Re:Monster Chapter 42

Re:Monster Chapter 42

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: P-Princess..!!
Get away from there, quickly!!

B2: [Day 106]

B3: That is not a normal chicken, Milady..! That’s a monster!!

Sfx: Cluck cluck cluck!

H: Flap Flap Flap Flap Flap

B4: Even I know that much
But look at how round and plump it is! Isn’t it cute?

H: Flap Flap Flap

B5: Can I take a closer look?

B6: Princess!!

B7: Protecting this tomboy princess has turned out to be bringing continuous trouble to me from the very first day…
Why? Because seems like there’s no one beside me who’s able to anticipate her behavior somehow…

H: Walks away

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Re:Monster        Chapter 42
Original Story: Kanekiru Kogitsune / Art: Kobayakawa Haruyoshi


B1: From hanging at the carriage and almost getting thrown off because the Skeleton Centipede was running at max speed…

Sfx: Rattle rattle rattle

B2: Waah!!

H: Twitch

B3: Surprising and frightening the sisters who were still making our lunch from behind…

B4: Even arrogantly having a pompous behavior because she’s a royalty…

H: Prostate before me..!

B5: Ah, wait…
I guess that is not really a problem, but…

B6: That’s enough of your bullshit!!!

Sfx: Boom!

B7: I personally don’t care if you get hurt or something, but remember that it’s always us, the adults that have to take the responsibility!!

Sfx: Slap!

H: Yaah!

B8: Can’t you even imagine what kind of trouble will happen if you surprised someone who is holding a knife!?

Sfx: Slap!

Sfx: Yeowch!

Sfx: Ouch!!

Sfx: Slap!


B1: I don’t care how important she is…

B2: I did a bad thing to you back there…
As an apology, I’ll help you prepare the dinner today

Sfx: Throbbing Pain

H: Thank you!

B3: I’ll scold her if she does bad things, and I’ll praise her properly when she does good things. Because that’s my duty as an adult

B4: Moreover, that girl herself nor the Boy accompanying her were particularly telling me anything, but…
The weird thing is, she won’t stop her pranks even when others tell her to. Well, other than me, of course…

H: Mmph…

B5: So this probably means that the chance of her having some kind of a special ability is very high

B6: And there’s another thing that I’m wondering about her…
She’s strangely well informed about plebeians’ common sense, even though she’s a royalty

B7: I think it’s better to let this fruit ripen a bit more, don’t you think?

B8: And even though she fully understands that monsters and hanging on a moving vehicle are dangerous…
It seems like that still won’t stop from to appeasing her curiosity…

B9: Just like someone who wants to enjoy everything because it’s their time to experience the outside world…


B1: Running around like girls her age…

B2: And resting on top of my shoulders when she’s tired…

B3: And just in a day, she already made the top of my shoulders as her special VIP seat

B4: The contrast combination of an Ogre and a cute little girl made us the center of everyone’s attention but, I didn’t care for any of it and continued our journey

B5: Before I went to sleep that day, I realized that Dhammi-chan and that Alchemist Girl are teaching her weird things …

B6: Remember, you won’t be able to make a guy notice you with just cuteness

Sfx: Whisper Whisper Whisper

H: I see…

B7: You see, to effectively seduce a guy, you need to…

B8: But well, it’s not like it will bring me any harm, so I let them be…


H: [Day 107]

B1: Today, I heard that the Boy is not an apprentice knight, but actually an authentic royal knight

B2: I have served the princess for a long time, even when she was still in her childhood

B3: I got interested in him, so I let that Boy Knight join our morning practice, but…

B4: What’s that, seems so fun! Let me join in too!

B5: P-Princess…
Please stop that, this is not a game, Princess!

B6: I know that! But if it’s just a little training, then even I can do that!

B7: Or rather, I want to do that…

B8: Because it will probably be useful to me someday…

B9: …

B10: If you say that much, fine…

B11: Naturally, this is something that isn’t needed for a princess, but it’s hard to refuse her when she vehemently said it like that


B1: Then first, change into these easy to move clothes

B2: P-P-Please wait a second..!!
The Princess won’t like it if you force her to wear poor clothes like that..!

B3: I don’t mind it, stand back

B4: Oh, what’s this? Will this kid join our practice session too?
I hope you won’t escape halfway, you hear me boy?

Sfx: Rub Rub

B5: Stop talking arrogantly like that, you just got used to the training not too long ago yourself

B6: And what I understood after letting him join our training, seems like this Boy Knight is also over depending on his level, guidance from his job, and his Arts…

B7: Even with a boy like him, if he learned 3 vanguard jobs, it’s not impossible to kill an ogre… Or so is this world’s common sense

H: Is he alright?

B8: However, without even training his body properly, I can say boldly that it’s just the same as trash
And I successfully taught him, who fainted over and over again, that in the end, the only thing you can rely on is your own body


B1: But what genuinely surprised me was, the unexpected sight of that Tomboy Princess continuously doing that sword practice seriously
Well, she seems to enjoy that, so I guess it’s a good thing, probably…

Sfx: Swish Swish Swish

B2: We washed our sweat at a nearby river after that. However, when we were about to move along the highway again…

B3: It’s really boring to look at the same scenery again and again!
Ogarou! Pick a more interesting route this time!

