Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 16

Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 16

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Page 1
P1 BOX1 Chapter 16
P1 T1 Devil’s Transformation and The City of Thieves
P1 BOX2 Comic book Volume 3 is now on Sale!!
Page 2
Page 3
P3 BOX1 … I failed again.
P3 BOX2 I wonder why I can’t concentrate at all…
P4 BOX1A What time is it now?
P4 BOX1B I wonder how long have I been holed up in this cave?
Page 4
P1 BOX1 There are two reasons for me to stay in this kind of place.
P1 BOX2 The first was to ascertain who and what I am supposed to be.
P2 BOX1A I was pathetically defeated by the Evil Dragon Amanta,
P2 BOX1B Adding to that, I was saved by Ryuuto, a villager.
P2 BOX2 Normally, the difference of expertise between a Hero and a Villager is like heaven and earth.
P2 BOX3 But, reality proved me wrong.
P3 BOX1 The only reason I can think of is… My own lack of determination.
Page 5
P1 BOX1A According to the wind’s whispering, the Hero of the West, Orsted, became a S-Rank adventurer when he was 15 years old.
P1 BOX1B Even the other heroes have a lot of big achievements attached to their name.
P1 BOX2A Meanwhile, I am still a B-rank adventurer.
P1 BOX2B Even though we are both heroes, my state is…
Page 6
P1 BOX1A The only times I was on death’s grip were during the goblin’s raid in my early childhood, and when the Evil Dragon came.
P1 BOX1B Both times, Ryuuto came to save me.
P1 BOX2 I was being spoiled by Ryuuto.
P1 BOX3 To let go of my happiness from being spoiled by Ryuuto was my second reason.
P2 B1A “Mana Berserk” is…
P2 B1B A state where one goes berserk* as a result from unlocking the maximum potential you can have.
P3 B1 For Cordelia-dono, you will have a job change into a “Berserker”. A job ill-befitting you, and despised by common populace.
P3 B2 In exchange, Just like the title means, you will be in a mana berserk state, allowing you to use power beyond your limit.
P4 B1 That is why this trial is called “Devil’s Transformation”
Page 7
P1 BOX1A Using Mana Berserk when an anti-magic is invoked is useful.
P1 BOX1B Although, that isn’t my goal in learning this.
P1 BOX2 It was to learn “How to go berserk while remaining sane”.
P2 B1A The true essence of Mana Berserk is “The desire to survive”
P2 B1B It is when one’s life is at stake, they can unleash unimaginable potential that they themselves could never imagined.
P3 B1 When you cling to your life, you will leave behind your soul.
P3 B2A If you want to follow the path of madness, try not to leave your soul behind.
P3 B2B For when you leave your soul behind, you will then be a dead man walking.
P4 B1A Dead men tell no tales.
P4 B1B For when there is any imbalance*, you will unmistakenably go wild from the madness.
P4 O.DOWN Imbalance: When a desire out of the many inside the mind, take precedence over rational thinking.
P5 B1 … Don’t think too much, even I don’t know too much about it.
P5 SFX1 Smile
Page 8
P1 B1 Dive into your mind and peek into what you want to see…
P1 B2 As long as you do not deny any parts of yourself…
Page 9
Page 10
P1 B1 Whatcha Lookin’ at, bitch!!?
lower right of panel P1 SFX2 Sigh
P2 B1 Money!
P2 SFX1 Claclackatak
P2 B2 I can do anything with money!!
P3 B1 I want him! I want him!!
P3 SFX1 Pant pant pant
P3 B2 I want to have Ryuuto’s everything!!!
P4 B1 What the hell is wrong with that little miss slut that keeps on clinging on to my beloved Ryuuto… That little wench, does she know that Ryuuto is supposed to be always by my side!? He and I already goes way back into when we are still children. We are childhood friends, damnit! How dare that bitch be the one to stick with Ryuuto whenever and wherever he goes now… I’ll kill her, I’ll kill her, I’ll kill her and take her spot. No, that was my spot since the beginning so there’s nothing wrong with this… Yes, I will find a perfect method to make her suffer… I will expose her shameless side to Ryuuto so he will be disgusted with her and…
P4 SFX1 Bite bite bite bite
P5 BOX1A Are all of these… My base desires?
P5 BOX1B How repulsive.
P5 B2 … But, I have to accept them.
P5 SFX1 Lick lick
P5 SFX2 munch munch
Page 11
P2 B1 Fine… Come at me!
P2 B2 I will make all parts of myself understand what I want!!
