Murabito Tensei: Saikyo No Slow Life Chapter 8

Murabito Tensei: Saikyo No Slow Life Chapter 8

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note


H: Chapter 8


B1: Dear
B1b: Where should I put these boxes down?

B2: Ah, put them on the first floor please

B3: Okay

B4: Hey, Aval
B4b: These things go here, right?

B5: We finally finished Aval’s house
B5b: 4 days after their marriage ceremony


B1: The first floor of the main building is going to be Aval Trading Company

B2: While Saranilla’s Clinic was planned to be opened next to it…

B3: Eeek!

Sfx: Thud Thud

B4: Or so it should be…

B5: Ah, I-I’m really sorry! I screwed up again…

B6: Don’t mind it. Rather than that, are you okay, Saranilla?

B7: Yes…

Sfx: Heartwarming

B8: But there’s no sign it’s going to be open any time soon…

B9: Phew, I understand that you love each other, but do it in moderation, okay?
B9b: Your goods are still scattered all around the floor after all

B10: Y-You’re right!


B1: But nevertheless…
B1b: There sure are a lot of books here, aren’t there…

B2: This is…
BC: Hmm?

B3: This book…

B4: Is coated…
B4b: With a barrier?

B5: Ah, I asked Saranilla’s acquaintance to do that

B6: Hee, this is pretty intriguing
B6b: So? Who are you planning to sell this to?


B1: The Mermaids

B2: You see, I’ve been yearning to do business with mermaids for a while now…
B2b: That’s why, Bei…

B3: Can you lend me that small hut…

B4: You built on the harbor?

B5: Of course, I’ll pay you the hut’s rent from my earnings
B5b: It’s not a bad deal, right?

B6: …

B7: A merchant who sells books for mermaids, huh…
B7b: I guess I shouldn’t expect any less from you…


B1: Normally, people can’t read books under the sea…
B1b: So I’m sure people would even die for this

B2: Seems like I can really look forward to my share

Sfx: Fwip

B3: However…

B4: There’s still one big problem left…

B5: And that is?


B1: The thing is, right now…

B2: The Mermaid world is in a warring period, you see…

B3: Warring period?

B4: In short…
BC: Err…

H: Various countries under the sea…

H: Are in the midst of war with each other…

H: Like for example, the country I’ve befriended, Balderall Kingdom…

H: Is under the rule of General Haryarl

H: But it seems like they are currently in a hostile relationship with the strongest country under the sea, Garzas Empire


B1: The area around our harbor is something like a remote region of the sea
B1b: So I don’t think the war would reach there, but…

B2: They only buy weapons and medicine from here recently, so…

B3: I don’t think there would be any people who would buy a book in that situation…

Sfx: Pale

B4: So to be honest, I’m sorry, but I don’t think that it will sell at all…

B5: Then it’s a completely…
B5b: Bad time to do business, isn’t it..!?

Sfx: Tremble Tremble Tremble

H: I never knew the situation is this dangerous…

B6: For now…
B6b: Let’s just go to the harbor tomorrow
BC: Now now…

B7: I’ll lead you to the hut at that time
B7b: Besides, it would be faster if we hear the situation ourselves from General Haryarl

B8: Ugh, my stomach…


Sfx: Splash

B1: We’re here. That’s my hut

B2: You can use it anytime you want to

B3: Half of it is submerged under the sea
B3b: So you can use that part to do deals with the Mermaids

B4: I see…
BC: Hee…

B5: Hey, do I really have to dive for a long time?
B5b: I can’t hold my breath that long, you know?

B6: You don’t need to be worried about that. I already have a plan

Sfx: Squelch


B1: …
B1b: Do you know them, Bei?

Sfx: Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

B2: No, it’s my first time seeing them too

H: Squid Girls..?

B3: They don’t look like Mermaids… A different race, perhaps?

B4: But, seriously… They really have a suspicious look in their eyes, don’t you think?

Sfx: Wiggle

B5: Clack!

B6: !!!!

B7: Bei…
B7b: Are these guys..?

B8: Yeah, seems like it’s going to be trouble…


Sfx: Swish

H: Whoops

B1: Whoaaa!!!

B2: Hey, let’s run to the sea!

B3: Huh!?

B4: Wai-…
B4b: Wait a minute!

Sfx: Dash Dash Dash

B5: I told you I can’t swim! Bei!!

Sfx: Pull

B6: Whoa!!

Sfx: Jump


Sfx: Splash!!

B1: Wait… I can… breathe..?

Sfx: Bubble

B2: Yeah, I covered your body with a barrier, so you can breathe without worries even under the sea

Sfx: Bwooooosh

B3: Bei, they’re still coming!!

B4: Tch, these squid girls are really persistent!!

B5: Aval!!
B5b: This way!


B1: Do you have a place we can take refuge in?

B2: Yeah. General Haryarl’s residence is not far from here
B2b: I’m sure there will be soldiers there too, so…

B3: Guha..!!

Sfx: Wham!!

B4: Bei!!

Sfx:  Fwump


B1: Ugh…
B1b: What… the heck..?

B2: I’m really sorry!!

B3: Ur-san..?
BC: Wait…

B4: Bei-sama!?
B4b: I’m really, really sorry, Bei-sama! Did you get hurt..?


B1: Err, Bei?
B1b: Do you know this mermaid?

B2: Yeah. She’s Ur-san, The General’s private secretary

Sfx: Bow

B3: Nice to meet you

B4: Uhm, Bei-sama? And this gentleman is?

