Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 32

Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 32

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note


T: Mushroo
It just looks like a normal mushroom.
Or rather, its appearance is somehow closer to a shiitake to be exact.
Its weakness is at its axis. Its umbrella shaped part is able to regenerate.

H: Play 32
[Let’s Explore the Library’s Basement (Last Part)]


B1: Tsugumi and his party went to explore the Library’s Basement, but they fell into another underground floor.
B1b: And now, they are doing their best to solve the ghost’s mystery so they can get back out

B2: Looking for suspicious places is the basic of the basics in a game like this.

B3: I-I see…

B4: Why is it only this part made from stone brick..?
BC: Speaking of suspicious…

Sfx: Tap Tap

Sfx: Clack

Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble

B5: I think I pushed something…

B6: A hidden door!?

B7: Or perhaps, a trap..!?

Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble

B8-9: Crack


Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble

B1: Ooh, good job Tsugu-nii!

B2: It’s a path…

B3: So it’s not an exit, huh…
BC: Sigh…

Sfx: Humm Humm

B4: You sure are chirpy when there aren’t any spirit phenomenon around, aren’t you…

Sfx: Twitch

T: ▶Skill [Search Presence]


B1: What’s wrong? You detected a monster’s presence?

T: ▶Skill [Search Presence]

B2: Yeah.
B2b: There’s one lurking at the end of this pathway.

B3: But, it’s hiding its presence really well, so I don’t know what kind of monster it is.

Sfx: Gulp

Sfx: Clack

B4: Spid, wake up.
B4b: There’s something in front of us.

B5: And your wooden mallet is too big for this place, so don’t use it for now, okay Mei?

B6: Mee!


Sfx: Peek…

B1: Aaah… Why can’t just humans leave me alone here, I wonder?
BC: Sigh…

B2: Even though all I wanted to do is sleep in peace forever…


B1: As I thought, Humans really can’t hold themselves back and not use something as divine as me…

Sfx: Tada!

B2: Uhmm…

B3: Perhaps I can’t blame them…

B4: Because I’m just that valuable in their ey-…

B5: Excuse me!

B6: What?

B7: Uwaah, he looks really annoyed…

H: I wonder if the ghost phenomenon that we experienced here were this crystal ball’s doing..?

B8: We actually don’t have any intention to use or even abuse you…
B8b: I mean, we didn’t even know that such place exists in this town.
BC: Err…


B1: That’s why, can you just go back to your sleep?

B2: Wha-..!? What did you say!?
B2b: Do you know who I am!?

Sfx: Shine!

B3: I am the masterpiece work that the unparalleled magician, Schwarz Sweetheart made…
B3b: The one and only “All Knowing-kun”, you know!?

B4: So lame!

B5: …

B6: Oops, sorry…

B7: You see, the people at the library that built right on top of this area are troubled by a ghost phenomenon…
BC: Err…

B8: And that’s probably your doing, right?


B1: Indeed.
B1b: I shook those bookshelves to drive away those humans who disturbed my peaceful slumber.

B2: But… To think that this land who was called as the Demon Land would be inhabited by humans…

B3: Perhaps there are still intriguing things in this world…

B4: This All Knowing-kun…

B5: Seems to have been deemed as a very dangerous magic tool, even by its own creator…

B6: It was quarantined here, underground, and it fell into slumber after a while, but…
B6b: Recently, or rather, a few hundred year ago, the above ground became too loud for it to continue sleeping.

B7: It tried to ignore it for a while, but there wasn’t any sign of them becoming silent.

B8: “Could it be that they are enemies who are targeting me?”
B8b: All Knowing-kun thought that and decided to drive the people away.

B9: But it didn’t go very well…


B1: !

B2: Then let’s meet them directly and give them a piece of my mind!
B2b: And that was the whole reason for why we were dropped down to this place.

B3: That sure was a lax way of driving out people, if you ask me…

H: Well, I feel bad for that crystal ball, but we really have to get out from here.

B4: Let’s negotiate with it and search for an exit.

Sfx: Ahem

B5: Let’s cut straight to the point, shall we? Right now, you have 3 options in front of you.

B6: First…
B6b: You ignore the noise and go back to your slumber.

B7: In my opinion, this is the easiest one for us.

B8: Second, go above ground…

B9: We’ll take you back with us and hand you over to the Library Administrators or the Guild.
B9b: Needless to say, this is the most troublesome option between the 3.

