Maou ni Natte node Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume to Honobono suru Chapter 2.1

Maou ni Natte node, Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume to Honobono suru Chapter 2.1

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 2.1
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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


Sfx: Snore

B1: Alright!

DP Catalogue

H: ◎After suddenly getting reincarnated, he’s faced with a lot of interesting things he can’t wait to find out!

B2: Let’s do this!


H: ◎Chapter 2 of the manga adaptation from a super popular web novel is finally here!!

H: Chapter 2


B1: The subject today is…

T: Status
DP Catalogue

B2: Confirming the mechanism of the Dungeon Menu

B3: For now, let’s just set this cave as the Dungeon area, and…

T:                                          Surrounding Map             Demon Lord’s Throne’s Vicinity
Demon Lord’s Throne                    Cave
Turn the selected range into the Dungeon area?
DP Needed         400

Sfx: Voom

B4: Ooh!


B1: Hee, so I can even feel that the atmosphere in this place changed, huh…

B2: Alright, let’s keep at it and expand this dungeon mor-…

B3: Oh wait, I don’t have sufficient DP to do that…

T: rn the selected range into the Dungeon area?
DP Needed         400

B4: But well, thanks to Lefi being treated as a trespasser, my DP income is getting better right now, so…

T: Ways to get Dungeon Point ①
When there are trespassers inside the Dungeon

B5: I’ll do this patiently then

B6: Okay, let’s try summoning a monster next!

B7: For now, I guess I’ll try with the cheapest monster in the DP Catalogue!

T: Trap

Sfx: Click Click


B1: Oooooh!!

Sfx: Shine!

B2: Jiggle

T: Slime


B1: Oooh, so this is the famous slime I always read about!

H: It’s so blue!

H: It’s so round!

Sfx: Poke Poke

Sfx: Wiggle Wiggle

B2: It’s unexpectedly cute..!

Sfx: Waaaah…

B3: Alright then! From now on, your name is going to be “Shee”!

Sfx: Jiggle Jiggle


T: Shee                                Race Slime
Lv. 1                                     Class None
HP 11/11
MP 2/2
Strength 15        Endurance 37     Agility 26
Magic* 11           Dexterity 52       Luck 110
Skill        Predation Lv.1   Regeneration Lv.1
Title Demon Lord’s Familiar
TLN: I mistakenly tl this as Mana in chapter 1.1, sorry for the inconvenience

Sfx: Gasp

Sfx: Stare

B1: Wait, why does it have a higher Luck stat compared to me..?

H: Lower than a slime…

Sfx: Wiggle Wiggle

B2: You… Are you trying to cheer me up..?


B1: What a cute creature you are, Shee!

B2: Become my child, please!

Sfx: Kyaa! Kyaa!

Sfx: Giggle

B3: Grrrr

T: Race  : Cerberos
Level      : 32