Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 30

Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 30

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note


H: Play 30
[Let’s Accept the Quest People are Talking About!]


B1: The hunt to raise Mii-chan’s and Mei’s level continues until dusk

T: National Adventurer Guild

B2: Beep beep

B3: So we got a bit over 60.000M from the quest reward and material sales…
B3b: Well, part of it will be going into food expenses though…

B4: But as I thought, hunting with a 6-men party really gives us a lot, doesn’t it?


B1: At this rate, it’s not that far into the future that we can realize our dream of having a private guild!

B2: Yeah!!

B3: Oooh..!

B4: The library looks so pretty…

B5: Yeah, real pretty
B5b: It looks a bit deteriorated, but I really like it

B6: Me too. Perhaps we should visit the library next time!


T: Buying at street stall

T: Eating at street stall

H: Thank you for your patronage!

B1: I never thought I would get some info too while I’m shopping…

B2: There’s a fishing village called Sukiko which is 4-5 days from here by carriage where I can get my hands on fresh fishes
BC: Err, let’s see…

B3: The neighboring country, Mytilus which is 1 year by carriage from here
B3b: Where every crop will definitely grow, thanks to Emielle-sama’s blessing

B4: And there’s the Town of Dungeon which is only 1 week away from here by carriage
B4b: It’s full with adventurers and monsters, so I probably can get as many materials and ingredients as I want there…

B5: …But to be honest, I’m personally more interested in getting the fresh fish actually…

H: Besides, getting to the neighboring country will take a whole year…

H: This game really wants to teach us the importance of public transportations, doesn’t it…

H: Hmm…

B6: Ah, the shopping young lad over there!


B1: Won’t you buy something from our store too?

Sfx: Plop

B2: We have a rare ingredient that I learned
B2b: From Cooking Guild’s Yume-san, you know?

Sfx: Blub Blub

B3: Tofu, huh…

B4: You know about it, lad? We also have thick fried tofu and deep fried tofu here too!
BC: Oh?
BC: Heck, I’ll even give you bean curds for free!!

B5: Then, I’ll have 10 of each of them please
B5b: And of course the bean curds too

B6: Thanks son!

B7: Soy sauce is really rare in this game, so making a Japanese dish is a bit hard, but at least this will increase my recipe repertoires

H: Nice!


B1: I’m done with shopping!
BC: Hey girls!

B2: Sigh, is that skewered chicken tasty, milady?

B3: How much are you going to eat, Hibari…

B4: Not bad
B4b: After all, we have a very refined palate now, thanks to Tsugu-Nii’s cooking
BC: Yeah

B5: But that doesn’t mean that we will stop buying snacks!
B5b: I mean, we can’t get fat in this game after all!

B6: Oh, is that so…

B7: Well, it can’t really be helped, Tsugu Nii-sama. It’s one of the enjoyments of this game after all
B7b: Besides, I also quite like this cheap taste too
BC: Hehe…

Sfx: Mee…


B1: You smudged your mouth, Mei
BC: Ah…

Sfx: Rub Rub

Sfx: Mee!

B2: Oh, as expected from a game
B2b: All of that oil was gone neatly just by wiping it a few times

B3: By the way, what kind of dish are you going to make today, Tsugu-Nii?

Sfx: Hop

B4: Hmm… I guess I’ll make quiche or something today

B5: And I just bought deep fried tofu, so perhaps I’ll make some mashed tofu salad too later

B6: Oh my! They sell tofu here too?

B7: Please by all chance, Tsugu Nii-sama!
B7b: Both of them are my favorites!


B1: Yeah, leave it to me

B2: That reaction is so soothing…

Sfx: Flap Flap

Sfx: Chop Chop Chop Chop

Sfx: Twirl Twirl

Sfx: Blub Blub Blub

B3: Ahh, what a tasty smell!

B4: Taste test is a must
BC: Yeah

B5: Sure
B5b: Here

T: [Simple Mashed Tofu Salad]
Simple is the best.
A perfect example of a plain but tasty dish.
Rarity 4 Hunger Level -18%

Sfx: Put

T: [Gotcha! Pipping Hot Soft Quiche]
Soft and flaky potato, mixed with hot and melty cheese.
It’s not an authentic quiche, but the taste shouldn’t be underestimated.
Rarity 5 Hunger Level -35%


B1: This tofu salad is so tasty! You can really taste the freshness of the tofu here!
BC: Oh my!

