Murabito Tensei: Saikyo No Slow Life Chapter 7

Murabito Tensei: Saikyo No Slow Life Chapter 7

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note


Chapter 7


B1: Well then
B1b: We’re going to patrol the forest now, okay?

B2: Ah, sure, have fun

B3: Take care!

B4: But today is such a perfect day to do laundry, don’t you agree, Chapelle?

B5: Yeah! I’m sure that they’ll dry real fast if it’s this sunny

B6: Hmm?


B1: What’s wrong?

B2: Over there…
B2b: That’s a lot of carriages… I wonder who is coming…

B3: That’s…

B4: It’s the Merchant An-chan!

T: Merchant


B1: Hey. How’re things going?

B2: Not bad

B3: But you sure brought a pretty big company, didn’t you?
B3b: Even though you always came by yourself before

B4: Well… Things happened, and…

B5: Hey, come on
B5b: Go introduce yourself

B6: I’m-…
B6: No, I mean…

B7: ?


B1: I..!
B1b: I am his little brother, Bachs!!

Sfx: Squeeze

B2: It’s an honor to meet you!

B3: You don’t need to be that polite to me, you know..?
BC: Uhh…

Sfx: Tap

B4: Cut him some slack, he’s just nervous because it’s his first day being a peddler

B5: But well, he’s the one who will succeed me in the future

B6: So please treat him well


B1: Wait, succeed you?

B2: Yeah, I’ve retired from the merchant business now

B3: And thinking to spend the rest of my life opening a shop in this village

B4: Retire..?
B4b: The heck are you saying, you’re not even that old, you know!

H: Just what’s wrong with you, all of a sudden?

B5: Err…
B5b: About that…

Sfx: Appear

B6: Is there something wrong?


B1: And she is..?

B2: Ah, my name is Saranilla
B2b: I’ve heard a lot about you from my husband

B3: Wait a sec… Husband..?

B4: Err, you see…

B5: I…

Sfx: Pink atmosphere

B6: Married her!


B1: The hell with that!? That’s too abrupt!!

Sfx: Eeh!?

B2: Well that’s the fact!! What, you have a problem with it!?

B3: Of course not! But you should tell us about these happy news sooner, idiot!!

Sfx: Clap Clap Clap

B4: Congrats!!

Sfx: Blush

B5: Congratulations!

B6: Wait, Chapelle? When did you-…

B7: What’s with this commotion?

B8: Listen to this, Okan! Aval is bringing his wife back home!!

Sfx: Aaaargh!!

B9: Stop it, you bastard!

H: Oh dear


B1: All three of you must be tired from your trip, right?
B1b: So be my guests and just rest inside for now

B2: Ah, I have an important business deal soon, so please excuse me for now

B3: Oh, so soon?

B4: Yes. So the other party won’t feel offended

B5: Okay then

B6: Bei-san
B6b: Can I ask you to lead me to the center of the Village?

B7: Sure

B8: And…

B9: There’s one other thing that I need to discuss…


Sfx: Rattle Rattle

B1: A surprise?
B1b: For Aval and Saranilla?

B2; Yeah…
B2b: Since we’re always on the move…

B3: They haven’t even held their Wedding Ceremony yet…

B4: So I want to do something for the two of them…
B4b: After all, I’m very indebted to both my Nii-san and Saranilla Nee-san…


B1: What a kind little brother…

Sfx: Teary

B2: Alright, leave it to me! Let’s make a show of it!!

B3: Thank you very much!

B4: And while we’re at it, how about we combine it with their welcome party too?
B4b: And we should invite the whole village for it!

B5: Oh, then how about we make a bridal dress too!
B5b: But… can we really find someone who can prepare it by today..?

B6: Nice timing!
BC: Ah!

B7: Toala!

T: Toala


B1: What’s wrong, Bei?

B2: Sorry for asking you this so suddenly, but can you make a bridal dress by today?
B2b: It’s for Aval’s wife

Sfx: Gleam

B3: Aval is going to marry?

B4: Then I just have the perfect cloth for it!
B4b: I’m sure it’s going to look pretty as a veil!

Sfx: Wave Wave Wave

B5: Yeah, I’m counting on you

B6: Who was she..?
BC: I didn’t even get the chance to greet her…

B7: She’s my childhood friend, Toala the Tailor
B7b: Don’t worry, she’s great with her hands!

B8: Then I’m really looking forward to it!


B1: Bei-san! I want to help too!
B1b: I’ll do anything!

B2: You’re going to a business deal after this, right? Don’t push yourself

Sfx: Rustle

B3: Bachs, can you go by yourself from here?
B3b: Just go up this hill and you’ll get to the Colony

Sfx: Jump

B4: Err, okay..?

B5: Well then, let’s meet again later

Sfx: Rattle Rattle

B6: So…
B6b: How long are you planning to hide for, Saliburry?

B7: …

Sfx: Rustle Rustle


B1: You’re a pretty busy man now, aren’t you…

Sfx: Glare

B2: Wait, what are you so angry for anyways?

B3: By the way, did you change your hairstyle?

B4: Eh, you noticed?

Sfx: Hehe

B5: What do you think?

B6: It’s pretty nice. I didn’t know you’re that skillful

Sfx: Hee…

B7: Right? Right?
B7b: Praise me more!


B1: Hey, can you do something for me?

B2: Can you make Saranilla-san’s hair prettier too?

Sfx: Snap

B3: Who in the world is this new woman!?

B4: She’s Aval’s wife
B4b: And I was planning to make their Wedding Ceremony plus Welcoming Party really flashy, so…

B5: Oh… I see…


B1: Fine

B2: Then we’ll need to tell the others too as soon as possible

B3: It’s going to be held at your place, right?

B4: Grab

B5: Why are you in such a hurry?
BC: Wait!

