Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 11

Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 11

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Murabito desu ga, nani ka? 11

Pg 1

P1T1: The brand new volume 2 will be out on 9 Jan!!!
Title: Goodbye Evil Dragon
P1SFX: Ahaha
P1B1a: … It’s true that I don’t feel anything from you
P1B1b: but I wonder if being a villager makes you strong?
P1B1c: does it?
P1Box1: It’s weird… I really don’t feel anything…?

P2B1: And you on the other hand, as an evil dragon, don’t seem like much?


Pg 2

P3B1: … Did you have a reason to kill them?

P4B1: Don’t dragons seek fights with the strong?
P4SFX: Click
P4B2: Isn’t this just a massacre?

P5SFX: Hehe

P6B1a: What reason should I have for killing some bugs?
P6B1b: What reason!?
P6B2a: If I had one, it’d be because it’s fun?
P6B2b: I think?


Pg 3

P1B1: Don’t laugh!
P1SFX: Slash

P2SFX: Zoom

P3SFX: Swirlll


Pg 4

P1B1: Kyahaha! Hey, hey~
P1SFX: slash
P1SFX2: swing
P1B2: That’s a super rare sword, isn’t it?
P1SFX3: swing
P1B3: Where did you get it?

P3B1a: But, but?
P3B1b: I think, a sword doesn’t fit you, onii-chan? I think?
P3SFX: Leer

P4B1: whoops


Pg 5

P1B1: sheathe
P1B2: … I think so too
P1B3: !?

P2B1a: Ryuuto became strong
P2B1b: but…
P2SFX: Grip

P3B1: Don’t interfere!
P3SFX: Shock

P4B1a: …Leave it to me
P4B1b: I’m more than enough for this evil dragon and I have something I want to try out
P4B2: But…
P4SFX: Perk

P5B1: Please take care of the rest of the orcs!
P5B2: Follow me, evil dragon!


Pg 6

P2B1: Don’t run away, onii-chan!
P2B2: You’ve provoked me so I want to play with you!

P3B1: I wonder what you wanted to try out…
P3B2: What kind of fun things are you thinking about? What kind?

P4B1: … I’ll tell you now
P4Box1:               Skill activated
: Physical ability enhancement
: Steel Body
: Demon’s Gateway


Pg 7

P2B1: Eh?

P3SFX: Punch


Pg 8

P1SFX: Ggggggggggggggg (dragging sound?)


Pg 9

P1B1: Boo!

P2B1a: Were you scared?
P2B1b: scared?
P2B2: I was surprised!

P3B1a: Blowing a hole in me with a full-scale attack when I let my guard down
P3B1b: A simple yet effective move-

P4B1: But too bad!
P4T1: See, just like before
P4B2: You didn’t defeat me!


Pg 10 -11

P1SFX: punch (x100)

P2SFX: grit



Pg 12

P1SFX: Explode

P2B1a: Y-You’re quite good… But an attack of this level…
P2B1b: Gehii!?
P2SFX: Punch

P4B1: His attacks aren’t stopping…!
P4B2: What is this!?
P4B3: A villager is…

P5B1: punch punch punch punch punch
P5B2: This…

P6B1: I won’t accept it!!


Pg 13

P1B1: !

P3B1a: Ta-dahê
P3B1b: Sorry to spoil your rhythm¯
P3Box1: Skill activate: Blessing of the Divine Dragon
P3B2: I’ll just show you a bit of my true strength! This is…

P4Box1: Skill activate: Blessing of the Divine Dragon
P4B1: The strengthening skill that only the dragon race can use, right? I can use it too!

P6B1: … Heh?


Pg 14

P1B1: W-w-why?
P1B2: Why can you, as a villager, use the dragon race’s secret skill?

P3B1: through a course of events?
P3T1: I also went through the “Rite of Trials”…
P3B2: I was unofficially offered to be the next dragon king. [Look, this ring is proof]

P4B1: Impossible…

P5B1: Y-You definitely… stole that ring, didn’t you…!?
P5B2a: That’s it!
P5B2b: There’s no way a villager could use “Dragon God’s Coming” (skill only the dragon king can use)…


Pg 15

P1Box1: Skill activate: Dragon God’s Coming
Explanation: A reward skill obtained or revealed after obtaining the title “Dragon King”.
Effect: ATK, DEF and EVA +1000, + ??? Special effect
P1B1: You mean this?

P2B1a: …Well, next is your turn.
P2B1b: Show me all you’ve got!


Pg 16

P1T1: No way…

P1B1a: He’s neither a hero nor warrior, just a villager but
P1B1b: he’s using the dragons’ secret skills one after another!?
P1B1c: It’s not an illusion but the real coming of the Dragon God…

P3B1: !?

