Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 14

Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 14

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Page 1 NOTE
P1 B1 W-what’s… Happening?
P1 SFX1 Dim
Circle P1 BOX1 Chapter 14
Title P1 T1 Mandragora
P5 B1 Making me scared… Your magic failed, eh twerp!?
P5 SFX1 Punch kick punch kick
P6 SFX1 slide…
P7 B1 I can’t just forgive you now, eh Missy…
P7 SFX1 Klank
Page 2 NOTE
P1 B1 Okay, stop right there.
P1 SFX1 Squishh
P1 T1 We’re inside the guild, y’know?
P2 SFX1 flail…
P2 T1 1 hand!?
P3 B1 P-partner…!!
P3 B2 “Sleep”
P3 SFX1 Jolt
P4 B1A So you’re the one
P4 B1B The one who used the “Dispel Magic”
Inside B1B P4 T1 I didn’t even realize who used it…
P5 SFX1 Smug ドン
P5 B1A Isn’t that applicable to you as well?
P5 B1B For hiding your true power
P5 SFX2 Float… プラン
P6 B1 I got found out!?
P6 SFX1 Ba-thump
Page 3 NOTE
P1 B1 Miss receptionist, their guild registration please
P1 SFX1 thud ドサ
P1 SFX2 click パチン
P1 T1 Put me in the leader position
P1 B2 Eh… Ah, yes!
P1 SFX3 swirl swirl スイスイ
P1 T2 We will call you again once the registration is completed. In the meantime, please wait here for a while.
P2 B1A Therefore, you two. Don’t mind me and just do what you want.
P2 B1B You have proven yourselves to have enough grit to everyone here at least.
P4 B1 Thanks… Erm…
P4 SFX1 stretch…
P5 SFX1 Smirk
P6 B1A You can call me Gilmenas.
P6 B1B I am known as… “The Noble Sage” Gilmenas!
P6 SFX1 Sage…!?
Page 4 NOTE
P1 B1 I just helped you back then so you are indebted to me
P1 B2 Since I felt your power is at a similar level with me.
P1 BOX1 This guy… Could he be stronger than me?
P2 B1 Has he also reincarnated…
P3 B1A Thank you for the wait.
P3 B1B B rank Magician, Gilmenas-sama…
P3 B1A “The Noble Sage”!
P3 B1B I tell you!!
P3 SFX1 Smug
P4 SFX1 Oooooo!! おお‼
P4 B1 It’s pretty surprising to see a B rank adventurer around these parts!
P4 T1 C-can I get your autograph?
P4 T2 Very well
P4 SFX2 swirl swirl スイスイ
P5 B1 You got acknowledged by a pretty great guy huh, boy!
P5 SFX1 Tap tap パシ パシ
P5 SFX2 Daze… パア…
P6 T1 Strong people attract each other, that’s why!
P6 B1A I believe we will be seeing each other again in the near future so…
P6 B1B Adios!!
P6 SFX1 Fwip シユ
P6 SFX2 Flap バサッ
Page 5 NOTE
P1 BOX1 Adventurer’s Guild | Reguest Notice Board
P2 SFX1 Peek チラ
P2 SFX2 Glance ジロ
P2 B1 The stares here sure are intense…
Inside B1 P2 T1 Not that I mind, though…
P5 B1 … Although attack and defense are both equally important, another aspect is to predict the enemy’s intentions.
Right P5 T1 Dispel will hinder the enemy’s spell…
Left P5 T2 Meanwhile, protect and resist give a buff enchantment to the target.
P5 B2A “Don’t let the enemy do as they please”
P5 B2B Of course, that motto can’t be used in every fight. There are several other options depending on the situation.
P5 BOX1 * *look at sheet 2*
P6 T1 Let’s get stronger together, right Lilith?
P6 B1 What happened just now can be counted as a good experience.
P7 T1 I got called a twerp… How can I lose to that kind of guy… Ahh, in the end I’m just a slave… I don’t deserve normal treatment… To Typesetter: Please give uneven space between phrases.. *She’s depressed
P7 SFX1 Whisper whisper
P8 SFX1 Scratch scratch ポリ ポリ
P8 SFX2 Gloom どよーん
Page 6 NOTE
P1 B1 But still… We haven’t found a good way to gain money
P1 BOX1A Among the available quests, there is a B rank subjugation quest with a reward of 5 Big Silver coins.
P1 BOX1B And a C rank subjugation quest which gives 8 Silver coins…
P2 BOX1A A new adventurer can only take at most E rank subjugation quest.
