Murabito Tensei: Saikyo No Slow Life Chapter 12

Murabito Tensei: Saikyo No Slow Life Chapter 12

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note


H: Chapter 12


B1: Master Bei!!

B2: I’ve finished what ya asked me!

B3: Is it really alright for me to accept these clothes..?
B3b: They look really expensive…

B4: Don’t worry about it. He just used things that are in my warehouse.

B5: It looks really pricy because the Craftsman’s skill is just that good!

B6: Stop that, Master…
BC: Hehehe…


B1: It’s all fine if you want to deepen your friendship, but will you make it in time?
B1b: You guys are going to town today, right?

B2: You’re right!
BC: Ah.

B3: An-chan! You’ll buy me some souvenir, right?

B4: Okay, okay…

Sfx: Hahaha…

B5: Souvenir…

B6: Err, well then…
B6b: We’ll be on our way.

Sfx: Bow

B7: Have a safe trip!


Sfx: Rustle

B1: …


B1: You’re thinking that you’re very lonely because Bei left you behind…

B2: Or some sort, right?

B3: I’m not!

B4: I’m just glad that he finally made a friend around his age.
B4b: Because he seemed like he never really opened his heart fully to anyone.

B5: I suppose…

Sfx: Step Step


T: Varial City’s Checkpoint

B1: My name is Vibelfacfiny
B1b: I’ve come to buy and stock up on things

H: The gate is huge…

B2: And that guy is only here to help me carry my things

B3: So you came this year too, huh…

B4: Bulk Purchasing Boy…

B5: This year too?

B6: What?
B6b: You accepted to help him carry things without knowing anything?


B1: Every year, he shops like crazy as if he’s trying to empty the whole store…
B1b: And ransacks every store from one edge of the street to another.
BC: I wonder where all of that money come from, when he looks that young…

Sfx: Whisper Whisper

B2: …That much..?
BC: Eh?

B3: Well, anyway…

Sfx: Creak

B4: Welcome to Varial City!

B5: Then first… Let’s go to the marketplace, shall we?

B6: Uhmm, Bei..?
B6b: You know that I’m not that strong, right..?
BC: It’s really impossible for me to carry that much…

B7: Hmm?


B1: About that…
B1b: I always stuff everything inside my barrier, so you don’t have to worry about it.
BC: Ah…

B2: Barrier?

B3: Yup. It’s one of the abilities that I received after reincarnating.
B3b: Thanks to that, I’ve never had to carry heavy things with me when shopping.

Sfx: Ziiip

B4: That’s so convenient…

B5: Rather than that, let’s hurry!

Sfx: Grab

B6: We won’t have enough time to visit every store at this rate!

B7: Whoa!


B1: Sorry for making you wait, Bei.
B1b: Here are the herbs you ordered.

B2: Thanks.

B3: I’ll drop by again later.

B4: Takeru,
B4b: Will you accompany me to one final place too?

B5: Sure.

B6: Bei…
B6b: Isn’t this…


B1: A church?

B2: Yup. I’m thinking to look for your ship’s crews here.

B3: Can… Can you really do that..?

B4: Yeah, I already talked with the Sister here before.
B4b: Anyway, you’ll have to pick them yourself. They’re going to be your crew after all.

B5: Hey kids,
B5b: Is the Director inside?

B6: …

Sfx: Step Step

B7: Ah…


B1: Oh, Bei-sama!

Sfx: Creak

B2: Welcome to our church!

Sfx: Bow

B3: Thanks, Director.
B3b: How’s the orphanage going?

B4: It’s going really smooth, thanks to Bei-sama’s donations.

B5: Donations..?
B5b: Don’t tell me…
BC: Wait…

B6: Yup, I’m helping this place’s management.
BC: I even made some tools for them.

Sfx: Smile

Sfx: Ohohohohoho

B7: Yes, we are really indebted to Bei-sama!


B1: Seriously..? A fifteen year old boy is supporting a church singlehandedly..?