B10: And the third one is…


B1: We’ll destroy you, right here right now.

B2: It’s not a question whether we can or can’t.
B2b: We definitely will.

B3: Ghost-Type Monster rarely drop any items…
B3b: So the Guild would probably believe it even if we write it off as “there’s nothing here”.

B4: Ughh…

B5: I guess it can’t be helped…
B5b: I pick option number 1.

B6: Then I will go back to my slumber, Humans. I ask you to keep anything that happened in this place secret.

Sfx: Phew…

B7: It will be very troublesome if we had to carry it back…
B7b: And I worry that there will be a trap if we destroy it, so really, thank God!

B8: So this is truly the best option for both us and that crystal ball.

B9: Hey…
B9b: Where should we go to get out from this place?


B1: D-Don’t tell me…

B2: That you can bring us down here, but you can’t send us back?

B3: There is a way.
B3b: There was a Mushroo at the place you fell, right?

B4: You can find an entrance to a natural cave there.
B4b: I believe it’s connected to somewhere to the aboveground.

H: So that wiggly mushroom monster hides something like that..?

B5: In the first place, this aforementioned cave was only created beca-…

B6: Let’s get back to above ground and report to the Guild!
BC: Alright!

B7: Eh?

Sfx: Step Step Step

B8: Eeeh…

B9: This humongous Mushroo is monopolizing most of the space here as always, doesn’t it…
B9b: I just can’t see any pathway other than this…

B10: Mushroo saved our lives.
B10: I don’t want to kill it if possible.
BC: Hmm…

Sfx: Narrow

B11: And you’re in luck! Since the umbrella shaped part can regenerate, we can search for the entrance without having to defeat it!


B1: Somehow, I became more and more knowledgeable about Mushroo since I came here…

Sfx: Slice Slice Slice Slice

B2: Found it.
BC: Oh.

B3: Then let’s go!

B4: But first…

Sfx: Shine

T: ▶Skill [Mana Transfer]


B1: Because this is also my important job after all.

Sfx: Swish Swish

H: Ehehe, thank you!

B2: The pathway is becoming wider now…
B2b: I hope there’s nothing waiting for us on the other side…

B3: Yeah, it’s really nice that it doesn’t branch out.

B4: Well, even if it does later, I’ll try to memorize the road,
B4b: So you can leave it to me.

B5: Will do!
B5b: Tsugu-Nii has the best memory in the Kokonoe Family after all!

B6: In return, just leave it to us for the battle part!

B7: Yeah, leave it to us.

B8: After more or less 2 hours of walking…

B9: I know I jinxed it, but…


Sfx: Sigh…

B1: It can’t be helped, natural made caves are always complicated…

B2: Tsugu-Nii… Will we be alright if we pick at random?

B3: Well, I’m still confident I can remember the road. So, how will it be?

B4: No other option but to keep advancing. I don’t want to live here forever.
BC: Yeah…

B5: You’re right.

Sfx: Step

B6: If these pathways aren’t even connected to outside, I’ll ask Mei to crush that crystal ball with its wooden mallet.

Sfx: Twitch


T: First one

B1: It’s a dead end…

T: Second one

B2: An empty space..?
BC: It’s so dark!

T: Third one

B3: We can’t go on, it’s flooded…

T: Fourth one

B4: Seems like this isn’t it either.

B5: There’s only a big pool of water here.

B6: The water is so muddy…

B7: It really is.
B7b: But what if there’s a hidden passage under it?

B8: No. Absolutely no.

Sfx: Hahaha…

Sfx: Splash!


Sfx: Chomp

Sfx: Splash!!


B1: …No way!
B1b: I definitely don’t want to fight that!

Sfx: Tremble Tremble Tremble Tremble Tremble Tremble Tremble Tremble

B2: T-T-There’s no point in us being here any longer! Let’s go to the next pathway, Tsugu-Nii!!

B3: Err, yeah, sure…

B4: Finally, the fifth one…

B5: I detected some bat monsters ahead

T: ▶Skill [Search Presence]

B6: W-Well, it’s way better than having to deal with a weird crystal ball or a humongous fish…
B6b: And it’s all good if we increase our level while we’re at it.

B7: Spid, Mei, I’m counting on you guys.

Sfx: Swish

B8: Shoo!

B9: Mee!


