Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 10

Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 10

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Murabito desu ga, nani ka? 10

Pg 1

P1T1: At the peak of its popularity, the newest volume 2 will be released on 9th Jan!!!
Title: Chapter 10: Knight in shining armour


Pg 2

P1B1: When did I realise that…
P1B2: There was no such thing as a “Knight in shining armour”?


Pg 3



Pg 4



Pg 5

P1B1: Me… becoming a hero…

P2B1: I’ll have to… fight for the sake of everyone in this world…

P3B1: … What do you want to do, Cordelia?

P4B1a: I want to protect everyone…
P4B1b: But… I’m scared…

P5B1: of devils, evil dragons, demon lords…

P6B1: and of that smile too…

P7B1: What kind of expressions are they hiding behind those smiles?
P7B2: … I can’t do it
P7B3: Even if I want to believe it… I can’t…


Pg 6

P1B1: I’ll help you!

P2B1: No matter where you are, no matter who your opponent may be
P2B2: I’ll come running and blow them away!

P3B1: So you can be assured… and do what you want to do!!

P4B1: … Those words made me very happy


Pg 7

P1B1: That guy was weirdly mature
P1B2: In our childhood days, I was like the little sister and he was like a big brother to me

P2B1: He is my Knight in shining armour-

P3B1a: but we were different
P3B1b: He is a villager and I am a hero
P3B2: Our statuses, growth rates and job skills… everything was different.
P3B3: The gap was so big

P4B1: Even though we didn’t mind it
P4B2: Those around us didn’t recognise me and wouldn’t forgive me

P5B1: … But I was happy with just that


Pg 8

P1B1: It’s fine if the hero just protects the villagers
P1B2: Protecting everybody’s lives and smiles is my job.

P2B1a: However
P2B1b: That phenomena happened on my 12th birthday

P3B1: A villager was stronger than the hero


Pg 9

P1B1: … His power was about 50-100 steps behind me back then
P1B2: I wouldn’t think that he would be able to save me… from any kind of situation

P2B1a: …A knight in shining armour doesn’t exist
P2B1b: But…

P3B1: There is a friend who will protect the world together with me!


Pg 10

P1SFX: bang bang
P1SFX2: Ahahahaha

P2B1: That story again, Cordelia?
P2B2: though you were a child, there’s no way a villager could be stronger than a hero, is there?

P3B1a: But…
P3B1b: it’s due to him that I narrowly escaped death…
P3B2: And now, laughter please.
P3SFX: clap clap
P3B3: Your villager in shining armour went on a journey with the dragon?

P4T1: Wasn’t he just so scared that he ran away?


Pg 11

P1B1: Don’t make fun of the lady too much!
P1B2: There are any stories about villager youths driving goblins away aren’t there?

P2B1: T-That’s true!
P2B2a: However,
P2B2b: if the lady now kills 100k goblins and he gets EXP from it, taking his growth rate into consideration, they wouldn’t even be on par to fight alongside each other now! Anyways,

P3B1: [oi oi…] You’re the one looking down on the lady the most now- [I’m dragging you down…]
P3B2: N-No, I ‘m just raising the credibility of the lady’s words…

P4T1: I definitely didn’t want to embarrass you, my lady…

P5B1a: … The goblin incident
P5B1b: 3 years ago was publicised and recorded to have concluded with my magic running out of control

P6B1: and that a youth named Ryuuto had died… The impact from that death caused my memories to be jumbled and hazy, they said.
P6B2a: That my story was just an illusion I made
P6B2b: If Ryuuto were really around…


Pg 12

P1SFX: Slap

P2B1: I’m… going to cool my head for a bit!
P2B2: If you’re going to pick flowers, they’re that way, you know?
P2B3: You’re too drunk!

P3SFX: Bam

P4B1: You two are fooling around too much!
P4T1: Apologise later!
P4T2: We’re sorry, vice-captain…

P5Box1: Skill: Sixth sense – Able to detect the number, strength and malice of monsters around the area.
P5B1a: The only reason why we are able to have a drink here (deep part of the great forest) is because of Hero-sama’s “Sixth sense”.
P5B1b: You’re to respect and thank her for it!


Pg 13

P1SFX: gulp gulp

P3B1a: The expedition this time around was to subjugate sand worms
P3B1b: We got a direct commission from the sponsors and the monsters are strong too
P3B2: Everyone in the knight order is splendid and defeated monsters with ease without a lot of participation on my part

P4B1: But…
P4SFX: beat beat beat

P5B1: Cordelia-sama?


