Murabito Tensei: Saikyo No Slow Life Chapter 2

Murabito Tensei: Saikyo No Slow Life Chapter 2

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: Kalaya Colony

B2: Come to think of it, I never asked about yours

B3: So, what are you going to do in the Colony?

B4: Let’s see…. I’m going to supply the store with firewood, then visit the Adventurer’s Guild to oversee the apprentice kids’ training…
Then deliver some food to Pharmacist Grandma, and after that, I think I’ll go to the fishing harbor and…

B5: How boring

B6: Just what are you expecting from my daily life?


B1: Hey
Why don’t you accompany me in my shopping for once?

B2: Wait, just how did you come into that conclusion, “Saliburry-san”?

B3: Well, I mean you must be bored if you do same things every day, right Bei?
So isn’t it fine to take a breather once in a while?

B4: Eeeh…

B5: Then what are you going to do with your beautician job?

B6: You should do the preparation for your job properly, you kno-…

Sfx: Glare

B7: How selfish…

B8: Oh my!
Aren’t you Bei?
Can I ask you for some help here?

Sfx: Creak

B9: Sure
What is it, General Store Grandma?

B10: Wha!


B1: Hey!! I was the one who asked you first!!

B2: Sorry, Saliburry
Seems like I got an urgent business all of a sudden

Sfx: Hurriedly

B3: Don’t skip on your job, okay?

Sfx; Tremble Tremble

B4: So you dare to run away from me..!

B5: Bei
You stupid jerk!!!

B6: It sure is hard being popular, isn’t it Bei?

B7: Please don’t tease me, Grandma…
So? What do you need me for?

B8: Do you still have some meat in your cargo? And if you do, can you spare this old lady some of it?

B9: Well, I don’t mind giving you some, but…

B10: This is very rare of you. What happened, Grandma?


B1: A broken ship has been staying in our harbor since three days ago
And the crews of that ship are buying a lot of food everyday…

B2: And thanks to that, the food in our storage is running short…

B3: I see…

B4: If they only bought that much in 3 days, then I suppose it’s not a problem yet…

Sfx: Hmm…

B5: What do you mean?

B6: I don’t know how big that merchant ship really is…
But after listening to Grandma’s story, I think it probably has 20-30 men inside, right?

B7: So I’m wondering, just how do they feed that many people every day?


B1: In the first place, this village is a self-sufficient village

B2: So, if they prolong their stay, then our food reserve will be gone

B3: Wait…
Then doesn’t that mean…

B4: Recently, The Lord in this area changed, and the new one issued a higher tax, right?

B5: So thanks to that, there are a lot of people who barely make the cut in this self-sufficient village

B6: However, if we ignore this merchant ship matter…

B7: I fear there would be a quarrel between the villagers and the ship crews


B1: But that’s..!
Isn’t that a huge problem for us..!?

Sfx: Sway

B2: Then we can’t keep going like this!

Sfx: Dash

B3: Ah!

B4: Sigh, really, what a hasty person…

H: I can’t even see her anymore…

B5: I guess I should go to the harbor for now… I’m worried about the merchant ship, and of course that berserk Grandma…

Sfx: Splash

B6: After listening to Grandma’s story, I imagined it would be a pretty big ship, but…

Sfx: Rattle Rattle

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B1: This is bigger than what I imagined!
It could even pass as an island

B2: And there are quite some people here, they are probably guards or perhaps just normal crews


B1: What a splendid magic ship this is. It even has a lot of cargo in it…

B2: Just what kind of famous person owns this ship, I wonder?


B1: “Bazivador Company”

B2: It’s the finest trading company in this country led by a man called Barvond Bazivador

B3: And I even heard that their wealth is not losing to any nobles in this country. Heck, I’m not even sure if the King dares to defy Barvond’s will

B4: Sigh, so I got another big-shot in the picture now?

B5: I hope this won’t become a huge trouble for me…

B6: Hey, Bei!


B1: Huh, Village Chief? What are you doing in the harbor?

B2: Just follow me for now, Bei!

B3: You see, that old lady from the general store visited me with a pale face and said…
“We have to negotiate with that company for our village’s future!!”