P5B1a: I am… trembling?
P5B1b: This most fearsome and evilest dragon, I, Amanta am…
P5B2: intimidated by a mere villager!!?


Pg 17

P1B1a: Wait…?
P1B1b: This guy hasn’t used magic at all

P2B1: Come to think of it… with a job like “villager”, he shouldn’t be able to use magic because it’s “locked”!
P2B2: B-“Bind”!

P3B1: Tsk!
P3Box1: Magic: Bind – Disables movement of the target and dispels enhancement skills. Uses the user’s MP until Bind is cancelled.

P4B1: Kyaha?
P4B2: Kyahaha!?
P4B3a: Since you were the next dragon king, I thought you would be able to do anything…
P4B3b: But your mind is unable to use defensive magic!!
P4T1: You’re such an idiot for not even wearing anti-magic equipment!

P5B1: … Alright, onii-chan

P6B1: I’ll show you my true strength…Y


Pg 18

P1B1: This is my full power!
P1B2: I’m known as “Abnormal” because of the number of “demon eyes” I possess!!


Pg 19

P2B1: …tsk
P2B2a: While the demon eyes are active, my magic is increased by three times!
P2B2b: There isn’t any man who is able to stand against my “Charm” (skill), you know?

P3B1: Become my slave please
P3B2: I’ll treat. you. wellY


Pg 20

P2B1: Don’t show me something so dirty…

P3B1: I feel like puking!

P4B1: Now… You said that was your full power?
P4B2: I already knew that an evil dragon’s charms had no effect on me…


Pg 21

P1B1: Thank you
P1B2: Thanks to you, I can feel like I really have grown stronger!

P2B1: I’m done with you, so die.

P3T1: What is he saying…?

P4T1: I…? I, who is a symbol of power? I, who is at calamity level? I, who is viewed as a heretic by the most powerful race –the dragon race – due to my strength? One at the pinnacle of this world…

P5B1: You dare to snap at and treat this Evil dragon Amanta as a dog and ask me to die!?

P6B1: Alright~
P6B2: I’ll die¯


Pg 22

P1B1: Dying has no meaning to an evil dragon
P1B2: Even if we die by old age or in battle, we resurrect in our prime.

P2B1a: The next time will be about 300 years later? By then this guy wouldn’t exist!
P2B1b: I’ll play with the weak heroes again in the future¯

P3B1: There’s no next time for you.


Pg 23

P1T1: Eh… wasn’t it different just now…?
P1B1: Don’t tell me…

P2B1: It’s a holy sword to annihilate evil dragons

P5B1a: Ryuuto!
P5B1b: I defeated all the orcs! I’m here to help!

P6B1: Hyaa

P7B1: My chance is here!
P7B2: If I just secure this girl…


Pg 24

P1SFX: flare

P3B1: !?

P4B1: … Ah, umm…?

P5B1: You’re a bother!

P6B1a: ???
P6B1b: W-who are you? Where did you appear from …?

P7B1: …
P7B2: Who I am doesn’t matter

Pg 25

P1B1: Because I’m gonna destroy you now…
P1B2: W-Wait a minute!
P1B3: If you get rid of an evil dragon, the world’s balance will…


Pg 26 – 27

P1B1: AH


Pg 28

P1B1: Was that… god destroyer?
P1T1: …Not god chasing or sealing…!?
P1B2: Yeah. I destroyed her soul (astral body) so that she won’t come back again
P1Box1: God chasing… Destroys the physical body of a divine being – resurrection is possible.
God sealing… Seals the soul of a divine being – Resurrection is possible after some time
God destroying… Destroys the soul of a divine being – Resurrection is impossible – Originally used only by heroes.

P3B1: … My head is aching from all these things that I can’t understand…

P4B1: However… Welcome back, Ryuuto!


Pg 29

P1B1a: It’s dangerous to get close now!
P1B1b: Ryuuto hasn’t sealed up the curse yet

P2B1a: What are you saying
P2B1b: … Curse!?

P3B1: To get stronger, he tried many taboos
P3B2a: Though he’s immune to most status ailments,
P3B2b: It’s different if he’s taking on a curse…

P4B1: …What are you talking about?
P4B2a: The power he’s gotten his hands on is, at the same time, a curse that eats away at him slowly
P4B2b: He can only release his full might in my protection barrier
P4B2c: It’s the price to pay for obtaining power unfit for a villager’s body…

P5B1: That’s not what I’m asking! Why must he go to such lengths…


Pg 30

P1B1: I promised to save you, didn’t I?
P1B2: I’d do anything to be beside you!


Pg 31

P4B1: … Thank you!


Pg 32

P1B1: … Yeah!

P2B1: …By the way

P3B1: What’s this… woman?

T1: One danger has passed… but we’ve entered another fighting scene!?

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