Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 13

Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 13

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Page 1
P1 Sfx1 Flutter… シュルン…
P1 Box1 A few hours after the defeat of the evil dragon…
P2 Sfx1 Flap flap バササ
Left Text P2 T1 The abysmal scene left after a harsh fight…
P3 B1 It will be another two hours before any reinforcements arrive here.
P3 B2 I see…
Page 2
P1 B1 Wouldn’t you rather stop playing the Hero and just run away?
P2 B1 “She was slain by the evil dragon”
P2 B2 “She went off on an arduous journey”
P2 B3 I can still make up more alibis, so let’s run away together.
P3 B1 That… Is a very interesting proposal.
Page 3
P1 Sfx1 Swoosh ビュッ
P2 Sfx1 Woosh ブアアッ
P2 B1a However…
P2 B1b I am a Hero!
P3 B1a I will never run away!
P3 B1b Weak though I may be right now, I will definitely and absolutely exceed your prowess, Ryuuto!
P3 Sfx1 Sigh… ゴオオオ…
P3 B2 …Somehow I expected this.
Page 4
P1 Sfx1 Flip ザッ
P1 B1a Then…
P1-2 B1b I will save you each and every time in my own way.
P2 Sfx1 Wave wave ひらひら
P2 B2 Don’t you die now!
P4 B1 …Ah!
P4 T1 I never got an explanation about that hooded hussy…
Page 5
Vertical text P1 T1 The journey continues…
Title box P1 B1 Chapter 13
Title name P1 T2 Slave
Page 6
P2 B1 …Would you please let go of me now?
Inside B1 P1 T1 It’s kind of hard to walk…
P2 Sfx1 Squeeze… ぶすー
P2 B2 I’d never have thought that the hero would be such a ditz as to turn down Ryuuto’s kindness!
P3 B1 I raised a proposal that we only support her from the shadows!
P3 B2 That would be impossible now, wouldn’t it?
P3 Box1 The main reason she became weak was because of me.
P4 Box1 In the previous timeline, Cordelia managed to exterminate the Evil Dragon by herself.
P4 Box2a But in this one, she has reached her limit and has not managed to break through it, overwriting the previous events.
P4 Box2b Dispite that, Cordelia still became a crucial weapon for humanity just like with her original fate.
Page 7
P1 B1 Besides, I couldn’t care less about some hero of humanity.
P1 B2a Humanity’s ruin wouldn’t phase us at all provided we just live in the Dragon’s village
P1 B2b And anyway, there’s this!
Right, big P3 T1 The ring that Ryuuto put on my left middle finger!
P3 Sfx1 Smug ドヤア
Middle, small P3 T2 Don’t ever lose it okay?
P3 Sfx2 Glance さら…
P3 B1a Aah, that ring…
P3 B1b That’s a rare item called “The Ring of Nocturne”
P4 Box1 Equipment: Ring of Nocturne / Rarity: ??? /  Effect: Absorbs target’s MP #Look at Sheet 2#
Page 8
P1 B1 S-s-so, this ring on my left middle finger isn’t an engagement…
P1 Sfx1 Pah-pa-rah! パパァーッ (Proof reader here: For the trumpet sounds I used a classic one)
P1 B2a Hmm?
P1 B2b If it hinders you, you can moved it to your right hand, you know?
P1 T1 Putting it in the middle finger just amplifies it’s effect, you see?
P3 Sfx1 Ha!  は!
P5 Sfx1 Pah-pa-rah! パパァーッ
P5 B1 So noisy… What exactly is going on behind us?
P6 Sfx1 Step Step ザッザッ
Page 9
P1 Sfx1 Step Step ザッザッ
Page 10
P1 Sfx1 Pah-pa-rah! パパァーッ
P2 B1 A noble’s entourage.
P2 Sfx1 Squats スッ
P3 B1 Such a sorry state I’m witnessing…
P3 T1 I just don’t want any trouble…
P3 B2 Anyway, just follow along and bow like me.
