Re:Monster Chapter 45

Re:Monster Chapter 45

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: It’s almost dark, so I hurriedly went to a desolated place to eat Balorl before I return home

Sfx: Swirl Swirl

B2: But as expected, its body was too big for me to eat it normally, so I had to use my [Metamorphoses] skill to completely devour it

T: ▷Ability [Deadly Evil Eye] [Overkill] [Giant King’s Supreme Strike] [Giant King’s Dignity] [Giant King’s Wisdom] [Giant King’s Flesh and Blood] [Giant King’s Physique] [Giant Race’s Exceptional Vitality] [Giant’s Iron Hammer] [Giant Killing] [Giant’s Factor] [Parjanya*] [Illa-Tiki**] [Complete Aqua Resistance] [Complete Lightning Resistance] [Complete Evil Eye Resistance] [Complete Earth Resistance] [The One who Shoulders a Country] [Tyranny of the King] [Lesser Giant Summoning] [Giant’s Language] learned
TLN: * Kanji read Left Arm of Penetrating Rain **Kanji read Right Arm of Roaring Thundercloud

H: Re:Monster Chapter 45
Original Story: Kanekiru Kogitsune / Art: Kobayakawa Haruyoshi

B3: Perhaps because our races are too different, or maybe because it has a lot of meat, I learned a whopping 21 abilities from it
There are a lot of abilities that I wasn’t really sure how to use, but right now, I don’t have time to checked them one by one


B1: Oh, welcome back!

Sfx: Totter Totter Totter

B2: Look! Our kids have been able to walk this much!

B3: Ah, Papa…

Sfx: Totter Totter

B4: Papa…

Sfx: Collapse

B5: Ugh, My…
My kids are amazing..!

Sfx: Tremble Tremble Tremble Tremble

B6: Are these two geniuses or what..!?

Sfx: Dumbfounded

B7: I can’t really hide my surprise with how fast my kids are growing
Well, not like I can talk as I already ran around 3 days after birth though


B1: Am I wrong to want 1 or 2 photos of their cuteness?

H: Even though modern looking ones are impossible…

H: But I guess something like this can still do the job, right?

B2: Depends on the blueprint, I’m pretty sure we can make a simple camera in this world too…

H: Then what I need is…

B3: Perhaps I’ll contact the Dwarves and the Elf Guards later

B4: Now…
About the twin horns of the White Stag I brought back…

Sfx: Grind Grind Grind

B5: I ground them into powder and mixed them with the sisters’ breast milk before I fed it to my kids, but…

Sfx: Shine

B6: Ah

B7-8: ?

Sfx: Shine

B9: Seems like it drastically increased my children’s ability, as their intimidation feeling spiked all of a sudden


B1: I’m sure this will make both of them great people in the future…

B2: But as soon as it crossed my mind, so did my insatiable curiosity

B3: I mean I still have this much, it should be okay if I eat a little, right?

B4: Eh?
Is okay to eat this?

B5: So I and the Redhead tried to eat a bit of it together

Sfx: Crunch

Sfx: Munch Munch

T: ▷Ability [Protection of the ■ Beast] [Beloved child of ■■■]learned

B6: Ogarou..?
What’s wrong?

B7: …
It seems like I completely misread the situation…


B1: To think that I learned 2 abilities just by eating a little bit of that horn..!
It’s more ridiculous than when I ate that Giant Balorl!!

Sfx: Badump Badump Badump Badump Badump Badump

B2: 30% chance to win!? Who am I kidding with!?

B3: If I really fought with it, my chance of winning is… purely zero, none , nada..!!

B4: It probably held its power back at that time
If it fought me seriously, I would have definitely died in mere seconds..!

B5: Damn, I really curse my immature past self for not being able to perceive the vast difference in our power between us!!

Sfx: Grit Grit Grit

B6: I really have to train more so I can definitely eat it next time I see it for sure..!!

