Meikyuu Black Company Chapter 11

Meikyuu Black Company Chapter 11

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Meikyuu Black Company Chapter 11

*On a side note, on the bottom left of the raw for chapter 11 of MBC (Meikyuu Black Company), it says it’s chapter 10. Not sure if this was mistake of raw or publisher or if its just continuing, but thought I should let you know. Also howdy, I’m tigerspeed (In the discord as tigerslow) nice to meet you! Please give me advice and feedback whenever you can. Also, I put a description for most of the SFX, but I think it’d be better to just leave them as is, although that’s for you to decide I guess.*

Page 1

Title: Transfer

Text by Character: The name’s Ninomiya, and from my point of view, it’s fitting all men are looking up at me.

Page 2

P1b1: Bastard… did I just hear you right?

P1b2: Did you just say to save your world to me?

Page 3

P1b1a: …Yes

P1b1b: That is what I said

P2b1: fu… fuhaha… my understanding of all this really needs to catch up…

P2b2a: and your mad looking torch and crazy words aren’t helping…

P2b2b:  anyway where is this place?

P3b1a: I was just in the middle of a labyrinth…

P3b1b: Where’s Shia? What happened to Wanibe?

P3b2a: Were you the one that teleported me?

P3b2b: I was with them… where did you send the people with me?

P4b1: …that is…

P4b2: …well

Page 4

P1b1a: …

P1b1b: Seriph… kinda forgot

P1b2: tehe—(star emoji indicating cuteness/ Above b2 there is sfx: kon, sound of tapping head in cutesy way)

P2b1: Now wai… wait just a moment! ミス(TLN: The katakana says: Miss)! There’s been a mistake! You wanna run that by me again!

P2b2: Now I’m sure I prepared a book for a situation at a time like this……..

P3b1a: This? That?…

P3b1b: The messiah will be in a state of confusion and barrage you with questions, in this situation…

P3b1c: give them a flattering gaze while tilting your hand 45 degrees. Like firing a gun, it can be used to great effect

P3b1d: I see, I see

P4b1: …….Messiah-sama (TLN- the SFX by the characters nails is: uru)

Page 5

P1b1: Right now our people… face a crisis of calamitous proportions

P1b2: Would you please lend us your honorable power…

P2 right side: ….

P2 Left side: What kind of charade is this…

P2SFX: pu (sound of sneezing)

Page 6

P1SFX: don (sound of an explosion)

P2b1: Wha… what in the world was that!?

P3b1: Really, What in the world is going on!?

P3b2: Come quietly!!

P3b3: Release me…!!

(TLN: The SFX by the dragon girl are shu, shu or the sound of punching/ The SFX over the old robed man is like the sound of impact (not literal) or disbelief)

Page 7

P1b1a: Now,

P1b1b: if you’re not still half asleep, spit out everything

P1b2a: Shitty kid!

P1b2b: Where are we! What are your intentions!

P1b3a: Ow, It hurts!

P1b3b: I said it hurts!

P2b1: We’re in the middle of a town called Marushia currently in a Shelter!

P2b2a: Our intentions were…

P2b2b: We wished for you to rescue this world from destruction…

P3b1: We summoned you from another world after all!

P4b1a: ha… what kind of reasoning is that…

P4b1b: Hey, I’ve already…!

P4b2: muuo (TLN: this text bubble is a sound she makes)

Page 8

(SFX in P1 is wind blowing)

P2b1: Wha…

Page 9

P1b1: What is this place

Page 10  

P2b1a: My, I’m very sorry for all that messiah-dono,

P2b1b: I am humbly called Zazeru, the one pulling this community together

P2b2: I’m terribly sorry for the trouble we have caused you, now as for the state of affairs…

P3b1: The freedom that childs exceptional magical ability has allowed him, has caused him to do as he pleases quite a bit. You can hate him if you want.

P3b2a: That ain’t worth worrying about to me

P3b2b: I don’t care what you talk about, gimme an explanation

P3b3a: Ye—yes, I understand.

P3b3b: This is unexpected, but since I’ve been called out, I understand if you want to do things in a way you can understand.

Page 11

P1b1: … allow me to give an explanation of the current state of affairs

P2b1a: We are currently facing dangerously critical circumstances that have arisen

P2b1b: The source of the issue can be traced back 300 years ago

P3b1:  A Certain corporation appeared, and the world began to fall apart. It all began starting from there

Page 12

P1box1: The negative influences of capitalism that had been born in the company caused them to start treating all of their workers like slaves in order to cope with its rapid growth.

P1box2: In the blink of an eye, that destructive like concept of doing things had spread everywhere.

P2box1: Before long, the entire worlds ruling classes began to use their corporations as birthplaces for corporate slaves.

P3box1: The majority became something like corporate livestock, their lives became like that of living creatures, and their vigor had been weakened.

Page 13

P1box1: Like a Devil king that appeared out of nowhere, it now controlled everything

P1box2: The Devil king came up with a plan to enslave everyone in the world, bringing about mass mayhem and chaos.

P2box1: We were defeated… and escaped underground

P3box1: In the middle of a dark cave, we came to a standstill as it were, and waited 300 years for time to pass.