P4 Sfx1 Rumble rumble ガラガラガラ
P5 Sfx1 Ka-click ガタン
P5 Sfx2 Ka-clack ゴトン
P6 Sfx1 Shine ボウッ
P7 Sfx1 Thud Thud ゴンッ ゴンッ
P8 Sfx1 Sudden halt キキイ…
P9 Sfx1 Opens up ガチャン
P10 B1 My Lord? ズイ
P10 Sfx1 Wave ズイ
P10 B2a A trifling matter.
P10 B2b Halt the company and stand by.
Page 11
P1 Sfx1 Looms… ズンッ
P2 B1 Remove your hood.
P3 Sfx1 Glance ちらっ
P3 Sfx2 Nod コクッ
P4 Sfx1 Fwip バサ…
P7 Box1 Equipment: Slave seal detector ring / The ring vibrates and emits light when it detects a slave seal nearby.
P7 B1 Fmuu… A runaway slave*, I see…
P7 O.down * Escaped slaves – Although it refers to runaway slaves it can also mean “One that has gone missing for more than three years or the owner is unknown”. Further detail will be announced later. Texts so smalll, so much work hard. (Proof reader: The characters are small but they’re mainly just 隷 over and over.)
Page 12
P1 B1a Let us go “to the slave association.”
P1-2 B1b Follow me!
P2 Sfx1 Sting ズキッ
P3 Box1 Crap! Is that the keyword!?
P3 B1 Oi, wait!
P3 B2 I found her first so I will take her “to the slave association”.
P4 Box1 Well…?
P4 Box2a To be honest… I have no interest at all with this whole slavery deal.
P4 Box2b And that’s why, the only thing I can try is baseless negotiation…
P5 B1 Here.
P5 Sfx1 Toss ズキッ
P6 B1 Now come, slave!
P6 Sfx1 Pull ぐいっ
P6-7 Box1 By means of the crest’s curse, slaves are forced to follow orders from anyone using the “keyword” until they return to the slave association.
P7 B1 Wait, I said..
P8 Sfx1 Grab! ガシッ
Page 13
P1 Sfx1 Squish ムキィ…
P1 B1 Crunch
P3 B1 Agyaaaggghh!!
P3 B2 Whoops, sorry.
P4 B1 Y-y-you… raised your hand against a noble!
P4 B2 K-kill that commoner!!
P5 Sfx1 Dash グアァ
P6 Sfx1 Glare ギンッ
P7 Sfx1 Shocked ビク
Page 14
P1 B1 K-knights…! What’s wrong with you lot!?
P1 Sfx1 Grumble ブルル
P1 Sfx2 Neigh… ヒヒィン
P1 B2 W-we beg your forgiveness, my lord!!! The horse… The horses just…!?
P1 B3 Calm down, let me heal you now…
P2 Sfx1 Rise… スッ
P2 Sfx2 Huff Huff ハアーッ ハアーッ
P2 B2a You’re late… Merissa the Gladiator!
P2 B2b Hmph… Deliver judgement upon that lowly commoner and I shall consider you pardoned!
Page 15
P1 Sfx1 Rise… スッ
P2 B1a Rats…
P2 B1b It ended up worse than I predicted…
P2 B2 Lilith… Back up a bit.
P4 Sfx1 Swift ヒュッ
P5 Sfx1 Kick ブオオ
P6 Sfx1 Crash バシャ
Page 16
P1 Sfx1 Swift シュッ
P1 Sfx2 Kick ガクン
P2 Sfx1 Numb numb ギシッ ギシッ
P3 Box1 In the adventurer’s guild, there exists a title that can only be given to the fiercest among them and he is the one, the B-ranked Merissa the Gladiator!
P3 Box2 His attack range is called “absolute area” where he delivers thousands of death blows.
P4 Box1a The appearance of his enemies drenched in blood after he finished with them, made the general public acknowledged him as…
P4 Box1b “Bloody Sanctuary”
P5 B1 You have the worst opponent, commoner!
P5 Sfx1 Kick kick kick ズガガガガ
P6 Sfx1 Block block block block ドドドドドド
P6 B1 That despairaging look will soon be turned into a bloody pulp after he’s done with you!! ドドドドドド
Inside B1 P6 T1 Buhahahaha
Page 17
P1 T1 … So weak.
