Maou no Mama ni Narundayo! Chapter 4

Maou no Mama ni Narundayo! Chapter 4

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Page 1
P1 SFX1 Caw caw caw
Paper P2 T1 If you have business with us, please ring the bell
Wooden Plate P2 T2 Odd Job Worker ~OPEN~
P3 B1A We did great on our first job!
P3 B1B This is easier than I first thought!
P3 SFX1 Flip flap flap
Right P3 BOX1 Hero ―> HandyMan | Zeno Zevia
Left P3 BOX2 Demon Lord ―> HandyMan | Gul Gyulriel
Page 2
P1 B1 It is a pleasure to hear my father’s payment brings you joy.
P1 SFX1 Pour
P2 B1 No no no no…
P3 B1 What are you even doing here!?
P3 B2A Don’t you know that females are attracted to someone strong?
P3 B2B Oh, you are a baby, I forgot.
P3 B3 Fwaht!?
P3 BOX1 Client’s Daughter ―> HandyMan Apprentice | Lilia Drone
P4 B1 Is this the work of you, devil!?
P4 B2 Ah, I heard you managed to strike a deal with the devil?
P4 B3 Yes! Right now, we are on an equal share relationship.
P4 B4 Ha!?
Page 3
Right P1 T1 Onee-sama’s everything.
Left P1 T2 I will be the one to uncover it all.
P1 BOX1 The Volume Book 1 filled with tons of Ero Traps is coming out on June 9th!!
Down Right P1 T3 Chapter 4
Page 4
P1 B1A Ohh… Haha!
P1 B1B I get it… You are attracted to me, that was what you wanted to say right?
P1 SFX1 Smug
P2 B1 … Ha?
P2 B2 It’s okay. I am someone with a big heart and understanding that’s why.
P3 B1 I am okay even with a freak girl like you!!
P3 SFX1 Jump
P4 B1A O blood,
P4 B1B O darkness,
P4 B2 Take my Blood
Page 5
P1 T1 Dark Impact
P1 B1 Ugeh!!
P2 SFX1 Flop
P2 SFX2 Fssshh
P2 B1A I hope you didn’t forget, but
P2 B1B Lilia-chan is a sorceress you know.
P3 BOX1 Lvl. 11 | Job: Sorceress | (Rank D)
P3 SFX1 Smug
P3 B1 To challenge this great me… You are still a hundred years too early, baby.
P3 B2 Don’t talk big for only a D rank
P4 B1A But, you really helped me
P4 B1B Even him… Helping me to take care of him is a really great help.
P4 B2 Please leave anything to myself, Onee-sama!
P5 SFX1 Clang Clang
Page 6
P1 B1A That’s the bell chimes
P1 B1B I wonder if it’s a customer?
P1 T1 Waiittt
P2 SFX1 Fwooossshh Fwooossshh
P4 B1A Well
P4 B1B I really can’t thank you guys any more for coming here through the hot weather and long journey to hear our request directly.
P4 B2 I am the one who asked someone to deliver the request, I am called
Page 7
P1 B1 Figul, this village’s figure head.
P1 BOX1 Client | Figul | (Chieftain)
P1 B2 Nice to meet you.
P2 B1A Likewise, thanks for choosing us for this job.
P2 B1B We were just a little bit surprised since it seemed urgent…
P2 B2 I didn’t imagine that there was a place this beautiful in this village.
P3 B1A We are truly happy to hear you praise our home…
P3 B1B This village is also the pride of all the villagers.
Page 8
P1 B1 But now, this village is being surrounded by a lot of monsters…
P1 B2 The villagers are all grieving about not being able to do anything themselves.
P2 B1 That is the reason why we turned to ask for the help of people like you.
P2 B2 I get it…
P3 B1A If that is your decision, I must say you are correct in choosing us!
P3 B1B Just leave it all to us!
P3 B2A Now,
P3 B2B Could I hear about the monsters which have suddenly appeared?