B6: Sigh… We don’t have time to do this leisurely here!
B6b: There are a lot of things to do to prepare for a Wedding Ceremony, you know!

B7: It’s going to be rude for Aval and his wife if we do it half-heartedly!!


B1: I’m home…

B2: Welcome back!

B3: Lunch is almost done

B4: Hmm? Where’s Bachs-kun?

B5: He’s probably still busy with his business deal
B5b: So, err, can you lower that knife for now..?

Sfx: Gasp!

B6: Oh, silly me! I’m so sorry!

B7: You’re right… Bladed tool is not something you could face other people with..!

Sfx: Flustered Flustered

B8: Please calm down! It’s dangerous


B1: Your wife is quite, err… unique, isn’t she…

B2: Well, she’s actually a noble’s daughter, you see…
B2b: She’s not used to a lot of things, so please teach her

B3: I see…

B4: Now that he mentioned it, she does have this noble aura around her…

B5: I didn’t know you’re aspiring to be a gold digger, Aval…

B6: I’m not, you cheeky brat!

B7: She left her own house to pursue her dream to be a doctor

B8: But thanks to that decision, her parents disowned her and she hasn’t met them ever since…


B1: And I…

B2: Fell in love with that strength of hers…

B3: …
B3b: Hey, don’t start falling in love with her all over again now…
BC: You’re making me embarrassed too…

Sfx: Blush

B4: Shut it. Don’t tease your elder

B5: Well then, let me build a house
B5b: For you lovebirds

B6: Are you sure?

B7: Don’t go all reserved with me now. It’s your wedding present
B7b: I’ll start after lunch. Help me with it, Touta

Sfx: Nod


B1: Where do you want it to be?

B2: Make it close to your house if possible
B2b: I’ll ask for the Village Chief’s permission in the meantime

B3: Got it

B4: If your wife is a doctor…
BC: Ah!

B5: Isn’t it better to make a clinic too while I’m on it?

B6: Eh!?

Sfx: Cheery

B7: Is that really alright!?

B8: It’s been my dream for so long to have my own clinic!

B9: Is it really, really alright!?

B10: It is, but it will take some time though

Sfx: Hahaha


B1: And…

Sfx: Grin

B2: We still have one more present for you guys

B3: So look forward to it

B4-5: ?


Sfx: Thock Thock Thock Thock

B1: Hmm?

B2: Oh, welcome back

B3: We’re back

B4: It’s really nice to have someone welcome us when we’re back, don’t you agree?

B5: Yeah, it really feels like we’re finally back… home…


SFx: Tada

B1: ?

B2: Wait, this house wasn’t here when we left this morning, right..?

B3: Are they your guests, Bei?

B4: Yeah
B4b: They are Adventurer Ladies who are staying at our home now

B5: Nice to meet you
B5b: My name is Tocola, the leader of the [Light of Darkest Night]


B1: Seriously!?
BC: Se-..!

Sfx: Twitch

B2: …To think that I would meet the [Massacre Maidens] at this place…

B3: Please don’t use that name to call us…
BC: Uhh…

B4: The heck are you talking about?

B5: NO, the heck are you talking about!? They are famous, you know!

H: I even heard that they literally destroyed the main force of the Goblin invasion at a neighboring country

H: With just 4 people, you know!

Sfx: Hee…

B6: There are even minstrels who sung a poem about their bravery

B7: Poem!?

B8: Somehow the rumor is getting bigger than what it really is!?


B1: Hee, then I’m a really lucky man, aren’t I?
B1b: To think that I have such an elite party protecting me…

Sfx: Yeah Yeah

B2: Please stop… We’re not that great, really…

B3: An-chan!
B3b: Toala-san and Saliburry-san arrived just now!

B4: Oh, good. And how’s the setup?

B5: All that’s left is to bring out the dishes

B6: I’m sorry for asking you out of the blue, but can you guys help us?

B7: Eh? What’s this?

B8: What’s happening here?

B9: Just ask Chapelle for the details…

B10: Hey, you’re definitely hiding something, aren’t you?

B11: Ah, of course you would notice…


B1: Well…
B1b: I guess it’s about time

B2: Bei-san!

B3: I’m sorry I’m late!

B4: Nah, you really came at the perfect time, Bachs

B5; Hey Aval!
B5b: Congrats for your marriage!

Sfx; Chatter Chatter

B6: Here, I brought some wine for you!

B7: I wonder what kind of girl Aval’s wife is?

B8: Everyone… Why are you…


B1: Well, tonight is going to be your Wedding Ceremony
B1b: So we invited the whole village to congratulate you!

Sfx: Chatter Chatter

B2: I didn’t hear anything about this…

B3: Well, no shit Sherlock, it’s a surprise after all

B4: And the one who started all of this grand idea
B4b: Was Bachs, you know?

B5: So be grateful to him

B6: Nii-san, congratulations for your wedding
B6b: Make sure to make Saranilla Nee-san happy, okay?


B1: Sniff…

B2: It’s too early to cry, you know?
B2b: Because the other leading role has just arrived
BC: Hey hey

B3: So greet her, Mr. Groom


B1: You… Just when did you…

B2: It’s so pretty, isn’t it?
B2b: They said this is the village’s traditional dress, you know?

B3: As expected from you two

B4: Hehe, I did my best!

B5: Me too! I worked really hard, you know?

B6: Bei…
B6b: Really… I just… I just don’t know what to say…

B7: To you… to Bachs… and to the whole village…
B7b: I just can’t thank you guys enough…

B8: …ank yhou…

B9: Like I said, it’s too early to cry
B9b: Because we still have your welcoming party after the ceremony!

Sfx: Sniff Sniff


B1; Alright! Guys..!

B2: Let’s party till we drop tonight!!