Nande koko ni sensei ga!? Chapter 21

Nande koko ni sensei ga!? Chapter 21

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Nande Koko Koko Ni Sensei Ga!? Chapter 20

Page 1

Title: Where are you looking at?

P1t1: Matsukaze-sensei’s party raid on another school!?

P1sfx: Menace

P2sfx: Shudder

P3b1: Hey! Baggage carrier please move aside!

P4b1: Hi there we are here for the combo event meeting

P4b2: I am Matsukaze Saya, Student Council Treasurer of Kawanuma West High

P4b3: Same, I am the advisor Matsukaze

P4b4: I am the baggage carrier Suzuki

P5b1: Oh I am glad to meet you! I am Takahasi Takashi, Student Council Treasurer of Kawanuma East High

P5t1: Please have a seat.

P5b2: I look forward to working together today

P6b1: I am so sorry, our advisor will be here soon ——-

Sfx: Sliding

P6b2: Taka——-!!


Page 2

P1b1: I am feeling hungry-!! Give me any food you have———–!!

Sfx: Thud

P1b2: !!

P2b1: Wa… Sensei…

P2b2: Mm?

P3b1: Oops the West High people are already here! My bad! Or wait what is this!? Aren’t you two both beauties!!

P3b2: Eh!?

Sfx: Blush

P4b1: Hey Taka which one of them is your type? The glasses cutie or the Big-boob cutie!

P4b2: Wai- you are being rude you know!

P4b3: Sorry about that… this is our Advisor

P4b4: Hazakura-Sensei

P4b5: Hi there!

P5b1: —-so? Which one is your type?

P5b2: Enough with that topic already!

P5b3: ——or!! Could it be that big guy over there…?

P5b4: whatever just take your seat please!!

P5b5: …that’s quite a terrific sensei…


Page 3

Title Page: Where are you looking at?


Page 4

P1b1: Haa……

P3b1: Please excuse our advisor’s rude behavior today!

P3b2: Not at all

P3(borderline): Their Sensei is such a nice person…

P4b1: Let’s make the Combo event a success okay!

P5b1: On the other hand our own is…

Sfx: Door opening

P5b2: I am back…

P6b1: Nothing will change even if I lament over it

P6b2: This is where I man up and do my best even if I have to do it alone…!

P7sfx: Door opening

P7b1: First I will have to review the expenses——-


Page 5

P1b1: ——-wait

P1b2: Oh welcome back Taka~

Sfx: Swoosh

P1b3: Why is Sensei here!?

P2b1: …This is my room you know

P2b2: Yes I know

P2b3: The heater in my house is broken so it’s chilly in there

P3b1: Hey! Taka quit standing there like a rod and come over here!

Sfx: Grab

P3b2: Waa


Page 6

P1b1: !?

P1b2: Haa—– Taka has always been warm since way back

P1b3: With this I can have a good night sleep…

Sfx: Tightly

P2b1: Wai- Sensei what are you doing!! You can’t do this!!

P2b2: Why not~?

P3b1: Wh… Why not well… I am

Sfx: Blush

P3b2: A… a guy…

P4b1: ……

P4b2: Pfft

P5b1: Pfff haa haha!! You say what!!

P5b2: What!? Taka you mean you can do something!!?

P6Box1: Hazakura Hikari-Sensei

P6b1: Come on! Come on! Do it if you think you can you precocious brat~!!

P6b2: Wai… Sen—

P6b2: ——–Hi- Hika-nee Stop—-!!

P6Box2: Formerly Hika-nee is

P7Box1: Fellow apartment complex neighbors——

P7Box2: and so called childhood friends


Page 7

P1Box1: Because both our parents were working

P1b1: Hikari-chan I leave Takashi to you okay

P1b2: Okay

P1Box2: For as long as I can remember she’s always played with me

P2sfx: Grin…

P3Box1: Played with…

P3t1: Pfff hahaha

P3t2: pff haha it looks good on you~

P3t3: this is a girl’s clothes~

P3t4: Noooo

P3t5: pfff haha give up? Give up?

P3t6: Pfff haha

P3t7: Stop it~!!

P3t8: Haa—

P3Box2: Played…——–

P4sfx: Pfff hahaha

P4Box1: Not quite… she made me her toy

P5Box1: Then it became a Student-Teacher relationship and still hasn’t changed till now

Sfx: Tightly

P5b1: Though it’s soft and smells nice~


Page 8

P1Box1: But……

Sfx1: soft-

Sfx2: soft-

Sfx3: stunned-

P1b1: !!

