Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 31

Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 31

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note


T: [Investigate and Exterminate the Ghosts that haunt the Library’s Basement]
[Condition] None
[Client] Chief Librarian
There are ghost type monsters who are haunting our library’s basement.
It’s really troubling to not be able to use the basement, so please exterminate them for us.
And if possible, please find out what they really are
A permit to read 2nd Grade Grimoire
※There is no member limit in accepting this quest, so it’s possible that you’ll coincidentally accept it with other adventurers. So even if you meet other adventurers in the basement, please don’t cause trouble to the other parties.

H: Play 31
[Let’s Explore the Library’s Basement (First Part)]


T: The story so far: We accepted a Ghost Investigation/Extermination Quest while Mii-chan was offline

B1: It hasn’t been fully confirmed, but you would likely face ghost-type monsters in this quest

B2: The effective weapons are…

B3: Ah
B3b: I can use light magic, so I think we should be alright

T: ▷ [Medi] (Small Heal) Level 1 MP10
▷ [Poisona] (Remove Poison) Level 5 MP8
▷ [Light] (Support) Level 9 MP5
▷ [Ray] (Offensive) Level 16 MP20
▷ [Light’s Blessing] (Buff) Level 16 MP12
▷ [Light Arrow] (Offensive) Level 16 MP28

Sfx: Ping

B4: Oh, I see
B4b: Then here is your Guild signed parchment. You need to show it to them to enter the Library’s Basement

B5: And currently, there are 8 other parties who are accepting this quest


B1: Even if you can’t exterminate them, we will still reward you if you return with information about them
B1b: So please be careful and good luck

Sfx: Dead silent

Sfx: Rattle Rattle


B1: Are we really in the right place?

B2: Well, the first floor is open for everyone, right? I’m sure they won’t mind it as long as we don’t trash around
BC: Hahaha

B3: Besides, what we need to explore is the Library’s Basement
B3b: So don’t worry, we are in the right place
BC: Yeah

B4: Uhhh…

B5: Let’s go. Or, do you want stay here alone?

B6: N-No! Don’t leave me!

Sfx: Step Step


B1: It’s pretty dark, so watch your step

B2: Okaaay

B3: So this is how the basement looks like, huh…

B4: Even though there are several magic stones to light the place, it’s still pretty dark in here…

B5: [Light], I choose you!
BC: Err…

Sfx: Shine!


B1: My eyeees! My eyeeees!!!

Sfx: Shine

B2: But with this, I think we’ll be okay somewhat

B3: As the worst thing that can happen is probably an ambush from the darkness with no light source around
B3b: So be careful

B4: Certainly, it will be pretty unlikely for us to get lost here, I think
B4b: So I’m going to let go of your hand, okay Mei?

B5: Mee!

B6: And Spid, we’re going to investig-… err, what was it again, explore? this place…
B6b: So can you come out just in case we have to fight some monsters?

Sfx: Nod

Sfx: Hop

Sfx: Shooshoo Shoo!

B7: Oh, what a cute little wool ball. It grabbed the edge of my coat

Sfx: Squeeze


B1: Just for how long are you going to do that skit…

H: My eyeees..!!!

B2: A-Ahem!
B2b: Alright, let’s explore this place!

B3: Yeah, let’s go

Sfx: Creeeaaak


B1: Seems like there aren’t any clues here, huh…

B2: Too many rooms. And WAY too much dust

B3: Well, the dust will tell us whether it’s already explored by other adventurers or not
B3b: So I guess that’s not too bad

B4: I found a pretty clean door that doesn’t have any footprints around it here
BC: Hmm?

B5: Clack

B6: Looks like I don’t even need to use picklock
B6b: Game Master, please grant us your wisdom

B7: Hmm, a critical failure, huh… Sorry, you didn’t find anything there

B8: …I don’t really understand what you girls are talking about, but in short, there’s nothing there, right?


B1: Yeah. Even my [Search Presence] doesn’t pick anything up

B2: Seems like it was used as a storeroom, huh…
B2b: Hmm… I don’t see anything weird about it…

B3: Sigh, this is going to be really hard…

B4: Well, even I don’t think that we will find anything that easy from the start though…

Sfx: Rattle

B5: Hmm?

