Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 13

Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 13

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Play.13 [Let’s get that OOOO!!]
TLN: Like in, you know, japs use for censoring or covering words


B1: [Help Distributing Rations] Quest, Second day.

B2: Already morning, huh…

B3: Shooshoo, Shoo!!

B4: In a high spirits from the start eh, Spid?

H: Look

H: Around

B5: Ah right…
We stayed at the church last night…

B6: I always slept with them in a big room before, so it’s maybe my first time sleeping alone in this game…
BC: Ah no, not really alone… I forgot about you, Spid!

Sfx: Knock Knock


B1: Are you awake, Tsugu Nii-sama?

B2: I am, come in

B3: Excuse me…

B4: Seems the distributing rations event will start around 10 AM

B5: Even if we still have enough time to spare, everyone else is also already up…
It just like we’re about to go to a picnic!
BC: Chuckle

B6: I see. Then I’ll cook breakfast before the event starts…
We can’t let Karen go hungry any longer, can we?
BC: And we did most of the preparations yesterday too

B7: I agree…
Because Tsugu Nii-sama’s food is really delicious!


B1: This is good!
BC: Ooohhh!!

Sfx: Munch

Sfx: Munch

B2: This Ham and Cheese filled bread too…
Is really good!!

Sfx: Gulp

B3: As expected from Adventurers…

B4: You seem to have Goddess Emielle-sama’s blessing, even if you don’t look like it.

B5: Blessing?

B6: Hmm?
Ah, you adventurers know it more as [skill]


B1: Emielle-sama gave you adventurers…
Legs to travel in this world and means to defeat monsters

B2: In other words, She granted the skills you usually use.

B3: There is a sculpture deep inside this church, you see?

B4: That is a near perfect Goddess Emielle-sama’s engraving

B5: Unlike other gods that reside in one area, Goddess Emielle-sama is supervising everything in this world, so it’s really hard to meet her, but…

B6: Everyone would kill to have a voluptuous body like her!!

B7: Oh, okaay…

Sfx: Snap

B8: For example…


B1: This is a blessing exclusive to those in Goddess Church who serve Goddess Emielle-sama…
[Lifestyle Magic] skill

B2: It’s a handy little magic that can be applied in many cases

B3: Town of Water’s Goddess, Dyiulua only grants power to purify water…
BC: By the way…

B4: Skills were granted from the kindness of the highest goddess, Emielle…
So that’s the official background setting about them…
BC: I see now…


Sfx: Thud

B1: Tsugu-Nii! We finished setting the tables!

B2: Yeah, perfectly!

B3: Your sisters are really hard workers, aren’t they Tsugumi?
It makes me wanna ask them to stay here and help me from now on…

B4: But that’s…
BC: Ah…


B1: No, I’m just joking…
You guys are adventurers after all…

B2: Okay, let’s work hard distributing the food, girls…

Sfx: Ooh!!

B3: To increase our believers!!

Sfx: Ooh!


B1: It’s not even 10 am, but people are already gathering here…

B2: I bet everyone can’t wait for it anymore!
Let’s surprise them with the taste!
BC: I know!

Sfx: Oooh!!
TLN: above mobs heads

Sfx: Thank you…

B3: Everyone, let’s start this!
Goddess Church Ration Distributing Event, officially opens now!


T: Karen & Hitaki
Line Forming Staff

T: Hibari
Bread Staff

T: Mii
Cookie Staff

T: Tsugumi
Soup Staff

B1: I said the poor before, but actually in Aqueria the gap between the rich and poor is not that far away, so just take it easy…

H: Okay, here you go

B2: Certainly the atmosphere is really different with the slums I’ve seen in the real world tv shows…
Or maybe there’s a town like that here, too?


B1: I was afraid it wouldn’t be enough last night…

B2: But I guess we still have some to spare…

B3: Excuse me!

B4: What an appetizing smell..!
BC: Ahhh…

B5: I’m Gilbert the wanderer….

B6: Can you give me some too?
You can, right? Please?


Sfx: Smile

B1: So big!!

B2: And I’m supposed to be taller than the Japanese average height…

B3: Uhm…

B4: Please grace me with that wonderful aroma…

B5: Shoo!

B6: What a small and lovely creature!
BC: Ooh!
BC: So cute!!

B7: Shoo!

B8: This person… is not an NPC, but a player, right..?
BC: What should I do…

Sfx: Tremble tremble

Sfx: Glance

H: My little sisters are… they seem busy…

H: Wait, I’m the oldest one here! So I have to do something about this myself!


B1: Well, he doesn’t seem to be a bad person…

B2: H-here you go…

B3: Hmm! What a nice smell..!

B4: Wandering is good, you know? You never know where a good luck like this will happen…

B5: He put it into his inventory? So he’s won’t eat it now?

B6: Thank you…
Beautiful guy…

H: Kiss…


Sfx: Froze up


B1: W-what are you doing!?