B2: Even if you praise me that much, I have nothing to give you except for my portion of inarizushi*, you know?
TLN: Sushi rice wrapped in fried tofu

T: [Simple Inarizushi]
Simple is the best.
But since it used a luxury good, Soy Sauce in it, it’s a pretty high valued dish
Rarity 4 Hunger Level -8%

B3: The inarizushi also tastes lovely, Tsugu Nii-sama!
B3b: The sour taste in the vinegar rice is just perfect!

Sfx: Ahhhh

B4: Rather than taste test, isn’t this a full blown meal already?

Sfx: Shoo!

Sfx: Mee!

Sfx: Munch Munch Munch

Sfx: Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep

B5: It’s the “time to stop playing” alarm…
BC: Oh?

B6: Ugh…


B1: Then it can’t be helped…
B1b: Sure this game is interesting, but it’s not like we can neglect our real lives, right?
BC: Sigh…

Sfx: Rattle

B2: Yeah. We have to run at tomorrow’s morning practice, so lack of sleep is a no no

B3: Then the next time I can play too is Sunday…
B3b: No…

B4: I will do my best so I can play with you guys on Friday! No matter what!

B5: I’ll be in your care at that time too, Tsugu Nii-sama!

B6: Sure, with pleasure

B7: So they do think about the balance of this game and the real world…

B8: Looking at their happy faces, I can’t help but want to let them play for a little bit longer…

B9: But I’ve decided to only let them play for an hour on weekdays

B10: This is how it should be


Sfx: Bam!

T: [I am not a bad lolicon, you know!] Latoli part 3
(G) = Guild Master (V) = Vices (A) = Alliance Guild

B1: 369: Purupurun Zenzen Man (G)
Hamana Hamana Hamana Hamana Hamana Hamana!!!
B1b: Everyone, emergency!!

B2: 370: Fragile
Uooooh! Uooooooooooh!! Uooooooooooh!!!

Sfx: Roll Roll Roll

B3: 371: Banbanji (V)
Our Goddesses are..! Our Goddesses are..!!

B4: 372: Tsudachi
*Heavy breathing intensified!!!*


B1: 373: Ninja (V)
I’m really glad I’m still alive in this world!!
Praise the God, Praise the Buddha,
And Praise the First Lolicon!!!
Thank you, thank you very much for granting us this blessing!!!

Sfx: Bow Bow

B2: And thank you for the nice bonus too!!

B3: 374: Kuro Usa
Aah, how cute!
If only I was several years younger, I would even wear it myself!!
It really brings out the beautifulness of Onii-chan more and more!!
B3b: Ahh, really, what a Goddess!!

B4: 375: Mahou Shoujo ,
Sure, the Lolita dresses that the Lolis wore were nice, but the gothic coat that Onii-chan wears also looks good, doesn’t it!?
B4b: And those abundant frills on his hem are just so… hrrgh!
And don’t remind me about that corset on his hips!!
It’s like he’s enticing me to assault him with those hips!!!
BC: I’ll definitely assault him! Don’t stop me!!

B5: 376: Fragile
Looking at them all wearing those clothes that Onii-chan made, somehow…it’s making me want to just take them all home (True Story)

Sfx: Gulp

B8: 377: iyokan
But Onii-chan sure is talented, isn’t he?
I’m so jelly


B1: 378: Marshmallow
Yeah, you can’t blame us for getting excited!
I mean, even if we can’t see any panties, we can still sneak a peek of their cute soft thighs!!!

B2: 379: Kanamin (V)
It’s a festival!!
Today is a festival, guys!!
Let’s take as much Screenshots as we can!!!

Sfx: Snap Snap Snap Snap Snap Snap Snap

H: Screenshot capturing sounds

B3: 380: kanan (A)
Hello, 911?

B4: 381: Parsee (A)
Hello, FBI? It’s that person!

