Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Danjon wa Kindai Toshi~ Chapter 9

Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Danjon wa Kindai Toshi~ Chapter 9

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Maou-sama no Machizukuri Ch 9


Page 1

P1b1a: To not hurt his friends

P1b1b: Wishing for happiness instead of despair

P1 middle: title

P1 bottom right: Chapter 9 Demon King of [Time] Dantalian

P1b2: The Demon King of [Creation] chose to make a “city” instead of a dungeon

P2b1: But…

P2b2: Hmm…

Page 2

P1b1a: Hey!

P1b1b: How is the city making coming along, Procell?

P1b2: …Does it look like it’s good?

P2b1a: I’m borrowing Marco’s library and researching things but…

P2b1b: There are pointers on how to make a dungeon but nothing about how to make a city

P1b2: I don’t even know where to make the city

P2b1: Well it is a library that’s made by collecting books written by demon kings

P2b2: Of course I haven’t looked through everything but…

P3b1: It would help out a lot if you two helped

P3b2: I don’t wanna

P3b3: If it has to do with weapons

Page 3

P1a: Then

P1b: How about checking it directly?

P2: The city

P2 sfx: *za*

Page 4

P1b1: Woah, it’s so big…

P1b2a: A human city…

P1b2b: I didn’t think it was this big…

P1b3a: Commercial city “Eclaba”

P1b3b: With a scale of about 100 thousand people, it’s the biggest city around here…

P2b1: Looks like it’ll be a nice reference material

P2 sfx: *za*

P2b2: Let’s go

P3 sfx: *rowdy*

P4 sfx: *arrows flying*

Page 5

P1b1: Well I guess it’s expected when someone tries to bring in a demon inside a human city…

P1 sfx: *rumble*

P1 text1: I thought I was gonna die…

P1 text2: *twitch twitch*

P1 text3: Oooo (in pain noise)

P1 text4: Dangerous…

P1b2: Dwarfs were supposed to be rooted as one of the tribes…

P2a: I remember getting some clothes for disguise from Marco

P2b: Let’s wear this and enter from a different entrance

P2 text: Made by Marco

P3: Kuina can…

P3 text1: Ears

P3 text2: Tail

P4b1: We can’t do anything about the ears and the tail…

P4b2: Transform!

P4b3: Good job!

P4 sfx: *poof*

Page 6

P1 text Line 1: Commercial City Eclaba

Line 2: Commercial District

P1: Woah

P2a: It’s amazing even from the inside

P2b: Right you two?

Page 7

P1 sfx: *rumble*

P1b1a: So many humans…

P1b1b: What should we do El-chan, crush them? Crush them?

P1b2: Www wipe them out with this gun…

P1 sfx: *pump*

P1b3: Why are you suddenly full of killing intent!?

P2b1: Looking at humans make me… impulsive…

P2b2: My urge is pulsing

P2 sfx: *zuzuzu*

P2b3: Ehh…

P2 text: Maybe I should’ve left them back home

P2b3: Oh

P3b1: Found some cute girls♥

P3 text: Wheeeyyy

P3b2a: Want to go out to eat something nice?

P3b2b: We can afford some since we just went to the dungeon to earn money♥

Page 8

P1b1: Those girls are my company…

P1b2: What, daddy’s accompanying?

P1 text: A take-home in front of daddy is…

P1b3: Daddy!?

P2b1a: Keh, it’s withered

P2b1b: Oh, found boob-chan!!

P2b2a: It’s gotta be the boobs

P2b2b: Leeet’s plaaaayyyy!

P3b1a: Daddy, what should we do with them?

P3b1b: Crush? Crush them?

P3b2: Full of holes

P3 sfx: *gogogo*

P3b3: Honestly I feel the same but stop it

P3 sfx: *pump*

P4a: Wait a minute… that outfit

P4b: An adventurer?

P5 text: We’re sorryyyy!!

P5: They did say earning in a dungeon

Page 9

P1b1a: Now that I say it…

P1b1b: There are a lot of similar guys around…

P1b2: Every single weapon is dull… I feel bad for the ore…

P1b3: As expected of a dwarf’s line of sight…

P2b1: Ah they are…

P2b2: Guys going to the Demon King of [Time]’s dungeon north of here

P3b1: Demon King of [Time]?

P3b2a: That person who revived those that died in the [Evening Party]…

P3b2b: I haven’t seen what he looks like though…

P3b3: What, you don’t know?

P3 text: A mysterious hole…!