Sfx: Murmur Murmur

B4: And dragged me to the harbor with such persistence

B5: Grandma, you’re too active for your age…

Sfx: Ahh…


B1: Ah, Village Elder

B2: I have been waiting for you

B3: Let me introduce myself. My name is Lagier, a member of Bazivador Company

Sfx: Smile

B4: Err, pleasure. I’m…

B5: It’s ok, I already know

B6: You are the “Mr. Prodigy” from Village Chief-dono’s story, right?

B7: Well, I mean, you’re the one and only Bei who was able to read and write at 4, do magic when you were 10, and currently studying pharmacy after all
So I thought that you’re the right person to answer his difficult question…

B8: So you’re shirking everything to me then!?

B9: …Sigh, let’s just hear what you have to say for now…


B1: I’ll cut to the chase then

B2: Would you hand over your horse to us?

B3: Are you seriously asking that?

Sfx: Rise head

B4: Of course
And obviously, we will pay you suitably for the horse

B5: …

H: This guy… He thinks that he can buy everything in this village just by waving some money, huh…

H: Does he really realize that my horse is my only way of transportation to go to this village?

H: He’s looking down on me…

Sfx: Sigh…


B1: Fine, give me 100 gold coins then

B2: We have no deal if you can’t prepare me that much

B3: Wha..!?

B4: In the other shops
50 gold coins should be more than enough to buy a horse and the wagon, you know!?

B5: Hey hey, it’s up to the seller to decide whether it’s enough or not, right?

B6: Besides, I believe I offered you a reasonable price, don’t you agree?

B7: If I sell my horse, then I would need several days to carry my things as I go down from my mountain
And if that happened, I won’t be able to pay daily tax by supplying firewood anymore

B8: Furthermore, I’m pretty sure that won’t be my only problem if I lose my horse


B1: That’s why…
I gave you the price that will guarantee me that I won’t have trouble living after I sold my horse to you

B2: So I was just giving my proper response
To your abrupt and oppressing request

B3: That’s all

B4: This brat..!

B5: Stop it, Lagier

Sfx: Gasp

B6: Boss…

Sfx: Rustle

B7: If you got swept in your emotion in a negotiation, it just shows that you’re still inexperienced


H: So this is the head of Bazivador Company, Barvond Bazivador, huh…

B1: Please forgive us, boy, as it seems that my subordinate has said something rude to you

B2: No no, I don’t really mind. Oh, and just call me Bei, by the way

B3: So, are you still going to buy my horse?


B1: Please, save us

B2: Boss!

B3: Just laugh like I care
If we can get any help, then I don’t care if I even have to bow to the Death God

B4: Looks like you are also pretty desperate with this situation, huh…

B5: Yes. This matter could decide the life of my Company after all

B6: So, will you lend me your wisdom, “Mr. Prodigy”?
I will definitely do anything in my power to repay your kindness later

H: So he’ll even go that far for a brat like me, huh…

B7: That’s the boss for you


B1: I understand. I’ll help you

B2: I’m indebted to you, Bei

B3: Well, I actually wanted to ask various things, but as it’s about to be dark, shall we move?

B4: Mr. Boss
Do you mind staying in our house tonight?

B5: No, I’ll gladly accept your offer


B1: However…

B2: A large house, bath, and a detached house for a guest?
Even the nobles in the royal capital don’t have this luxury, you know?

B3: Ahaha, you must be joking…

B4: Especially that food called “Gyoza”!
It’s my first time eating it but boy, those sure are good!

B5: I can’t give you anything even if you praise me that much, you know?
I mean, a great merchant like you must have eaten much better food, right?

B6: You really think so?


B1: We spend most of our time at sea

B2: Even if we have a very skilled chef with us, we still can’t draw our real strength with just dried meat and preserved food

B3: So the reason why you bought most of the food in the village is…

B4: Yes. We got too excited as it’s been a while since we saw land

B5: I see… However, please take our preserved food instead next time
As you will bring chaos to our villagers otherwise

B6: I understand

B7: By the way, about your ship…
Is the part that’s broken the area below waterline?


B1: But to be broken that hard, I really wonder how can you sail with it all this time
Perhaps all I can say is that’s a high quality magic ship for you…

B2: You sure know a lot of things, don’t you, Mr. Prodigy..?