H: My brain just can’t process it…

B2: We’re going to eat lunch after this, so…
B2b: Would both of you join us?

B3: If you insist.
BC: Well…

B4: Bon appetite!

Sfx: Huh?

B5: This smell… Miso soup?


B1: Not really. It’s called Gozil soup

H: It wasn’t made from miso, but it tastes similar

B2: I see… But this really is a nostalgic taste.

B3: Was this made by the sisters here?

B4: We let the children take turns preparing the meal here.
BC: No.

B5: And the two who are on duty today…

B6: Huh..? I wonder where they went…

Sfx: Step Step

Sfx: Rattle

B7: Are you guys the ones who made the lunch today?

Sfx: Twitch


B1: So what?

Sfx: Glare!

B2: I just want to say that it’s really delicious.
BC: Err…

B3: Well obviously.

Sfx: Hmph

B4: Aah… Please forgive that girl’s rudeness..!

B5: It’s okay. Just let them be for now, Director.

B6: You see…
B6b: I actually have something to talk with you guys.


B1: Will you guys…
B1b: Be the Cooks in my ship?

B2: Well, we aren’t going to set sail any time soon, but…

B3: What do you think?

B4: Your ship..? Are you a captain?

B5: Yeah.

B6: But you look so unreliable…
BC: Is it really going to be alright?

Sfx: Stab!

B7: Ugh!


B1: Sure, right now…
B1b: I’m still a newbie who still has a lot to learn, but…

Sfx: Sway

B2: I definitely won’t disappoint you.

B3: Because I will bring you guys to see…

Sfx: Hahaha

B4: A lot of spectacular sights you can’t see here.

Sfx: Step

B5: Spectacular sights..?

B6: Can…
B6b: Can someone like me see those sights too..!?


B1: Of course! Let’s go see it together, okay?

B2: Then I want to see it too!

Sfx: Fwip

B3: You’ll hire me too, right…
B3b: Captain!?

B4: Well, there you have it…
B4b: Is it alright with you, Director?

B5: Of course.
B5b: It’s what those children decided after all.


B1: Well…
B1b: Guess you really need to work hard so those two can go on an adventure as soon as possible now.

B2: Yeah.

B3: Then…

B4: Let’s go to the Royal Capital next.

B5: Huh?

B6: Because there isn’t anyone who’s strong enough to fight pirates…
B6b: While protecting you and those kids at the same time around here.

B7: That’s why…
B7b: We’ll just have to look for them at a place further away, right?


B1: So what will you do, Takeru?

B2: …
B2b: Of course I’ll go.

B3: That’s a good expression you have there, Captain.
BC: Hahaha…

B4: All thanks to you…


SFx: Knock Knock

B1: Who’s visiting me at this hour?

Sfx: Close

B2: It’s open.


Sfx: Creak

B1: Can I talk to you for a bit..?

B2: ?

B3: By the way, I heard about it.
B3b: You’re going to go to the Royal Capital with Takeru-kun, right?

B4: Yeah


B1: I’m thinking to visit various places while looking for any experts for Takeru.
B1b: I think I can makeshift my warehouse as their temporary residence for now.

B2: Oh right.
B2b: Will you come with us to, Ali-…

B3: I won’t.

B4: I won’t go with you, Bei…
B4b: Because I’m an adventurer after all…


B1: Are you going to go on an adventure?

B2: Not right away, but I probably will.

B3: And I don’t know if I will still be here when you’re back…
B3b: So at least I want to say my thanks right now…

B4: Because I was really happy when you said that…

B5: This black hair of mine is pretty.


B1: And thanks to those words…

B2: I’m able to look forward proudly now.

B3: That’s great then.

B4: If only…

B5: You were an adventurer too, Bei…


B1: Come back whenever you feel lonely.

B2: Because I will…

B3: Always be here.


Sfx: Chuckle

B1: You really are a good man, Bei.
B1b: Even though you’re way younger than me.

B2: Thanks, I guess.