B6: What’s wrong, Tsugu-Nii?

B7: No…

H: If even Hitaki’s [Search Presence] doesn’t pick it up, then it can’t be a monster, right?

B8: But then again, I heard that High Ranked Monster can erase their presence at will…


Sfx: Rattle Rattle Rattle

B1: Ah… I see, so the bookshelf here also moves around, huh…

B2: Yeah. It’s more like shaking though

B3: P-P-P-P-P-Poltergeist Phenomenon!?

Sfx: Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle

B4: It seems like it only jolts around a bit and that’s all, huh..

H: But judging from Hibari’s expression, seems like it’s enough to scare people who hate this kind of thing…

Sfx: Hiiiiieee…

B5: Clack

B6: Then let’s go to the next ro-…

Sfx: Clack Clack Clack


B1: …Ah…

H: Shoo?

B2: T-Tsugu-Nii..?

B3: What’s wrong?

Sfx: Mee?

Sfx: Eeeeeeeeeeehhhhh!!?

B4: …It’s locked

B5: What did you saaay..!!?


B1: It got locked even though there’s nothing here…
B1b: Or perhaps… Did it get locked because THERE IS something here..!?

B2: This is bad, this is bad. There must be a switch somewhere in this room!!
BC: Wait wait wait….

B3: In the stories, a place like this usually has another floor below it with corpses or some weird ritual, right?

Sfx: Eeeeek!!

B4: And the locked door trope is usually followed by an enemy attack, right?
BC: Uhh…

B5: I think…
B5b: There’s probably a switch on the walls

B6: Knock knock knock, what is that sound?

B7: Ah, isn’t that the lyric of “Abukutatta”?* How nostalgic!
*TLN: Abukutatta is one of the Japanese children songs

B8: So we just need to search the walls, right?

B9: Well, might as well check the floor…
B9b: While I’m at it


B1: If I remember correctly, the switch is usually in one of the neatly arranged stones or something in the movies…

B2: Aaah, I want to get out while the poltergeist is still quiet!

B3: Yeah. Then let’s do our best to search for it

B4: Did you find anything?

B5: No… Even though we already looked around this long…

B6: And the door won’t even budge even after Hibari-chan bashed it with all of her strength

Sfx: Wham!!

Sfx: Yaaarghh!!!

B7: That was… quite a spectacle…


B1: Come to think of it…
B1b: The receptionist said that there are other adventurers who accepted this quest, right? But I haven’t seen any of them…

H: Ah, I feel like the bookshelf rattling sounds became louder just now…

Sfx: Rattle! Rattle!

H: But Hibari will probably be freaked out if I point it out, so I guess I’ll keep that for myself

B2: Hey, could it be that there will be a huge hole on the floor and we’re going to fall through it?
BC: Hahaha

B3: Tsugu-Nii, that’s too cliché
BC: Chuckle

B4: Yeah right


B1: I suppose so…
BC: I wonder why I said that

Sfx: Rustle

B2: Spid?

Sfx: Shoo!

Sfx: Creak!

B3: Wait, creak?

B4: Not thump?

B5: Could it be…

B6: That Tsugu-Nii…

B7: Jinxed it!?

B8: That’s…

Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble

Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble

B9: So cliché!

B10: You two seem to be unfazed with this

Sfx: Creak Creak Creak Creak

B11: That’s not really the case, you…


Sfx: Crumble

B1: ..Know..?

Sfx: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!


Sfx: Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!

B1: I never thought that I would personally experience what people said by…

B2: “Having a more panicky person near you will make you calm” inside a game…

Sfx: Shine

Sfx: Fwish

T: [Light] won’t move without an order!
And it will vanish on its own after a while!

Sfx: Bam!!

T: [I am not a bad lolicon, you know!] Latoli part 3
(G) = Guild Master (V) = Vices (A) = Alliance Guild


B1: 453: Banbanji (V)
Hey, are the lolis going to be alright? They went into Library’s Basement, you know?
If I remember correctly, that was the place for a very scary ghost quest, right?

