Makikomarete Isekai Teni suru Yatsu wa – Taitei Cheat Chapter 7

Makikomarete Isekai Teni suru Yatsu wa, Taitei Cheat Chapter 7

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Makikomarete chap 7


Page 1:

God dammit!


Those fucking bastards kidnaped Misha! What am I going to do, Kyousai!?


Page 2:


Where did they go!?

The bandits vanished into the night, where is Misha!?

Chapter 7: Abducted


Page 3:

The trail… it’s still fresh…


Hold on, Misha!

My dear wife!!


Page 4:

Aah… There’s no mistake

She’s the bitch from the carriage earlier


Page 5:

You’ve done well, Cat

Piece of cake

Aren’t those cat ears cute, I wanna play with you so bad

I’m not a cat!

I’m a wolf!!

Enthusiastic, heh

Lock her in the cell. We need her captive to threaten that guy


Page 6:


Release me, you fucking bastards!!

Too noisy…

Who’s there!?


Page 7:

Is that how you greet another person?

The name is Leia Angelique

I’m from a high-class family of warriors


Page 8:

Angelique… You mean the Angeliques? For real?


The only thing that the daughter of a high-class family should treasure…

Is giving my body to a strong man!

Have… have you already found the one?

How in the world could I find him if I got kidnaped as soon as I set out?!

But I’m not giving up yet!

I refuse to be toyed with by those bandits any longer!


Page 9:

So, let’s work together

We’ll make a chance to break out


Page 10:


Humh humh


Page 11:

Hey …

Ahhh …


Page 12:

It’s two sexy sluts!If only I could take them out

Hey wait a minute!

We’re dead if we open the cell without the leader’s permission!!


Page 13:

I can’t take it anymore

Wait! Me first!!

I’m first!!

It worked!! Now!! Wolf girl!!


Page 14:

Leia-sama~~ kiss me more~



Page 15:

You idiot! What are you doing?!

The plan is ruined!

I’m lost in Leia-sama’s kiss

You’ve opened my eyes to a new world…

Are you joking!? Arghhhh!!!


Page 16:


Do you hear that? What’s going on down there?

Do you think those guards are up to something?


Page 17:

Found you!

Where’s my wife?

He’s here!!

Fear not!! Get him, boys!!

I’ll say it one more time…

Where is my wife?


Page 18:

What was that?



Page 19:

How dare you lay your filthy hands on my wife…

Woah… wait… it’s not what you think…


Page 21:



This is my last warning…

If you show your face again, I won’t show any mercy. Are we clear?



Page 22:




That should do it

Kyousai-sama, did you do this all by yourself?

Are you Majin’s incarnation?



According to the legends, even the lowest level Majin can possess overwhelming stats. They can strengthen their underlings to wage war with the Gods


Page 23:

Too bad I’m not a Majin, heh

I’m just another ordinary guy

An ordinary guy couldn’t have done something like this

Well about that…

This will be our little secret, alright?

Yes, of course


Page 24:




Please wait, Hero-sama!

I have a request!


Page 25:

My name is Leia Angelique!

I have been looking for a strong man like you for so long!


Please take me with along with you!!

I beg you, master!!


Page 26:

Why… out of the blue…

Kyousai-sama, pretty please!?

She saved my life too, please take her as a companion!

Leia-sama… is really great, too… ehehe

Well… if you put it that way

Alright, please raise your head, Leia!


Page 27:

Let’s head home!

… But why are you acting so strange…

It’s just because she’s so good….

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