B5: 382: Yome wa Meshimazu
Officer, this way!

B6: 383: Hyouketsu Musume
I can’t say that I don’t understand your feelings, but sorry, already reported you lol


B1: 384: Tsudachi
Looking at you lot act flustered really calms me down for some reason (Proved)
B1b: Well then, let me join the hype train too
Officer, it’s her! Lol

Sfx: Yay Yay

B2: 385: Mokeke Piropiro
Not only my appearance is really eye-catching as it is,
But now I have to be more careful of the Popos too..!?

B3: 386: Gyouza
Guys, you should really stop before we get reported for alleged stalking lmao

B4: 387: Tulip
I wonder if he will make one for me too if I post a request…
I mean, I want to wear a matching one with my friend too!
Heck, I’ll even pay up to 50.000 M for one of those dresses!!


B1: 388: CosmicZ
>>387 I feel the same
If Onii-chan ever holds a cooking or tailoring classroom, I’ll apply for it dynamically!

Sfx: Refreshing Smile

H: Me too!

H: That’s… a brilliant idea!!

H: Then what are we waiting for!?

B2: The festival vibe in LATOLI doesn’t show any sign of stopping even after midnight in real time…

Sfx: Rattle Rattle

B3: [Attack on the Neighboring Country], [In Regards to When I used a fast horse and got Instant Killed near National Border], [Dishes Evaluation Squad]…
B3b: [We love Beastmen], [All Furries welcomed!], [Raid Bosses Study Tour]…

T: R&M Walkthrough Board
Showing New Thread
new Attack on the Neighboring Country part11
new In Regards to When I used a fast horse
new Dishes Evaluation Squad
new [Comrades] We love Beastmen
new All Furries welcomed!
new [Recruiting] Raid
new [Consultation room
[Ask] A very 16
[Prediction] Next Raid 79
[Hunting] *       art305
[Recipe] Crook     part56
[Solo] Fighting Style art65
Private Guild [Aliance Guild Welcome] part567
Information wanted [I’m buying it] part790
TLN: Sorry, too blurry


B1: Sigh… It’s full with things, I’m not really sure what is what…

H: The Dishes’ price thread is full with new posts and reading all of them would be a pain in the neck…

B2: Let’s just pretend I didn’t see that…
B2b: Rather than that, I should really find out about more about Mei’s skills while I have time

H: [Sheep Monster Exclusive Skill]
Raging Waves of Sheep Parade

B3: Err, monster’s skill page…

H: *Sheep
(note to editor: background, *羊)

B4: S, S, Se, Sha… Sheep, there it is

T: [Sheep Monster Exclusive Skill]
Unique Skill [Raging Waves of Sheep Parade]
Summoning uncountable Sheep Monsters’ flock from a mysterious place, charging into user’s enemies, and leaving after the deed is done. Fluff fluff.
MP 30

Sfx: Rumble rumble rumble rumble

Sfx: Mee Mee Mee

Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble

Sfx: Mee Mee Mee Mee

H: Err, something like this?


B1: They even said that it’s a “really easy to use skill” in the comments…

T: <Comments>
– Damage is fixed at (1.25x[user’s level])x3. It’s like the Almighty or non-elemental magic in other games. A really easy to use skill
– The Sheep Monsters’ flock which is supposed to charge at the enemy charged towards me instead
– It’s a really useful skill for allies, but for enemies, it’s one of the annoying ones if you abuse it
– It’s a sin to not screenshot it!

B2: It unexpectedly only needs a small amount of MP, and we also have me as the MP Resupplier…
B2b: Guess I’ll memorize it as one of the AOE skills for emergencies

Sfx: Close

B3: Hmm, I still have some time…

B4: And I don’t have any urgent work either… I’ll just make Orange Jelly for today’s dessert, I guess…
BC: What was it that they said again? Refining their palate?

H: Help me with the homework

H: Which part?

B5: I think I’ve seen this sight before…

B6: Alright…

B7: Since you two have finished your homework…


B1; It’s game time!!

Sfx: Yay!