B2: That player over there! Leave Tsugu Nii-sama alone!

B3: Oh!

H: Hahahahaha

H: Good bye!


H: Is it normal in foreign countries..?

B1: I’m a purebred Japanese so I can’t understand why he did that…

Sfx: Hisss!!

Sfx: Uuh…

Sfx: Beep

T: Potential minor harassment has been detected from Player Gilbert’s action.
Do you want to report it to Admin?

Sfx: Glance

H: It will be troublesome if I take it seriously…

H: And he didn’t seem to be acting with ill will…

B2: Hope Mii-chan doesn’t see this…

T: Do you want to report it to Admin?

H: We finished distributing

B3: What’s wrong?

B4: Please hear this!


T: Explanation time

B1: Same sex harassment treatment is more lenient than opposite sex, so be very careful about it, Tsugu-Nii!

B2: So our enemy is not just monsters…
And they are more troublesome than monster…

B3: That’s right, Tsugu Nii-sama!
Just tell us if you are in trouble!

H: Ahem!

B4: For the time being…

B5: Don’t go near suspicious people, Tsugumi!

H: Okay!

B6: Uh… I know that already…


H: Boo! Boo!!

B1: But I’m the oldest one here…

B2: After that, there were no other problems…
And thus, their quest ended peacefully…

B3: Cleaning is so much easier because I just need to put them back inside my inventory…

H: And let’s give the leftover breads to Karen…

B4: I wonder if that player was a foreigner who lives in japan… It’s rare to see someone like him…

B5: And he said “beautiful guy” to Tsugu Nii-sama to boot!
I will not hand Tsugu Nii-sama to a random person like that!

B6: At least he has to beat me first if he wants me to accept him!

B7: Right. Mustn’t allowed

B8: …

B9: Thanks for waiting!


B1: This is your rewards, 6000M and quest clear proofing paper
If you bring this paper to the guild, you can prove that you really cleared the quest

B2: Thanks, Karen

B3: I’m the one that should thank you guys…

B4: I’m really happy we distributed rations after so long…

B5: And the poor became Tsugumi’s cooking new victims now!

B6: Once you taste Tsugu-Nii’s cooking, you’ll never able to forget it! Because everything is made with a lot of love!

B7: Tsugu-Nii’s believers increased!

B8: Even I want to be a Tsugumi believer!

B9: Of course you do!


B1: Before you are adventurers, you guys are my friends first!

B2: Be glad! As I’m going to pray to Goddess Emielle-sama for you guys!

Sfx: clueless…

B3: Pray?

Sfx: Tap

Sfx: Grip


B3: I allow it
TLN: B1-B2 just a random doodle

B4: Eh, a voice?

B5: Where does it come from?

B6: Because you are also my lovely children, oh young adventurers…


B1: I don’t think there will be any problem if all of you receive my divine blessing…
So accept this…

T: [Bonus Reward Condition Cleared]


T: [Bonus Reward Condition Cleared]
Friendship with NPC Sister is above certain points.
Make NPC Sister pray to Goddess Emielle for you.
-Reward Name Changed-
???? blessing’s for ???

[Divine Blessing] for players
*For details about [Divine Blessing], please refer to skill’s description before using the skill

B1: Kyaaa, what should we do!?
BC: Kyaaa!

B2: [Divine Blessing]!? It’s one of the rarest skill!!

B3: It’s not just rare, but it would create an uproar if anyone knew about this!!


B1: Even I know that this skill is something amazing…

Sfx: Kyaaaa!!

B2: Thank you, Goddess Emielle-sama!!

T: [Little Angel and Devil] Protector Group part 2

B3: 611: Lolicon Gentlemen
It’s boring if the lolis are not here!!
Lolis, where are you!?

B4: 612: Lolicon Gentlemen
How should I know!?

B5: 613: Lolicon Gentlemen
Even someone who is aiming to be a ninja lost them…
Maybe because the distance is too far.
I’m afraid they found me orz

B6: 614: Lolicon Gentlemen
It’s worrying, isn’t it?
Maybe they got into trouble or something…


B1: 615: Lolicon Gentlemen
And we can only do random chat here…
>>613 You stalker ninja lol

B2: 616: Lolicon Gentlemen
You tell me
>>613 You stalker ninja (follow up)

B3: 617: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>615 >>616 So cruel!!

B4: However, we already stand out as is…
If people knew we have [Divine Blessing] now, I could not imagine how big the uproar will be…

B5: Yeah, secret!

B6: This quest was really enjoyable, but it really surprised me in the end!

Sfx: Flustered

B7: Yeah I know…

BC: Hahaha…
B8: But what kind of skill is [Divine Blessing]..?

B9: Tsugumi and co have now cleared [Help Distributing Rations] quest, with an unexpected bonus, [Divine Blessing] skill acquired too!

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