P2 BOX1B Without any achievements, it is impossible for them to join any higher rank subjugation unless…
Right most P2 T1 For new adventurers, they will be F rank, being only able to do 1 higher rank subjugation at most due to the regulations.
Left of T1 P2 T2 While in a party, the rule is increased to 2 ranks higher. For example, a C rank party can do an A rank subjugation quest.
P2 T3 And there won’t be any rewards for individuals who defeats higher rank monsters without the appropriate rank.
P2 BOX2 They joined a higher ranking party to do the higher rank subjugation quest.
P3 B1A E rank subjugation quests… Even the hardest ones only involves small fries with 12 copper coins per monster.
P3 B1B But they won’t buy any unless a certain number is offered.
P4 B1 How about we leave the subjugation quests? … Like this?
Page 7 NOTE
P1 B1 … A gathering quest?
P1 B2 And among them all… That one.
P2 BOX1A “Rainbow Colored Fruit”
P2 BOX1B A precious fruit refered to by many as the sweet natural jewel.
P2 BOX2A They can only grow in the wild and it has been deemed to be impossible to be cultivate
P2 BOX2B Even with my skills, I can’t do it. T/N: Referring to his villager skill in case you forgot that he’s a villager
P3 B1 Don’t you think the reward is quite high for a F difficulty quest?
P3 B2 For each one… 1 Silver coin?? Ehh!?
P4 B1 Is there… A possibility that the rank in quests refers for the possible dangers in that area?
P4 B2A Correct
P4 B2B Although this fruit’s trees are not that uncommon,
P4 B2C The fruit itself is another matter.
P4 T1 And if you manage to find even one to pick, it is considered a miracle of chance that happened to you.
P5 SFX1 Smirk
P5 B1A But
P5 B1B For a Lv.342 villager, such as myself, that has a hidden skill to use in this case.
Page 8 NOTE
P1 BOX1 The next morning
P1 BOX2 Oceanport City Tareth    | Mountain’s Outskirt
P2 SFX1 Wheeze wheeze wheeze wheeze
P3 B1A Great, we reached our destination!
P3 B1B Should we rest now?
P3 T1 Please take the foods from the item box
P3 T2 Okay!
P4 SFX1 Shuffle shuffle
P5 BOX1 ** *look at sheet 2*
P6 B1 Not eating?
P6 B2 This is no longer edible
Inside B2 P6 T1 Look, it has mold everywhere!
Page 9 NOTE
P1 B1 As long as you can munch it, it’s okay. We have to save money here!
P1 B2 Then why did you buy so many of the soaps and a stock pot?
P1 B3 Because we’ll need it.
P1 SFX1 Glug glug ガリボリ
P1 SFX2 Munch munch モッシャ モッシャ
Left corner P1 T1 Black bread is hard to rot, as long as you dispose of the outer skin, it’s still edible.
P2 B1 But as expected of a max levelled item box.
P2 B2 To be able to store that much soapy water… So convenient!
P3 T1 I’m filled!
P3 SFX1 Clap clap
P4 B1 That soapy water will be your key for increasing your level!
P4 T1 Bring out the stock pot!
P4 B2 Wasn’t today… we won’t search the Rainbow colored fruit?
Inside B2 P4 T2 I know that levelling-up is also important…
P4 B3A You’re wrong.
P4 B3B We will still collect the rainbow colored fruit for sure, but we’ll also search for “one other thing” too…
P5 T1 Activate skill…
P5 SFX1 Bam
P6 T1 Crop Cultivation Application…
P6 T2 Simple Surface Survey!
P6 SFX1 Woooossshhh
Page 10 NOTE
P2 B1 … That direction?
P2 T1 You wait here, Lilith!
P2 SFX1 Drop ザク
P2 SFX2 Pick up ガラン
P3 BOX1A Next…
P3 BOX1B Physical Strengthening Application: Increases Senses! Hawkeye! Sense Presence! To PR: Hawkeye was originally only observation, I think it’s weird to have a skill only ‘observation’.
P3 SFX1 Focused
P6 BOX1 Found it!!
P7 SFX1 Swiiisshh
Page 11 NOTE
P2 BOX1A The rainbow colored fruit, as expected, is very eye-catching in the forest
P2 BOX1B Meaning that a lot of beasts partake on the fruits.
P2 BOX2 That is the reason why most humans picked these fruits when its edge just started to ripe
P3 SFX1 Rumble…
P4 SFX1 Rumble…
P5 SFX1 Huff huff
P5 B1 It’s rare alright, this fruit…
P6 BOX1 2 Hours later
P6 SFX1 *exhale*
P6 B1 For me to only find this much.