H: Secretary..?

B5: Ur-san, we don’t have the leisure to introduce him right now
B5b: So can you hide us inside the General’s residence right away?

B6: Because we are being chased…
B6b: By some squid girls right now

B7: Chased? But I don’t see anyone other than you two…

B8: Huh? Did we shake them off?
B8b: Well, no matter. We should move while we ca-…


B1: No no no!! You can’t!!

B2: It’s really dangerous here!!

B3: Please go back to the land at once! Please!!

Sfx: Pull Pull

B4: Wait wait wait!
B4b: What’s wrong with you all of a sudden!?

B5: Uhh…

B6: Actually, the Empire invaded us not too long ago…

B7: And right now, they are looking for you, Bei-sama…


B1: Wait, Empire?
B1b: Is this the same Empire that you told me before, Bei?

B2: Rather than that…

B3: I’m more curious about why they are looking for me

B4: Err, about that…

B5: We might be a small country, but we were able to fight the Empire’s men on an even ground

B6: However, it was all thanks to the equipment that Bei-sama provided

B7: And unfortunately…

B8: The Empire started to become aware of the existence of our equipment and Bei-sama
B8b: So…


B1: So they are searching for the source of that equipment…

B2: In other words, me, huh…

B3: And the General isn’t here right now, is he?
B3b: Otherwise, he would never let them invade this far

H: Good Grief…

B4: You’re completely right, Bei-sama!

B5: I was…
B5b: Entrusted to guard this place by the General, but…

B6: I’m so pathetic…


Sfx: Sob Sob

B1: Wipe your tears, Ur-san
B1b: It’s not that serious of a matter, you know?

B2: I mean, all we need is…

B3: To drive away those Empire men, right?

B4: !?

B5: Bei!? Are you planning to fight them!?

B6: Please perish that thought, Bei-sama!
B6b: They have more than 100 soldiers, you know!?

B7: No matter how strong Bei-sama is, you won’t…

B8: It will be alright

B9: After all…


B1: I haven’t had any intention to fight them directly

B2: To begin with

B3: Huh?

H: Sigh…

B4: Don’t underestimate them too much, Bei…

H: Eh?

H: Eh?

B5: It will be okay, trust me
B5b: By the way, it will be a bit dangerous, so I need you two to hide, okay?

B6: Err, what is Bei-sama going to do, err…

B7: My name is Aval, a merchant
BC: Nice to meet you


B1: Well, I’ve known Bei for a pretty long time, you see…
B1b: So I pretty much can guess what’s inside that brat’s head

B2: You don’t need to be worried about him
B2b: If it’s him, I’m sure he can definitely pull it off


B1: Destroy any weapon storages and safes you find!!
B1b: But take away any food or medicine!

B2: Don’t hesitate to kill them if they try to resist!!

B3: They literally act like bandits, don’t they…

B4: Hey there, Bandit guy. How do you do?


B1: A-A human!?

Sfx: Murmur

B2: Could it be that…
B2b: He’s the one who provided them with equipment!?

B3: Step

B4: I have no reason to tell you
B4b: Just get out from this place already

B5: Or do you want feel some pain first?

B6: You dare to look down on us, the proud army of the Empire..!?


B1: I’ll kill you, land monkey!!

Sfx: Voom

B2: Sigh, what violent fishes…

Sfx: Fwip

B3: What… is this..!?

B4: Shit..! Retreat, retre-…


Sfx: Pull

B1: Phew, what a haul we have here!


B1: Now, what should I do with you guys…

Sfx: Rustle Rustle Rustle

B2: Maybe I should eat them?
BC: Whisper

B3: Huh!?

B4: I knew it!! You land monkeys are all barbarians!!

B5: You devil!!

B6: …

B7: I never knew…
B7b: That Bei-sama looks at us that way…

Sfx: Shudder

B8: Don’t take it seriously…
B8b: He’s just messing around like a brat


B1: Ur-san
B1b: Please throw these guys into jail
B1c: I’ll leave it for the General to decide their punishment

B2: Right away, Bei-sama!

B3: You really need to stop with the bad jokes, you know?

B4: Sorry, sorry. Anyways, the sun is almost set, so why don’t we call it a day for today?

B5: Sure

B6: Rip

Sfx: Thump

B7: ?

B8: You dropped something, Aval-sama

B9: Oh, thanks

Sfx: Gasp


B1: This is… a book!?

B2: Amazing!!
B2b: I never thought that I would find one under the sea!!
B2c: This is just too amazing!!

Sfx: Fwip

B3: I’m really glad you love it
B3b: You see, I was planning to sell it to the mermaids, but…

B4: Sell?

B5: Didn’t I tell you? He’s a merchant
B5b: So there won’t be any harm for you to befriend him

B6: Well, that’s certainly not a bad idea, but…


B1: As you can see, our town is in this state at the moment…

B2: Then how about I help you by gathering some materials from above ground?
B2b: Of course, you don’t need to pay me for that

B3: Eh!?

B4: That will be really helpful for us, but…

B5: Well, we’re going to be seeing each other for a while after all

B6: Besides…

B7: I just can’t leave a troubled person alone


B1: Well, while he might be a good man, but you should stop it while you can
B1b: He’s already married after all

Sfx: Twitch

B2: !!!

B3: I-I-I don’t think of him like that!!
B3b: Stupid Bei-sama!!

H: Hahaha!

B4: ?