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Brag that there is a half-elf girl who has vowed to the future in his hometown
Crossbow soldier Andy Smison.
Suddenly reunion with such memories half elves …?

It doesn’t mean that you don’t have any special powers,
Andy is the only soldier who has not drawn royal family or hero’s lineage.
All you have is courage and quickness.
I’m attracted to such a man
Elves, Half Elves, Dark Elves, etc.
Spectacular love & adventure fantasy with wild heterosexual beauties!


HORE SHOU NO HALF ELF-SAN Chapter 3 21756 views

HORE SHOU NO HALF ELF-SAN Chapter 2 27445 views

HORE SHOU NO HALF ELF-SAN Chapter 1 67644 views

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