P6 SFX2 Bam ズシィ
Page 12 NOTE
P1 B1 This amount… Could already be 1 Gold coin, you know?
P1 SFX1 rustle rustle
P1 B2 Yeah… But I still can’t find “the other thing” so let’s rest for today.
P4 B1 Grah
P4 B2 Crack crack
P4 B3 Kiii
P5 B1 Gyuargh
P5 B2 Gigyaa
Page 13 NOTE
P1 T1 Did they possibly come here following the fruits’ smell?
P1 B1 It’s quite rare to see monsters around here.
P1 SFX1 Flaree
P2 SFX1 Thud
P2 B1A Perfect
P2-P3 B1B Lilith! You try and defeat all these monsters yourself!
P4 B1 Understood!
Page 14 NOTE
P2 SFX1 Slash
P3 SFX1 Fwip ピュッ
P3 SFX2 Thud ザッ
P3 SFX3 Fall ズズ
P4 B1 Slide
P4 B2 … Did you out of MP Lilith?
P5 SFX1 huff huff ハア
P5 SFX2 nod コク
P5 SFX3 wobble wobble ガク
Page 15 NOTE
P1 B1A Not having MP sure hurts, right?
P1 B1B Take some of mine.
P1 SFX1 Shift
P2 BOX1 *** *look at sheet 2*
P2 B1 … Did you realize your mistake?
P2 SFX1 Shine
P3 T1 Using large-scale magic recklessly without any care,
P3 T2 With that behavior, you started to use whatever spells you could to kill the monsters,
P3 T3 Facing an unknown number of enemies while still using that pattern,
P3 T4 Not forgetting that you’re alone, your MP will surely be depleted quickly…
P3 SFX1 Blaze
P3 SFX2 Flare
P3 SFX3 Poof
P3 BOX1 One should consider their MP when battling
P4 T1 There’s also case where you can’t really run too…
P4 B1 And most of all, you’re still underleveled!
Page 16 NOTE
P2 B1 Well… I’m sure you can do tons of that high levelled magic when you level up!
P2 SFX1 Tap
P2 T1 I don’t have any rare skills, and can only use basic lifestyle magic you know?
P3 B1 Lilith just do what you can!
P3 B2 I’m counting on you, Miss Magician!
P4 SFX1 nod…
P5 SFX1 shiver
P6 B1 W-what’s up?
P6 SFX1 Flip
P7 B1 … Jackpot!
Page 17 NOTE
Page 18 NOTE
P2 B1A Some kind of…
P2 B1B Insect?
P2 B2A The Mutant Insect – Mad Water Strider
P2 B2B These are “that other thing” I wa trying to find.
Inside B2B P2 T1 I heard rumours they were around here so that’s why.
P2 BOX1 Lilith’s Skill: Give invisibility to two people’s presences, including magic power, sound, smell, etc…
P3 SFX1 Sniff Sniff
P3 B1A Those guys used skill – camouflage perfectly with the lake
P3 B1B And I think their skills got undone with all the rampaging you have done!
P4 SFX1 Menace…
P4 BOX1A Decoy
P4 BOX1B Ryuuto and Co. left a stone infused with Ryuuto’s power taken by Lilith
P5 B1 Because of you, we found them, Lilith!
P6 B1 Are those insects… Useful?
P6 B2 Don’t misjudge now, Lilith…
Page 19 NOTE
P1 B1 They are very strong!
P1 SFX1 Careless, and this what will happen, see?
P1 B2 act without a care, and this is what will happen, see?
P2 B1 I fought their species half a year ago.
P3 BOX1 Their defenses are somehow very sturdy and no physical attack could severly injure them.
Right P3 T1 Even with the holy sword
Left P3 T2 It didn’t pierce!?
P3 BOX2A However, that doesn’t mean magic can do the trick.
P3 BOX2B Since they always layered themselves over with a magic barrier to protect themselves against magic attacks.
Inside BOX2B P3 T1 What’s more, their MP is high enough to let the barrier stay intact for several days
P4 T1 They are even stronger than the evil dragon!
P4 B1 They don’t appear frequently from out of the water so the humans deemed them as harmless…
P4 SFX1 Shuffle shuffle
P5 B1A But “You will gain a horde of XP if you managed to defeat one” is what I heard.
P5 B1B And then came my idea.
