Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 17

Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 17

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Page 1
P1 O.LEFT The comic book’s latest publication! Volume 3 is now on sale!!
P2 BOX1 Chapter 16
P2 T1 Hero Vs Holy Sword
P5 BOX1 Daylight Match | Hero Vs Holy Sword
Page 2
P1 T1 How about you show me now…
P1 SFX1 [right] Crunch crunch [left] Munch munch
P1 T2 your real potential as a Hero…
P1 B1 I heard that the great priest got into an accident?
Inside B1 P1 T3 That’s why he’s not here today
P1 B2 He was found unconscious near the thieves city. Nothing was taken from him, luckily.
P1 B3 There was a rumour about a failed assassination attempt too…
Page 3
P1 BOX1 The previous night…
P1 B1A Kagerou tower…
P1 B1B Before, it was only a storage tower used to store the heroes’ exclusive equipment.
P2 B1A However, in order to raise their authorities, the pope and kings from different nations
P2 B1B Baptized the tower into a labyrinth with its trials and tribulations.
P3 B1A As such, although it is a dungeon, it functions more like an attraction.
P3 B1B The trials are also mere façade. Not to mention, being open only during Summer makes it a suitable yearly tourist spot.
P3 B2 Tourist spot?
P3 B3 Every hero-related facilities are off-limits. So, this place, which is a collective responsibilitiy of all countries and does not have any influences from the church, becomes like a gathering place for everyone.
Inside B3 P3 T1 Since there are still hero candidates unknown to public out there.
P4 B1A That is also why common people like us can enter the tower as long as we have the tickets.
P4 B1B Therefore, instead of going to the Heroes Trial, we’ll go to our objective through that place.
P4 T1 Since it is a tourist attraction, commonfolks can get the tickets to enter the dungeon for free. Of course, as long as their intention is stated clearly as sightseeing.
P5 B1 Ah, you have mentioned that before.
P5 B2 A dungeon mainly for attraction… Can we really get any stronger in there?
P5 B3 So, what are we doing on the rooftop?
Inside B3 P5 T1 Peeping?
Page 4
P1 B1 It’s the room with the lights on and a balcony; the middle of the top floor of the biggest building out there.
P2 B1 Take a look with your farsight skill.
P4 B1 I see… Lots of stuffed toys atop the bed…
P4 B2 Not that one. Look at the wall-side room.
P5 B1 … What are those?
P5 B2 Muscle training equipments.
P6 B1 Muscle training…?
P6 B2 Hnn…
P6 BOX1 It’s quite difficult to explain about muscle training to people from this world.
Page 5
P1 BOX1A Physical strength of the people here is determined by their Status
P1 BOX1B Other things affected by Status are Jobs and Levels
Inside BOX1B P1 T1 There are also others, including Skills and Title
P1 T2 For level 100 or higher, it’s equivalent as B-rank adventurers
Ryuuto’s Left P1 BOX2 Job: Villager | Level: 342 | Title: Dragon King
Lilith’s Right P1 BOX3 Job: Sorceress | Level : 146
P1 BOX4A As long as one does not become lazy, and so long as they increase their jobs and levels, their physical strength will also increase.
P1 BOX4B To be blunt, “If you want to train muscles, then raise your level.”
P2 BOX1A Although muscle training is one of many methods of increasing stats with Effort Value.
P2 BOX1B Effort value is an olden way of training which still being used by a part of martial artists seeking true grit.
Atop BOX1B P2 T1 I also have been able to become powerful with some help from these Effort Values.
P2 T2 It’s one of the sure ways to increase your stats without increasing your level; to be stronger than your peers, so to speak…
P2 T3 With the help of training equipments and muscle training, some of your stats will increase a few points
P2 BOX2 In this world, muscle training is deemed as inefficient and of minor importance.
P2 T4 Meanwhile,in regard to defeating enemies and levelling up, your status will increase much easier compared to muscle training.
Below T4, the note one P2 T5 Although for level 140 and higher, it will be much harder to level up.
P3 B1 Then, why is that hero doing such useless training…?
P3 B2 … Take a look at the most left room. The room without any lights.
Page 6
P2 B1 She’s having a conversation with herself while looking at the mirror naked.
P2 B2 She is undergoing training from the “Devil’s Transformation” infection.
P3 B1 Right now, Cordelia is in the middle of killing herself.
P4 B1 It’s a training to maintain her sanity while steadily increasing her status from her berserker title.
Page 7
P2 B1A My, so this time, you formed me in this image?
P3 B1B Is it because it is easier for you to despise this form?
P3 B1C Am I right?
P4 B1 My comrades are all dead…
P4 B2 … And it was all your fault!!
Page 8
P1 B1 Indeed, it was all my fault.