B4: Thus, with that sentence born from her whim, we reluctantly changed our route in a hurry

B5: Besides…
If we choose the safe route and go along the highway, we’ll arrive at the Royal Capital in at least 13 days

T: Oswell             Purgatory                                          Our Current Position

Highway to the Royal Capital

B6: However, if we pick the dangerous route through Silisca Woods and Cluster Mountain Range that are full of monsters…

B7: And then passing The Labyrinth Town, Purgatory, We can arrive in just around 7 days, or so I heard from the Boy Knight


B1: From what I know from my clones, those guys from Tomboy Princess Bodyguard group that we left at Trient are currently pursuing us…

B2: So it’s a good thing for us to change our route at this point…

B3: However, the main reason I agreed to this plan is…

B4: After we exit Silisca Woods, there’s this village called Mason Village which is famous for their hot spring and great waterfall
Beyond that, we have to go through Cluster Mountain Range that’s heavily covered with snow, but…

Sfx: Rattle Rattle

B5: It’s very dangerous because a clan of Giants called “Fomorl” inhabit that area
Even with that, will you still choose that route..?

B6: Our original objective in this journey isn’t completed yet, but…

Sfx: Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle

B7: The thrill which that Tomboy Princess wants and the strong prey that I want are in the same place, so I forcefully pick the trackless dangerous route this time


B1: [Day 108]

B2: We arrived at the Silisca Woods this morning. It’s not as big as the Kuuderun Great Forest, but it’s full with unknown monsters

Sfx: Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle

B3: However, I’m still at an escort quest now, so I can’t go and hunt for preys just like always…

B4: So as I protect our members who can’t fight inside the carriage, we move forward while leaving the hunting part to Kumajirou and Kurosaburou

B5: There are a lot of rivers and ponds in these woods, so the monsters that attacked us were mostly amphibians or reptiles
And the most troublesome of them all are “Shelled Grasshopper” that flew around randomly

Sfx: Swish Swish Swish Swish Swish Swish

B6: If we didn’t have the Skeleton Centipede with us, then I’m pretty sure that a few of us would have been injured because of them


B1: I already made the Tomboy Princess and the other girls wear the clothes with my clones inside, so it’s possible to protect them somewhat, but…

B2: There’s always a chance that my clones won’t react fast enough if their faces were attacked, so it’s really a troublesome battle

Sfx: Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle

B3: Can I go out now?

Sfx: Rattle Rattle Rattle

B4: Of course not! Just sit down like a good girl, you..!!

B5: After the attacks from Shelled Grasshoppers stopped, my familiars brought and took the monster they hunted apart, and we made our preparation for lunch

B6: We found Illness Frog, which it was obviously poisonous with its colorful body, so I was the only one who could eat that

B7: However, the other monsters were pretty good too

H: Uwaaah…

T: ▷Ability [Disease Scatter] [Disease Carrier] [Burning Claw] [Fireproof Mucus Excretion] [Infection] [Hard Head] [Headbutt] [Silent Flight] [Weak Intimidation] [Unusual Temperature Vulnerability] learned

B8: I guess a barbeque party by the river side is pretty nice sometimes

Sfx: Blob

B9: But when I was just thinking of that…


Sfx: Splashh!!

B1: Crystal Crocodile…

B2: Just like its name, it’s a giant crocodile with a body that looks like it’s made from crystal
Probably it’s biologically a higher ranked race when compared to an Ogre

Sfx: Groowl!


B1: But well…

B2: I already knew about its surprise attack from my [Search Presence] though

Sfx: Bash!!

Sfx: Thud!

B3: What…
What did you just do..!?

B4: Not telling ¶
Oh, and let’s just take this thing apart too


B1: Amazing! This is a good catch!!
I’m sure we can sell its hide and fangs for a good price!

Sfx: Excited

B2: Tearing this apart will be really worth it..!

B3: As I ate its tail that wasn’t really worth much, it increased my ability and strengthened my body altogether, so I guess I got that going for me

T: ▷Ability [Crystal Crocodile’s Armored Hide] [Crystal Crocodile’s Sharp Fang][Underwater Predator] learned

B4: Hmm..?
Why are you fidgeting like that?

B5: Do you want to ask me something or what?

B6: Why… Why do you always…

B7: Eat everything that you kill..?


