Nande koko ni sensei ga!? Chapter 18

Nande koko ni sensei ga!? Chapter 18

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Panel Text
Page 1
P1 b1 In a certain apartment, in an inconspicuous looking building…
P2 b1 At this place, where I came as a home tutor…
P3 b1 Who knew-
P3 b2 Suzuki-kun!?
P3 b3 That this was Matsukaze-sensei’s place!?
P3 text The misunderstanding at school was solved but…
P4 b1 So you were Saya’s home tutor, Suzuki-kun!?
P4 b2 Um…
P4 b3 Or should I say
P5 b1 So it seems.
P5 sign Matsukaze

– Mayu – Saya

P5 b2 Realize it earlier, moron!!!
Page 2
Title Chapter 18 – Lewd Saint Teacher
Text 1 Remove clothes top-first? Remove clothes bottom-first?
Text 2 Weekly Young Magazine’s desert corner where you can experience tenderness after reading it.
Page 3
P1 b1 I’m sorry for the misunderstanding that I caused this afternoon.
P2 b1 I was scolded afterwards by Onee-chan.
P2 b2 She said that even if Suzuki-kun were a delinquent, he’s not the sort of person that would attack a person.
P3 b1 Hahahaha. That’s fine. I’m used to being misunderstood.
P3 b2 More importantly, did you solve it?
P3 b3 Ah. Yes.
P4 b1 Um… All correct!! You’ve got this Math I down perfectly!
P4 b2 Alright, well then, let’s start with Math II.
P4 b3 Let’s do that, Suzuki-sensei!
P5 b1 O-Okay!!! First,…
P5 b2 Thank god, I’m doing alright being a home tutor.
P5 b3 I was quite worried at first because I didn’t expect to see sensei and her little sister.
P6 b1 I can do it-
P6 b2 Suzuki-kun!!
Page 4
P1 b1 Um… Do you want something to drink!?
P1 b2 Ah!! Are you hungry!? Do you want to eat dinner before you leave!?
P1 b3 We have meat stew and seasoned rice-
P1 b4 Um….
p1 Sfx x3 Kya
P2 b1 Hya. What should I do!! It feels strange when Suzuki-kun is here!!
P2 b2 Onee-chan
P2 b3 Do you want something Saya? Anything is fine.
P2 sfx Kya
P3 b1 You’re a nuisance.
P3 b2 What!?
P4 b1 You don’t have any reason to be here, do you?
P4 b2 Well… You see…
P4 b3 Why are you looking at me!!?
P4 Sfx x2 Glance
P5 b1 Is that why!!
Page 5
P1 b1 So she’s worried that I’d lay my hands on her sister!!
P1 b2 I understand!! I also have a little sister so I completely understand her feelings!!
P2 b1 But-
P2 b2 Please don’t worry!!
P2 sfx Sternly
P3 b1 As I said before at the pool,
P3 b2 Laying my hands on my students, looking at them in a perverted way,
P3 b3 I won’t do any of that
P3 sfx Grab
P4 b1 I will remain a noble and just teacher, just as you are!!
P4 b2 Please stop~~~!!
P5 b1 I’m not that sort of teacher~~~~!!
P5 sfx Dash
P5 b2 In the first place, didn’t Onee-chan say that Suzuki-kun isn’t the- Hey, where are you going!?
P5 b3 I’m going to cool down!!
Page 6
P1 b1 Did I say something strange?
P1 b2 No, no matter how you look at it,
P2 b1 The strange one here is Onee-chan…
P2 sfx Splash
P2 text I have to pull myself together…
P3 b1 Leaving that aside, let’s get back to studying.
P3 b2 About the real-valued n here,
P3 b3 Ah. I see.
P3 b4 You need to replace it by a value greater than 2-
P5 b1 Fuu. Solved it.
P5 b2 Suzuki-sensei, you’re a great teacher!
P6 b1 Onee-chan is also a teacher and also a great teacher, but
P6 b2 you’re also a great teacher!
P6 b3 Really!? That makes me happy!
P7 b1 Then, if I asked Matsukaze-sensei to teach too, our efficiency may also increase!
P7 b2 But, Sensei ran away before so she’s not here, though.
P7 b3 I haven’t seen her for the past hour, where did she go? I’m a little worried…
P7 b4 Let’s take a short break while I search for her.
P8 b1 Haa
P8 sfx Sticky step
Page 7
P1 b1 I need to calm down-
P1 b2 I wonder where Sensei went…
P1 sfx Click
P1 b3 What!?
P2 b1 Huh?
P4 b1 Su-
P5 b1 Suzuki
P5 b2 Kun!?
P5 sfx Sudden realization
P6 b1 Wh… Wh-Wh-Why!!?
P6 b2 No… I was searching for you because you weren’t here… Before that…
P6 b3 I’m sorry. I’ll leave right now!!
P7 sfx Click
Page 8
P1 b1 Onee-chan isn’t in her room as well…
P1 b2 Is she at the washroom or the bath?
P1 sfx Poke out
P1 b3 This is bad!!
P2 b1 It will be bad if she sees this!!
P2 b2  Sensei! Please go inside!!
P2 sfx Rustle
P3 b1 Hm…
P4 b1 So, Onee-chan isn’t here too?
p4 b2 Ye-Yeah
P5 b1 She wasn’t here.
Page 9
P1 b1 Really … Where did Onee-chan go?
P1 b2 Th-That’s right…
P1 b3 Ah-!
P2 b1 Maybe she went over to her boyfriend’s place!
P3 b1 Sa-Saya, she’s still misunderstanding that…
P3 sfx x4 Flail
P3 b2 That’s not it, Suzuki-kun!!
P3 b3 I’ve never had a boyfriend-
P4 b1 Wait, Sensei, don’t move-
P4 sfx Slide
P4 b2 Hya
P5 b1 That’s dangerous!!
P5 sfx Grab
P6 b1 What happened?
P6 b2 Or rather, aren’t you hiding something?
P6 b3 Eh!?
P6 b4 No way!!
P6 sfx 1 Shudder
P6 sfx 2 Shove
P8 sfx x2 Shove
Page 10
P1 b1 Su… Suzuki-kun… Don’t push me down-
P1 b2 Nh…
P1 b3 Well, our breaks almost over! Let’s get back to studying. You can go back first!
P1 sfx x2 Rub
P2 b1 But, Onee-chan hasn’t returned yet…
P2 sfx Click
P2 sign –    Start

