Maou ni Natte node, Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume to Honobono suru Chapter 1.2

Maou ni Natte node, Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume to Honobono suru Chapter 1.2

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: W-W-Wait…

B2: We can talk this out peacefully…

B3: Peacefully?

B4: Thou art the one who breach’d mine own territory first!

B5: It speeeeeeeeeaaaks!!?

B6: The Dragon can speeeeeeeeeaaak!!!

B7: Wait, calm down, me!
Even the Dragons must have a status panel too! (probably)

B8: Come on, it’s my second life, so it must be some kind of weak dragon or somethi-…

T: Skill: Analyze

Sfx: Tada

T: Race: Ancient Dragon

Sfx: Tutturu

T: Class: Supreme Dragon


Sfx: Tada

T: Level: 987

Sfx: Sway

B1: What a trashy game is this!!!

T: Level: 1

B2: Thou art… A Demon, aren’t thee?

B3: And a high rank’d one to boot, art thee not?

B4: Yeah
I don’t know if I’m a high ranked one, but I’m undoubtly a demon

B5: They said that when humans (I’m a demon now though) face extreme danger, they became really calm and composed…

Sfx: Panic Panic

B6: So, just what art thou, a high rank’d Demon doing in my territory?

B7: Err, E-Exploring..?

B8: What a strange Demon thou art

B9: And I, Yuki, am currently observing everything in a very composed state which I have never been in before

B10: Float


B1: Fwip

B2: Well, no matter. I shall drive away any trespasser anywa-…

B3: Wait!!

B4: Let’s make a deal!

Sfx: Stop

B5: What didst thee sayeth?

B6: I can’t beat you with my power

B7: But that doesn’t mean that I will accept my death just like that

B8: So, what art thee going to giveth me in exchange of thy life

B9: For that…


B1: I choose this!

T: Chocolate Bar

Sfx: Float

B2: Wha..!?

B3: What in the heavens is this nice smelleth!?

B4: Khukuku, You love sweet things, don’t you?
I can smell a honey scent from your mouth from miles away, you know?

H: Just like a certain red shirt wearing yellow bear from a comic book…
TLN: You know, that P*oh bear…

B5: Twitch!


B1: D-D-D-D-Doest such bear really exist..? It’s not like I ransack’d bee’s aery just because i was hungry and hadn’t hadst any lunch , thee knoweth!!

B2: Ah, this miserable dragon is really bad at lying…

B3: Well, for the time being…

Sfx: Rip Rip

B4: Try it for yourself!

Sfx: Chomp

B5: ..!! This is…

B6: This is..!!


B1: What a mellow sweetness..!!
T’s way better than honey!!

B2: T’s scent… and how it melts inside my mouth…
To think that sweets like this exist in this world..!!

B3: If you promise to not kill me and leave the cave where I live alone…

B4: You will get the privilege of being able to eat this chocolate whenever you want it!!
What do you think? It’s a win-win solution, right!?

B5: Whenever I wanteth it..!

B6: …

Sfx: Twitch

B7: As much as I wanteth too?

B8: Err, well… I don’t think I can prepare that many that can satisfy your giant body though…

B9: What is a “win-win” thou art talking about?


B1: It means that it’s good for both of us! Besides, I don’t think there are any other people in this world who can give you a chocolate bar, you know!?

B2: …Hmm…

B3: Very well. I shall alloweth thee to live now

B4: Eh!? Real-…

B5: …ly…


B1: What?
Thee look as stupid as a goblin

B2: Ah, no…
Just surprised that you can look like a human too…

B3: Well, I haven’t hath lived f’r a long time f’r nothing, thee knoweth?
Transforming into a human is just a cinch f’r me

B4: Besides, thee don’t needeth to prepare a lot to satisfy me in this form!

B5: Wha..!

B6: Thee did promise!
Giveth me more chocolate now!!

B7: Okay okay!
Just calm down!

B8: But first please wear this for now!

B9: I don’t know where to look otherwise


B1: Oh well…

B2: I guess I can’t has’t thee assault me because thee lust’d after mine own alluring figure, can I?

B3: Hmm? What art these large holes in the back?

B4: Just wear it already!!

B5: …I see

B6: So thou art a Demon Lord, huh…

B7: Well, sort of…

B8: I probably should buy proper clothes for her


B1: ♪

B2: But to think that thee only has’t this room in thy dungeon… Seems like thee really art born recently, aren’t thee…

B3: Yeah, I was just born yesterday to be exact, without any parents that gave birth to me…
I’m not really sure about it either

B4: In the first place, Demons art beings born in a place with high concentration of the source of Mana…
Or “Maso” in other words, and taketh a similar form to other living beings with a core in its center

H: Normally, most demons use Magic Stones (Crystalized Maso) as their core

T: Center

B5: In thy case, “The power to giveth birth to Demon Lord to manage the dungeon” becameth your core
Furthermore, the area around here is really thick with Maso

B6: I never guessed that Demons are THAT queer of a creature…

B7: But well, these days there art a lot of Demons who born from parents though
Anyways, forget about that! Giveth me “that”, thee knoweth, “that thing”!

B8: Oh, right…


B1: Enjoy your order, Dragon

B2: I has’t been waiting f’r this!

Sfx: Catch

B3: Yumm..!!

B4: I just can’t get enough of this mellow sweetness!!

B5: However, don’t calleth me with just Dragon

Sfx: Munch Munch

B6: My name is Leficios, thee knoweth?

B7: Are all supreme dragons this shameless..?

B8: Then, Lefi, I guess…

B9: L-Lefi..?

B10: It’s too long
Oh, and you can call me Yuki by the way

B11: What, it’s not good?

B12: …No…


B1: It’s just that it’s my first time meeting someone who called me that way

B2: Thou art really a strange Demon, thee knoweth?

B3: Really?

B4: To beginneth with, a lot of demons are arrogant, aggressive and really a pain in the ass

B5: Well, perhaps it was really a good idea to walketh ’round and crush some dungeons to alleviate mine own boredom, I guess

B6: Because I’m able to meeteth a strange demon like thee who offered me a deal after all

B7: That was clooose..!!! I might have been dead in my second day after reincarnating just because of boredom if she didn’t have a sweet tooth..!!!

B8: Don’t misunderstand me, that’s all in the past, thee knoweth?

B9: Hmm…


B1: Thee knoweth what, this is pretty nice

B2: Alright, I’m going to live here too now!

B3: …Huh..?

B4: This place is pretty good compared to the dungeons I did crush and it’s pretty comfortable

Sfx: Twirl

B5: Besides, it’s just perfect because I’m wavering whe’r to changeth mine own current aery since it’s pretty uncomfortable

B6: N-N-Now wait for a second… Don’t be hasty now…

B7: Shouldn’t you like, I don’t know, think about it for a little bit longer or somethi-…

B8: I can’t?


B1: I really can’t..?

Sfx: Teary eyed


B1: …

B2: …F…

B3: F-Fine…

B4: 2nd day after reincarnating into a Demon Lord


B1: Currently in my dungeon

B2: A Supreme Dragon

B3: Freeloads inside it

H: ◎A cohabitation life with a different species suddenly starts!!

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