P3 B3 Now now…
Page 9
P1 B1 You three must be tired after that arduous journey
P1 SFX1 nudge
P1 B2 Hoe!?
P1 B3 Wah
P1 SFX2 Pull
P2 B1A First off, I suggest you to take a dip and relieve your fatigue
P2 B1B We are very proud of our onsen* here         *onsen = hot spring
P3 B1 Please leave your belongings here, we will keep an eye on them very carefully.
P4 B1 Please, enjoy your time.
Page 10
P1 B1A O…
P1 B1B Ooooohh!!
Page 11
P1 B1 I heard that this onsen can cure stiff shoulders!
P1 T1 Comfyyy
P1 B2 I’m melting…
P2 B1A Hey!!
P2 B1B Don’t mess with me!!
P3 B1 Why can’t I also enjoy the onsen!?
P3 B2 You can. After both of us are done of course.
P4 B1 Take my blindfold at least!!
P4 B2 N. E. V. E. R
Page 12
P1 SFX1 Bite
P2 B1 Those foolish girls… How dare they show such nonchalant expressions here…
P2 SFX1 Bow
P2 B2A Thanks for the wait.
P2 B2B We have finished all the preparations.
P3 B1 Just like in the plan, we leave the rest to you.
P4 B1 Why are you putting that burdensome thing on me, huh!?
P4 B2 Please don’t say that!!
P5 T1 Uoooggghhh
P5 B1 We have been preparing this plan for a week, haven’t we!?
P5 B2 We will complete this plan, no matter the cost!!
P6 T1 Only…
P6 B1 You talk big even while you didn’t help at all…
P6 B2 What!?
P6 B3 N-no!!
Page 13
P1 B1A Oh, well.
P1 B1B Let’s begin our plan, I guess.
P1 SFX1 Hold
P2 SFX1 Plop
P3 B1A But…
P3 B1B I wonder what kind of monsters will appear this time?
P3 B2 Nn…
P4 B1A This is just my guess, but I think it won’t be that dangerous.
P4 B1B Usually, when dangerous monsters have been spotted, the area around it will at least be informed.
P4 T1 Comfy…
P4 B2 Meanwhile, we didn’t hear any rumour about any kind of monsters, right?
P4 SFX1 Splish splash
Page 14
P1 B1A At most, it will only be mid-tier monsters
P1 B1B When we find it, we’ll just blast through them and go home!
P1 SFX1 Splash
P1 B1 Wah
P2 B1A Y-
P2 B1B You’re absolutely right! With our stren-
P3 B1 Ghefu
P3 SFX1 Sweep
P5 B1 Lilia-chan!? Are you alright!?
P5 B2 What happened!?
P5 B3A I…
P5 B3B I’m fine. Seems like I slipped on something.
P5 T1 It hurts…
Page 15
P1 B1 What was that, I wonder…
P1 B2A It’s kind of thick and long…
P1 B2B It feels… Slimy…?
P2 B1A Thick and long…
P2 B1B It feels slimy…!!
P2 T1 Sparkle
P2 B2 It looks like the water formed up into a rope.
P2 SFX1 fidget fidget
P2 B3 That’s it!
P3 B1A Uhh
P3 B1B I got tangled by it…
P3 B2 T-ta-tangled!?
P3 SFX1 Splish splash
P3 B3 Take your time.
P4 B1 Uhi
P5 B1B What happened…?
P5 B2 … Uh.
P5 SFX1 Jolt
P5 B3A Ugu…
P5 B3B It… Moved…!?
Page 16
P1 B1A Nnh!?
P1 B1B Hya
P1 B2 It really is moving!!
P2 B1A Gul!!
P2 B1B You little…!!
P2 SFX1 Yap yap
P2 B2 I did nothing!!
P2 B3 Do not lie to me!!
P3 B1 More like
P3 B2 I want to… I want to but…
P4 B1 I can’t do anything with this blindfold on me!!!