P5 B2 “The way to defeat them in one fell swoop”!
Page 20 NOTE
P1 SFX1 Jumps out バキバキ
P1 SFX2 Land ザッ
P1 SFX3 Dash ダダダダ
P1 SFX4 Swiiisshh ギュウン
P1 SFX5 Jolt ドキ
P2 B1 Now, Lilith!
P3 SFX1 Crackle
P4 B1A Item Box Maximum Expansion
P4 B1B Bring out all the soapy water!!
P4 SFX1 Splaaaaasssshhh
Page 21 NOTE
P1 SFX1 Splash
P2 SFX1 Wobble
P3 SFX1 Slip… スッ
P3 SFX2 Flap flap バシャバシャ
P3 SFX3 Drown ドポオン
P4 SFX1 Flare
P5 B1 It’s time, Hit them all!!
Page 22 NOTE
P1 SFX1 limp
P1 SFX2 Fsssshhh
P2 B1 To think… It would be this easy…
P2 B2 Just like what I said, huh?
P3 BOX1A Oil and water do not mix.
P3 BOX1B Those guys have feet laced with a layer of special oil covered like a ball that lets them stay on water surfaces.
Inside BOX1B P3 T1 There are other beasts with their own ways to stay on water, though…
P3 BOX2A But, with the soapy water we just threw in, the oil balls fell of their feets making them loose their footing to pr: Pick one
P3 BOX2B Furthermore, surprised, their magic barrier also deactivated.
upper 油 P3 T2 Oil
upper 水 P3 T3 Water
lower 油 P3 T4 Oil
石けん水 P3 T5 Soapy water
lower 水 P3 T6 Water
P3 SFX1 Drown
lower right P3 T7 The balls can’t withstand it
P4 B1 To think that something I watched on TV back in my original world could be useful now…
P4 B2 After that, defeating them with magic attacks will be much simpler, and that’s my plan!
P5 B1A There is practically no other S rank monster that we we can beat easily as this.
P5 T1 This could be considered a bonus stage for humans
P5 B1B Nonetheless, what we did just now was technically defeating a horde of S-rank monsters.
P5 B1C So I am sure your level should have gone up significantly
P6 BOX1 **** *look at sheet 2*
P6 BOX2 ***** *look at sheet 2*
Page 23 NOTE
P1 SFX1 Chomp chomp
P2 B1 1 gold coin, 5 silver coins, 20 copper coins, huh. So this is what we got from some of the seven colored fruits and the small fries materials.
Inside B1 P2 T1 If only they would accept those S-rank materials we had gotten too…
P2 SFX1 Kachink
P3 T1 Welcome!
P3 SFX1 Biteee
P3 B1 Never mind that, this is a great leap for a day’s worth!
P4 B1 But now the collection request of the fruits are gone right?
Inside B1 P4 T1 Since we already brought so much and left nothing else there…
P4 B2A That aligns with my plan
P4 B2B What we aimed for was the recognition in our performance in “gathering” rare items.
P5 B1A By the way…
P5 B1B Why have you been leaking a small amount your aura for a while?
Inside B1B P5 T1 Not to mention you changed the amount in a fixed interval too…
P5 B2 Ah, this is for…
P6 SFX1 Grab
P7 B1A Found ya, you little twerps.
P7 B1B Prepare yerselves
P8 T1 A failure…?
P8 SFX1 Menace…
Page 24 NOTE
P2 B1A Yer face looked like you really want to know how we find y’all, huh?
P2 B1B Hah, let me tell ya. I know every magical power in this town, so finding an unknown one is a piece of cake!
P2 B2 I let it out to make it easier for the “client” to find me, though…
P3 B1 Ya think you can scot free after breaking my partner’s arm and my nose, eh!?
P3 B2 Aren’t they perfectly fine now because of restoration magic…
P5 SFX1 Shake shake
P6 SFX1 Tap
P7 B1 I know y’all don’t want to look bad in front of the guild, huh!?
P7 SFX1 Clatter clatter
P8 B1A That’s why we have a specially prepared opponent for ya!
P8 B1B Bring him out!!
P8 B2 Master Bodyguard, I leave this to ya!!
P8 B3 So it’s not you guys who are gonna fight…?
Page 25 NOTE
P1 SFX1 Step
P1 B1 Let me give you my name as souvenir
P2 SFX1 Flex
P2 B1A I am Merissa, a B rank gladiator
P2-P3 B1B I hope you wimps have prepared yourselves for your inevitable end as adventurers now…
P4 B1 I lost!! Please forgive my arrogance impudence!!!
