Maou ni Natte node Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume to Honobono suru Chapter 3

Maou ni Natte node, Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume to Honobono suru Chapter 3

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note


H: Bwosh

B1: Oooh..!
BC: So cool!

B2: I knew that I was the one who forcefully stimulated thy magic circuit, but I never thought it would be this easy for thee…
B2b: Perhaps being a High Demon played a big part of it

B3: Fire magic is so cool!

B4: When I get better at this, perhaps I could even use it like the joke weapon of the FPS Game in my previous life, a flamethrower someday-…

Sfx: Bwooosh

B5: Whoooa!?


B1: Wha-..! How do I turn this off!?

Sfx: Bwoooooosh

B2: Stop giving it thy Mana!!

B3: Like I said, how!?

B4: Stop the circulation inside thy body!!

B5: Err… Does she mean that I should reverse the “flow” I felt back then..?

B6: Good Grief… Thee really love surprising me, don’t thee?

B7: S-Sorry…

B8: Pay more attention on adjusting thy power
B8b: Because being good at magic it literally need thee to be very efficient with thy Mana when thee art using magic, thee knoweth?


B1: Get it into thy head, and it will only hurt thee

B2: Y-Yeah, thanks…

B3: Good. For now, I’ve taught thee the basic of using magic
B4b: Don’t forget that the most important thing is the image inside thy head. Chant is only there to help thee imagining things

B4: Because recently, there art a lot foolish humans and Demons who misunderstood this, and working solely on their chants…

Sfx: Mumble Mumble

B5: Imagination, huh…
B5b: Then if I can imagine it, can I create something else other than flower and fire with my Mana?

B6: That depends on thy potential

B7: Basically, Magic is divided into [Earth], [Fire], [Water], and [Wind], but…
B7b: There art also [Time], [Light], and [Darkness] magic in this world

B8: In thy case, at least thee have an affinity with [Earth] and [Fire] magic, but…

B9: We won’t know about the rest if thee don’t try it
B9b: I’ll be here to watch over you, so don’t worry and try anything you can think of


T: Water

T: Warm water that is perfect for a bath appears!!

Sfx: Splash

T: Wind

T: Warm wind that is perfect for drying hair appears!!

Sfx: Fwoosh

T: The rest

T: Not sure whether I don’t have the affinity for them, or I just haven’t realized it, but nothing happened

Sfx: Nothing

B1: Thou… Can’t thee use thy magic more normally?

B2; I can’t help it! It just turned out that way!

B3: I think I can probably use water magic more creatively, but…

B4: The problem is, I really need a strong imagination to use magic in this world…

B5: And the easiest way to create the images is by imagining the appliances that I had in my previous life..!


B1: Oh, seems like I can make water magic float a bit..!

Sfx: Splash

B2: But I’d sure like to do something like this at least once!

B3: Click

T: Water Dragon

H: But well, right now, I can only make bath water, so a Bath Dragon, perhaps?

B4: By the way…

B5: What art thee doing?

B6: What? I’m washing my hair, obviously?

Sfx: Rub Rub

T: Bathing Set <800DP>
(Wooden Bucket, Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Sponge, Bath Towel)

B7: Whoa, Shee!?

Sfx: Wiggle Wiggle

B8: Are you sure it’s okay for you to eat bath water and all of those bubbles?

Sfx: Wiggle Wiggle


B1: I mean, you also ate Lefi’s cookie’s plastic wrapper a while ago, didn’t you?

B2: But well, you seem to enjoy it, so maybe it’s really okay..?

Sfx: Wiggle

B3: Hey…

Sfx: Fidget

B4: Could thee do that thing to me too?

Sfx: Fwoosh

B5-6: …

Sfx: Fidget Fidget

Sfx: Fwoosh

Sfx: You mean this?

Sfx: Nod Nod

B7: Sure, why not? You were the one who taught me magic after all

B8: Come here, let me express my thanks


B1: …This was not what I had in mind when I told thee I would teach thee magic, thee knoweth?

Sfx: Rub Rub

B2: Ugh! What is this, it stings!!

Sfx: Wiggle Wiggle

B3: That’s why I told you to close your eyes
B3b: Face this way, I’ll rinse it for you

Sfx: Fwooosh

B4-5: Pant…


B1-2: Pant…

B3: Hey, this is bad..!

B4: That little bitch is entering the “Haunted Forest”!!

B5: W-W-What should we do!? We’ll be the ones who get the short end of the stick if we lose the goods, you know!?

B6-7: Pant…

B8: I know full well about that!!! But if we enter that forest too, it’s us who will ended up dead!!

B9: I mean, haven’t you heard people talking about how that Ancient Dragon suddenly got active again..!?

B10: Tch..! Damn it..!!


B1: That little bitch..!!

B2-4: Pant…

H: Where will this little girl who entered the forest end up to..?

P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note


B1: Lefi! Could you teach me some magic?