P4 B2 Ah, so you really are speaking the truth.
Page 17
Across the panel P1 SFX1 Splash
P1 B1A Uu
P1 B1B Hyau
P1 B2 But, then… If it’s not you, who could do that kind of thing to her…
P1 B3A Ahn,
P1 B3B Yahn.
P1 B4 Hauu
P1 B5 Her voice sounds… Lewd.
P1 SFX2 Fuu Haa
P2 B1 Ahn,
P2 B2 H-hey… Isn’t she like… In danger?
P2 SFX1 Fuu Haa Fuu Haa
P2 B3 Ighii
P2 B4 What happened!?
P3 B1A You’re right!!
P3 B1B Who are you!? Show yourselves, coward!!
P4 SFX1 Blupblupblup
Page 18
P1 B1 Ueeeehhh
P1 BOX1 Tentacle Plant Monster | Raff Lessia | LV. 48 (Rank A)
P2 B1B Raff Less-
P2 B2 How can an A-rank monster be in this kind of place!?
P3 B1 Nn
P3 SFX1 slide grope slide
Page 19
P1 B1A Li-
P1 B1B Lilia-chan!!
P1 B1C Just you wait, I will…!!
P1 T1 Akh, how can I help her now!? I left my sword back there… Not to mention, I am naked…
P2 B1 N-noo
P2 B2 Don’t come
P3 B1 I-I am okay..
P3 B2 So…
P3 B3A Ighii
P3 B3B Please run, Onee-sama!!
P4 B1A I don’t want you to…
P4 B1B Hyaaahhn
P4 B2 Lilia-chan!!
P5 B1A Do-
P5 B1B Don’t look!
P5 B2 What is this feeling? My head is getting clearer and clearer by the moment…
Page 20
P1 T1 I shouldn’t be able to see…
P1 T2 Should not have been able to see but…
P2 B1A Noooo, No no please nooo
P2 B1B Onee-sama, don’t look!!
P2 B1C I am asham-mph!!
P2 SFX1 slide slide slide slide slide
P3 SFX1 Pirorin!!
P3 BOX1 Shingan* is now Level 10!!      *Shingan = Mind Eye
P3 B1 Thank you, God…
P4 B1B What levelled up this time!?
P4 B2 I understand now…
Page 21
P1 B1 Even if my body is being restrained…
P1 B2A In my head… No,
P1 B2B In my mind, no one can restrain me!!
P2 B1A Fuhaha!!
P2 B1B See… I can see… I can see her now!!
P3 B1 Noooo, why whhyy!!
P4 B1A Nooo
P4 B1B That place is… Don’t!!!
Page 22
P1 B1 Good!! This is awesome!!!
P1 B2 Aaaahhnn
P1 B3B Gul?
P1 B4 Ihiin
P1 B5 Zeno, don’t you dare stop me now, y’hear me!! It’s getting to the best part now!!!
P2 SFX1 Slid
P3 B1A Stop it!! Don’t,
P3 B1B Don’t go in there!!
upper left P3 SFX1 wiggle
P3 SFX2 Snort snort snort
P3 B2 Do iiiiittt!!!
Page 23
P1 SFX1 Inhale… Exhale…
P2 B1 Would you all please…
P2 SFX1 Fwip
P2 B2 Hyo!?
P3 B1 Take this!!!
Page 24
P1 T1 Sigh…
P1 B1 Lilia-chan, are you fine?
P1 B2 Y-yesh…
P1 SFX1 flick flick flick
P2 B1 As expected it failed…!!
P2 SFX1 Flop
P3 SFX1 Bite bite bite
P3 B1 I shouldn’t have listened to them and used this kind of indirect way of a plan!!
P3 B2A Just you wait, Hero…
P3 B2B The next time we meet, I will come at you at full force, so be prepared…
P4 SFX1 Fwits
P4 B1 Gul-sama is my baby, that’s why.
P4 T1 Kyuuu
P4 SFX3 flap flap

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