Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 12

Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 12

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Murabito Desu ga, nani ka? Chapter 12

Page 1

Title: Dragon’s Secret Tome [literal kana: Ekushio . Doragudingen | kana: Exio Dragodingen]

Highlighted word: ― ……… Hot.

Blue word: In commemoration of the latest publication

Pink word: Center Color


Page 2

P1box1: Turning the time a few days prior before the evil dragon annihilation…

P3sfx: Kiiiii…


Page 3

P2sfx: Creaakk * sound of large door opened slowly *


Page 5

P1box1: Exio Dragodingen [Dragon’s Secret Tome]

P1box2: This book was filled with records of original magic devised by the dragon’s race throughout generation.

P2box1: Originally, this tome was not a book that people like me can read

P3box1: The thing that made this possible was…

P4box1: 2 years and 1 month ago


P4sfx: BAAAMM * sound of punch hitting solid object (table) *



Page 6

P1b1: It’s acceptable if it was the one who finished the trial

P1b2: For only a three golden rings slave to be given permission to read the secret tome is preposterous

P1b3: We all can’t give our consent! * TL note: I changed the wording since it sounded a bit weird; literal translation: This is our consensus! *

P2b1: Even if it’s the Lord’s order, we really can’t give our approval on this matter!

* ※ text: added… Lord’s order. Can be cleaned + inside the bubble, I have put it in P2b1. *

P3T: Now…

P3b1: This is troubling… Everyone also has a point on this

P3b2: Can’t help it. We will decide with “that”, yes?

P4b1: The Strong Equals Justice!!


Page 7


P2sfx1: Sizzle…

P2sfx2: crack…

P3b1: This is your win. Please forgive our impoliteness

P4b1: Well, you catch on fast actually helped me!


Page 8

P1b1a: Regarding our talk before…

P1b1b: Is it the truth that by letting his daughter read the secret tome will also led to you getting stronger?

P2b1: Of course!

P2b2: From now on, I will be getting more and more powerful!

P2sfx: thump

P3sfx: smirk

P3b1: … That’s a thing worth waiting for!

P4b1: Ryuuto!


Page 9

P1b1: … Are you leaving me behind?

P4b1: … You will only be a hindrance right now, Lilith.

P4b2: And well… The me right now can’t always protect you

P4b1a: I will be training by myself for 2 years

P4b1b: Meanwhile, Lilith will learn all the basic knowledge and read the secret tome

P4b2a: Secret tome…?

P4b2b: But… Dragon’s magic is not something that human like me can use…

P4b2c: The mental capacity of a dragon and human is fundamentally different…

P4b3a: If you can memorize all the tome contents in two years, I will come and pick Lilith up.

P5b1: I promise!

P6b1: … Un! / … Yes! *pick your choice*

P6box1: Since then, I studied all the time


Page 10

P1box1: I kept on burning the spells contained in the secret tome to my brain

P2box1a: … However, since I was not a dragon. No matter how advanced spells I learnt, I don’t know how to use it.

P2box1b: It’s the same with how normally even if cats or dogs can understand our language, they can’t speak it.

P3box1: … Is this all has any meaning?

P4box1a: The promised two years has long passed

P4box1b: ― Was the promise only a pretense to leave me?

P5box1: That guy only wanted a skill… The Blessing of the Divine Dragon…

P6box1a: … While keeping my hope up…

P6box1b: … Until…


Page 11

P1b1: Turns out you really stick to it eh!


Page 12



Page 13

P1b1: Stupid… You’re late!

P2b1: …

P2sfx: pat

P2b2: I’m sorry!

P3b1: Can you use magic now?

P3sfx: sniff…

P3b2a: … I can use every fundamental magic! If we look only at my status… I can already use advanced and even superior magic including general magic.

P3b2b: Item box skill also has reached max level

P4b1: How about dragon’s magic?

P4b2: … How can I use it.

P4b3: I know that. I mean how much you have read?

P4b4a: … If only I was a dragon, then… By satisfying the status condition, I can use around 70% of the magic power.

P4b5: Perfect

Text outside Panel:

General Magic: The basic of magic. Normally, people will learn this magic in their daily lives. Except by learning the higher class directly, people can’t learn it by levelling up.

Original Magic: Specific race only. Hence, other races can’t use it. The purpose and description of this magic is classified. Can be identify with identification skill

Item Box: By concentrating energy into a point, an imaginary space will appear from “the waving of hand” and can store numbered things inside the space. The space can’t be accessed by other people other than the user.

Dragon’s Magic: Dragon one of a kind specialty, meaning an original magic created by and for dragon race. Human can learn the magic, but will not be able to use its full potential.

*In this (alternate) world, “magic” and “dragon’s magic” are being described differently for the sake of easier understanding in common words. We hope for your respect for this.


Page 14

P1sfx: Brush – Scruff

P2b1: You really did your best eh!

P2sfx: stroke 2x

P4sfx: suu… *the sound of wind getting cut by movement slowly*

P4b1a: And…

P4b1b: I am late since I was searching this item for you, Lilith.