Page 14

P1b1: 300 years… yes, 300 years. In between all those years our resources struck rock bottom. We didn’t even know what our condition would be like in the near future.

P1b2: That is, until we found hope.

P1b3a: We continued to stay hidden underground, until we found the book of prophecy and the miracle relic…”Gate”

P1b3b: We used them and summoned someone with the ability to save our world.

P2b1: And that someone is you, messiah-dono

P2blackb1: Like hell I am!

P2blackb2: First it was Amalia, from one damn world… right to another!?

P3b1:  We’ve come to bring the good news,

P3b2: Now, let’s go shall we?

Page 15

*SFX*=WAAAAAAA= shouting

Page 16

P1b1a: It’s the messiah!

P1b1b: The messiah really came!

P1b2: Now we can finally leave this cave!

P1b3a: Aaaaah…

P1b3b: Thanks so much…

P2b1: …….! (SFX- hiku)

P3b1: How is it? Everyone in town has come out in anticipation to see messiah-dono

P3b2: It’s like they’re clinging onto a complete stranger. For this talentless lot to even beg so squirmingly…

Page 17

P1b1: Really, it’s like I’m looking at a bunch of garbage

P1b2a: You could very well say that.

P1b2b: They were suffering from an overwhelming sense of hopelessness before. No matter how one looked at it they would seem like nothing but pitiable creatures.

P1b2c: Somehow or another, we wish for Ninomiya-sama to show us the way

P2b1a: How foolish…..

P2b1b: Wiping our worlds ass clean is the only problem we bastards have.

P2b2: Even that brat over there seems to have more common sense than you do

*SFX below P2b2- How rude!

P3b1a: No

P3b1b: Ninomiya-sama will be taking down the Devil king

*SFX in P3 is- Su…(it’s the sound of him pulling up his sleeve)

P4b1: In that case,

P4b2: Don’t tell me… you thought you could choose to abandon us? You know you don’t have a choice right?

*P4black box: (TLN: the question in the box is “What will you do?”. The top option is yes and bottom option is no, but given the context of the conversation, The top option is “Sure you can go!” and the bottom option is “Your ass is stayin”, with the arrow pointing towards the bottom option XD)

Page 18

P2b1: Le—let me go—!

P2b2a: What kind of decision is this!

P2b2b: You bastards!

P3b1a: No no, there is an inscription in the book of prophecy,

P3b1b: “In the event the messiah attempts to run away, one must immediately seize them”….Also—

P3b2: shit….

P4b1: To me it just looks like you are threatening a disadvantageous person. I absolutely hate people like you from the bottom of my heart.

P4b2a: Haha, you know since a while ago now…

P4b2b: My chest has been hurting quite a bit

P5b1a: The stick of the legendary tree and the lid of the legendary pot have been prepared for you.

P5b1b: With these your defense and offense will be flawless

P5b2a: You gotta be shitting me!

P5b2b: Are you making fun of me, bastard!

P5b3: For this is the knowledge bequeathed unto us within the book of prophecy…..

Page 19

P1b1: More importantly….

P2b1: Why the hell are you in full armor!?

P3b1: In any situation you’d send out something like that!

P3b2: If you’ve got something like that why don’t you use it to save yourselves?

P3b3: What kind of nonsense are you spouting!

P3b4: *(TLN: the little bubble on the bottom left of panel 3 is the armored dude saying “Get off me!”

P4b1: I’m not inclined to work for the sake of you guys in any way!

P4b2: Then, as it is written in the book of prophecy I shall beg

Page 20 

P1blackb1: It is written that at the time the Messiah and Devil king meet, a road leading to a “Japan” shall appear…

P2b1: What did you say?

P3b1: Now I wouldn’t know where this so called “Japan” is, but I’m thinking it’s the place messiah-dono wishes to return to.

P3b2: I hear it’s a place of paradise you know?

P4blackb1a: What kind of stuff is this guy saying!? He’s saying there’s a way to go back? To Japan…!?

P4blackb1b: Why didn’t he say so in the first place……

P4b1a: Town Leader,

P4b1b: Your meal arrangements have been completed

P4b2: Oh, very well

P4b3: FOOD….!?   *(TLN: the SFX, zyururi, by the horned girl is something like her salivating)

P5b1a: Wait a second,

P5b1b: you summoned me as a tool

P5b1c: so you could use me to escape the world where I’m from?

P5b2a: No….

P5b2b: You are our only reason we summoned you. The only condition we had was to summon you

P5b2c: However…..

Page 21

P1text on right side: The Devil kings castle is that very building there, where it is said to be composed of countless ancient weapons

P2b1: There, it is possible that…

Page 22

P1: *SFX of biiiii, or an alarm going off

P2b1: The Alarm!?

P2b2: What is the meaning of this!

P3: Ur…Urgent news town leader….!

Page 23

P1b1: Shelter has been breached…

P1b2: the town is…

P2b1: Monsters are heading towards the town…!

*SFX on P2=ooooo, sound of wind blowing

*Text on Bottom right of page 23: Next time, scheduled for March 5th

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