Nande koko ni sensei ga!? Chapter 26

Nande koko ni sensei ga!? Chapter 26

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Nande Koko Koko Ni Sensei Ga!? Chapter 26

Page 1

P1bx1: …just recently I made a confession in a half awake, half asleep state.

P1b1: Taka likes me. right~!?

P1b2: Buu…

P1b3: Ye… Yeah

P2bx1: Right now I am…

P2b1: Then

Sfx: Grin…

P3b1: Put on this dress—!!

Sfx: Duh hahaa

P3b2: In your dreams!! What makes you think I would!?

P3bx1: Now I am regretting it terribly.


Page 2

Title Page: Strip Before It Comes Off!! ……!?


Page 3

P1bx1: Even after I confessed to Hika-nee

P1b1: Hey! Are you going to refuse a request from your crush~?

P1bx2: I know she has only teasing me, but…

P2bx1: Still, I was hoping she would at least recognize me as a man after doing that!!

P2b1: I bought it for you since it would be boring if you wore your uniform during the Combo event!

P2b2: Then why did you buy a woman’s outfit!?

P3b1: Come on, it will definitely look good on you!

P3b2: I won’t put it on even if it does!!

P3b3: Tsk~ What’s the big deal! Fine! Then I will put it on!

P3b4: There! I’ll try it on to see if it fits, so stay over there, okay?

Sfx: slip

P4b1: I bought it for you to wear, so it‘ll probably be too small.

P4b2: You really don’t know how to spend money…

P4b3: And please pass me my clothes so I have something to wear!

P4b4: Aah? Which ones were yours——

Sfx: Slip

P4b5: ——Ah


Page 4

P1b1: ——Crap!! I dropped them!!

P1b2: Come on!! Please pick them back up!!

Sfx: Rustle

P2b1: …I would like to do that but

P2b2: it’s impossible!

P2b3: All of the clothes, including mine, fell

P2b3: The hell are you doing!?

P3b1: What are we going to do!? Now both of us are naked!! And lunch break is about to end!?

P3b2: Even if you say that…

P4b1: For now, let’s calm down and think——

Sfx: Ding Dong Ding Dong

P4b2: !!

P5b1: This is bad… I have a class to teach during 5th period…

P5b2: I’m in the same boat!!

P5b3: This is… it then…


Page 5

P1b1: In that case, we should skip class!!

P1b2: We can just go pick them up after school, right~

Sfx: Duh ahaha

P1b3: Hey there Teacher

P2b1: I swear Hika-nee is—

P2t1: ——hn? Wait, could this be an opportunity!?

P3t1: I could man up and go pick up the clothes

P3b1: Taka… you…

P3b2: you’re so manly!!

P3t2: the way Hika-nee sees me might change…!!

P4sfx: Fwooshh

P4b1: Hi…

P4b2: Hika-nee I will——

P5sfx1: Sliding

P5b1: Is somebody there? Classes have started already!!

P5b2: Shit!! It is the Academic senior staff!! We‘re booking it, Taka!!

Sfx2: Grab

P5b3: Clothes


Page 6

P1b1: Ahh…

P1b2: This problem here is——

P1b3: Ahh…

P2b1: ——say you put this here…

P2b2: Ahh…

P2b3: We somehow managed to escape without being caught but… come to think of it

P3b1: isn’t roaming around in the hallway in the nude even worse…

P4b1: Taka~

P4b2: Ye… Yeah I know that


Page 7

P1b1: For now, let‘s take a less populated route to recover our clothes

P1t1: Clothes (Illustration)

P2b1: I think we should be safe once we get past this classroom

P2b2: …so we should move silently, got it

P3b1: He… Here we go

Sfx: Ba-dump

P3b2: H…Hm

Sfx2: Badump

P4sfx: Badump

Sfx2: Badump

P4b1: …Ugh

P5b1: The only thing obscuring us is a thin wall with ordinary students receiving lectures on the other side…

P6b1: Takashi… in this state…


Page 8

P1t1: For some reason I feel weird———

P1b1: Squirm…

P2t1: Sweating—…

Sfx: Turning Red

P2b1: Ah…

P3b1: ——Ta… Taka!! Let’s run!!

Sfx: Dash

P3b2: Ehh!?

P4b1: Wait what is it!?

P4b2: In…in circumstances like this, it‘s better to just get away quickly…!!

