Maou ni Natte node, Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume to Honobono suru Chapter 1

Maou ni Natte node, Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume to Honobono suru Chapter 1

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: I remember it clearly, the feeling of the very moment when I died…

Sfx: Blink

B1: …So, where…

B2: Is this..?

(Note to editor: Double page with p3 please merge)

H: With a cheat like strength…

H: And a mail-order catalogue (?)

H: Let’s start making a pleasant…

H: And the strongest dungeon ever!!

H: A popular
Another world reincarnation Web Novel
Comic serialization starts!!


H: I’ve Became the Demon Lord
so I Created a Dungeon and Spending
Heartwarming Time with
the Non-Human Girls
(Note to editor: the title)

H: Chapter 1


B1: No wait, I’m sure I definitely died back then…

B2: So, is this heaven..?

B3: But then again, guess it’s not…

B4: Hmm, what’s this?


B1: Pant…

B2: Phew…

B3: I see now…

B4: …Menu


Sfx: Voom

T: Status
DP Catalogue

Sfx: Beep

T: Menu                                               Status
Yuki                                        Race Archdemon
Lv. 1                                       Class Demon Lord
HP 2100/2100
MP 6700/6700
Strength 651      Endurance 685  Agility 550
Mana 897            Dexterity 1250   Luck 70
Unassigned Skill Points 5
Unique Skill        Mana Eyes          Language Translation
Skill        Item Box              Analysis Lv.1
Title Demon Lord from Another World
DP 1000


B1: My race is an Archdemon now..? The heck, so I’m not a human anymore..?

B2: Uwaah, my Luck Stat is so low…

H: And my Dexterity Stat is the only thing that’s unreasonably high…

B3: …

T: Skill    Item
Title Demon Lord from Another World

T: Title
Demon Lord from Another World: Being that came from another world.
Automatically unlock [Language Translation] Unique Skill

B4: …So this place is really a different world as I thought…

B5: And I’m the Demon Lord here now..?

B6: In other words, I definitely died at my previous world

B7: And then, I got reincarnated as the Demon Lord in a different world


B1: There are several Dungeons spread in various areas in this world. And Demon Lord is just another name for Dungeon Masters who manage those Dungeons

T: Demon Lord
(Note to editor: Or just DL if it doesn’t have enough space)

B2: However, Dungeon is a living being

B3: A newborn Dungeon is weak, and by that I mean really weak…

B4: Of course, it’s easy to break it through

B5: Furthermore, the Dungeon Core is brimming with an enormous amount of Mana…


B1: So there will be a lot of humans and monsters that will invade dungeons to take it

B2: Thus, to repel them…
And of course, to increase the Dungeon’s survival rate, someone who can manage the dungeon is summoned…

B3: And that’s me, the Demon Lord

B4: If the Dungeon dies, the Demon Lord will die too…

B5: And that system also works vice versa

B6: So in short, based on the information from this little thing…
They made the menu game-like to make it easier for me to use it, huh…

T: Unique Skill    Mana Eyes          Language Translation
Skill        Item Box              Analysis Lv.1
Title Demon Lord from Another World

B7: In other words, this Dungeon and me share the very same life now, eh..?

B8:  I see… So the higher my Analysis Skill is, the more information I can perceive, huh…


B1: And the capacity of my Item Box is purely dependent on how much Mana I have…

B2: Language Translation is, well, just like what the name says

B3: Mana Eyes is…
A Racial based Skill, huh…

B4: It visualizes Mana fired from the opponent to the user

B5: Sigh, so it’s basically useless if I don’t have any opponent…

B6: Oh, but every one of my skills are at max level 10…

T: Status
DP Catalogue


B1: Uwaaah, amazing… Are they really selling all of these..?
And all of them are purchasable with my Dungeon Points..!

T: Menu                                               DP Catalogue
Item      Equipment          Weapon               Housing                Food

SFx: Beep

B2: Whoa, they even have a video game here!!
It’s really pricey, though

B3: Hee, so the [Gacha] system here is using DP too, huh…

T: Gacha

B4: And this [Dungeon] is… Oh, so it’s the things to literally expand my Dungeon, huh…

B5: Ooh, you can even summon monsters here!

B5: …But wait, that reminds me, how do I look right now..?

B6: My race was changed into Archdemon, wasn’t it..?

B7: Whoooa!! What the heck are these wings!!
And one of my eyes is red colored now..!

SFx: Gloom

B8: …Really, what a troublesome world I have been summoned to…


B1: But well…
You gave me a second chance to live, after all

B2: So I’ll definitely protect you…

B3: My other heart…

T: Dungeon Core

T: The Next Day

B4: Yawn…

H: (The wings really got in my way when I lied down, so I did my best to make them go away)

Sfx: Push

T: Used Skill:
Item Box


Sfx: Beep

T: Status
DP Catalogue

Sfx: Beep

T:                                            DP Cat
Item      Equipment          Weapon               Housing                Food

Sfx: Appear

B1: Most of the things can be purchased with DP in the Catalogue Shop, so I don’t think I’ll have any problem with food here…

B2: But then, I guess acquiring those DPs is the main problem here…
And I sure want to try that Gacha too…

T: How to get Dungeon Points
– When there are monsters beside the ones summoned by the Dungeon Master inside the Dungeon (The amount of acquired DP depends on the monsters strength)
– When the Dungeon Master kills intruders inside the Dungeons (The amount of acquired DP depends on the intruders strength)
– When absorbing Monster’s corpses or anything else that can be seen as food inside the Dungeon (The amount of acquired DP depends on the objects)
– Self Regeneration (The amount of acquired DP depends on the Dungeon size)

SFx: Munch Munch

B3: Hmm…


B1: For now…

B2: I’ll go outside, I guess!


B1: Whoaaa…

B2: Oooooh..!

T: White Amanita Mushroom:
Will explode if you eat it

T: Shermie Grass:
A greatly effective medical herb.
Has a lot of Mana inside of it

B3: I wonder if I can fly over this sky someday..!

B4: Ahahaha, I’m really looking forward for it..!!


B1: And just like that, my carefree exploration came to a stop…

B2: Because a really strong dragon…

B3: Might beat me to death…

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