P2b1: Wait Hika-nee…

P2Box1: I am now a High school student

P3Box1: Quite different from before in so many ways

P3b1: What are you…

P4b1: ——wait she’s already sleeping!?

Sfx1: Snore…

Sfx2: Fast asleep

P5b1: …Ahh… Hika-nee will never change…

P5b2: …Well it’s fine. It’s become quiet while she’s sleeping…

Sfx: Slip

P5b3: Puchin (Snap)

P6b1: Mm!?

P6t1: snap?


Page 9

P1b1: !!?

P2t1: why is she undressing—-

P2t2: or rather her bra is coming off————-!!?


Page 10

P1b1: This is bad… I need to do something fast——

Sfx: panicky

P2b1: what if she wakes up in this situation…

P2box1: ~Recollecting memory~

P2b2: why were you peeping at me while changing you perverted kid~!!

P2b3: That’s not-!! I just came to return the book I borrowed and…

P2b4: No need for excuses!! Taka you strip too~!!

P3b1: with certainty, the same thing as last time will—–

P4b1: I never want to experience that memory again!!

Sfx: slowly

P4b2: …now that it’s come to this

P4b3: I just have to fasten it without getting caught!?

P5t1: This will probably——

Sfx: Pull

P5t2: W… WTF it won’t reach…


Page 11

P1t1: I should pull it more strongly——

Sfx: Slip

P1b1: Damn—

P2b1: ——!!

P3t1: Now it has become even more complicated———-!!!

P4b1: Mmm

Sfx: Shake

P4b2: …Mm?

Sfx: slowly…

P5b1: !!

P6b1: Chilly!!

Sfx: grabs

P6b2: Waa

Sfx1: grope…

Sfx2: snore…

P7t1: I… don’t care anymore…


Page 12

Sfx: Bouncy…

P1t1: what should I do!?

P2b1: I’m not in a stage where I can just settle for peeking at underwear!!

P3t1: if I don’t break free somehow!!

Sfx: Choking (diagonally all the way to P4)

P3b1: Mmmm… No wonder she’s a PE Teacher she’s quite strong…

P4b1: But I am now a high schooler… I cannot lose in terms of strength!!

P5t1: —–Alright!

Page 13

Sfx1: Munch

Sfx2: Stuck

P1t1: —-or wait no way!!? The nipple popped out!!?

P2t1: …or rather

Sfx: in thought-

P2t2: for this to happen means that—

P3t1: It can’t be…

P3t2: That very Hika-nee is…

P4b1: Mm

P4t1: is getting arouse—

P5sfx1: Sink

P5sfx2: turning red

P6b1: Oh no… I carelessly put more power——

P7sfx1: soft…

P8sfx: Twitch

P8b1: Ah-


Page 14

Sfx: Twitch


Page 15

P1sfx1: Twitching

P1sfx2: Twitching

P2sfx: Slowly…

P2b1: Hm…


Page 16

P2b1: Go… Good morning Hika-nee

P2b2: My life has ended——–!!!

Sfx: Pop

P3b1: ……

P3b2: …Taka

P3sfx1: Slowly

P3sf2: Flinch


Page 17

P1b1: Do you desire boobs that badly?

P1b2: You looked like a baby you know?

P2b1: There~ there!

Sfx1: pat

Sfx2: pat

P3b1: Mm~

P3b2: Now then! I am getting hungry I should start heading home~

Sfx: Ughn-

P3b3: Hi… Hika-nee?

P4Sfx: Slam shut

P4b1: …Thank goodness she didn’t get mad…

P4b2: …but

P4b3: she… really doesn’t see me as a man does she…

P5b1: ……


Page 18

P1sfx: Blushing

P1t1: Wh… what was that!? Just now——!?

P2t1: Could it be that Taka has awoken as a real man…!?

P2t2: No way… at this rate the possibility of him dominating me is too…!!!

P3t1: —–Shit!! Like I will let you!!

Sfx1: pull

P3t2: Taka is my own personal exclusive toy for the rest of his li———-

P3b1Sfx1: pant

P3b2Sfx2: pant

P3b3: !!

P4b1: Pant…

P4b2: Pant…

P4b3: He’s quite something I can even hear his wild unruly breathing from within the room!!!

Sfx: Daze

P4b4: Pant…

P4b5: Pant…

P4b6: Could it be he’s remembering the stuff from just now and alone wants to use it to…!?

Sfx1: Tremble…

Sfx2: Tremble…

P5b1: I will never become Taka’s plaything you hear———-!!!

P6b1: Pant…

P6b2: Pant…

P6b3: I need to put on muscles in order to be much manlier…!