P5sfx: Bwoing

Sfx2: Lands

P5b1: …And just like that, we‘ve overcome the dangerous obstacle…


Page 9

P1b1: ——or not!!

Sfx: Chatter chatter

P2b1: How come!?

P2b2: Hika——

Sfx: Fwoosh

P2b3: For the time being let’s hide in here…

P2b4: Waa

P3b1: What the hell are they doing in the hallway during classes …

P3b2: Is that Hazakura-sensei!?

P4b1: She‘s gone. What could she be doing neglecting her class?

P4b2: They must be looking for me!!!

P4b3: Hi… Hika-nee…

P5b1: I… I can’t breath…

P6b1: !!?

P7sfx: Rattle

P7b1: Hm?


Page 10

P1b1: What was that?

Sfx: Creakkkkkk

P1b2: !!

P2b1: ——strange?

P2b2: What is it?

P2b3: Nah… it won’t open for some reason

P3b1: …Taka this is bad…

P4b1: My panties have been hooked onto the lock… and are about to come off…

Sfx: Pull pull

P4t1: stagger…

P4t2: Ehh———————!!

P5b1: Please do something about it…

Sfx: Slide…

Sfx2: slide

P5b2: Ev…even if you say that…I can’t move my hand right now

P6t1: …No wait. It’s times like this that I’m supposed to show my manliness…!!

P6b1: Al… Alright…

P6t2: If I can’t use my hands then——


Page 11

P1t1: I will use my mouth————!!

Sfx: Pull

P2b1: Kyaa!?

P2b1: Is it stuck on something? So maybe if I pull more forcefully

Sfx: Pull

P3sfx: Clench

P3b1: !!

P4t1: I… I won’t lose!!

Sfx: Pullll

P5sfx: Twitch

P5b1: Ta…Taka…

P6b1: Stop…

Sfx1: Twitch

Sfx2: Soft

P6b2: It‘s eating…

P7b1: inside…

Sfx: Squeezingg


Page 12

Psfx: Twitchh


Page 13

P1sfx: Flinch

P3t1: drip

P3t2: Splash…

P3b1: …Eh

P3sfx: Drops…

P4sfx: Halt

P4b1: Waa

P4b2: Oh shit———

P5b1: I can’t hold on any longer————

Sfx: Creak

P5b2: ——Eh!?


Page 14

P1b1: …What are you doing in there, Sensei…

Sfx: Stare

P1b2: ——Hm!? Oh… right

P1b3: …Hide and seek!!

P1b4: What kind of lame excuse is that!!

P2b1: They‘ll definitely be suspicious with—

P2b2: I see

P2b3: Eh. I see is all you say!!? (Bubble connected with p2b1)

P2b4: Hazakura-sensei, you’ve been found… right

P2b5: So, please, quickly come to our class, okay.

P2b6: Yea—h

P3t1: We found Hazakura-sensei—— she was playing hide and seek

P3t2: Ahh I knew it. So she was fooling around

P3t3: I thought so——

P3b1: They were satisfied with Hide and Seek as an excuse, so Hika-nee is…

P4b1: Wheeww~ that was really close back there!!

P4b2: Though it seems like you just barely made it because you’re a teacher…

P5b1: …But in the end Hika-nee ended up saving us…

P5b2: And here I was thinking of showing her my manly side…

P5b3: What’s wrong?

P5b4: Hmm…


Page 15

P1b1: Having the person I like saving me is

P1b2: I was thinking. As a man, that’s so lame…

P2b1: Duh ahahaha!! But that‘s how it usually is!! Why are you thinking about it now!!

P2b2: ——At the very least, I will recover our clothes!!

Sfx: Bang

P2b3: He…Hey

P3t1: Uwa! Takahashi, why are you only wearing your shorts!?

P3t2: Don’t mind me——!!

P3b1: ……

P3b2: He said like again…

P4sfx: Blushhh——

P5b1: ——~~~~~

P5b2: Ughh!!

P5b3: Even though you’re just Taka Even though you’re just Taka——~!!!


Page 16

P1b1: Ahh——

P2b1: I wonder what I need to do in order to become more manly…

P2b2: If only I could get someone as reference…

P2b3: …but I don’t have someone like that around——

P3Sfx: Thud

P3b1: Waa

P4sfx: Swoop

P4b1: Careful!

P5b1: Are you alright? I hope you are uninjured?

P5b2: Th…There is a manly dude—————!!!

P5t1: A Fateful Encounter———!? (Diagonal Text)