B7: By the way, about these two abilities…

B8: The first one is probably a defense skill from its name, but I don’t have any idea what this second one is for…

B9: Is it something similar to [Kin of ■■■] that I saw in my weird dream before..?


B1: Anyways, since I’m not really sure what effect it has…
I guess I’ll seal it for the time being

B2: Hey, Ogarou…

B3: Can I ask you something..?

B4: …

B5: …Huh..?

B6: Seems like the Redhead got a new Job with that

B7: And its name is [Sacred Beast Eater]

B8: The job’s name sounds so dangerous, so I told her to hide this thing as much as she can

B9: I see…
And here I thought to surprise My Teacher with this new job when we’re back…

B10: That very teacher was also telling me about a new job a few days ago though
But well, there’s no real need to tell her this

B11: Achoo!

B12: If the Redhead ended up like this, then I’m sure Auro and Argento got the same job too…
I guess I have to tell them to hide it when they are big enough to be able to speak


B1: Now that I look at it carefully, doesn’t this ■ part of [Protection of the ■ Beast] actually mean “Sacred” like in Sacred Beast..?

H: Not going to sleep?

B2: A lot of questions popped up inside my head, but I have too few hints to the answers…
Sigh, I’ll just hope it will reveal itself in the future and sleep for now, I guess…

T: ▷Your Level has exceeded certain value

B3: Ah

B4: It’s been a while since I saw this thing…
Why does it always bother me when I’m about to sleep..?

T: ▷Special Requirement <Army Genocide> <Pseudo Divinity> <Landlord Killing> <Giant’s King Killing> <■■ Declaration> have been cleared
Evolution into [Apostle Lord – Extinct Species] is possible

T: ▷Do you want to Evolve?         <YES/NO>

B5: Apo-…

T: ▷Do you want to Evolve?        <YES/NO>

Sfx: Ping

B6: Well, no matter…

B7: …


Sfx: Fwoosh Fwoosh Fwoosh

T: ▷※※※ grants Ogarou a “True Name” as Ogarou already Evolved to a certain grade

T: ▷Ogarou received [True Name – Yaten-douji*]

T: ▷Acquired Unique Skills because of [True Name – Yaten-douji] effect

T: ▷Yaten-douji learned [Hundred Demon Pandemonium’s Leader]!!
▷Yaten-douji learned [Twilight Demon Eater]!!

T: ▷Yaten-douji has cleared Special Requirement Seed, Special Requirement Act, and Special Requirement Body. ※※※ will now grants 5 Special Skills as bonus

T: <<< Now checking…

Sfx: Beep Beep Beep

T: ▷An error has been detected

Sfx: Beep Beep Beep

T: ▷Yaten-douji hasn’t meet the requirements for the 2 skiils between 5 Special Skills that has been granted
▷Locked Skill will be unlocked eventually after the requirements for the Special Skills are cleared

T: ▷Yaten-douji learned Special Skill [Heretic’s Nemesis*]!!
▷Yaten-douji learned Special Skill [Fate Plunder]!!
▷Yaten-douji learned Special Skill [Mythology Main Cast – World Epic (Black Eclipse Demon’s Story)]!!
TLN: * kanji wrote Heretic’s Divine Punishment

T: ▷ [■■■] and [■■■] has not been unlocked


T: ▷Because Yaten-douji has acquired [Fate Plunder] skill, every single one of Yaten-douji’s subordinates’ fates will be put directly under Yaten-douji’s control

T: ▷ Because Yaten-douji has acquired [Mythology Main Cast – World Epic (Black Eclipse Demon’s Story)], its effect will activate automatically

T: ▷ [Eight Demon Generals] and [■■ Legal Wife] have been picked out among Yaten-douji’s subordinates.
As there are still a few of Yaten-douji’s subordinates that meet the requirement for [■■■■], it will be picked out at another time when [■■■■] has been gathered

T: ▷ The ones who have been picked as the [Eight Demon Generals] and [■■ Legal Wife] will receive blessing after they Evolve

Sfx: Fwoooooosh

T: [Day 113]


B1: Ah
Morning, everyone

B2: Hmm?
Are you girls wondering where am I going to go this early?