P2 B1 It was all because I couldn’t protect the hero or even my soldiers…
P2 B2 Wha…
P3 B1 It was all because we all fought together with the hero
P3 B2 Ooze…
P4 SFX1 Slump…
P4 B1 It was because we pledged our life to her
P4 B2 Forgive us…
Page 9
P1 B1 We don’t even have heads to give as an offering…
Page 10
P2 B1A It was all my fault my comrades died…
P2 B1B I have to kill myself too…
P2 B2 I will die… To be nothing at all…
Page 11
P1 B1 On top of getting severe headaches in return for the drastic increase in stats, she still trained using such inefficient methods to increase her status, if only by a small margin.
P2 B1A Even heroes need a steady effort in order to be stronger.
P2 B1B Don’t think it’s easy for them and hard for you now, Lilith!
Page 12
P2 B1A Lilith is also experiencing a hard time in levelling up, just like Cordelia.
P2 B1B I hope that seeing how much effort Cordelia musters to train herself, she will start being proactive in becoming stronger.
P3 B1 But…
P4 B1 From what I can analyze, Cordelia… Although she has finished the training to be a berserker, she still hasn’t gotten the original skills.
P4 B2A Her situation right now… In simple terms, she is still stuck at the “kill yourself, be nothing at all” phase.
P4 B2B As for her “Madness Frenzy”… Although she has gotten it, I must say she is still at a half-point before she can use it completely.
P5 B1 This happened because I kept on rescuing her in her dire situations, making her weaker than she was supposed to be right now.
P5 T1 I ended up making her going through this unneeded efforts…
P6 SFX1 Stare…
Page 13
P1 B1 Ryuuto… Just what does Cordelia mean to you?
P4 B1 She… Cordelia is my…
Page 14
P1 B1A I thank you all for your patience!!
P1 B1B This hero hails from the North; Cordelia Allston!!
P1 SFX1 Gasp
P2 SFX1 Cheeeeeers
P3 B1 He is the Holy Sword of the esteemed Empire; Arsene Bragna has arrived!!!
Page 15
P1 SFX1 Raise
P2 B1 We will begin the battle with the sign from this great arena’s owner!!
Page 16
Page 17
Page 18
P1 SFX1 Stab stab stab
P2 SFX1 Clank clank clank
P3 SFX1 Slash
Page 19
P1 SFX1 Dash
P3 SFX1 Stab stab stab stab stab
Page 20
P1 SFX1 Fwish fwish fwish
P2 SFX1 Keclank
Page 21
P2 B1 Step
P2 B2 Slide
P4 SFX1 Swirl
P4 SFX2 Slash
Page 22
P2 B1 Brilliant!
P2 B2 To think there would be someone other than the hero from the west that can withstand me…
P3 B1A You as well, Sir Holy Sword. Was it not for your compassion, I am sure my neck would have flown off 3 seconds after the battle started.
P3 B1B To be honest, I do not know how to defeat you!
Page 23
P1 B1 As long as you understand that, then I will have no worries.
P2 B1 Take this as another experience and train further. One day, I am sure you will be able to…
P4 SFX1 Raaageee
P4 B1 Now… I will surpass you!
P4 B2 My final goal is someone that is stronger than you. That is why I won’t be defeated by you, O Holy Sword!
P5 SFX1 Kaclack
P5 BOX1A Her pupils turn red…
P5 BOX1B A frenzy!? She deliberately is going into a frenzy state!?
P5 B1A Well, then… I will defeat you with all my power.
P5 B1B This is also one of my duties as your senior!
Page 24
Page 25
Page 26
P4 B1 … I accept my loss!
Page 27
P1 B1 The… The winner is the North Hero!!!
P2 SFX1 Cheeeeeers
P2 B1 Please give a round of applause to both contenders for giving us a spectacular match!!
P5 BOX1 That last trade-off… I couldn’t see it at all.
Page 28
P1 BOX1A I always thought that only Ryuuto was the only genius around me.
P1 BOX1B As for that hero, I was certain that I could reach her level with my sheer efforts.
P1 BOX2 Turns out, I was conceited.
P2 BOX1 We’re not on the same dimension.
P2 BOX2 No matter how, I will always…
Page 29
P1 T1 I will not be able to beat that hero in any aspects…
Page 30
P1 SFX1 Knock knock
P2 B1 Lilith… Are you awake?
P3 B1 Yeah… I’m awake.
P4 B2 It’s about Kagerou Tower, I have some-
P4 B3 Ryuuto
Page 31
P1 B1 I… I think I will return to the Dragon’s village.
P3 B1A … I understand.
P3 B1B Let’s continue this talk tomorrow.
P3 B1C I’m sure you’re tired. I’ll leave your food here. Eat it, kay?
P3 B1D Night
P3 B2 … Night
P3 SFX1 Clatter
P4 SFX1 Step step step
P5 B1 … Don’t forget to brush your teeth too!
P5 B2 … Okay
Page 32
P1 B1 … I have to borrow another room now.
P1 T1 I wonder if there is still an open room right now…
P1 SFX1 Step step step
P3 BOX1 Lilith is being dependant on me.
P3 BOX2A And I utilized her dependency.
P3 BOX2B That is our relationship…
P3 BOX2C … Right?
P4 Cordelia is the most important person to me! Sweat…
P5 B1 Cordelia a dear person to me!
P5 O.RIGHT Each person with their thoughts swirling, the night keeps on going on…
P6 BOX1A I should have phrased it better.
P6 BOX1B Why did I phrase it like that…?
P8 O.DOWN To be continued in the September issue

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