P2 T1 If I attack him carelessly, the chance of him dying is high.
P2 T2 I don’t want to kill humans yet, if possible…
P3 T1 Nevertheless… As expected of B-rank.
P3 T2 His reaction is pretty fast.
P3 T3 If I half-heartedly attack him, it could be dangerous…
P4 Sfx1 Stumble ガシッ
P4 Sfx2 Wobble ぐらっ
P5 B1 Smirk
P6 Sfx1 Grab! ガシッ
P6 Sfx2 Clench グンッ
Page 18
P1 Sfx1 Smack コシッ
P2 B1 Wh…!?
P2 Sfx1 Jolt ガクンッ
P3 Sfx1 Thump! バタンッ
P4 B1a Whaa!?
P4 B1b What just happened!?
P4 B2a Eh?
P4 B2b Ha!
P4 B2c From what I could see, that villager’s scabbard accidentally bumped Merissa in the jaw… I think…
P4 Sfx1 Doki! ドキッ
P5 Sfx1 Grab! ガシッ
P6 Sfx1 Swing… グオンッ
Page 19
P1 Sfx1 Throw! P.S: I’m sorry. I’m too lazy to write all the sfx kana. From now on, I will write the kana when a panel has several sfxes
P2 Sfx1 THUD!
P2 B1 Take him and that pig to a medical facility.
P3 B1 M-m-my lord!!??
P3 Sfx1 Rumble rumble
P3 B2a Oh, and when that fat-ass wakes up…
P3 B2b Tell him that “This girl is my precious comrade! Don’t you dare touch her again!”
P4 Sfx1 Squeeze
P5 T1 Ya ya
P5 Sfx1 Clomp clomp clomp
Page 20
P1 Sfx1 Drag… Drag… Drag…
P2 Sfx1 Wha!? ぎょっ
P2 Sfx2 Snicker クス
P2 Sfx3 Drag… Drag… ズル… ズル…
P3 B1a Lilith…?
P3 B1b This is really… hard to move, you know…
P3 Sfx1 Fufu… ふふっ
P3 Sfx2 Drag… Drag… ズル… ズル…
P4 T1 Ryuuto definitely said it. I am your precious one… Fufu… Fufufu… No taking it back now…
P5 T1 I also know… The ring’s true meaning… Ryuuto is just embarassed… Fufufu…
P5 B1 The slave seal… Turns out it is a bigger deal than we thought.
P6 B1 Either way, I have put ‘removing the slave seal’ as one of our objectives when we find a slave association.
Right part P6 B2a If Ryuuto became my master… I’d become his possession… All of me…
Left part P6 B2b My everything… And them extreme play… Like bondage… And when we do that… Our bond will become deeper…
P6 B3 You… Did not hear what I say at all, eh?
P6 B4 Fue?
Page 21
P1 B1 Ah!
P2 B1 Ocean faring city, Tareth
P2 B2 Also called the city of merchants… Where they came from Sabah highway.
P3 B1 We have 3 things to do here.
P3 B2 ① Find a slave association in this city and undo your slave seal.
P3 B3 ② Make a base here and raise your level up.
P3 B4 And then number ③ Well… It’s still not that important yet, so let’s focus on the other two first.
P3 Sfx1 Twitch    Twitch
P4 B1 Don’t worry, I won’t leave you behind!
P4 Sfx1 Thump!
Page 22
P1 Box1 Slave Association
P1 B1 What!?
P2 B1 10 gold coins!? Are you kidding me?
Inside B1 P2 T1 Isn’t the standard only around 1 or 2 gold coins?
P2 B2 What you said is true for the old and submissive ones.
P3 Sfx1 Tap tap
P3 B1 What that girl has is one of the superior slave seals.
P5 B1 Damn it all…
P5 Sfx1 Shocked
P5 B2 Even if you have money, a mere villager can’t have the right to buy this girl without any guarantor, you know.
P6 B1a 「In cases where a runaway slave is returned to the association」For a tiny fee I could take that kid off your hands. In the panel the box only cover the first part. I thought that it was not fitting so I increased the range
P6 B1b Of course, I’d pass an appropriate reward back to you. 名目でならその娘を引き取るもちろん相応の謝礼を渡す
P6 T1 Even if you are a villager, I can pull some strings and give one of our best girls for her.