Page 10

P1b1: Said to control time, it’s one of the strongest demon kings

P1b2a: Its dungeon is of high difficulty and impregnable

P1b2b: But you can get a lot of treasures

P3b1a: Adventurers gather around aiming for those treasures

P3b1b: And merchants aiming for the adventurers came out and so this city got huge

P3b2: All thanks to the Demon King of [Time]

Page 11

P1b1a: Demon King of [Time]…

P1b1b: Well since we’ve come close…

P1b2: Let’s go El, Kuina

P1 text: The last one

P2b1a: To the Demon King of [Time]?

P2b1b: [War]?

P2b2a: I’m not gonna be unreasonable to the strongest demon king

P2b2b: We’re here to build a city

P3b1a: We were taken care of during the [Evening Party] so just to go and greet

P3b1b: There’s no downside to establishing friendships

P3b2a: Boo

P3b2b: Sounds boring

P3b3: Hey now

P4: n/a

P5: Its a pretty lean land here…

Page 12

P1: n/a

P2b1a: I—…

P2b1b: I didn’t hear anything about the Demon King of [Time]’s dungeon being 80km away…

P2 sfx: *shake shake*

P2b2: Too far

P2b3: My legs feel like sticks

P3b1: It looks like there are a lot of other adventurers camping out

P3b2: We should camp out too [creating] a tent…

P4b1: Crea—

P4 sfx: *kiiii*

P4b2a: Huh

P4b2b: Demon King of [Time]’s dungeon without any equipment?

Page 13

P1 text: Cancel

P1 sfx: *shake*

P2b1: —Hello

P2b2: Would you like to buy anything?

P3: A merchant…?

P4: I’m someone from the best and biggest commercial firm in Eclaba, the Kurtord Company

Page 14

P1b1: I’m mainly responsible for selling to those who head towards the Demon King of [Time]’s dungeon

P1b2: To the [Time] dungeon…?

P2, 3: n/a

P4a: It’s pretty pricey

P4b: In the city, it was less than half price of this

P5b1: Well of course. Travel fees, escort fees, and others are added on top

P5b2: Even still…

Page 15

P1: But the adventurers have no other choice but to buy

P2: Getting injured in the dungeon in a situation where you have nothing, if you don’t heal quickly you’ll lose your life

P2 text1: I’m saved!

P2 text2: Sell it to me, I’ll buy it for a good price!

P3b1: Even if you try to get back to the city it’s 80km one way…

P3b2a: There are times where demons appear along the way

P3b2b: How far can you go with an injured body…?

P4b1: Life is much heavier than money

P4b2a: Life or money

P4b2b: When you balance it, it’s much cheaper

Page 16

P1b1: How greedy…

P1b2a: Please say that we’re meeting your needs

P1b2b: It would’ve been a different story if there was another city between the dungeon and Eclaba

P2b1a: ……

P2b1b: I see, thank you

P2b2a: No no

P2b2b: Please, continue to favor the Kurtord Company

Page 17

P1b1a: The next day

P1b1b: Demon King of [Time], Dantalian’s dungeon

P1b2a: Woah

P1b2b: This is huge as well!

P1 sfx: *wind*

P2b1: Yesterday’s merchant…

P2 text1, 2: Come visit us anytime!

P2b2a: There are others as well

P2b2b: Everyone has the same idea…

P2 text3: We ‘ave em!

P2 text4: We ‘ave good swords!

Page 18

P1b1: Alright, shall we

P1b2: Yay, let’s go!

P2 sfx: *oooo*

P3 sfx: *stab*

P4 sfx1: *ooo*

P4 sfx2: *ga*

P4 sfx3: *block*

Page 19

P1b1: So many people…

P1 sfx1: *slam*

P1b2: It’s noise…

P1 sfx2: *bam*

P1b3a: Is the density more than the city?

P1b3b: It’s quite hard going through this…

P1 sfx3: *slice*

P2b1a: More than that, daddy you said you were gonna greet the Demon King of [Time] but…

P2b1b: Were you planning on completing the dungeon until the end normally?

P2 sfxes: *bam, block, slam, etc*

P2b2: Ah

P3b1: …I hadn’t thought about it…

P3b2: This dungeon has over 100 floors, it’s a bit too hard…

P4: Master!

Page 20

P1: n/a

P2a: ……

P2b: They’ve stopped?

Page 21

P1: What… is going…?

P2 sfx: *teleport*

P2: !?

P3b1a: …This is?

P3b1b: When did we…

P3b2a: I’ve heard from Marco

P3b2b: That you’d probably look for me

P4b1a: So I invited you

P4b1b: While time has stopped

P5: —Then you are…

Page 22

P1 right: Demon King of [Time]

P1 left: Dantalian

To be continued