Sfx: Fwip Fwip

Sfx: Chuckle

B2: Well thanks to this game, they started to do their homework voluntarily
B2b: So I’m really happy as their big brother

B3: So, what are we going to do now?

B4: Mii-chan isn’t here this time, so I don’t think it’s wise to over grind our levels

B5: Yeah. What should we do?


Sfx: Shoo!

Sfx: Mee!

Sfx: Voom

B1: And going to the Town of Dungeon will need a week, right?
B1b: This vast world is starting to turn its fangs to us middle schoolers who have limited free time!
BC: Dang…

B2: Yeah. And horses are absurdly pricey
B2b: So it’s best for us to do the Merchant’s Bodyguard Quest

B3: Yeah, people at the street stalls also told me that
B3b: So if we want to go to the next town, it’s probably better to do it on the weekend

B4: Yeah, I agree with that. I mean 1 week in game time equals to around 3 hours in the real world after all…
B4b: Sigh… I guess securing the time is our biggest problem for now…

B5: Hibari-chan


B1: It can’t be helped. Let’s think the opposite way

B2: We can only go next Saturday, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t level up or resupply in the meantime
B2b: Because we have a lot of thing to prepare until then

B3: I-I see..!

B4: The only thing coming for those who neglect their preparation is the iron hammer of defeat…

B5: It’s a fact that we are smaller than our enemies in battle
B5b: And you can’t count on clumsy Tsugu-Nii to fight for us

B6: Oi

B7: That’s why, our preparation must be perfect!
B7b: In short, this preparation time is a trial that God has given to us
B7c: That we have to undergo no matter what!


B1: Do you understand?

B2: Sir, yes sir!

B3: Just what in the heaven is this twins’ farce…

B4: Well then…

B5: Since we have Hibari-chan’s [Little Sanctuary] and all, how about we accept that Ghost in the Library Quest?
BC: Giggle

B6: Eh!?

Sfx: Stop

B7: Ah, the one people are talking about at the bulletin board lately?


B1: The one that asks for us to exterminate the ghost that’s haunting the basement of the Eichi’s Library

B2: Well, even though they want us to “exterminate” them, there’s no one that’s actually seen the ghost’s figure
B2b: Most of them are just driven out by the poltergeist phenomenon or something, or so I heard

B3: And there’s nothing really valuable at the Library’s basement, so the Library’s administrators probably put up this quest with only
B3b: “It’s good if someone exterminates them” in mind

B4: That’s why, we won’t get any fine or penalty if we fail it

B5: So when you think that you can’t go on anymore, I feel a little bad for them, but it’s really okay to cancel the quest
B5b: So don’t worry about it too much

B6: Don’t worry. Those ghosts won’t stand a chance to your Light Magic, Hibari-chan

Sfx: Thumb up

B7: Uhh… Yeah…


T: [Investigate and Exterminate the Ghosts that haunt the Library’s Basement]
[Condition] None
[Client] Chief Librarian
There are ghost type monsters who are haunting our library’s basement.
It’s really troubling to not be able to use the basement, so please exterminate them for us.
And if possible, please find out what they really are
A permit to read 2nd Grade Grimoire
There is no member limit in accepting this quest, so it’s possible that you’ll coincidentally accept it with other adventurers. So even if you meet other adventurers in the basement, please don’t cause trouble to the other parties.

B1: It’s this one, huh…

Sfx: Pull

B2: But Hibari…
B2b: Don’t you love watching horror movies all the time?

B3: I never thought you would be this bad with ghosts and the likes…

B4: Tsugu-Nii, Hibari-chan may love Zombie Movie, but she doesn’t really like ghost movies

B5: Huh? Is that so?

B6: I mean…


B1: You can just beat zombies when they come close, but you can’t do the same with ghosts, you know!?

B2: What’s with that standard, Hibari…

B3: B-But well, but this is a game, you see? So I’m all in if we can defeat them!!

B4: I definitely won’t accept it if it’s the real world though!

B5: That’s right! They are beatable inside a game! It would be okay!!
B5b: Let’s go!!

B6: Good. Keep it up, Hibari-chan

B7: We’ll be taking this quest please

B8: The Ghost Investigation/Extermination Quest starts!!