P6 B2 I refuse, thank you very much!
P6 T2 Come on, Lilith!
P6 B3 Ah… By the way…
P7 Sfx1 BAM!!
P8 B1a … Never mind.
P8 B1b “As rich shall Romeo’s by his lady’s lie; Poor sacrifices of our enmity!” That girl has such grim hopes, I guess… Romeo and Juliet: Act V Scene III – Capulet’s final lines. This seemed an approperate match for her haiku about them dying together.
P8 T1 What a spoiled girl…
Page 23
P1 T1 Two medium ales! I don’t find any translation for 中エール
P1 T2 Yes!
P1 Box1 Dragon Rising Diner
P2 B1 Not enough money
P2 Sfx1 Depressed
P3 B1 What about the gold coins you got from the Dragon King?
P3 B2 I tried to exchange it but ended up with a noose around my neck.
Inside B2 P3 T1 I managed to run away though…
P3 T2 It is very suspicious for a villager to have so many gold coins so I tried to dispose of it somehow…
P3 T3 Even though I tried to exchange them bit by bit, I still was treated as a criminal. I kinda change the sentence, to make it a little bit connected with the previous talk.
P4 B1 How much you have, Lilith?
P4 T1 I only have around 2 gold coins.
P4 B2 Only 5 large silver coins…
P5 Sfx1 Depressed…
P6 B1 I guess… We have to efficiently gain money here.
P7 B1 Luckily, in this region there should be tons of work requests… We also pretty much have no deadline at all so… To Typesetter: Just let some words/letters to be unseenable. Since the other box is supposed to overpower Ryuuto’s box.
P7 Sfx1 BAM!!
Page 24
P1 B1 I’m talking about the recent deaths of the pretty boys and girls.
P1 B2a Yesterday, a similar case happened again around the brothels
P1 B2b It was a gruesome death as always
Laughing P2 T1 Gahahaha
P2 Sfx1 Stand
P2 B1 What an unpleasant topic… Let’s change seats…
continue to V P2 B2a This time, they managed to identify the victim.
from B2a P3 B1b Turns out… It was a runaway slave!
P4 B1a Seems like he managed to hide his slave seal, but it turns out that the slave seal has a gimmick. His magic became uncontrollable and then his brain just went BOOM
P4 B1b To think that slave seal has that kind of effect put on…
P5 B1 Please tell me more about this!
P5 Sfx1 Shout
P6 B1 W-who are you, man…?
Page 25
P1 Box1 At the Inn
P2 Box1 This turned out to be a total mess…
P3 Box1 There’s a due date for a slave seal effectivity
P3 Box2a If slaves do not receive their master’s magic regularly, within 10 to 15 years the slave seal will begin fading away.
P3 Box2b And that is the problem.
P4 Box1a The moment when the slave seal finally disappears…
P4 Box1b The seal will fry the slave’s brain.
P5 Box1 Bones and even the nerves will all rip apart. The severe pain from it will not stop until they’ve finally died.
P7 Box1a 10 years ago, bandits attacked the transaction process of a certain slave dealer.
P7 Box1b There was quite a large number of slaves which managed to run away back then.
P7 Box2 And then, presently… That group of runaway slaves are here in this city dying one by one.
two right col. P7 T1 The dragons even heard of it.
two left col. P7 T2 “What a big fuss”, they said.
Page 26
P1 B1 I realized the seal has thinned out since around a month ago, but…
P2 Box1a That’s an omen.
P2 Box1b Those guys mentioned it before, provided the information was correct, The slaves died roughly two months after their slave seals thinned out.
P2 Box2a So that means, we only have around one month left…
P2 Box2b No… We also have to account for the time prior to it being noticed. So, it might even be less than half a month.
P4 B1 Curses…
P4 Box1 I have to obtain ownership of Lilith quickly and give her my mana!