P4 B2 Whaaaaaa!?
Page 26 NOTE
P1 B1 I am really thankful for your leniency from before!!
P1 B2 As expected of someone from B rank…
P1 B3 I am absolutely satisfied and will not forget your inaudibly generosity with all my heart!!
P2 B1 What happened, Master!?
P2 T1 Please start beating them up!
P2 B2 We gave you a lot of money right!!
P3 B1 In what way you think that my life can be bought with that dirty money!?
P4 B1 I beg your forgiveness! I will strictly punish them for their insolence behaviour!
P4 SFX1 Punch kick punch kick
P4 B2 O-oi…
Page 27 NOTE
P1 B1 This must be “Karma” huh… It could be fate or destiny, but for the next conv. Those are not suitable, I think…
P2 B1A From the moment we meet someone, karma will appear, be it good or bad.
P2 B1B When you hold a grudge, karma will follow.
P2 B2A It will not even end if we kill the hated person.
P2 B2B From the moment we killed someone, new karma will be born…
P3 B1 It’s not that easy to break free from this karma
P3 B2 With that said… Always prepare to pay for what you’ve done.
P6 T1 If it is so… Then our fates together…
P6 T2 Will not be able to be broken easily… Right?
Page 28 NOTE
P1 BOX1 Next day
P1 B1A “You can come talk to me anytime now”
P1 B1B … Is what your aura is telling me?
P3 SFX1 vanish…
Upper P3 T1 Come sit!
P3 B1 Aha…!
Lower P3 T2 Today’s a jackpot, huh
Page 29 NOTE
P1 B1 What do you want to gather?
P2 SFX1 Giggle
P2 B1 A collection of mandragora
P2 B2 Although the reward will varies… I think for you guys I can get around 10 gold coins!
P3 B1A W-wait a minute now, Ryuuto!
P3 B1B Mandragora is considered as a B rank material so a F rank like us can’t possibly take it!
P3 B1C And also mandragora market price is only a big silver coin per 100 grams…
P3 B2 This request is fishy!
P3 SFX1 Whisper whisper
P4 B1 This request is a group one so I think it will be okay for you two.
P4 B2A Also… The price for mandragora is soaring for a reason now.
P4 B2B And I also needed them as soon as I can. Besides,
P5 B1 Aren’t the ones with need* fast, you two?
P5 O.DOWN *Regarding the money for Lilith’s slave seal
P6 T1 Haha… This is a bigger jackpot than I expected
P6 B1 What… makes you believe that?
Page 30 NOTE
P1 B1 I heard it from a fleeting wind, you see.
P1 B2A “A villager who finished the seven colored fruit collection request”
P1 B2B “A villlage who beats up a B rank gladiator not once, but twice”
P1 B2C And… “A villager who somehow wants to free his slave friend”…
P3 B1 This lady here turns out to be a chief proffesor in the magic university who majors in alchemy.
P3 B2 This request really is from the university, so please don’t get wary.
P4 B1A And…
P4 B1B I will also tell how a villager can buy a slave if you accepted it.
P6 B1 …I
Page 31 NOTE
P1 B1 I never heard about the sudden leap for mandragora though?
P1 BOX1A I know that mandragora is one vital component for “recreation” drugs and is thus highly sought after.
P1 BOX1B The supplies are never low as far as I know.
P2 BOX1 Even if it’s rare, the cultivation of mandragora is possible.
P2 T1 The country banned it though…
P2 BOX2 And it is just a normal herb, not the one with “You die if you pulled it out” conception.
P3 B1A … This is still a secret but.
P3 B1B For some reason, almost all mandragoras we have are now unusable due to an unknown disease.
P4 B1 This… might be a sign of a great trouble.
P4 B2 The one in the wilds are also have been over raked and put in the market but they are all shoddy.
P5 B1 I see… And you want to tell me that there is still a group of them near this city?
Page 32 NOTE
P1 B1A Indeed, although the location itself is the real danger.
P1-P2 B1B The mandragoras are in the pathway to Arakis Volcano and before that lies a forest where basilisks settled in
P3 B1 Basilisks
P3 B2 Ah, rest assured. You two will be guarded by a party.
P3 O.RIGHT Seems like Ryuuto rising another event flag with another strong guy!!
P4 B1A A rank Adventurer party, “Hakuho* Clan” *Hakuho = White Horn
P4 B1B Don’t slow us down now, chicklings!!
P4 O.DOWN To be continued in the June Issue!

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