Makikomarete Isekai Teni suru Yatsu wa – Taitei Cheat Chapter 9

Makikomarete Isekai Teni suru Yatsu wa, Taitei Cheat Chapter 9

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Makikomare chap 9:

Page 1:

*They are taking a break by a lake on their way out of Shikka Kingdom


Page 2-3:

*The squad of Kyousai is resting while they’re being watched

*Chap 9: Light Magic and the mysterious boy


Page 4:

Kyousai-sama! The water is amazing! Come and join in?

No thanks

And don’t go anywhere near the deep water

It’s alright

As long as we have Kyousai-sama around


As long as I am around?

I was shifted to another world by mistake

And after I got shifted the second time, I’ve obtained a cheat


Page 5:

And I got this one extremely useful magic

The Imaginary Magic

I can use any kind of magic as long as I can imagine it

This is totally cheating

But it’s not exactly omnipotent anyway

To simplify things, it is impossible to conjure up anything unavailable

For example …


Page 6:

At this place




It is possible to use Gale, Earth and Water elements

And it’s impossible to use Fire or Scorch element magic

Now that you mention it, how about the sunlight?


I can easily create a lance of light!

Eh? What’s going on?

The lance is absorbing sunlight

And it keeps growing bigger…


Page 7:

Damn… This isn’t looking good!!


What is that…?



Page 8:



Page 9:



I rushed it again …

Using light as the catalyst would make it stronger under the sunlight?

My my …

Kyousai-sama… What just happened?

That was… imaginary magic?

Looks like I still can’t fully control it yet…


Is it really okay that you just threw that giant thing away?

Don’t worry! I threw it to outer space already

Outer space?

That is… if this world exists in a universe hahaha!


Page 10:

… I’m sorry, but

I intended to rest here after the long trip, but that thing worn me out again


That’s so you, Kyousai-sama

So, we’ll stick around here for a bit longer

Please get some good rest

I know I know


Page 11:

What was that just now?

I just saw a big streak of light…

An illusion?

Whatever it was, I should grab some food first and bail out


Page 12:

Kyousai-sama it’s amazing here!


What’s so amazing Misha?

There’re so many fish here

Ah, fish…


Page 13:

Misha and Leana

They have gained some levels ever since the beginning of this journey

I’ll have to use that magic this time

*Cheat reactivate!!

“True Analysis”!!

I just need to think “analyze” to check the skill and level of any target


Page 14:

Yes… not only skill and level

But also see through clothes as well!


Page 15:

Not bad, Misha

Leana is looking good too

This sub-skill is a secret of my own


Look, I caught a fish

Check it out

Oh my! Misha’s boobs are coming!!


Page 16:



Geez, I’m not giving up on you!!


Page 17:

*using True Analysis

I see everything dear Misha…

Don’t you swim away!

Yossa! I got a fish too!

Over here Kyousai-sama!

Look how big it is!

Ouuhhh Leana’s boobs incoming!!


Page 18:


Argg !!


Page 19:

Don’t steal my fish Misha!

That’s MY fish!!

It slipped just now!!

Hey hey

Bring out the evidence!!

You guys made me happy alright, stop quarrelling


Page 20:


Over there, Kyousai-sama!!


Thief! Get him!



Page 21:

Damn it

Release me, you bastard!!

Aren’t you an aggressive little boy

I suggest killing him on the spot!

Hey calm down, he’s just a kid



Page 22:

Named Aruno, male, level 9, strength at only 23

Even weaker than me when I first got here

His HP almost dropped to 0

I see…

Misha. Leana, I have a request

The fish you just caught, let’s share some with him



Page 23:

My name is Aruno!

I’ll pay my debt once I’ve reach the capital of Shikka!


We’ve departed from it for a few days already

The kingdom of Shikka is very big

What you have seen is just a city at the entrance

More cities and the capital are still waiting for you ahead


Page 24:

Why is there a child in the middle of nowhere like this?

And left starving too

I was abandoned

My father said he no longer needed me


But it’s okay!

I’ll be fine on my own!


Show us the way to Shikka, would you?


Page 25:

Show you what? Just go straight ahead


You silly, what Kyosai-sama meant is

Let’s travel together

Oh man

The smoke got in my eyes!!


Page 26:

Slave trade … thieves

and abandoned children … this world

Princess Veres

The world that you’re trying to protect, is it really worthy?…

Kya awesome!

That thing in your pants is really cute

Push this head into this slot

Push it hard…

Ah you should use your hand to stroke it first

Ah it’s in


Page 27:

Kya! It’s flying!

Not too shabby!

Ah it’s my turn now!

No, mine!!

Hey girls, what are you doing to the boy…


Page 28:

Paper planes?


This and this, stroke it then fold it and done

It’s amazing! It’d fly once Aruno finished!

I learnt it from my late mother

It’s my special skill!


Page 29:

I see


Page 30:

What’s the matter, master?

It’s nothing

It’s just that this world still has some little precious things left after all

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