Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 15

Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 15

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Page 1
P1 B1 Kyuaaa!?
P2 BOX1 The latest Comic Volume 3, on sale June 9th!!!
Title P2 BOX2 Chapter 15
P2 T1 Bassilisk
P3 B1 Piece of cake!!
P3 SFX1 Gahahaha
P4 B1 These are too many. Moreover, too big!
P4 B2 Not to mention…
Page 2
P2 B1 Is something worrying you, Ryuuto?
P3 B1 I can sense a higher tier monster further ahead.
P3 SFX1 Shock…
P4 B1A It’s still far away.
P4 B1B I’ll go check it out first and if possible, defeat that monster.
P4 SFX1 Whisper whisper
P4 B2 I’ll leave these mobs alone, you should team up with the others and defeat them.
P5 B1 I will go and scout the way ahead!
P5 SFX1 Jump
P5 T1 Don’t you run away!
P5 B2 Oo, so dilligent, Chicklings!!
Page 3
P3 SFX1 Grrrooowwlll
P4 B1A A-are you kidding me!!
P4 B1B H-how is it possible that a remote forest like this…
P4 B2 Contains a Manticore!?
P4 SFX1 Goooaaaawwwrr!!
P5 BOX1 Ryuuto at the time
Page 4
P1 B1A Calm down!
P1 B1B It’s for times like this that we have our B rank Magician…
P1 B2 He ran away, huh, that bastard!?
P1 B3 We should run away too!!
P2 SFX1 Grab
P3 B1 Let’s leave this kid behind as bait!!
P3 SFX1 Throw
P3 SFX2 Sssrrrkkk
P4 B1 You! How can you!!
P4 B2A Shut up!!
P4 B2B We never approved of you as our leader, anyway!!
Page 5
P1 SFX1 Burst
P1 B1 Curses!
P2 SFX1 Pang Pang Pang
P3 B1 So an attack of my level can’t even scratch it…
Page 6
P1 SFX1 Whhaabaaamm!!
P2 SFX1 Krrrrrtttttt
P2 B1 I will hold this guy off!!
P4 B1 You should run away now, Ojou-chan*!
P4 SFX1 Baaamm!!
Page 7
P1 SFX1 Syuuu-Paang!!
P2 SFX1 Fssshhhh…
P2 B1A NO!
P2 B1B I won’t run!
P2 B2 Even I can fight!!
P3 B1 … Good resolve!!
P3 SFX1 Giigigriiii
P4 B1 The two of us will bring this monster down!!
P4 SFX1 Stand
Page 8
P2 SFX1 Sssrrrkkk
P2 SFX2 Whack
P2 B1 Gaghk!!
P3 SFX1 Cling
P4 T1 Why…
P5 T1 Why am I so weak? If it’s like this…
P6 SFX1 Halt
Page 9
P1 SFX1 Tightenn…
P2 SFX1 Fwish
P4 B1 Ryuuto!
Page 10
P1 B1A I’m glad you’re okay.
P1 B1B You did well!
P1 SFX1 Hug
P2 SFX1 Tighten
P3 B1 But, you didn’t run like I said, right?
P3 SFX1 Pinch
P4 B1 Old man, you too! Thanks for protecting Lilith!
P4 SFX1 Rustle Rustle
P4 SFX2 Daze
P4 B2 Boy… Just what are you?
Page 11
P1 BOX1 Inn
P2 B1 Why kneeling…?
P3 B1 No need to say it… I can guess your circumstances
P4 B1A I’ve heard the rumour…
P4 B1B Hiding their identities after disciplining some bad advevnturers, the new adventurers who just joined recently…
P4 T1 Yep Yep
P4 B2 That… Also works.
Ryuuto text P4 T2 It’s a hassle to correct it.
Lilith Text P4 T3 This soup delish…
P4 B3A I am adventurer!
P4 B3B Ryuuto-san secret. I will not tell!
P4 B4 Just call me if you need help!