Pg 14

P1B1: Squad leader…

P2B1: !

P3B1: … Is something here?

P4B1: …
P4SFX: nod

P5SFX: inhale…

P6B1: All members on guard!!


Pg 15

P1B1: Circle formation with 5 men in a team!

P2B1: Stay on your guard even if you can’t see the enemy!

P3B1: My lady?
P3B2: There’s one of them, it’s still a way off… but I get a bad feeling about it

P4B1: We should… flee!

P5B1: …Roger!

P6B1: Orders to withdraw!!
P6B2: Stay on your guard and retreat just like that…


Pg 16

P1SFX: Slice

P3B1: Pssh
P3B2: Splash

P4B1: Aha!
P4B2: Ahaha!
P4B3: Ahaha!?
P4B4a: You thought you could escape?
P4B4b: didn’t you?


Pg 17

P1B1a: From who?
P1B1b: From me?
P1B2: I won’t let a single one of you escape~
P1B3: Because I’m gonna kill all of you <3


Pg 18

P1B1: Evil dragon Amanta!?

P2B1: With that appearance and this evil pressure, I can’t be mistaken!
P2B2a: She has devoured many young heroes so far,
P2B2b: so I’m her target…

P3B1: … But if everyone fights-!
P3B2a: Everyone!
P3B2b: It’s an all-out war, let’s surround her…


Pg 19

P1B1: …!?

P3B1: Huh, what?
P3B2: Lady?
P3B3: Are you an idiot?

P4B1a: Why do you think I killed the squad leader first?
P4B1b: Why?

P5T1: The knights were relying on my sixth sense…
P5T2: Everyone realised that the evil dragon is stronger than me when I allowed her to close in on us

P6T1: Other than my title as hero, I’m just a little girl. No one would listen to my orders…

P7B1: Don’t lose focus!!


Pg 20

P1B1: 3-man cell, Wedge formation!
P1B2a: Do not fear!!
P1B2b: There is but one evil dragon. If we fight normally, she is not our match!


Pg 21

P1B1: I swore on that day

P2B1: That I would be a knight that supports the hero!!


Pg 22

P1B1: Wind!!

P3B1: Kyaha¯

P4T1: Skill activate: Shield Charge x3!!!


Pg 23

P6B1: The shields are a diversion!
P6B2a: It’s a victory-securing tactic that depends on one person to use “Warding” to seal the opponent’s skills
P6B2b: and the other two to use a counter-skill to prevent the enemy from escaping!

P7B1: Skill activate: Warding


Pg 24

P1T1: It…
P1T2: … Wasn’t warded off!?

P2T1: Even so, I’ve got her!

P3T1: Counter skill
P3T2: “Hammer…


Pg 25

P1SFX: Slash

P4SFX: Spin
P4B1: ?
P4SFX2 (bottom right): Pass
P4SFX3 (left): Slam
P4SFX4: Crash

P5B1: Wha!?

P6SFX: Steps


Pg 26

P1B1: So brittle!
P1B2: So soft!
P1B3a: I just stroked them gently and they broke!
P1B3b: It’s so hard to hold back–

P2B1: Ah…
P2B2: Ahh…

P3B1: Uwaaaah
P3B2: Huh?

P4B1: Are you running away?
P4B2: Are you thinking of doing so?
P4B3a: So cute!
P4SFX: Snap
P4B3b: So cute!!

P5SFX: Poof

P6B1: !?
P6SFX: Loom


Pg 27

P2SFX: Splash
P2B1: Gurgle

P3B1: Gueh

P4B1: Aren’t you guys called the “Orc killer knights order”?
P4B2a: These friends (orcs) want to thank you for that, so I gathered them, you know?
P4B2b: Now, what will you do?
P4B2c: What will you do?
P4B3: Ugh…
SFX: people screaming and being torn/smashed/eaten


Pg 28

P1B1a: Look, look,
P1B1b: Your friends are back now~
P1SFX: Gritting

P4B1a: Aren’t you guys lonely?
P4B1b: That’s why you should…

P5B1: desecrate the hero!


Pg 29

P4SFX: Grit

P5SFX: Step


Pg 30

P1B1: ?

P2SFX: Splash

P3B1: Calm down, everyone!
P3B2: If we fight calmly… We can make it!

P4B1: Shriek
P4B2a: !
P4B2b: Wait…

P5SFX: Boom
P5B1: Gya…

P6B1: Energy bullet? S-So heavy!

