Makikomarete Isekai Teni suru Yatsu wa – Taitei Cheat Chapter 8

Makikomarete Isekai Teni suru Yatsu wa, Taitei Cheat Chapter 8

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Makikomarete 8:

Page 1


Taichi, get back!!

Got it!!

It’s all yours, Yuushi!!



Page 2-3:

*The warriors are getting stronger!!

*Chapter 8: [Title]


Page 4:

Jackpot, Yuushi!

Slaying this beast gave us a huge amount of exp!

Yuushi always get to land the final blow and get extra bonus. It’s not fair!

Come on, Rin!

Thanks to that monster, my level just caught up with Taichi’s!


Oh, now that you mention it, lucky!!


Page 5:

This bracelet is definitely useful.

Are you sure we can have it?

Of course

You are our warriors after all

Let’s return to the palace, shall we?

No objection, I broke a sweat!


Page 6:


To have such a huge bathroom, and there’re even a dungeon underneath for training

The Dolet Castle is just amazing.

I did get a lot more powerful in a matter of days,

but this just isn’t enough!


We were summoned here to save this world,

but our personal goal lies beyond that.


Page 7:

We have to find Kyousai and return to our former world too

That’s why we are gonna need to get a hell lot stronger!!


You’re right,

we can’t afford to relax just yet


Page 8:


So warm and comfortable…

Mio’s restorative magic is great, but …

hot tubs beat healing magic any day <3


Page 9:

This spring only contains a small amount of restorative components


May I join you?

Of course!

It’s back scrubbing time.


Page 10:


Hey Veres…



Page 11:

We’re getting stronger, right?

Of course!

You can always check on your status, are you not feeling alright?

Um…I’m not talking about that…

It won’t go wrong, right?

The goal that Veres mentioned, we’re getting a step closer to it, right?

By then…





Page 12:







Thank goddess, you’re awake…

Did I fall asleep?


Huff huff

So, it’s just a nightmare after all


Page 13:

In my dream, we got struck by a light column and got dragged to a different world during our lunch break…

And in that world, a monster attacked…

Kyousai got eaten while trying to protect me

just like in a typical fantasy eh


I’m very sorry, everything you just said…

Is all real.


Page 14:



Then it means…

Kyousai has

Kyousai can’t

She can’t be gone!!



Page 15:


Excuse me, Taichi…

Right now, I’m experiencing a horrible feeling that I wish I’ll never have to go through again…

And I don’t find myself handling it too well… Do you mind giving me some time alone?


Page 16:


Ah… pardon me…

Forgive me…just let me be

Eh, no…


Page 17:

There’s still a way to bring Kyousai-sama back!!


Page 18:

Everyone… I’m very sorry about what happened to your friend…

Save the speeches!

Just cut to the chase…

and tell me what I want to know


There are many gods in this world that can be contracted with

And there is a couple, Izanagi and Izanami


Page 19:

Izanagi and Izanami?

That’s just Japanese folklore…

It’s real

Though not many people of this world are aware of that place, the God Realm does exist

They are the two gods of creation and regeneration.

Creation and regeneration…

With their ability, Kyousai-sama may be able to return…


And to be able to summon those two gods, requires an equivalence of strength…

Does it not?


Page 20:

As a princess of the Dolet Kingdom, I can’t just stand and watch my warriors fall into despair like this…


Thank you, Your Highness.

If that’s the case, then we can surely handle it!


Page 21:

First, we must subdue the Demon Lord!

Then we can go and greet the Gods, just like the Princess directed!!

And we can’t afford any delay instead something like: We can’t waste any time!

Downstairs is the maze of the dungeon!

We must grow stronger bit by bit!

To bring back our friend, Kyousai!!


Page 22:

Don’t worry, Rin

I’ll become stronger too

Thanks to these Experience Distribution bracelets from the princess

we all must do our best!



Uhm, you’re right!!

Let’s give it our all, everyone!!


Page 24:

That black carriage is from the thieves…

Why show up in public like that?!

So, the rumor was true?

A young lad, singlehandedly

brought down the thieves’ lair in a single night…

With two beauties in his embrace…

Who could that be…

Whoever he is, I’m jealous.


Page 25:


Welcome back my lord, Kyousai-sama!

What’s wrong with you, Spitch?

You’re so pale as if you just saw a ghost.

Aye no…that’s not it

So long as you are safe and sound…


Page 26:

I have a new roommate

Leia Angelique

The… the Angeliques?!

You sure are from a famous clan.

I can give you another bag if that wasn’t enough

Aye nooo…

This is hard to say but, Kyou-sama…


Page 27:

Even if you give mountains of gold

you shouldn’t be here any longer

Why is that? You have a problem with me!?

Hold it, Leila

I just want to rest for a night before departure, but it looks like I have no other choice…

Are you sure there is no other way?

I’m truly sorry…


Page 28:

What happened? He looked terrified

Let me tell you something


When they got you in the bathroom, the lock hadn’t been picked, right?

Oh, yes…

They didn’t even need to look for the room either,

which means…

Spitch was planning to sell you to the thieves from the start.


Page 29:

Calm down

If he wants to trade slaves in that town, there’s no other way but dealing with them

Spitch had no other choice either.

So, I alone, chased after those brutes,

and he believed that I would never return safe and sound.

Kyousai-sama knew all about his scheme,

but why did you come back and give him the money…?

Because Spitch has helped me all this time

Life should be about give and take, that’s my ideal.


Page 30


Where are we going now?

I don’t know, ask the horses!


Bah who cares!

We’ll just venture to another land!!


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