Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 20

Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 20

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1 B1 Eh…?
3 SFX1 Thud
1 BOX1 Chapter 20
1 T1 The Devil’s Negotiation
1 B1 What… Just…
1 B2 Hey… Ryuuto…?
2 B1 Wake up…
2 B2 Hey…
2 B3 Wake…
3 B1A … ke up…
3 B1B Ryuu… *gibberish noise*
1 B1 OH! MY! GAWD!
2 B1 For me to accidentally killed the victor…
2 B2 Bad temper is a no-no, me!
2 T1 Gee… Regret regret
3 B1 Welp, let’s not dwell on past mistakes!
3 SFX1 twitch
4 SFX1 points!
4 B1 By the way, Blondie-san!!
5 B1 How can you be so easily defeated, huh!?
5 B2 I know you can still fight! Stand up!
5 T1 Or else I will grind you to dust, lol
2 B1 Nuhuo?
3 B1 Keep your promise to restore Lilith’s Lifespan!!
4 B1 Arara? How can you…?
5 BOX1A Even I thought I was dead back there…
5 BOX1B Just what did this guy do…?
6 B1 Now that I remember, you are a reincarnated person, aintcha?
6 T1 Died twice already as well!
7 B1 My “Death’s Embrace”, it’s not very effective against people already used to death.
7 T1 Failure failure!
1 B1 Though, it’s still ALRITE!
2 B1A I kind of wanted to have a discussion with you anyway,
2 B1B Iijima Ryuuto-san
3 B1A I see you chose a very interesting option when the Goddess asked what you wanted in this life
3 B1B Instead of choosing the more common “Life Insurance”, you picked “Life Restart” with your memories intact.
4 B1 That way, even if you are only a villager…
5 B1 You devote everything for the sake of that particular female…
5 B2 So that particular female will eventually ended up relying on you, hmm…?
1 B1 … You, what are you exactly?
1 B2 I am intrigued by a name widely used in many interpretations in your “previous” world!
2 B1 Please, call me Lucifer <One that Opposes God>
4 B1A The personification of this Lucifer is really similar to me!
4 B1B You can say that my real form is currently sealed in what you may know as Hell!
4 B2A And since I have nothing to do there, I dispatched a part of me to dwell inside this sword you see…
4 B2B Of course, with this and that, I have truly enjoyed my time inside here
4 T1 What with the number of people coming here along with their different and varying requests, I didn’t get bored at all!
1 B1 It was a lie when you said you would need appropriate compensation depending on the wish right?
2 B1A According to the literature I’ve read, there was a “pay half of your life” kind of requirement. Although, that account was from more than 500 years ago.
