Maou ni Natte node Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume to Honobono suru Chapter 4.1

Maou ni Natte node, Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume to Honobono suru Chapter 4.1

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 4.1
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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note


B1: Well then, I’m counting on you to watch the house Lefi

H: Chapter 4

B2: I knoweth I knoweth

B3: And you can eat the food that I left, but don’t eat all of them

H: What is Yuki looking for today while the Supreme Dragon watches the house..?

B4: …Okay

B5: And can you watch the house together with Lefi like a good girl, Shee?

B6: Of course! (Or at least it seems to be saying that)

B7: Then see you guys later

B8: Hmm? Okay okay, can thee see it now, Shee?

Sfx: Jiggle

B9: This thing called game is quite interesting, don’t thou think?

Sfx: Close

B10: I never thought that even Supreme Dragon would be that addicted to a “Tameigocchi”

H: I summoned it just because it was the cheapest though


B1: Today’s subject is
B1b: How to rake DPs

B2: Because there’s no one who visited our dungeon all this time

B3: And perhaps because the area around here is Lefi’s turf, I don’t see a lot of animals and monsters

B4: Furthermore, most of the DP gaining methods are completely dependent on intruders after all…

B5: And that’s why…

B6: I’m planning to fill the map and expand my dungeon outwards


B1: For now, as long as I have SEC*M… I mean, Lefi here, I think I don’t need to spend anything on traps or monster summoning to counter any intruders
TLN: SECOM is Japanese Security Company

T: Menu
Dungeon Area
Expand Area

B2: So the plan is to use the DP that I get from Lefi to expand the dungeon and increase its DP Regeneration base rate

B3: Then I after I save some more DPs, I’ll start making a proper dungeon with it

H: It’s pretty much like a sandbox game after all

B4: Maybe I could even build a castle in the future? Hahaha

Sfx: Rustle

Sfx: Twitch

B5: Eep!!

Sfx: Rattle Rattle Rattle

Sfx: Badump Badump Badump

T: Used Skills
Enemy Search

B6: That was too close…

B7: I’m really glad I learned those skills…


T: How to Learn Skills for Dummies

B1: By doing things that are related to the skill

T: Kick

T: Learned Martial Art Skill

B2: Skill Scroll

T: Pouring Mana into the scroll

T: The magical pattern that is drawn in the scroll will be memorized and skill will be learned

B3: And thankfully, there are a ton of Skill Scrolls in the DP Catalogue. Really, just what do they not have in there..?

T: Menu
Yuki Race Archd
Lv. 16 Class Demon
HP 2350/2350
MP 6960/6960
Strength 681 Endurance 710 Agility 586
Magic 960 Dexterity 1290 Luck 70
Unassigned Skill Points 0
Unique Skill Mana Eyes Language Translation
Skill Item Box Analysis Lv.5 Martial Art Lv.3
Beginner Magic Lv.2 Stealth Lv.3 Enemy Search Lv.3
Title Demon Lord from Another World
DP 10220

B4: Whoops

B5: That guy seems to be pretty dangerous…

B6: Yeah, and considering the difference in our level, I’ll be found out if I get any closer
BC: Let’s not get into a fight today

B7: I started to see strong monsters here and there… Have I already left Lefi’s turf..?

T: Turn cted range into the Dunge
DP 0

B8: Alright


B1: Dungeon Expansion success!

B2: I guess all that I can do now is fill in my map, since I pretty much spent everything on that

B3: …Le…

T: Kitchen
(Just created the other day)

T: Fridge
(Was filled with 1 week’s worth of meat)

Sfx: Empty

B4: Lefiiiiiiiiii!!!!


B1: So?
B1b: Isn’t there something that you need to say?

Sfx: Grumble

Sfx: Rumble rumble

Sfx: His stomach’s sound

B2: It’s not like what thou art thinking
B2b: There is a big, deep, and inevitable reason behind this

B3: So I didn’t doth anything wrong!

Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble

H: His stomach’s sound

B4: Hee, then tell me where am I wrong?

B5: I’ll even forgive you completely depending on the situation
B5b: Now, tell me


B1: …It…
B1b: It looked so delicious, so I couldn’t help myself but to consume them all…

B2: I mean it was so delicious, thee knoweth…

B3: Thee knoweth my ass, you useless dragon!!

