sorry Ladies… But as you can see, I’m still eating my food here, so can it wait until later?

Sfx: Bam!

B2: Hmm?

B3: Foodie King-sama! ♥
Can you give me your autograph too? ♥

B4: Even you too, Aile..?


H: Foodie King!!

B1: Yay!

H: Foodie King!!

B2: Yay!

H: Foodie King!!

Sfx: Screech Screech

H: Foodie King!!

H: Foodie King!!

H: Foodie King!!

B3: Yay!

B4: So even if he’s lucky enough to be teleported above ground…

Sfx: Sway

B5: He’ll either starve to death…

B6: Killed by bandits, or even meet with more cruel fates?

Sfx: Thud

B7: But hear me, Hinagi!

B8: We won’t return back to Japan!

B9: Not until we can bring Kyousai back to life! Definitely!!

B10: !?


B1: Is… Is that even possible!?

B2: We have clues!

B3: And that’s the very reason why we keep fighting!

B4: Then..!

B5: Then I will fight together with you guys too!!


B7: Then I’ll join too if Hinagi is going! I mean, it seems like things will be more interesting if I go with you guys! ♥

B8: Hey, wait…

B9: I don’t mind either. I’m interested in learning Yuushi-dono’s swordsmanship after all


B1-3: Yay!

H: What the hell is this?

B2: Dammit…

H: Just who the hell is that Takanashi Kyousai really!?

B3: !

Sfx: Grin Grin

B4: Don’t laugh at me!

Sfx: Kick!

B5: Hey, wait up! I’m coming too!!

B6: Zzz

H: Who Takanashi Kyousai really is↓

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