B2: You see, I have a pretty high Magic stat, so I thought I can use some magic, but it turned out it’s not that easy…

B3: Kame*ameha!!

B4: Aah…

H: A little while ago

H: Haaaaaaaaa!!

B5: Za War*do!!

B6: So that’s why thee did act so weird a little while ago

B7: Then the reason thee look like a no-brainer right now is because thou art looking at thy status?

B8: If I remember correctly, thee also hath Analysis skill too, don’t thee?

B9: Huh? Also? Then do you have that skill too, Lefi?

B10: Yes. It is a very convenient skill that maketh thee able to perceive through any kinds of life form if thee mastered it after all
B10b: Don’t thee agree?

B11: Wait… Then why didn’t you know that I was a Demon Lord when we first met?


B1: Why? Art thee telling me that thou check the status of every single fly and insect that thou hath met?

Sfx: Nonchalantly

H: Chapter 3

B2: Oh, right…

H: I-I should have never asked

B3: Anyways, forget about that, I wanteth more chocolate

B4: At this rate, you’re going to get a cavity, you know…

B5: What art thee talking about? There’s no way an Ancient Dragon like me would get a bad status effect, thee knoweth?


B1: Wait, cavity is a bad status effect here..?

B2: Catch

B3: Hmm? What is this?

B4: This is not chocolate!

T: Cookies (1 Pack)

T: Cookies

B5: You can eat them after you tear that transparent thing that’s wrapping them

B6: These lump of clay like things? Art thee very much sure they art truly edible..?

Sfx: Sniff Sniff

H: It does smelleth good though…

Sfx: Crunch


B1: Haauuu! What is this? It’s so tasty..!!!

B2: It’s sweet, crunchy, and crumbles easily inside my mouth!!

B3: Leaving my own previous aery and liveth here is correct!!
B3b: The bedding is fluffy and comfortable, and the human is very interesting!!

H: Are you listening to me?

B4: Hey, so, what do you think about my stats?
B4b: I think my Magic stat is pretty high though

B5: Hmm… thou art about the same or a bit stronger than any monster in the southern part of this forest, I guess…
BC: Well, there are still a lot beings that art stronger than thee though…

B6: But well, it’s still not enough to cover 1% of my own stats though!

H: Only 1%…

Sfx: Pull Crunch
Pull Crunch
Pull Crunch

Sfx: Pull…
Crumble Crumble

Sfx: Phew…

B7: Hmm…


B1: Very well! I shall teach thee some magic!

B2: However…

T: Cookies

B3: Alright, then this proud dragon shall maketh thee the most wondrous mage in this world!!

Sfx: Beaming

B4: What a cheap dragon…

B5: First, give me your hands

B6: O-Oh, okay!

B7: I guess I shall start by letting thee feel the Mana in this world…


B1: Oh..?

B2: Oooooooh..!?


B1: A-Amazing…

B2: I can feel “something” flowing into my body from Lefi’s right hand, circulating inside my body, and returning back to Lefi’s..!

B3: So this is Mana..!!

B4: Bwaaah..!!

B5: It’s way different from the Mana that fills the air in this dungeon..!
B5b: Hers felt more like a muddy stream..!

Sfx: Pant…

B6: Good, thee seem fine

B7: This… looks fine to you..?

B8: Yes, I mean I just forcefully stimulated thy Mana with mine own Mana after all
B8b: If thou can’t withstand my Mana, thy head would hath already gone “boom” by now

Sfx: Boom!

B9: …

Sfx: Pant…

B10: What the-..! What are you thinking, doing such a frightening thing to me..!?

B11; Well, thou art a high Demon, so I assumed thee will probably be fine

B12: Anyway, just try it once more by thyself before thee forget the feeling
BC: I’m pretty sure thee could do it easily this time


B1: Oooh…

B2: Looking good. Thee art now in a state when thy Mana is activated
B2b: The very basic of using magic

B3: Then let’s go to the next step
B3b: Try to imagine what I am going to sayeth right now as detailed as thee can

B4: And after that, repeat the words that I’m going to chant

B5: Imagine a far, faraway land and a plain that stretches over it…

B6: Imagine a single flower in that plain
B6b: Now, imagine that thee pluck that flower and put it in thy hand

B7: Did thee picture it?

B8: Then open thy palm and chant this…


B1: [Create Bloom]!!

Sfx: Appear

B2: Wow! What a beautiful flower!!

Sfx: Throw

B3: Wait, no! The hell was that!?

B4: What, thou don’t like it?

B5: Why are you making me create a flower for my first magic!? Don’t you have anything else!?

B6: Something with more bang in it!?

B7: That was an introductory level
B7b: This time, try to imagine fire inside thy head

B8: And thee would not need a chant this time

B9: It’s enough if thee could make a clear image of making a fire with thy Mana

B10: Fire, huh…

H: Come to think of it, inside the oil lighter that I had at home…

H: The flint was the one who created the spark, then it caught the oil in the fuse…

H: And ignited the fire…