Nande koko ni sensei ga!? Chapter 28

Nande koko ni sensei ga!? Chapter 28

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Nande Koko Koko Ni Sensei Ga!? Chapter 28

Page 1

P1bx1: Today is the Combo event.

P1bx2: Without a doubt, it’s the Combo event.

P2bx1: Then how…

P3b1: Come and look Suzuki-kun!!

P3b2: There are a lot of stalls!!

Sfx: Sparkle sparkle

P3bx1: Did it come to this?!

Page 2

P1bx1: The main day of the Combo event.

P1bx2: Through the voluntary efforts of each school, food stands,

P2bx1: neighborhood residents’ local free markets and such,

P2bx2: We’re in the midst of displaying their bustling activities greatly––––

※ This is a work of fiction and has no relation to any real people, place or events.

P3bx1: I am also alone today––––

P3b1: I am sorry.

P4bx1: ––––Or was supposed to be, but…

P4b1: Uhmm… For inviting you so abruptly.

P4b2: Not at all!! I am alone after all!!

P5b1: …Or rather, why a school uniform…?

Sfx: Buzz

P5b2: Seeing a teacher fooling around might seem weird, so I thought a disguise…

P5b3: ––––As I thought, it’s weird isn’t it?! Wearing a uniform at this age…!!

Sfx: Buzz

P5b4: Oh no! You don’t seem out of place at all

Page 3

P1b1: Might as well enjoy myself as a general participant, was what my sister suggested…

P1b2: ––––Onee-chan, what’s with this picture?!

P1b3: This one! And this one! They’re all Suzuki-san!!

P1b4: Gyaaaaa––––––!! Why are you checking it as you please––––––––––?!!!

P2b1: As I thought… So, S-kun was referring to Suzuki-san? Are you guys going out?

P2b2: We are not go…going out at all…!! It’s just… Umm… kind of like unrequited feelings…

P3b1: B…but I am a Sensei and all…I mean…you know.

P4b1: …If so, you should check out tomorrow’s Combo event together with Suzuki-kun, you could even wear a disguise if you like.

P4b2: Eh?! But the patrolling duties will…

P4b3: This event is sponsored by the student council, right? So they have no prerogative on sensei, so it’s okay for onee-chan to go and have fun. I mean there are even sensei who don’t show up at all.

P5b1: Do your best Onee-chan.

Sfx: Ba-dump ba-dump

P5b2: …So I was told, and I summoned the courage to invite him but… What now…? I’m so nervous…

P6b1: What’s wrong, Sensei?

P6b2: –––But this kind of opportunity doesn’t come by often.

P6b3: …Uh-Uhmm!!

Page 4

P1t1: I have to give it my all!!!

P1b1: If you say “se…sensei,” then there’s no meaning in the disguise…so…

P1b2: Would you call me, Ma!! Mayu?!!

P1b3: I…I see, it certainly makes sense.

P2b1: Then…Ma… Mayu-san.

P3b1: Ju…just now I didn’t hear you very clearly, so could you repeat it once…

P3b2: I am going to record it…

P4b1: Record?!

P5b1: Ha!!

P5b2: It…it’s a joke!!…Wow! That crepe looks so yummy———!! I…I am going to get some~!!

P5b3: Haa…

P6t1: Welcome—!!

P6t2: Please give me this strawberry!

P7b1: Just because I was alone, she went to the trouble of disguising to invite me…

P7b2: Even if it was out of a sense of duty as a sensei, I am quite thankful…

P7b3: ……

Page 5

P1t1: …But, as a sensei, that thing of before was–––

P1b1: I quite like it.

Sfx: Flinch

P2b1: Eh?!

P2b2: The crepe!!

P2b3: Would Suzuki-kun like to ha…have some?!

P2b4: Ah…Oh!! The crepe!! Seems nice!!

P3b1: In that case, I too will go and buy––––

P3b2: Ye…yeah! Ah––––n* TLN: Like she’s trying to feed him. She anticipated he’d respond with yes and already pre-decided her action. Lol.

P4b1: Eh?

P4b2: Eh?!

P5b1: Aah!! I am sorry, I just unintentionally––––––!!

P5b2: it…it’s fine!!!

P6sfx: Blush––

P7b1: …Aah U-hmm,

P7b2: unexpectedly, I am really not being noticed because of the disguise…!!

P7b3: Ri…right!!

P7b4: Oh? If it isn’t Matsukaze-chan.

P7b5: Kyaa!!

Page 6

P1b1: What’s this? Is it that uniform date trend~?!

Sfx: Dahahaha

P1b2: Hazakura-sensei?!

P2b1: Just perfect, you should try the swimming club’s piece!

Sfx: Blush

P2t1: Da…date!

P2b2: What are you guys doing?

P3b1: The so-called hide and seek!!* TLN: It’s a hide and seek game of cops and robbers (Couldn’t make out the small letters exactly but the statement was making a weird reference to the game)

P3b2: The “Perverts,” with nothing but trunks, run under this cold weather——

P4b1: We capture them using these handcuffs!!

Sfx: Clang

P4b2: Hyaa

P5b1: Wh…why me?!