B2: 454: Gyouza
Uwaah, they’re going on that ghost quest?
But even if I chase after those lolis, I don’t have any confidence that I won’t act like a suspicious person after I meet them lol

B3: 455: Salonpas
>>454 Are you me!?

B4: 456: Yomi no Moushigo
>>454 I found a comrade lol

B5: 457: Compass
>>454 Oh, so it’s just my Doppelganger

B6: 458: Tulip
>>453 Hint: The Angel one of the loli twins

B7: 459: Moukeke Piropiro
>>453 One of the loli twins is an Apprentice Angel, so they will probably be alright against the Ghost-Type Monsters around here, I think…
B7b: Ah, but I don’t think they can handle the stronger nighttime monsters though


B1: 460: Wadatsumi
>>453 Apprentice Angel’s main element is Light → She’s level 32 and has already learned Light Arrow which is super effective against Ghost-Type Monsters → She also got Unique Skill, Little Sanctuary from the last update →So in short, it will be very bright, ok?

Sfx: Shine!

B2: 461: Kuro Usa
>>460 So briiight!!

B3: 462: Banbanji (V)
>>458-460 Thanks for the answers!

Sfx: Shine

B4: Well, I’m sure that those ghosts will ascend directly to heaven after seeing Lil Angel’s lovely face though.
And while she’s at it, she will also summon lolicons like me lol

B5: 463: Kanamin (V)
>>462 Don’t get summoned Lmao
Someone, get him out of here immediately lol

B6: 464: Parsee (A)
My own party also took that ghost quest, but other than a poltergeist phenomenon, we didn’t see any other strange things. I think that we probably didn’t meet the right condition

B7: 465: Purupurun Zenzen Man (G)
Anyway, I am…


B1: Currently standing by at the library just in case something happens.
Guess I’ll read the world map while I’m at it.
Damn, I really want to visit the World Tree so badly!

B2: 464: Mitsurin Zanmai
Oh, I’m standing by at the library too right now!
I’m currently reading a book called [Fairy Tale: Other World Gardener and The Sword Princess].
It’s an Isekai themed picture book lol

H: Ah… H-Hello…

H: H-Hi…

B3: 467: kanan (A)
>>465 You know, reading world map isn’t bad, but I recommend you read [World Prettiest Monster Encyclopedia] too. They really outdone themselves, especially in their Fairy, Spirit, and Dream Demon Section. It’s pretty “interesting” lmao

B4: While the lolicons are worried about Tsugumi and his sisters’ safety…

H: I see…

B5: …die..!


B1: I thought we were really going to die!!

B2: We won’t
B2b: First, it’s a game. And second, Hibari-chan’s HP and defense are the highest between us here

B3: If anyone was going to die, it’s probably Tsugu-Nii

B4: Ah, y-you’re right! Tsugu-Nii has paper defense after all!

B5: Oi!

B6: Anyways, we were saved thanks to this cushion-like floor here

Sfx: Wobble Wobble

B7: Hibari, can you give me some light?
BC: I can’t see anything here

Sfx: Shine

B8: L-[Light]!
BC: Sorry, I forgot!

B9: T-This is…


B1: What is this..?

B2: It’s probably Mushroo, a mushroom-type monster
B2b: It’s a harmless monster that likes to multiply in dark and damp places

B3: To be honest, I can only see it as a normal mushroom no matter how I look at it…

H: So narrow…

B4: Now, what should we do?

B5: The hole we fell off from earlier is…
B5: Already closed, huh?

B6: Well, the only difference is that we fell to B2 from B1 basement…

Sfx Heave ho

B7: So all we can do is continue exploring, I guess


B1: Uhh… I guess we have no choice…

B2: Yeah. I don’t want to stay here forever after all

B3: I wonder where is this tunnel going to bring us..?


B1: Seems like the road ends here…
B1b: And only this side is made with stone bricks…

B2: Ooh, could it be, an ancient ruin!?

B3: Or maybe, a new dungeon!?

B4: Well, since we don’t have any other leads, let’s try checking here

B5: I just hope that it would lead us to the upper floor…

B6: Can Tsugumi and his sisters return to the library safely? Look forward for the answer in the next chapter!!