P5 B1 And you, ojou-chan! You are an apprentice adventurer, right?
P5 B2 Don’t get too excited and trouble, Ryuuto-san, capiche?
P5 SFX1 Angry…
Page 12
P1 BOX1 Next Morning
P1 B1 … And that’s why today we’ll continue raising your level, Lilith!
P2 B1 Now, use your strongest spell and hit me with max power!
P2 SFX1 Giigigiiii
P3 B1 Eh, but…
P3 SFX1 Snap snap snap
P3 B2A Hurry up!
P3-P4 B2B If you don’t, the monster will die and you won’t not get the experience!!
Page 13
P1 SFX1 Zzztrooommm!!!
P2 SFX1 prk… prk…
P2 SFX2 Gwoee…
P2 T1 That hurts…
P2 B1 This guy’s still alive… Again!!
P3 B1 “Thundershock”..
P3 SFX1 Ztoom Ztoom Zzzdroomnn
P3 B2 “Thundershock”!
P3 B3 “Thundershock”!!
P4 SFX1 Fssshhhh…
P4 BOX1 Skill activated: Fortitude
P4 SFX2 Twitch twitch
P4 B1A Good… The bassilisk is down after all that damages it got…
P4-P5 B1B Let’s return fir-
P5 SFX1 Thud
Page 14
P1 B1 … “Thunderbolt”
P1 B2 Ughuiii…
P2 B1 Ryuuto… I’m angry you know…
P2 T1 About the hero (a girl)… And the ring… And mumble jumble…
P3 B1 Lilith!?
P3 B2 “Thunderbolt”
P3 SFX1 Zubaam Zubaam Zyubaam Zyubaaamm
P3 B3 Plea…
P3 B4 “Thunderbolt”
P3 B5 Sto…!!
P3 B6 “Thunderbolt”
P3 B7 You are enjoying this, arent’cha!?
P3 B8 “Thunderbolt”
P4 SFX1 Wobble…
P5 SFX1 Fssshhhh…
P6 SFX1 Flop…
P6 SFX2 Twitch twitch twitch
P6 T1 What is this feeling inside me… This is a first…
P6 B1 … Finally, her MP was depleted.
Page 15
P1 BOX1 Until noon, the party kept on defeating Bassilisk in a myriad of ways.
P1 BOX2 Of course, Lilith managed to level up greatly!
P1 BOX3 **
P1 BOX4 ***
P2 BOX1 After that…
P2 B1A So this place is supposed to be the place where the mandragoras grow…?
P2-P3 B1B There’s nothing here…
P3 SFX1 Silenceee…
Page 16
P1 SFX1 Scratch
P2 B1 Isn’t the soil too dried and flaky?
P2 SFX1 Crumble crumble
P2 T1 The earth can’t withstand it…
P2 B2 I don’t think the mandragoras survived…
P2 B3 No… I don’t think so!
P3 B1 There’s some still alive…!!
P5 B1A Old man, you go back to town with Lilith and tell this to the lady sorceress…
P5 B1B “Your mandragora request will be finished in a few more days”!
P5 B2A Oh and, I need you for something else…
Page 17
P1 BOX1 2 Weeks Later
P1 B1 These are your requested Mandragoras, check them up, will you?
P1 SFX1 Drop
P2 B1 I have heard about the condition of the soil. So, what is this…?
P3 B1 Heh, there were still some left in that area!
P4 BOX1A I found several living seeds
P4 BOX1B By exploiting all of my (villager) skills, I managed to nurture the seeds, although it took me 2 weeks.
P4 T1 I asked the old man to bring me the some essentials*
P5 BOX1 Luckily, I managed to cultivate the required amount for the reward…
Inside BOX1 P5 T1 Albeit illegally, but in the first place the request also asked from that kind of place so…
P5 O.LEFT *Essentials for growing the mandragoras in an underdevelopped terrain.
P6 B1 … We can’t possibly buy these.