B3: Well, I just want to check my body condition before we go…
So I trained lightly alone outside

B4: Huh..?
Aren’t you guys got too surprised about this?

Sfx: Yawn…

Sfx: Step Step Step

B5: I mean, sure, it certainly has more impact than when I ranked up into Ogre, but still…


B1: And, uhh…
I still don’t understand much, so…

B2: Can someone…
Tell me any details about this [Apostle Lord]..?

Sfx: Step Step Step

B3: What’s with that black skin..!?

B4: Ogarou, you…
Just what kind of blessing do you have right now!?

B5: Ah…

B6: Shit, I forgot about it


B1: Let’s sort what we already know

H: Even if you ask us that…

B2: In the end, other than that the Apostle Lord is a Lord Species that has been extinct since long time ago, I still don’t know much about my new species…
Well, I guess it can’t really be helped since the information about them is long gone…

B3: And about my new appearance, first of all, it seems like my body has shrunk drastically
I was 2 and half meters tall when I was still an ogre. But now, my height is only 2 meters

B4: I also become 2 times more slender, while all of my muscles tightened up

Sfx: Touch Touch Touch

B5: My skin is still black, while the tattoo all over my body turned into golden colored now
I also got one extra horn, and my horns are bigger and sharper than before

Sfx: Shine

B6: My reddish brown eyes have also became more reddish now, similar to Dhammi’s
I now have silver-ish gray hair now, which is long enough to reach my hip


B1: And if we’re talking about my physical abilities after I Evolved… It’s just a wild guess, but I think I have several dozen times more than when I was still an ogre

B2: Furthermore, The [Self Evolution] ability in my silver arm triggered when I evolved and gave me a new ability, [Curse Shot]…
Seems like this boy is still going to get better and better in the future too…

B3: Oh and now that I’m an Apostle Lord, I got my own original Demon Orbs on my body now

B4: One on the center my chest and one on each of my elbows and knees, for a total of five
They are in a strange color which is a mix of black, red and gold

B5: However, seems like all of my other Demon Orbs and Dragon Spheres are gone without a trace
Well, I can summon a better version of their weapons now so it’s not like I have something to complain about

Sfx: Bwoosh Bwoosh Bwoosh

B6: And lastly, these unfamiliar pants I am wearing…

SFx: Pull Pull

B7: Seems like these trousers and my underpants are a set of defensive items, I think…


B1: And you won’t even believe it by just looking at my slender body, but…

Sfx: Smack Smack

B2: I’m impervious to bladed weapons and blunt strikes now. Heck, even magic attacks won’t even leave a speck of dirt on my body

Sfx: Pant…

B3: It’s a perfect ability, if we put the fact that it can’t give me anything to protect my upper body aside

B4: Well… Even though I’m pretty satisfied with this in overall…
There’s one little problem that occurred right now…

Sfx: Peek

B5: It’s the outsiders, the Tomboy Princess and her Boy Knight

Sfx: Stare…

B6: They have found out that I have a Blessing from a God now…

B7: Seems like the effect of [Shapeshift] disappeared when I Evolved. I never knew that…

H: What will you do?

H: I wonder what…

B8: It’s completely my blunder that I forgot a simple thing like hiding my true skin color…


B1: Guess it can’t be helped…

Sfx: Ugh…

B2: It will be more troublesome if they know that I can even change my skin color at will after all…

Sfx: Fwish

B3: It’s a bit forceful, but I have to deal with this as soon as possible..!

B4: Phew, I was also surprised too, you know!!
To think that I got [Dead Sea God’s Blessing] all of a sudden!!

H: Who would have guessed it would turn out to be like this?

H: It never crossed my mind that my skin will turn black like this…

T: The Usual Bullshiting

B5: I don’t want more trouble, so can you both keep this thing a secret!? Please!