B3: Hahaha… I just read a lot of books, I guess

H: To think that the documentary from my past life would be this useful…

B4: Anyways, are you seriously planning to carry all of those cargos with my horse?

B5: Well, this is an emergency. Besides, I don’t know any other ways…


B1: I would need 1 day to carry your cargos, 1 day to prepare your ship for another trip…

B2: And… I guess 3 days are enough to repair your ship

B3: If you give me 5 days, I think I can solve all of your problems

B4: You’re telling me that you can repair that big hole in that short of time!?

B5: It’s not impossible, you know?


B1: We’ll stick several thin barriers on it

Sfx: Touch

B2: We’re going to make barriers around this size, pile them over, and cover the whole hole with them

B3: If we pile several layers of them, I’m sure it will be pretty solid
And I believe it will be firmer and lighter than using wood

B4: Mr. Boss..?

Sfx: Gasp

B5: Forgive me, seems like I couldn’t follow all of it

B6: Hey, Bei…
Tell me…

B7: Just how much I should pay you for doing this big favor for me..?


B1: Don’t worry about it, Mr. Boss…
I’m sure you also have something that only you can do too

B2: Do you know the Count that recently became the Lord here?

B3: Well, I think I met him before…

B4: You see, some time ago, he suddenly increased the tax here

B5: And the villagers are troubled because of that

B6: So, with your connection and wealth…

B7: Could you do something to that Old coot?

Sfx: Grin


B1: Do you mind if I do it very thoroughly?

B2: Of course not

B3: Bei, you are a bad person, you know?

Sfx: Khukukukuku

B4: No no, I’m still not as good as you, Mr. Boss

B5: I never thought that you would really finish it all in a mere 5 days…

Sfx: Wow…

B6: Well, I’m a person who keeps his promise after all

B7: Then I guess…
I should return this favor completely too, right?


B1: I’ll visit you again if I drop in nearby

B2: Sure

B3: Farewell, my friend

B4: That sure is a very older friend you have there, Bei


B1: It’s pretty rare to see you, the Adventurers Guild receptionist lady, here in the harbor, Neraphila Anego*
TLN: Anego = Very informal way to say big sister. Could also used to call a slightly older woman with respect

Sfx: Chuckle

B2: I was in the middle of shopping, so I thought I’ll drop by for a bit

B3: How is the Guild recently?

B4: Like usual, or so I wanted to say, but…

B5: There is a rise of sighting reports of goblins

B6: There aren’t any damages yet, but…
I heard that a caravan almost got attacked by them at the Asaraki Mountain

B7: So we’re keeping our guard up right now


B1: Then I’ll hunt some goblins for you when I get back

B2: It will be troublesome if they increased their number anymore after all

B3: I know that you’re really strong, Bei, but please don’t push yourself too hard, okay?

H: Sigh, one trouble after another, huh…

B4: Come to think of it, Touta’s hunting ground is near Asaraki Mountain, was it? Guess I’ll have to warn him

Sfx: Step Step

B5: Touta
Are you going to hunt now? There are goblins on the mounta-…

Sfx: Step Step


B1: Hey hey, what’s wrong?

Sfx: Hide

B2: Please forgive us…

B3: For tailing that little boy

Sfx: Twitch

B4: Could it be that you’re…

B5: Vibelfacfiny-kun?

B6: I am, and you guys are?

B7: Sorry for our rudeness


B1: From right, She’s Vanice

B2: Salayla

B3: Alitera

B4: And my name is Tocola, the leader of a C rank Party [Light of Darkest Night]

B5: And we’re thinking to spend the night in your house


B1: Why? There should be an inn at the foot of the mountain

B2: Because we heard that you’re an interesting person

B3: Furthermore, we heard that you have a large bath in your house, and as you can see for yourself, we are currently smudged with mud from our long journey

B4: Of course, we’ll pay you for it. So… can we?

B5: Then…

B6: Instead of paying us with money, let me hear your adventure stories

B7: How about that?


B1: Gladly!

B2: We’ll tell you everything until you’re satisfied

B3: Well then everyone…
Welcome to our house!