–    Dry

P3 b1 She’ll probably return… sometime soon…
P3 sfx Click
P3 sign –    Start

–    Dry

P4 b1 Well, that’s also true.
P4 b2 Yeah!
P4 b3 That’s why.
P4 b4 Clatter
P4 b5 Clatter
P4 b6 Clatter
P4 sign –    Dry

–    Soak

P5 b1 Clatter
Page 11
sfx All sfx in this page is just ‘clatter’
P1 b1 Nhhh
P1 text What—!?
P2 b1 What? Why did the washing machine start to move suddenly!? A breakdown!?
P2 b2 No, most probably it was just switched on by mistake…
P3 b1 But the way it moves is quite odd…
P4 b1 Ah… Ours is quite old so it shakes a lot while drying.
P5 b1 Nh…
P5 b2 Ah…
P5 b3 I see… So that’s why.
P5 b4 Is-Isn’t that fine?
P6 b1 Not
P6 b2 Good
Page 12-13
P1 sfx x2 Shudder
P1 b1 It shoots out quite a bit of water…
P1 sfx Squirt
P2 b1 Nh
P3 sfx Drip
P4 b1 Water drops!?
Page 14
P1 b1 A water leak!!? Get a towel! A towel!
P1 b2 O-Okay!! Got it!
P2 sfx Dash
P2 b1 Alright.
P3 b1 Sensei! Please get down using this chance!
P3 b2 U-Umm… Suzuki-kun…
P3 sfx Slide
P4 b1 Th-This… water…
P4 b2 This isn’t a water leak… but… that…
P5 b1 Hahaha! I know that much!! That’s just from the bath!
P5 b2 What!?
P5 b3 Ah-Yes, that’s it.
P5 sfx Step
P6 b1 Th-Thank god you understoo-
P6 b2 Kya
P6 sfx Slip
Page 15
P1 b1 Sensei!!
P2 sfx Suddenly
P2 b2 Grab
P3 sfx Click
P3 b1 Suzuki-sensei, the towel-
P4 b1 Huh!? What!? Onee-chan is…
P4 b2 Being attacked!!!?
P4 b3 What!!?
P5 b1 Suzuki-sensei, you told me that you wouldn’t place a hand on your students but,
P5 b2 You can’t do that to your teachers too.
P5 b3 Th-This is a misunderstanding…
Page 16
P1 b1 Or rather, perhaps…
P1 b2 Your aim was to assault Onee-chan from the beginning, that’s why you became a home tutor!? As I thought… You must be a delinquent!!?
P1 b3 How did you reach that conclusion!?
P1 b4 I really came to teach you…
P2 sfx Step back
P2 b1 After this, I was planning on teaching together with Matsukaze-sensei…
P2 b2 Press
P2 b3 Nh
P3 b1 Su-Suzuki-kun, that place… is…
P3 b2 Wah!! I-I’m sorry. I thought about placing my hand on the floor…
P3 sfx Blush
P3 b3 Wh-
P3 b4 Wh-
P5 b1 What were you planning on teaching me!!!
P5 b2 Studying…
P5 b3 About what!! !!!!
P5 panel side text Little sister’s favourable impression – 0.

Big Sister’s sensitivity – ∞.

P5 panel down text To be continued.


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