P4 B1 Whatcha Sayin’ BITCH!?
P5 SFX1 WHAM 2x!!
Page 12
P1 SFX1 Wham Bam
P1 SFX2 Sigh…
P1 B1A Is this my way of “accepting”?
P1 B1B By fighting? I must admit, this is barbaric.
P1 T1 Oh boy oh boy
P1 SFX3 munch nom munch nom
P2 B1A Haha. How about we finish this by talking? Peacefully, obviously.
P2 B1B Can we agree to that?
P2 T1 Riight?
P2 SFX2 Nnaaahh…
P3 B1 Ghebofu!?
P3 SFX3 Thrown
P4 B1 How’s that!!
P4 B2 Like hell I’ll lose to all you hoes!!
Page 13
P1 B1 Are you satisfied after that? All this farce of yours…
P2 B2 I know that you know what I mean… Your deep darkness…
Page 14
P2 B1 I will not return to “that” pathetic me…!!
Page 15
P3 B1 Cordelia-dono, you have managed to crawl through and break away from all your desires…
P3 B2 With that said, you have cleared this “Demon’s Transformation” trial splendidly, O Hero!
Page 16
P2 B1 Now go to the Kagerou* Tower! Prove yourself worthy after being reborn here!!
Page 17
Page 18
P3 SFX1 Clap clap clap
P3 T1 With this, our lunch will be Wyvern’s grilled meat!
P3 B1A Splendid!
P3 B1B There aren’t any monsters that can beat you around here, Lilith!
P3 SFX2 Shine…
P4 B1 … Oh No! My level isn’t going up much anymore…
Page 19
P1 BOX1 *
P1 T1 Status… Yandere?
P1 B1 … So this is the extent of the experience you can get from the monsters in the human’s continent, I guess…
P2 B1 We will move on to objective ③, then.
P2 B2 ③?
P2 B3 You still remember about our objectives when we arrived here right?
P3 B1A We have 3 objectives to achieve in this city.
P3 B1B ① Undo your slave seal, ② Grind your level. And now, the ③ is…
Page 20
P1 B1 Kagerou tower…?
P1 SFX1 munch munch
P2 B1 Yeah, a dungeon that only appears around this time and season.
P2 B2A The place is not too far from here,
P2 B2B In that place, there exists a sacred place where a holy sword resides.
P2 SFX1 clatter clatter
P3 B1 And is the holy sword our objective?
P3 T1 We don’t want to let Cordelia get any weaker, right?
P3 B2A No way.
P3 B2B Our objective lies beyond that.
P4 B1 We will further train ourselves in Kagerou Tower.
P4 B2A There’s a secret place there that’s absolutely perfect for us!
P4-P5 B2B The location is just further a little bit beyond the sacred ground…
Page 21
P1 B1 As for the details… Find out yourself!!
P1 SFX1 Slump
P2 B1A Anyway, we don’t have anything more to do in this city…
P2 B1B And, we already got so much money that we can’t even use it all up!
P2 T1 The old man is already satisfied being carried with us to A rank*
P2 O.LEFT Only the guild rank is A rank. His personal rank is still at B rank
P6 SFX1 Twitch…
P6 B1 Ryuuto?
P7 B1 … Those incompetent fools…
Page 22
P1 B1 Lilith, Go back to the inn. Now!
P1 SFX1 Jump
P1 B2 Be back soon!
P2 B1 Geez…
P6 BOX1 There is a place that piqued my interest in this city.
P6 T1 The me right now won’t lose to anyone, yup…
P6 BOX2 If it’s for a little bit… It’s okay, right?
Page 23
P2 BOX1A Thieves Market
P2 BOX1B A large marketplace where all things sold are either stolen goods or counterfeit items.
P2 BOX2A Just what to be expected from the city of merchants. No one can see so many grimoires lined up nicely in other places.
P2 BOX2B Of course, most of them are fakes though.
P3 B1 Well, not like anyone can trick me with how high my level is, hehe…
Page 24
P3 SFX1 Flip flip
P5 B1 How dissapointing… All of these are fakes. Why is it so hard to get a real grimoire…
P5 SFX1 sigh…
P6 BOX1 Oh, but… Being able to touch a book after all this time sure makes me happy.
P6 BOX2 Although they were fakes, books just have that particular smell and feel on their paper…
P7 SFX2 twitch!
P8 B1 Are you lost, little girl?
P8 B2 Let these two sincere bros help you out
P8 T1 This place is very dangerous, you know??
Page 25
P1 SFX1 kick
P2 B1 The hell!? This bitch…!!