H: “Why do you always eat everything that you kill?“

B1: I also got asked that same question in my previous life too…

B2: But my answer still hasn’t changed from before…

B3: “I eat them because I killed them”

B4: Everything that I kill is all for my own sake
So I can live a little bit longer

B5: No matter what the reason is, if they are dead because they met me…
Then I’ll try to eat them, as a symbol that I will carry their regret and grudge with me

B6: The main reason is because I want their abilities though…

B7: But well… I’ll let her believe that it’s a kind of ritual…


B1: When I talked about it with my coworker in my previous life…

B2: Kanata… That’s really weird…

B3: Or other astonished words similar to that

Sfx: Rustle Rustle

B4: Hmm…

B5: I see…

B6: She didn’t say anything else after that and just went in deep thought so our conversation ended with that

B7: …

B8: Maybe even that Tomboy Princess has something to ponder sometimes
However, that doesn’t matter to me, so I kept killing and eating every monster that blocked our way as I continue our journey

T: ▷Ability acquired during synthesis today
[Dissonance] + [Panic Voice] = [Death Voice]
[Shell Defense] + [Shell Retreat] + [Adamantine Spider’s Strong Carapace] = [Indestructible Castle Shell]
[Conceal Presence] + [Recognition Obstruction] + [Sneaking] = [Recognition Difficulty]
[Surging Combat Instinct] + [Survival Instinct] = [Berserker Mode]


H: [Day 109]

B1: We got through the Woods when the sun was directly above our head and arrived at Mason Village

B2: And just like before, the people there almost rioted, but then…

B3: Fwip

Sfx: Voom

Sfx: Voooom!!

B4: Everyone, stand down!

B5: And open the way before me!!

B6: Tha..!
That insignia..!? Could it be..!?

B7: To think that an Ogre is with the Sternbelt Royal Family..!!


Sfx: Clear away!

B1: I‘ve never seen something like this outside from period dramas, but it was truly a magnificent sight

B2: And thanks to the Tomboy Princess’ effect, it’s decided that we were able to stay for a night in the Village Chief’s residence

B3: At first, the Village Chief and his wife were really afraid of us…
However, after I offered various ingredients that I acquired during our journey, they became gentler as we talked…

Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble

B4: Then, they guided us to the popular sightseeing spot there, the great waterfall


B1: And I’m glad that the others can enjoy this scenery too…

B2: However, I found out that there’s a gigantic being who sleeps under this waterfall with my [Search Presence]

Sfx: Ping Ping

T: Not Hostile: Unknown Species

Sfx: Ping Ping Ping

B3: According to the Village Chief’s story, it was some kind of rare dragon that’s worshipped as the guardian deity in this area…

B4: And since I don’t think that I’ll win against it now, I guess I’ll leave it alone for now…

B5: We were able to fully reserve the other popular spot, the spacious hot spring as we were together with a VIP, a Royalty

B6: Even though it’s not as good as the one we have in our base, it was a rather good bath


B1: At night, we planned to cook a lot of monsters that my familiars caught as a feast for the villagers…

B2: Isn’t this too much..?

Sfx: Psssh

Sfx: Clap

B3: However, because we made too much food, we ended up doing a big party for all of the villagers in the end…

B4: The Village Chief was generous enough to bring the best local alcohol to the party…
So as a my thanks, I also brought Elf’s Sake to the party too

H: Oh, this is good

B5: Everyone was dancing and spending a harmony time together at that time. However…

B6: Dhammi-chan got mad and almost went berserker because one of the Villagers touched her butt

Sfx: Gloom Gloom Gloom Gloom Gloom Gloom

B7: And almost destroyed the friendly relationship that I built all day long today…


B1: Ahem…

Sfx: Angry Angry Angry

B2: Forgive us for the trouble…

B3: As an apology, let me hold a drinking contest with you, ladies and gentlemen!

Sfx: Bam!

B4: I’ll even give 4 Silver plates to anyone that can beat me in this!

T: *1 silver plate = 10.000 Gold

Sfx: Murmur Murmur

B5: With that much money…

B6: Won’t all of us be able to live without working for a week..?

Sfx: Uooooooh!!

B7: I’ll do it!

B8: No, I’ll do it!

B9: Interesting!

B10: Let me join in too!!

B11: I successfully dispersed the dangerous atmosphere from the party, but at the first place, there’s no way an ogre like me will get drunk like normal people

All sfx in this panel: Yay

B12: I know it’s kind of hypocrisy because our side started it, but the place got lively again and the snacks were pretty tasty, so I hope they’ll forget about this

T: ▷Ability [Water Battle Formation] [Blade Bone Generation] [Hard Skin] [Sharp Horn Generation] learned


B1: [Day 110]

B2: We left Mason Village in the morning and continued to go to the Cluster Mountain Range as planned

B3: There was nothing really special today…
We ate meals like usual, trained like usual, and just continued traveling

B4: At this rate, we’ll reach the foot of the mountain tomorrow morning, I guess…

B5: Hmm? What’s wrong?
Both of you look very pale today

B6: Eh?

B7: Hmm… Maybe we are still tired…
Because we worked a lot yesterday..?

B8: I’ll make the dinner today, so don’t push yourselves and go rest

B9: Thank you… Then we’ll accept your suggestion and rest today…


B1: Ogarou, stop it!

B2: [Day 111]

B3: It’s dangerous to keep going like this..!!

B4: Now that I think about it, that thing yesterday must have been a premonition of this…

All sfx in this page: Ba-dump

B5: And seems like neither me nor the girls were aware of this…

B6: Because seems like the sisters got pregnant…

B7: With my, an Ogre, child…

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