P5b2: Eh? I mean wearing a school uniform at that age makes you a “pervert,” doesn’t it?

P5b3: Nghaa?!!

P5b1: …Now, I have made the preparations for you.

P5b2: The key to the handcuffs is right on top of the shelf as you open the door…but the space inside is just perfect for 2 people…

P5b3: It’s up to you whether they’re removed and you’re set free or you keep them on and attack!!

P5b4: Of course, I will remove them!!

Page 7

P1b1: I am going to excuse myself!!

Sfx1: Dahahaha

Sfx2: Reveal

P1t1: Pervert

Sfx3: Gloom

P1b3: …What a free person…

P2t1: …Good grief, and I was about to regain my sense of mind…

P2b1: This must be it.

P2b2: Ah… is it there?

P2t2: If I got told off like that…

P2b3: Ah! yes——

P3t1: It reminds me of the kiss from that time———

P3b1: Is something wrong?

P4b1: !! ———Ah, no!! it’s nothing!!

P4b2: ?

P5b1: Ah, shit!!

P6b1: Hyaa

Sfx: slip

P7sfx: Snap

P7b1: ?!!

P7b2: N…no way, my bra——

Page 8

P2sfx: Stagger

P2b1: Eh?

P2b2: Eeh—————————?!!

P3b1: ——Oh…oh no, it’s hooked to the handcuffs…

P3b2: P…please don’t look~~~!!

P4b1: I am not looking!! Because I am searching for the key!!

Sfx: turns around

P4b2: Stiff

P4b3: N…now that you mention it, where is the key——

P4b4: ?!

P5b1: The key… isn’t there, is it…?

P5b2: …Umm…I found the key…

P5b3: Where is it?!

Page 9

P1b1: In my butt.

P1b2: How come?!

Sfx: soft

P2b1: Are you unable to take it out?!

P2b2: My hand won’t reach…

P2b3: No way, why——

Sfx: Rattle rattle

P2b4: Huh? Hika-nee isn’t here.

P2b5: ?!!

P3b1: I am sure she’s just skipping again…

P3b2: Ahh… I guess I’ll just man the reception desk until she comes back…

P3b3: Takahashi-kun————?!!

P4b1: This is bad!! if he were to open the door now…

P4b2: Ah…

P5b1: …

P5b2: …Now, that it’s come to this…

Sfx: Gulp…

P5b3: Uhmm! Please just stay as you are and don’t look towards here…

P6b1: Okay…but what are you going to do?

Sfx: slowly

P6b2: I…I will give out instructions so……

Page 10

P1b1: My panties…

P1b2: Draw it down please…

P2b1: ——Aah?! Wait!! That is…

P2b2: I am fully aware that I am asking something we…weird!

P3b1: But…such a thing

P3b2: I wouldn’t ask anyone besides Suzuki-kun…

Sfx: Ba——Dump

P4t1: …What sensei thinks of me… I’s still not sure but…

P5t1: But I do understand that she deeply trusts me——

P5b1: …Alright then, please give me directions!!

P5b2: F…first, stretch your hands to the front…

P5b3: Okay!!

P5t2: Those feelings——

Page 11

P1t1:  I cannot afford to betray them———!!!

Sfx: Squeeze

P1b1: Eh?

P2t1: …Huh? It’s kinda…soft…

P3sfx: Blush——

P3b1: …Pa…

P3b1: The panties are further down——!!

Sfx1: Shove

Sfx2: Stagger

P4b1: !!

Sfx1: Contact

Sfx2: Twitch

Page 12

Sfx: Twitch Twitch

Page 13

P3t1: Sh…

P4t1: Shit———!!!

Sfx: clang

Page 14

P1b1: ——I am

P2b1: I am very sorry———!!!

P2b2: No, no, please don’t worry about it!

P2b3: It worries me!!

P3b1: After you placed your trust in me…

P3b2: Making you experience embarrassing memories…honestly… For always and always!

P4b1: Causing you trouble, I am very sorry…

P4b2: ……

P5b1: I certainly have experienced many embarrassing moments…

P5b2: I am so sorry~!!

P6sfx: Giggle…

P6b1: …But

Page 15

P1b1: There wasn’t anything troublesome to begin with!

P2t1: —————!!!

P2b1: ——See! It’s like there wasn’t anything troublesome to begin with!

P3b1: ——Could it be, sensei at that time…

P4b1: Even if other people regard what Suzuki-kun did to me as bothersome,

P4b2: I do not feel that way.

P5b1: I mean——

Page 16

P1b1: I very much like Suzuki-kun, after all.

P2Sfx: Blush

P2b1: Eh?!

P3b1: Eh?

Sfx: Blush

P4b1: ——I. what am I saying…!! I…I’ve done it, I unintentionally went with the flow…

P4b2: Uhmm… Just act like you didn’t hear anything just now——!!!

Sfx: Dash

P4b3: Wai!!

P5t1: …Matsukaze-sensei feels for me…

P6t1: But, what do I do…

P6t2: To overcome the boundaries between a teacher and a student———

P7b1: Satou~!!

P7b2: What is it?!

P7b3: Nice job, Taka~!!

P7b4: Where were you?!!

P7b5: Well, there are lots of them around me though…!!