Nande koko ni sensei ga!? Chapter 22

Nande koko ni sensei ga!? Chapter 22

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Nande Koko Koko Ni Sensei Ga!? Chapter 22

Page 1

P1bx1: This is the PE storage room

P1bx2: This is definitely the PE storage room alright

P2bx1: Then how

P3bx1: How did it come to this!?


Page 2

P1b1: The Shy One And The Easily Aroused One.


Page 3

P1bx1: Since entering the student council the main focus

P1bx2: has been the combo event with West High

P2bx1: After school I came to the PE storage room to check on the equipment

※ This is a work of fiction and has no relation to any real people, place or things

P3bx1: In order to ensure the success of the event we must give our full attention, even to small tasks like these—-

P3b1: Oh?

P4bx1: ——–in theory!!

P4b1: Well if it isn’t Taka! What are you doing?

P4bx2: Why is Sensei here!?

P5b1: That’s my line! Why a swimsuit…

P5b2: That’s because I’m not only serving as the student council’s advisor but also as the swimming club’s


Page 4

P1b1: Then please use the indoor pool’s changing room!!

P1b2: I can’t right now

P2b1: I also don’t wanna to use this kind of place

P2b2: cause of it Taka peeped on me~

Sfx: Grab

P2b3: I didn’t come to peek at you!!

P3b1: I came to check on the equipment

Sfx: blush

P3b2: Rather could you… I don’t know where to look so please put something on…

P4b1: ……

P4b2: …pfff

P5b1: Pfff hahahaha!! What are you saying!?

P5b2: What!? You mean you got turned on from a simple swimsuit!?

P5b3: T… that’s not what I meant

P6bx1: Hazakura Hikari-Sensei—

P6b1: You precocious brat~

P6b2: Waa! Wai… Hika-nee——

P6box2: Hika-nee and I


Page 5

P1bx1: Grew up as neighbors, what you’d call childhood friends

P1t1: Taka~ I have come to play with you

P1bx2: For as long as I can remember

P2t1: Yay it’s your loss so face punishment game!!

P2t2: Ple~ase~ St~op~

Sfx: Duh hahahaha

P2bx1: I have always served as Hika-nee’s toy

P3bx1: Though that still hasn’t changed even now

Sfx1: soft

Sfx2: soft

P3b1: Wow~ so soft…

P3bx2: I’m finally a High schooler

P4box1: quite different from before in a lot of ways…

P4b1: Ah…

Sfx: Rising

P5b1: Hi… Hika-nee please give me space

P5b2: Wha?

Sfx: Push

P6sfx: Bang

P6b1: !?


Page 6

P1sfx: Slip

P2b1: Waa

P2b2: Ehh!?

P3b1: Wai—–

Sfx: Drag

P4sfx: Fall

P4b1: Ughhh

P5b1: …ouchhh

P5b2: Hika-nee are you ——-

P6b1: Alright!!?

Page 7

P1b1: ——–Aah th…this is bad if I get stimulated like this

P1b2: rising rapidly…

P1b3: It will touch her—–

P1b4: Eh!? Why are my boobs-!?

P2b1: if that happens

P2b2: I don’t know what she’ll do to me

P3t1: At any rate I need to retreat

Sfx: Slide

P4sfx1: slip

P4sfx2: slip

P4b1: Ta… Taka!?

P5b1: Wa… wait don’t go over there the swimsuit will…

Sfx: grab

P6b1: I can’t wait~!!

Sfx1: drag

Sfx2: drag

P6b2: Why not!?

P6b3: ——-I said wai…please

P7sfx: slipping…

P7b1: Wai——-


Page 8

Sfx: Sliding open

P1b1: I hate how we can’t use the Pool’s locker room—–

P1b2: I know right, who would want to change in the PE storage room —

P1b3: !!?

P2b1: —–Oh no it’s the girl’s swimming club!!

Sfx: whirl

P2b2: Taka hide quick!!