Sfx: Screeech

B1: Seems like it’s going to be an easy win…

B2: I mean, even Hitaki only uses magic to defeat them

Sfx: Flap Flap Flap Flap Flap Flap Flap

Sfx: Fwooosh

H: Wind..?

B3: Ah, guess we should have picked this path first…

B4: Wind is blowing. This path is definitely connected to outside.

B5: T-Then, if we picked this path first, could we have been outside already?

B6: …Yeah.


B1: The path is becoming more and more wide now…

Sfx: Shine Shine Shine Shine

B2: [Light]! [Light]! [Light]!

B3: We still can’t see that far even with this many [Light]…
B3b: Even though this pathway should be connected to above ground…

B4: At worse, we can just destroy the wall since we have Mei here, right?

B5: Mee!

B6: Even if we don’t do that, I’m sure we can get out as long as we go towards to where the wind blows from.
BC: Chuckle

B7: I mean, it’s pretty obvious if you look at your side ponytail.

B8: Eh?

B9: Huh?

Sfx: Float

B10: I see!!
BC: Oooh!

B11: Well then, let’s-…

Sfx: Grab

B12: Eh? What is-…

B13: Whoaaa!


Sfx: Thud!

B1: …Well done, Spid…

Sfx: Shoo!

Sfx: Thump.

B2: Tsugu-Nii!!

Sfx: Swish

Sfx: Stab Stab

Sfx: Slump

Sfx: Thump Thump Thump Thump


Sfx: Wobble

Sfx: Wiggle Wiggle

B1: Hibari and Hitaki, deal with the humanoids! Spid and Mei will deal with the hands!

B2: U-Understood!!

B3: Yaaah!

Sfx: Stab

Sfx: Bash!

B4: Ouch!

B5: Hibari!


B1: What are you doing to my cute little sister!?

B2: Or so I wanted to shout, but…

Sfx: Wiggle Wiggle

Sfx: Mee!

Sfx: Shoo!

B3: Rather than stabbing, it’s more effective to cut them, Hibari-chan.

Sfx: Slash

B4: Oh, I see! You’re so smart, Hii-chan!

B5: As long as I know how to defeat them..!

Sfx: Slash


Sfx: Splat Splat

H: We did it!!

Sfx: Phew…

B1: If we set the reality setting to high, I’m sure we would be covered with mud right now…

B2: By the way, the drop items are Common Dirt, Clay Soil, and Broken Magic Stone’s…
B2b: …Fragment?

T: [Common
[Clay Soil
[Broken Magic
A fragment of a used, broken magic stone.
Can be restored back into Blank Magic Stone after collecting a huge amount of it.
Rarity 1 Price 5M

B3: So I can turn it back into Blank Magic Stone after collecting a lot of it, huh…

H: Well, I can make Blank Magic Stone myself, so I don’t think there’s any real need to collect this…

H: Or rather, I have a feeling that I’ve never told my little sisters that I can make one…

B4: I guess it’s fine.
BC: Well…

B5: Let’s get out of here before more monsters show up.

B6: Okay!


B1; The wind is coming from this way, from this hole!!

B2: Phew, so we can finally say good bye to the underground!

B3: Yeah, the long awaited surface.

B4: And here I’m just relieved because the hole is big enough for me.

B5: I can see light!

Sfx: Step

B6: We’re out!!


B1: It’s the surface!!

Sfx: Flap Flap

B2: But, where is this?

B3: …

T: Library, 1F

B4: Hmm, they still haven’t got out…

B5: Yeah…

B6; But well, waiting for them forever is our job!

B7: Indeed!

B8: Cute is Justice! And Justice always win!!

B9: 517: Mokeke Piropiro
Hmm? Eh? Wait, Eeeh??
Onii-chan’s party just came back from the gate rather than the library.
BC: Beep Beep

B10: !!?


B1: 518: Imonikai Iinchou (A)
Oh my..?
Well, I guess there are still a lot of mysteries out there.

H: But I’m glad they’re alright!!

B2: Whaaaat!?

B3: Be quiet!!

B4: Thank God the exit is in the forest near Eichi.

B5: Yeah. I detected several players outside the forest with my [Search Presence],
B5b: So I deduced that the town is that way.

B6: That’s Hii-chan for you!
B6b: Alright, let’s go reporting at the Guild!

B7: Got back safely from the Library Basement’s Ghost Investigation/Extermination Quest!!