B6: Hmm… I see…

B7: I’m sure the [Five Gods Church] will not stay silent if they knew you have a blessing from such a powerful God

Sfx: Nod

B8: Then so that we don’t get more trouble in our journey, I will keep this thing shut deep inside my chest

B9: Hee…
I never knew that… So that’s your blessing…


B1: Huh, what?
Oh, right..!

Sfx: Gasp

B2: ?

B3: Come to think of it, I never told the others the truth behind my blessing either!
I just spouted a random powerful sounding God’s name all of a sudden just now, but…

B4: Individuals who have a blessing usually will have a certain skin color, depending on The God who gave them the blessing

B5: And you can somewhat guess how strong that God is by looking at how deep your body color is

T: Ogarou has pitch black body color because the effect of [The Great God of Origin and Demise]’s blessing, which is symbolized with black

T: While Ogakichi has normal brown ogre skin, but because of the blessings of [Demigod of Fire] and [Demigod of War], he now has shakudo* colored skin, which is a mix of red and metallic luster
TLN: Shakudo is a mix of gold and copper, typically 4–10% gold, 96–90% copper

B6: As long as they won’t compare my skin to someone who actually has the protection of the [Dead Sea God] or other Gods with the same rank or above, and/or I don’t say it myself that it’s actually a blessing from [The Great God of Origin and Demise], I’m sure people won’t find out
…Yeah. Let’s be more careful from now on

B7: By the way, I gathered my clones because I was curious whether they ranked up too together with me, but…

B8: Unfortunately, they are still in their ogre from

Sfx: Flosh

B9: However, it doesn’t change the fact that I can still control them just fine

B10: And the ones that I make from this point out are in Apostle Lord form, so I guess I have no problem here


B1: Lastly, about the mysterious words that crossed my mind last night…

B2: About [True Name] that I received last night…

B3: Yaten-douji, huh…
It’s pretty cool, but I guess I can’t tell anyone else that name as I please…

H: I can’t wait…

H: To meet Milord’s children, that I am

B4: When Akita-Ken* got his before, he didn’t seem to get any Unique Skills with it
*TLN: Yes, it’s written as Akita Inu, but it should be read as Akita-Ken

B5: So it seems like acquiring a [True Name] doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically get new Unique Skills with it

B6: But what I’m more curious about is that [Epic]…

B7: Seems like I have become one of the [Epic – Awakening]…
Which that Insect Hero Philip told me about… Which I still don’t really understand though

B8: And there’s still that [Eight Demon Generals] and [■■ Legal Wife] things that don’t really make any sense…

B9: And also those two unique skills that I don’t even know their names…

B10: Sigh, the mysteries keeps piling up so much that even thinking about it feels stupid now…

B11: So for the time being, let’s focus on resuming preparation to continue our journey, like what I decided yesterday

B12: Wait wait wait, are you really sure you’re alright now?
Just rest for now if you still feel sluggish


B1: It’s okay!
We already feel so great this morning!

B2: Yes, we got a new job this morning, and as you can see, it greatly increased our stamina!

B3: “Give birth to a child from a demon you love from the bottom of your heart”
That’s the requirement to get this [Morning Madonna]* Job
*TLN: Kanji read Ogre Child’s Holy Mother

B4: [Job – Morning Madonna]

B5: Apparently, it’s a rare job which greatly enforces physical ability to make it easier for the individuals to give birth to children from Ogre lineage

Sfx: Hug Hug

B6: There’s no way it won’t make me happy after hearing that…


B1: I promise you, let’s build a wonderful family together!

B2: Including my other children that might be born in the future too…
I will definitely do anything in my power to make all of you happy..!!

B3: Papa..!

Sfx: Touch Touch

B4: Papa Mama!
Luv yu..!!

Sfx: Collapse

B5: God..!
My kids are really the best!!

B6: Are these two geniuses or what..!?

B7: Yeah, I did the same thing like yesterday. But I really mean it, so what can I say?

B8: Anyways, with our newfound resolve, we resume our travel to the Royal Capital

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