Page 15

P1b1: Please take it…!

P1T: … Eh?

P2sfx1: Doki! Doki! Doki!

P2box1: A ring in the left hand middle finger…

P2box2: Isn’t this… Meaning…!

P2sfx2: Bluuuussshh


Page 16

P1b1: Well then, are you ready?        | Well then, let’s go? *pick one*

P1sfx1: Grab!

P1sfx2: Hah!

P1T: Time is of the essence… My bad, but can you pick up your luggage immediately?

P2b1: Ready… For what?                  | Go… Go where? *pick one*

P2sfx: gasp gasp

P3b1: Evil dragon annihilation of course!


Page 17

Text Out of Panel: Lilith is trembling fervently with excitement―♪

Right box

Name  : Ryuuto = McClain

Race    : Human

Job      : Villager

Age      : 12 Years Old -> 15 Years Old

Status  : Normal

Level   : 100 -> 341

HP       : 4352/4352 -> 11150/11150

MP       : 17890/17890 -> 25680/25680

Atk       : 1031 -> 3560

Def      : 998 -> 3540

Mag     : 3408 -> 6823

Eva      : 1162 -> 3982


Strengthening Skill

[Physical Ability Strengthening: Level 10 (MAX)]

On use: Atk, Def, Eva x 2 each

[Steel Body: Level 10 (MAX)]

On use: Atk, Def, Eva + 150 each

[Demon’s Gateway: Level 10 (MAX)]

On use: Atk, Def, Eva + 500 each

[Blessing of the Divine Dragon: Level 10 (MAX)]

On use: Atk, Def, Eva X 1.5 each

[Dragon’s God Coming: Level 0 -> 5]

On use: Atk, Def, Eva + 1000 each + ???

[Hermit’s Path: Level 0 -> 3] *?*

On use: Atk, Def, Eva x 1.5 each + ???

Attack Skill

[God Killer: Level 0 -> 3]

An attack very effective to anyone with divine attribute + instant kill possible


Defense Skill

[Strong Stomach: Level 2]

[Mental Fortitude: Level 2]

[Persistence: Level 10 (MAX)]


Life Skill

[Farming Cultivation: Level 15 (Limit Break: Gift of the Goddess)]

[Kenjutsu: Level 10 (MAX)] | [Swordmanship: Level 10 (MAX)] *pick one*

[Taijutsu: Level 10 (MAX)] | [Martial Arts: Level 10 (MAX)] *pick one*

[Pure Water Creation: Level 0 -> 10 (MAX)] *?*

[Dragon Activation: Level 0 -> 10 (MAX)] *?*


Magic Skill

[Magic Manipulation: Level 10 (MAX)]

[Life Magic: Level 10 (MAX)]

[Elementary Attack Magic: Level 1 (Growth Limit)]

[Elementary Recovery Magic: Level 1 (Growth Limit)]

[Senjutsu: Level 0 -> 5] | [Hermit’s Way: Level 0 -> 5] *pick one*

*hermit’s way or senjutsu is like sennin mode in Naruto. For reference only*


Job Skill

[Rage of The Villager]

Use all MP. Unleash damage equal to the amount of MP + magic power.



  • Holy Sword Excalibur

Attack        + 1200

Evasion     + 300

God Killing Attribute Number 3: God Destroyer


  • Ring of the Dragon King

Attack        + 300

Defense     + 300

Evasion     + 300


  • Criminal’s Robe

Defense     + 100

Evasion     + 800


Left box

Name  : Lilith

Race    : Human

Job      : Magician

Age      : 15 Years Old

Status  : Charmed <Severe>

Level   : 38

HP       : 650/650

MP       : 2100/2100

Atk       : 105

Def      : 150

Mag     : 420

Eva      : 350


Strengthening Skill

[Physical Ability Strengthening: Level 10 (MAX)]

On use: Atk, Def, Eva x 2 each


Life Skill

[Elementary Self-Defense Technique: Level 10 (MAX)]


Magic Skill

[Magic Manipulation: Level 10 (MAX)]

[Life Magic: Level 10 (MAX)]

[Elementary Attack Magic: Level 10 (MAX)]

[Elementary Recovery Magic: Level 10 (MAX)]

[Intermediate Attack Magic: Level 10 (MAX)]

[Intermediate Recovery Magic: Level 10 (MAX)]

[Advanced Attack Magic: Level 10 (Unavailable due to Status Limit)]

[Advanced Recovery Magic: Level 10 (Unavailable due to Status Limit)]

[Superior Attack Magic: Level 10 (Unavailable due to Status Limit)]

[Superior Recovery Magic: Level 10 (Unavailable due to Status Limit)]

[Dragon’s Magic: Level 7 (Unavailable due to Status Limit except for some Special Occurrence)]


Special Skill

[Item Box: Level 10 (MAX)]

Items can be stored in a separated void space

[Divine Dragon’s Guardian Spirit: Level 10 (MAX)]

. Increases resistance to status ailments immensely

. Greatly increase growth rate

. Atk, Def, Eva, + 1000 each



  • ??? (Ring)

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