P5 T1 What should I do? Since the book which had information about the slave seal was only for the nobility, I didn’t care enough about it… And I also underestimated the complexity of slave seals…
P6 T1 Got to think of a solution soon… Fast… Faster! Leave Lilith? Impossible… Next! Feasible options. Is there anything I’ve missed? Should I asked the slum kids for help… Bad moves… Rob a noble? Can’t do that. It’s OK to leave text blurry, swirly, or otherwise unreadable in these two parts
P7 Box1 How about if I abduct that slave dealer and…
P8 B1 Ryuuto!
P8 Sfx1 Ha!
Page 27
P2 B1 I am still alive!
P5 B1 … You’re right.
P6 Sfx1 Stand
P6 B1 There’s still one month!
P6 B2 To get enough money in under a month, we have to finish a lot more jobs than we had planned… Let’s go!
P7 Box1 Adventurer’s Guild
Page 28
P1 Sfx1 Denied
P1 B1 Impossible!
P2 B1 Then how can I earn money!?
Inside B1 P2 T1 Déjà vu!?
P2 Sfx1 Confused
P3 B1 The requirement to register at the guild is 12 years old right!
P3 B2 That is for when a guardian is with them!
P3 T1 For example, when an adventurer has to bring their smaller siblings on a quest, then we can register them temporarily!
P4 B1 Your face clearly shows the “I will earn money even if it’s life threatening!”
P4 B2 Urk!
P5 B1 For that kind of kid, how can we possibly register them at the adventurer’s guild?
P5 T1 We won’t allow any young people with a death wish to register!
P5 Sfx1 Bad!
P6 B1 One question
Page 29
P1 B1 So as long as there is a guardian, we can register?
P2 B1a Well…
P2 B1b I don’t think that any adventurers would unless you have any unique or rare skills…
P3 B1 I have “Item Box”. It’s a rare skill! And it’s at max level!
P3 B2 So is there anyone who is willing to join our party!!
P5 Sfx1 Silence
P6 B1 Somebody…
P7 B1 … Really?
Page 30
P1 B1 Then we will help you guys!
P1 B2 With this, they can register right?
P2 B1 Y-yes… I will prepare the registration form right away…
P3 B1 You guys are the ones from before… But why?
P3 B2a We sensed your motivation was out of desperation, man.
P3 B2b And you had also just heard about that murder case…
P3 B2c Is that little girl possibly…
P3 Sfx1 Numb
P4 Sfx1 Oops
P4 B1 Just kidding! We only want to use that item box, okay?
Upper P4 T1 It’s not like we have enough money to buy slaves.
Below P4 T2 We can’t even save money
P5 B1a But
P5 B1b We don’t need you. We just want to bring this little girl.
P5 Sfx1 Tap ポンッ
P5 Sfx2 Jolt ビクッ
P6 B1 You just wait here for the registration.
P6 Sfx1 Tap tap
P7 B1 Come along now, little girl…
P7 Sfx1 Tap
Page 31
P1 Sfx1 Pull ガシッ
P1 Sfx2 Drag ズルン
P1 Sfx3 Push コッ
P2 Sfx1 Press
P3 T1 Gyaaaaarrgghhh!!
P3 B1 … Back off, lowlifes!
P4 B1 B-bitch! How dare you!?
P5 Sfx1 Focus
P6 Sfx1 Rumble rumble ゴゴゴゴゴ
P6 Sfx2 Intensifies ギュウウウウ
P7 B1a Wha… Don’t tell me!
P8 B1b You are casting a large spell inside the guild!?
Page 32
P1 B1 This is bad!
P1 T1 I can see blood vessels sticking out of her face…!
P1 Sfx1 Murmur 3x
P1 Box1 Serious fights between adventurers are forbidden!
P2 Box1a At worst, she will be thrown into the dungeon…
P2 Box1b At the very least, it will make it harder for us to earn money…
P2 T1 C-calm down
P2 Box2 And also, I really can’t let Lilith kill people over this sort of reason…
P2 T2 I should stop them…
P3 B1 W-wha…?
P3 B2 My magic… It’s dissipating!?
P3 Sfx1 Fades
P3 O.right An irregularity in Lilith!?
P3 O.down To be continued in the April Issue

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