Maou ni Natte node Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume to Honobono suru Chapter 4.2

Maou ni Natte node, Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume to Honobono suru Chapter 4.2

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 4.2
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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note


B1: Yuki…

B2: I never knoweth that thou like little girls…

B3: Sorry I don’t have time to retort to your idiotic remark right now

B4: Hmm? Isn’t that girl… a vampire..?

B5: Yeah, seems like it


T: Iruna Race Vampire
Lv. 16 Class Demon
HP 2350/2350
MP 6960/6960
Strength 40 Endurance 50 Agility 46
Magic 72 Dexterity 68 Luck 412
Unique Skill Blood Drinking
Skill Cooking Lv.2 Tailor Lv.1

B1: Thou art bringing something rare again, aren’t thou…

B2: Wait, rare?

B3: That’s right… Because in the last several tens of years, pretty looking species like Vampire and Succubus…
B3b: Are in the verge of extinction, thanks to the Humans over hunting them and making them their slaves

T: Succubus (Demonfolk)

T: The Children of Forest = Elf

B4: And another pretty looking species, the Children of the Forest, who should have been in a non-aggression alliance with the humans
B4b: Has also got mercilessly attacked since the Humans got in a hostile relationship with Demonfolk


B1: …

B2: Twitch

B3: Mmh…

B4: Oh, she’s waking up

B5: Do you still feel pain anywhere?

B5: Eep..!


B1: It’s okay, I won’t bite or anything, so you don’t have to be so frightened

Sfx: Tremble Tremble

Sfx: Wiggle

B2: Oh, Shee! Good morning

Sfx: Ride

B3: Waaaah…

B4: Want to touch it?


Sfx: Touch

B1: Fuwawa

Sfx: Jump

B2: Hahaha, it tickles!

B3: I’m Yuki, and that slime is Shee

H: How dare thee calling me “that thing”!

B4: And that thing over there is Leficios

B5: And your name is?


B1: My name is Iruna!

So Iruna, what where you doing so deep in the forest?

B3: Uhmm, you see, I was being chased by scary humans

B4: Oh… So that’s why…

B5: Then do you know where your home is?


B1: My home… is gone…

B2: My dad, my mom…

Sfx: Drip Drip

B3: Grandpa and Grandma too…

B4: They are all dead now…

B5: Oh, cra-… It’s alright now, so don’t cry, okay? Okay?

B6: This area is pretty far from human villages, even more so for a child’s legs

B7: So she must have went through a pretty cruel experience for her to ran away

B8: Don’t worry
B8b: There are no scary humans here

B9: So you can stay here as long as you wish, Iruna

B10: …But…

B11: Hey, children shouldn’t feel any reservation, you know?


B1: But but, the scary people who caught me said that I shouldn’t be alive…

B2: And it’s better for me to be dead…
B2b: Because that’s also why my mom and dad are dead now…

B3: They told you that..!?

Sfx: Glare

B4: Yuki, thy face

Sfx: Gasp

B5: O-Of course it’s not true!

B6: I’m sure that they just bullied you because you’re too cute, Iruna

B7: Really..?


B1: Of course it is! I mean, you can see it on my face that I’m really glad that you’re alive, right?

B2: That’s why, you shouldn’t think that you’re better off dead anymore, alright Iruna?

B3: …Yeah

B4: Okay, Onii-chan!

B5: Rumble

B6: Of course you would be hungry…
B6b: What do you want to eat, Iruna?

B7: Uhmm… you see…


B1: I… I want Onii-chan’s blood!

H: I want
Your blood…

Sfx: Twitch

B2: Oh right, I forgot that this girl is a vampire…

B3: Are you sure my blood is good enough?

B4: Yes, I want Onii-chan’s blood!

B5: Oh, okay then

B6: Art thou sure about this, Yuki?

B7: Eh? Is there something wrong about it?
B7b: Like, will I turn into a vampire later?


B1: Well, there’s nothing wrong about it, but…

B2: Sigh, just doth as thou please

Sfx: Turn

Sfx: Rumble


B1: Bite


B1: Suck
B1b: Gulp
B1c: Mmh…

B2: Slurp

H: Huh..? Wait…

H: What’s this… What the heck is this…

B3: Gulp

H: It’s making me feel so weird…

B4: Haa…

B5: Slurp
B5b: Slurp

H: No no no no no! Calm down me! Calm down calm down calm down!

H: It’s okay, I am normal! I didn’t get all weird by this! I can get through this, I’m a strong-minded boy! What I like is a little more mature woman! God damn it, work harder, my sense of reason!!

B6: Yuki… As I thought, thou really love little girls, don’t thou…

B7: No, I don’t!!

B8: Pwaah…


B1; Thank you for the meal, Onii-chan

B2: Lefi…

Sfx: Collapse

B3: Can you bring Iruna to the bath please?

B4: Hee, so thou dare to ask me to work for free now, huh?

B5: 2 bags of cookies

B6: Make it 3

B7: Then I won’t create snacks anymore

B8: It can’t be helped then, I’ll settle for 2 bags

B9: Come, young lass! I’ll tell thee how to use the bathroom!

B10: Okay, thank you Lefi-chan!

B11: Pfft!

H: With another new resident coming, the dungeon is getting more and more bustling now!!

B12: C-Chan!?
B12b: Be more respectful to thy elder, young lass!!

B13: Uhmm… Lefi Onee-chan..?

B14: Well, it’s better than nothing I guess…