Page 18
P1 B1 Sorry… What I mean is that we can’t afford all these with the academy budget…
P1 SFX1 Shake shake shake
P1 B2A Because This… This is…
P1 B2B This is no Mandragora!
P2 B1A Just making sure…
P2 B1B You really intend to give this to me, right?
P3 B1A I-isn’t that the job request?
P3 B1B Were the results that bad?
P3 B2A You really won’t say that the deal is off later, right?
P3 B2B This lady can keep your promise right, boy!?
P4 B1 Ughh… Just tell me do you want it or not!?
P5 B1 I want it!!
P5 SFX1 Hug
P5 B2A I will make sure to leave your name in the academy’s legacy!
P5-P6 B2B What you gave me is called X Mandragora, a special rare breed of Mandragoras!
P6 B2C With these amount, Our research on medicine and pharmaceuticals is going to have a huge leap in progress!!
P6 SFX1 Gloom…
P6 SFX2 Raise
P6 SFX3 Shake shake
P6 T1 I am witnessing history today!!
P6 BOX1 Guild’s Receptionist
Page 19
P1 B1A According to my rough calculation, you can get more than 100 gold coins with all of these but…
P1 B1B I will give you 1 big silver coin right now, and 5 gold coins tomorrow.
P1 B1C And I will prepare 60 gold coins in a few more days.
Inside B1C P1 T1 As for the rest, they will be delivered on a later date…
P1 B2A W-wait a second! Did I hear you say in a few more days!?
Inside B2A P1 T2 You remembered that I need all the gold as quick as possible, right?
P1 B2B What did you say before!? X Mandragora?? If it’s that rare, prepare the cash now! Or I can just sell these to other peop…
P1 SFX1 Shake
P2 B1A I did say it is rare and precious, but that’s only true for some specific researchers.
P2 B1B Do you have an acquintance or someone to sell it to, boy?
P2 B2 Guh…
P3 B1 And besides… You can solve your problem without only relying on me right?
P3 B2 … What?
P4 T1 Ooo
P4 B1 Finally! So this is where you are!
P4 T2 What now?
Page 20
P1 B1 I have been searching for you, Ryuuto-san!
P2 B1 Just the old man… If it’s not important, I will talk later…
P2 B2 Nah, nothing of a hassle!
P3 T1 It’s for the bassilisks and manticores
P3 SFX1 Klang
P3 B1A This is the reward for the previous subjugation quest!
P3 B1B I exchanged the prize in your place!
P4 B1 Gold coins… 15 pieces!?
P4 SFX1 klink klank
P4 B2A The thing is, there was a report regarding several monster corpses in a lake and after detailed inspection and classification, those monsters are categorized as A rank monsters!
P4 B2B The one that finished them all was Ryuuto-san right!? I can’t be wrong here! I just know it!
P4 B3 Can you guys do this talk elsewhere, geez…
P5 B1 To make it easy, I claimed that I was the one who defeated them to get the prize.
P5 B2 I am truly sorry for stealing your achievements and glory…
P6 SFX1 Grab
Page 21
P2 B1 Old man… You interested in making big bucks?
P2 T1 You will be in the spotlight so I won’t be noticed!
P2 T2 Yup yup
P3 BOX1A Turns out, the lady sorceress did have a talk with the slave dealer and Ryuuto managed to buy Lilith’s slave collar.
P3 BOX1B Meanwhile, on a different city…
Page 22
P1 BOX1 Casino City – Vismel
P1 BOX2 This city is located at the border between Human and Demon Land
P2 BOX1 A place where you can enjoy all imaginable pleasure as long as you have money… A truly Lawless Zone!
Page 23
P1 B2 It’s the talk of the city, Our arena’s most promising newbie!!
P2 B1 After winning two rounds, he challenged the reigning champion!!
P4 B1 Hailing from the west, The Holy Spear Hero – Orsted Augustin has entered the arena!!!
upper left P4 B2 Drop dead!
left P4 B3 Die!!
bottom middle P4 B4 Fuck you!!