P7B1a: Hey, lady?
P7B1b: How do you feel now?

P8B1: But I can totally understand a hero being unable to organise this worthless knight order!


Pg 31

P1SFX: Gritttt

P2B1: Hngh
P2SFX: swing

P3B1: you’re good!
P3T1: To be able to cut my energy ball

P4B1: Then how about this?

P5SFX: Bam
P5SFX2: Boom
P5SFX: Bam

P6B1: Ei¯
P6B2: Ei¯
P6B3: Ei¯
P6B4: Ei¯
P6B5: Tsk

P7B1: Huff-…
P7T1: My hands… are already…
P7B2: Huff…

P8B1: Huh, what?
P8B2: You give up already?


Pg 32

P1B1: Ei¯

P2SFX: Dodge

P3B1: !?
P3SFX: Bend
P3SFX: Bang

P4T1: Homing type… Crap!

P5B1: Kyaha!
P5B2: Kyahaha!!
P5B3: Kyahahahahaha A hit at last!!

P6B1: Here¯
P6B2a: Here,
P6B2b: Here

P7SFX: Drop


Pg 33

P1B1a: Look…
P1B1b: Lady, you’ve become all alone, you know?
P1B2a: Are you lonely?
P1B2b: Lonely?

P3B1: But there are lots of orcs?
P3B2: Are you happy?
P3B3: happy?

P4B1: …Gh
P4T1: … Happy…?

P5B1: But I… really like it


Pg 34

P1B1: Ouch

P2B1: I love watching people getting eaten by orcs ê
P2B2a: They start slowly with your fingers and toes
P2B2b: At first, people yell “Help Me!” or “Don’t kill me!” from the pain

P4B1: But soon they start thinking “Kill me”

P5B1: And that expression? I really love it, you know?
P5B2a: So I let them live on forever with recovery magic!
P5B2b: Forever and ever! Foreveeer!!


Pg 35

P1B1: I won’t get tired of it looking at it forever! An expression that I love so much!!
P1SFX: Sparkle
P1SFX2: Gyuuu…
P1B2: Ah- I want to embrace it-!!!

P2SFX: Cackle

P3SFX: Kyahahahahahaha

P4T1: … If I can get out after being humiliated only…!


Pg 36

P1SFX: Raise

P2SFX: dig

P3SFX: slide

P4B1: …What’s this?

P5B1a: To plan to kill yourself with poison…
P5B1b: How pathetic!

P6B1a: You fail to be a hero, you know?
P6B1b: You know?

P7B1: Lies!
P7T1: You give up quickly though you’re a hero!
P7B2: You’ve already “closed your heart”?

P8B1: Skill: Heart closure – To recover from Psychological status ailments under B rank. Psychological skills under S rank will have no effect until the skill is cancelled. The user is unable to move until the skill is cancelled.


Pg 37

P1B1a: Are you trying to lose “appeal” even before it starts?
P1B1b: It’s hard to dispel a hero’s Psychological skill-
P1B2: I’m troubled-

P2B1a: [A-ah] You’re the most boring to defeat?
P2B1b: You are…

P4B1: Really boring!


Pg 38

P1SFX: clang


Pg 39

P4B1: !?
P4T1: No way…
P4T2: … Why…?


Pg 40

P1T1: My… knight in shining armour…?

P3B1: Sorry, I’m late!


Pg 41

P1B1a: I heard that Cordelia encountered the evil dragon in the forest,
P1B1b: But I wasn’t filled in on the details…

P2B1: But I came here due to the flashy shooting of bullets!

P3SFX: Glowwww

P4B1: !
P4SFX: Glowwww
P4B1a: Your arm is trembling? Not like you at all…
P4B1b: Hm?


Pg 42

P1B1: … I promised
P1B2: I’m not listening to you again…

P2SFX: Hug

P3B1a: I’ll deliver meals to you again…
P3B1b: So please forgive me
P3B2: …Sniff…


Pg 43

P1SFX: Throw

P2SFX: exploding
P2B1: !?

P3B1a: That’s cool!
P3B1b: You defended against my magic bullet!

P4T1: Though I finally got a good cooking wok!
P4B1: Don’t enter the church for our next meeting!

P5B1: Hey, who?
P5B2: Who are you?
P5B3: You’re not… a hero, are you? [You don’t smell like one…]

P6B1: …Me?


Pg 44-45

P1B1: I’m a villager, What about it?
T1: Facing the ever evil, evil dragon, Amanta! Fate has changed! The world’s strongest villager saves the dying hero!!!

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