P2 B2 I’ve spent too much time here…
P2 SFX2 Dash
P3 SFX1 Vooom
P3 B1 I’ll hide using my skill and…
P3 SFX1 Bzzztt
Page 26
P1 SFX1 Grkgrkgrkgrk
P1 B1 “Disenchant”.. “Dispel”… “Anti”… Did they use all debuffing magic on me!?
P1 B2 But when!?
P2 T1 I’m surrounded.
P3 BOX1A There must be at least 4 sorcerers at C rank…
P3 BOX1B And 10 mobs at the least…
P3 BOX2 Having to deal with this many people is unexpected…
P4 SFX1 punch
P5 B1 With only mobs, I don’t even need to use magic! I’ll see how far I can go by using taijutsu!
Page 27
P2 B1 Geh… Fugh!?
P3 B1 Guh…
Below P4 B1A Seems like your level is higher than we imagined…
upper P4 B1B However, you still can’t beat us!
P4 SFX1 Whabam!
P5 SFX1 Uhyahyahyahya
P5 B1 You’re a hundred years early to run away from me!!
Page 28
P1 SFX1 Shove
P1 B1 You remember me, girl!?
P2 B1 [small text] for hitting me and running from me… [normal text] Look at what you’ve gotten yourself into now, midget!!
P2 SFX1 Grab
P2 SFX2 struggle
P2 B2 “Bind”!
P2 SFX3 Snap
P3 B1 However… I acknowledge you as charming.
P3 SFX1 Haa haa…
P3 SFX2 Touch
P3 SFX3 Press
P3 B2A I will forgive your transgession before if you let me have my way with you this time.
P3 B2B Not a bad deal, I must say?
P4 SFX1 pant… pant…
P4 BOX1 Conceit
P4 BOX2 Careless
P5 BOX1 I got too cocky since I got stronger than before.
P5 BOX2 Turns out I still can’t do anything…
P7 SFX1 Snap
Page 29
P3 B1 ……… Tch!
P3 SFX1 Put
P3 SFX2 Roll roll roll
P3 B2 I have decided my first to be with you, you ape!
P3 SFX3 Vooom
P4 SFX1 Glare
P4 B1 I’ll turn you into fertilizer!!
P5 SFX1 shake shake shake
P5 B1 Fhii… Fhiiggkk gheerr!! (Ki… Kill her!!)
Page 30
P1 SFX1 Intense struggling
P1 B1A Gozen-sama…
P1 B1B I can’t move!
P2 B1A These vines…!?
P2 B1B Didn’t we already send a special team to halt that damn villager!?
P2 SFX1 step step step
P2 B2 They probably failed…
Near B1A P3 T1 Kuh
P3 B1A So it turns out this way!
P3 B1B Sorcerer! Use your debuffing spells!
P3 SFX1 step step step
P3 B2 He already ran away
P4 SFX1 Grab
P4 SFX2 Twitch
P4 B1A That bast…
P4 B1B Higii!?
P5 B1A I won’t kill you.
P5 B1B However
P5 B1C You might just see the good ol’ Grim Reaper’s face…
Page 31
P1 B1 Forgive me.
P2 B1 Because of my reckless decision, you got into that mess…
P2 B2A It’s not your fault, Ryuuto!
P2 B2B It’s all my…
P3 B1 Hey, Ryuuto… Have I gotten any stronger?
P3 B2 Aah, you did. A lot.
P3 T1 You managed to beat the spell from that B rank sorcerer, didn’t you?
P4 B1 I don’t want to burden you, that’s all…
P4 B2A As long as we go to Kagerou Tower then…
P4 B2B … No,
P5 B1 This time it will be depending on your resolve.
P6 B1A If you can’t become any stronger than this,
P6 B1B I will drop you off in the Dragon’s village.
P6 BOX1 Stop…
Page 32
P1 BOX1 Don’t say that!
P1 SFX1 Grab
P1 O.RIGHT Cordelia is!? Will there yet be another unexpected meetup!?
P2 B1 I… I’ll get stronger…
P2 SFX1 shiver shiver shiver
P3 SFX1 shiver shiver shiver
P3 B1 Get stronger, so…
P7 B1 Oi, you heard this!?
P7 T1 Going to stock some souvenirs for tourists!!
P7 B2A This is very profitable for us!!
P7-P8 B2B The Hero from the north…It’s rumoured that Cordelia-sama is going to stay at this city to undergo the challenge of Kagerou Tower!!
P8 O.DOWN To be continued on the Aug. Issue

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