Page 24
P2 B1A In the first round, He won with only one hit!
P2 B1B In the second one, He won after destroying the opponent’s weapon into dust!!
P2 B1C Among the jeering crowds, He has confidence not to let any embarassment tarnish the hero’s reputation!!
P3 B1 Go get beaten up by the champ!!
P3 B2 … Boring.
P3 B3 I came here after hearing that lots of strong fighters are gathered here but this turned out to be a waste.
P4 B1 If the battles are only at this level, I fear that the champ also won’t be a hard fight.
P4 T1 Let’s just finish this and return to the frontline…
P5 B1 She was once glorified to have exceeded the adventurers’ S rank…!!
P5 B2 The silver haired Magic Swordsman – Eslin Macbeth!!!
Page 25
P1 B1 Let the fight begin!!
P2 B1 Hey, ref. What is the meaning of this!?
P2 T1 Is this a joke!?
P3 B1 Of course, that is this arena champion.
P3 B2 And obviously, your opponent at this very moment?
P5 B1A Truly pardon me, lad.
P5 B1B I am afraid that for a fight on your level, I have to use a handicap or else it won’t be any fun.
P5 T1 Come
P5 B2 If you won’t attack me, the fight will not start. Get it, Cheeky boy?
Page 26
P1 B1 Hup
P1 SFX1 Stab
P3 T1 Gone…?
P4 SFX1 Snip
Page 27
P1 SFX1 Nom nom
P2 B1 I got bit!?
P2 B2A But how!?
P2 B2B She’s fast!!
P3 B1A Fuaahhmm
P3 B1B Your attacks are so slow.
P5 B1 Here, let me show you how to hit quickly and precisely.
P5 SFX1 Crunch
Page 28
P1 B1A I heard that you were an active hero so I had  some hopes for you but…
P1 B1B Heh, what a shameful way to lose, eh?
P1 B2 Kuh
P1 SFX1 drip drip
P2 B1 Fine… I get it, it’s my loss.
P4 B1 Guh… Akh…
P4 SFX1 Spurt spurt spurt
P4 B2A What are you doing raising your hands in the midst of battle?
P4 B2B That was like, practically, asking to be killed you know…?
P4 SFX1 Swift
Page 29
P1 B1 Could you please refrain from killing that hero?
Inside B1 P1 T1 He still can grow more.
P2 SFX1 Jump
P2 SFX2 Land
P3 B1 If you want to rampage that much, I can be your partner if you want…
P3 SFX1 Intense
P4 B1 The forbidden magic user from the demon realm, Marin Onyx
P4 B2 For even you to come to this place…
P5 SFX1 Noisy
P5 SFX2 Whisper whisper
P5 B1 Just now, did she say forbidden magic?
P5 B2 Shut up, they can hear you!
Page 30
P2 B1 Heh, if that is the only other option, then no thanks.
Inside B1 P2 T1 You’re a bad match up for me…
P2 SFX1 Glow
P2 B2 Referee!
P2 B3A Understood!
P2 B3B The winner is the champion, Ester!
P3 SFX1 Snap
P5 B1A Speaking of which, I met this funny guy recently.
P5 B1B He’s only a villager yet…
P5 B2A I don’t really believe that the one who caught the eyes of the esteemed Marin would only be a villager but…
P5 B2B Either way, not interested.
P6 B1 No… You and him are destined to confront each other…
Page 31
P1 B1 That villager is heading to Sunrise Tower
P2 B1A A sacred ground which safeguards the legendary holy sword for heroes.
P2 B1B Along with its trial.
Page 32
P1 B1A And of course, what that villager is aiming for is not the holy sword.
P1 B1B Instead, what lies after that…
P3 B1A … Ha hahn.
P3 B1B If he really wants to come and meet “that person”…
P3 B2 It would be improper of me if I do not welcome him, right…?
P3 O.RIGHT A welcome from a person who has surpassed humans… What will this mean!?
P3 O.DOWN To be Continued in July Issue

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