B4: Wha-..! Thou dare to calleth me with a useless dragon!?

B5: Of course I dare to!! Like hell someone like you who even though you lived for so long, yet you still act like a brat and call yourself a Supreme Dragon!! Have some shame!!

B6: That’s right, I am THE Supreme Dragon, thee knoweth!!
B6b: A being who can bring any kind of disaster whenever I please! So is it wrong for me to doth as I please!?
BC: H-Hmph!

B7: No! Because to humans, I’m something feared as a heavenly disaster!!
B7b: So let today be thy first lesson of seeing how Heaven’s will wor-…

B8: So that’s how you’re going to play, huh…


B1: Then I will never create any snacks again. Ever.

Sfx: Bam!!

B2: I am very sorry, please forgive this foolish humble self!!

B3: Sigh… I guess we’ll have to fast today, since I don’t have any DP left…
BC: I should have put them all in my item box…

B4: Rumble

B4: W-Wait! I knoweth, I’ll do something about this!

B5: I’ll be back in 30 minutes!

Sfx: Dash

B6: Ah, hey!

T: 30 minutes later

Sfx: Lump of monsters


B1: So what doth thee think? This will giveth thee a lot of points, right?

Sfx: Creeped out

B2: …

B3: You went too far, idiot!!

Sfx: Slap

B4: Ouch!

B5: Uhh… Even though I killed them all here so you can get that points or something…

B6: Thou are the first one who dares to hit my head in the last several hundred years!

B7: But everything should have a limit. Look at these pools of blood!

B8: Besides, what should I do with this pile of corps-…

B9: Oh wait… Come to think of it, I can also convert corpses into DP, can’t I..?

B10: So why did thou have to hit me then!!

B11: Spur of the moment?


B1: Uwaaah, what a screwed up person!!

B2: Sorry, sorry… Here, I’ll rub it for you

B3: Pain pain go away

Sfx: Pat Pat

B4: Ehehehe…

B5: Wait, art thou taking me for an idiot!?

H: Now converting into DP

B6: Well, I guess I’ll forgive you with this today
B6b: I mean, I can’t always create food from thin air infinitely, you know?

B7: Then if you want to eat that much, won’t it be better to hunt for it ourselves?

B8: I just told you that everything should have a limit!! It would defeat the whole point of expanding this Dungoen if all of the creatures around here go extinct!!

B9: Hmm… Then I’ll hold back as much as possible next time

B10: Good. I guess I’ll create a snack while I’m creating our dinner

B11: Cookie! I want cookie!!


T: The next day

B1: Ha!!

Sfx: Splat!

B2: Heyaaa!!

Sfx: Splat

B3: Bleeh… it got inside my mouth..!

Sfx: Spit Spit

T: Dungeon Expansion and Filling Map today too

B4: Ugh… as I thought, someone with 0 resistance against grotesque things like me isn’t fit to be a warrior…
BC: Guess I’ll try other skills after I level up my swordsmanship skill…

T: Swordsmanship Skill: Lv 1′

B5: And [Mana Eyes] is a really convenient skill to have

T: Unique Skill: Mana Eyes

B6: It makes me see a detailed flow of Mana even before my enemies fire their spell

B7: Perhaps I should aim to be a Magic Specialized Demon Lord?


B1: But then again, I haven’t been able to use Fire magic ever since that day
BC: Perhaps my subconscious deemed it to be too dangerous for me?

B2: I guess I don’t have a choice but to train my Water and Earth magic for now

B3: Nice, seems like I finished mapping every corner of this area

B4: And the DP revenue rates now is 3 times greater compared to when it was just Lefi alone, so I guess this is good enough

B5: What’s that? Is that a monster’s corpse..?


B1: Hey, are you alright!!?

B2: Hey!!

B3: She’s still breathing!

B4: But with these wounds, she…

Sfx: Rustle Rustle


B1: If I remember correctly, pouring it over the wounds also works, right..?

T: High Grade Potion

Sfx: Splash

B2: Mmph…

B3: Phew…

B4: I’m glad I followed Lefi’s advice and got one of these

B5: But… I just can’t leave her alone out here, right..?