2 B1B Further, you previously granted my wish without any sort of requirement at all!
3 T1 You found me out!
3 B1 … That is correct! The whole paying half of your life is just a bonus I added!
3 B2 I mean, taking the lives of humans that have short lifespans is very amusing!
4 B1A They’re so fleeting it’s funny to see
4 B1B Humans can sometimes surpass their limits when they are truly risking something with their own lives!
5 B1 That is why, I want you to live your life to the fullest and die splendidly!
2 B1A As long as you restore Lilith’s lifespan first,
2 B1B I will consider showing you the exclusive interesting life journey of yours truly
2 T1 You’re bored anyway right?
3 T1 Wut lol?
3 B1 Indulge me by explaining the connection between returning someone’s lifespan with me being amused?
4 B1 Heh, if you also grant my wish without any cost, I promise you will feel twice the amusement!
5 B1A Geez, this is not even a conversation.
5 B1B Fine, what kind of amusement?
6 B1 To answer that, you’ll have to be patient and just wait for it!
1 T1 Blow
2 B1 Ryuuto!!
3 B1A You’d think the likes of a villager,
3 B1B Can possibly bring me to a greater height of amusement?
3 T1 Nope nope
1 BOX1 Skill activation: The Rage of Villager
2 B1 … Hurts
2 B2 Ryuuto!!
2 B3 Stop there, Lilith!
2 SFX1 Glow
2 SFX2 Prick
3 SFX1 Rumbling Noise
3 B1 It’s not… Over… Yet!
4 SFX1 Rumbling Noise
1 T1 Woooooow
1 T1 It’s sooooo pretty!
1 B1A … I still remember the last time my face got punched this hard. It was when I confronted that Goddess directly.
2 B1B What a splendid showoff!
3 SFX1 flap flap
3 B1A I understand ♪
3 B1B I truly enjoyed the sight of that full moon up there so I’ll return her lifespan for free!
4 SFX1 Snap
6 B1A And as for your… wish,
6 B1B Hasn’t it already been done though?
7 B1A Although it is a little bit different from your wish to give some of your magic power to this Chibi*-san…
7 B1B Didn’t you already have another skill that is much better than what you wished for?
7 T1 Ryuuto’s wish is for my sake…?
1 B1A The Dragon King…
1 B1B And the monarchs have a pact to give some of their power to their princess.
below B1B 1 B2 “Dragon King” title has that hidden…!?
1 B3 Both of your souls have been connected way longer than you thought.
1 BOX1 *
2 B1A That is why in exchange…
2 B1B How about I give you a skill for you to transform…
2 B1C Into what you “imagined”?
3 BOX1 Say, there was once a Very Large Wolf who managed to eat an Ancient God
3 BOX2 After that, the wolf who had devoured the god obtained his power creating a legend.
1 T1 ⌠God Eater⌡
2 T1 Is he giving me the possibility to “Devour a God along with his skills”!?
1 B1 Here, take it!
1 SFX1 Bibibiiii…
1 T1 Skill Transfer Beam!
1 B2 Eh?
2 B1 Now I have to be careful around you to not get eaten, huh?
2 T1 Ahaha, how scary!
2 SFX1 Pirorin ♪
2 BOX1 **
3 T1 Just like that…!?
3 SFX1 Shock
3 O.LEFT I thought giving this skill would have a very complex ritual or something…
4 B1 Now don’t you forget about the “twice the excitement” promise you made!
5 B1 … Meanwhile you don’t take your eyes off me or I’ll eat you up!
1 BOX1A … An old Farming God.
1 BOX1B I suddenly remembered about that guy getting devoured by one of my children when he wanted to eat them instead…
3 BOX1 This time, what will happen to this guy I wonder…?
4 BOX1 … The next day
1 BOX1 The North Hero <Cordelia>
1 BOX2 Is undertaking the challenge!
2 SFX1 Plop
7 SFX1 Grip
9 SFX1 Clap clap clap
1 SFX1 Clap clap clap
2 B1 Ca… Congratulations!
2 SFX1 Clap Clap
2 BOX1 He is tasked by Ryuuto to be the witness when the Hero takes the sword
4 B1 I can’t accept this at all!!
4 BOX1A The North Hero <Cordelia>
4 BOX1B Has finished undertaking the trial of Kagerou Tower spendidly!
1 BOX1 One year later
2 BOX1 Altena Academy of Magic
1 B1 What could be the matter, Cordelia-san?
1 B2 There’s a crowd on the third training ground. What is going on I wonder?
3 B1 Ahh.. They’re holding the new entrance exam I assume.
3 B2 They’re just a bunch of people who managed to enter here just because they have money I believe, yes.
4 B1 … That’s a very rude way to describe them, Mozes.
1 BOX1 Me, as a hero
1 BOX2 Mozes, the sage.
1 BOX3A Both of us sometimes visit this academy for a special class
1 BOX3B And also as a special treatment by the order of the Knights, we get paid while studying here.
1 B1 Just a bunch of weak nobodies…
1 T1 Aren’t they embarassed living with only that level?
2 B1 People without talent are sinful.
2 B2 The most they can strive to be useful as is none other than being bait when the time comes. Indeed…
3 B1 Hmph, that is also why we, as the few selected and chosen people should strive to be better than those commoners and let them revel in our majesty so that they will ultimately be willing to sacrifice themselves for us. That is the only true purpose of their lives and they should rejoice in being able to be used by us that way, indeed.
1 B1 He’s here!!
1 B2 It should be…!!
2 B1 Cordelia-san? What in heaven makes you…
3 B1A Ryuuto McClain!
3 B1B He’s one among the new students!!
4 SFX1 Landed / touchdown
4 SFX2 Trottle / pedal to the metal
2 B1 … Ryuu… To?
2 BOX1 His disdain, unchanged as ever since that time…
2 BOX2 To be continued in Dec. Issue