P2b3: Waa

P3b1: Oh Hazakura-Sensei!

Sfx: Shock

P4b1: Is Sensei changing as well?

P4b2: Hm?

P5b1: Y… Yeah…

P5b2: why is the swims——


Page 9

P1b1: You guys better change quick too

P2b1: Taka… bear with it for a little longer…

Sfx: peek

P3b1: …Mm?

Sfx: Turning red

P3b2: !!

P3b3: H… Hika-nee…


Page 10

P1sfx: Turning red


Sfx1: sudden motion

Sfx2: Squish

P2b2: hmm

P2t1: Ehh!?

P3t1: Eeh———–!!?

P3b1: hmph

P3b2: mmh

P3b3: Da… Damn I was startled and inadvertently lowered my body…

P4b1: J… Just hold on…!? They’re almost done…

P4b2: Sensei~

P4b3: !


Page 11

P1b1: Some members already finished changing and left, are you ok?

Sfx1: Rise

Sfx2: Twitch

P1b2: Ye… yeah! I will be—–

P1b3: ——Aah!!

P2b1: ——in a second!?

Sfx1: rub

Sfx2: rub

Sfx3: shake

Sfx4: shake

P3b1: —–Wai…. Ta… Taka…!?

Sfx: quiver

Sfx2: quiver

P3b2: Sensei is something wrong?

P4b1: N…No it’s nothing…

Sfx: turn

P4b2: Is that so…? Then please excuse me

P5b1: Alright… Then I’ll also…

Sfx: Rub


P6b1: Soon be…

P7sfx: Wet

P8sfx: Shock

P8b1: Cum—–


Page 12

Sfx1: Twitching

Sfx2: Twitching


Page 13

P1b1: ming——-

Sfx: Leaking

P3sfx1: Splash

P3sfx2: Drip

P3t1: ——-Eh?


Page 14

P1b1: Wa… wait did Hika-nee just

Sfx1: Ba-dump (Heart throbbing)

Sfx2: Ba-dump

Sfx3: Ba-dump

P1b2: Hi… Hika-nee——

P2b1: Don’t look!

Sfx1: Suddenly

Sfx2: Shove

P3b1: Now get into the vaulting box with your eyes closed

P3b2: Ehh!?

P3b3: Why…?

P3b4: Just do it

Sfx1: Open

Sfx2: Shove

P4b1: Waa

P4b2: Wait… Wh… what’s going to happen to me———-!!?

P4t1: As punishment you will spend a whole week in here

Sfx: Hahaha

P4t2: Let me out—

P5b1: I… I’m so sorry Hika-nee I didn’t mean to look…

P5b2: I’m not really angry


Page 15

P1b1: It’s not a big deal if Taka sees me after all

P1b2: But that won’t be the case with female students, okay

P2b1: Will you wait here with your eyes closed until everyone has left?

P3b1: O… Okay

Sfx1: Pat

Sfx2: pat

P3b2: Alright! Good boy

P4b1: Now then, be quiet okay

Sfx: shut

P5b1: …sigh


Page 16

P1t1: I was seen ———-!!!

Sfx: Blush—

P2t1: I was even touched

P2t2: by Taka——

P3b1: He treated me like a toy again—!!

P4b1: …Ahh

P4b2: Even if she’s seen by me she doesn’t think anything of it… huh

P4b3: Hika-nee must think of me as a child I bet

P4b4: Gya*

P5b1: Gya

P5b2: Oh did your breast get bigger?

P5b3: where are my panties——?

Sfx1: Gya

Sfx2: Gya

P5b4: …But

P5b5: Wait! Look down! It’s sticking out

P5b6: Eh for real!?

P6b1: Why are you wearing a C-cup bra— quit being so pretentious~!

Sfx: Ba-dump ba-dump

Sfx2: Ba-dump ba-dump

P6b2: I… am no longer a kid Hika-nee———!!

*PRN A noise encompassing grabbing things (to put on) and lots of yelling lit “Gya”