Re:Monster Chapter 46

Re:Monster Chapter 46

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: [Day 114]

B1: We crossed over Cluster Mountain Range yesterday

B2: And we’re about to reach the Dungeon Town, Purgatory*…
Or so was the plan, but we had another abrupt event happening
TLN: Translated as Labyrinth before, but seems like Dungeon is a better fit

B3: Looks like, it’s the Alchemist-san and Blacksmith-san’s turn to give birth to my child now

Sfx: Clatter

B4: But well, we already know what to do this time
So without any shred of panic, we decided to deliver the baby inside Skeleton Centipede’s carriage


B1: And following Seiji-kun’s advice, we began the treatment earlier this time

B2: Blacksmith-san gave birth to a [High Ogre] boy who is bigger than Auro and Argento

B3: While the Alchemist-san gave birth to a human girl who already has her Job set at birth

H: Re:Monster   Chapter 42
Original Story: Kanekiru Kogitsune / Art: Kobayakawa Haruyoshi

B4: I gave Blacksmith-san’s son a name from a famous warrior in Japan History, Oniwaka*
TLN: Mushashibou Benkei’s kid name, in some source

Sfx: Wiggle Wiggle

B5: Their body size is so different…

Sfx: Snore Snore

B6: And I named Alchemist-san’s daughter after a great pioneer in the past, Nicola


B1: The two that just became mothers weren’t too exhausted this time, thanks to Seiji’s advice…

B2: So I let them rest on a bed made from my clone while continuing our journey

Sfx: Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle

B3: It’s not long until we reach the next town
So just sleep and rest for today and tomorrow

B4: And…

B5: Emery-san…

T: Blacksmith-san
Real name: Emery Furlat

T: Alchemist-san
Real name: Spinel Fean

B6: Thank you very much for giving birth to my children…
I’m really happy…

B7: Ehehe…
Likewise, thank you so much for doing your best for us

B8: They are our children, after all
I’m sure they’ll become great people in the future


B1: I fed Oniwaka and Nicola with White Stag’s horn too, and as expected, their stats rose through the roof

B2: I thought another mix-blood will be born again this time, but seems like it’s not that common, I guess…
But well, no matter what their race is, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re my lovely children

B3: Even though we had a few troubles in our journey…
We finally arrived at our next stop, the Dungeon Town, Purgatory at noon

B4: We decided that we’ll search for an inn today and leave the exploring and resupplying for tomorrow

T: Sternbelt
The Dungeon Town, Purgatory

B5: By the way, the people here didn’t try to chase me away or anything like before now that I’ve become a Lord

H: Welcome!

B6: Seems like there will be a long procedure when leaving this town to prevent Dungeon items’ smuggling…
But well, I don’t have any intention to challenge the Dungeon anyways


H: [Day 115]

Sfx: Smack Smack

Sfx: Whack Whack Whack

Sfx: Bam!

Sfx: Heyyaaaa!

B1: I found out that the Guild’s training area in this town is open for free…
So I brought everyone to train here from before dawn, but…

B3: Want to test your strength against me?

B3: Don’t you want to test your strength against me?

Sfx: Chatter Chatter Chatter

B4: That’s dirty! I was the one who saw them first!!

B5: What’s this? Seems like this place is livelier than usual today!

B6: Oh, nice idea! Let me fight you guys too!

B7: Like you can see… Many adventurers with various races and jobs come one after another to challenge us

Sfx: Gather Gather Gather Gather Gather

B8: It’s way different from when I was an Ogre…

B9: Perhaps it’s because Lords are a pretty rare race, so it really stands out when there are 4 of us gathered like this..?

B10: Well, it’s not a problem for me to fight them all at once, but…


B1: Oh right. Let’s do it this way

B2: You guys, fight them all

B3: I’ll double your training menu next time if you lose

B4: Huuuh!?

B5: But I still want something like, err more special or eye-catchy or something…
Alright then. Ladies and gentlemen! I’ll give you 5 silver plates as reward if you’re able to beat these guys!!

Sfx: Ooooh!

B6: And just like that, a hurried martial arts tournament has begun, but…

B7: The main purpose of this is to make the three lords understand their current strength
Besides, their battle tactics will be simplified if they only fight me all the time

T: Challengers welcome!
Only 1 silver coin for each challenge

B8: Seems like Dhammi also wanted to join the fun, but…
She’s not that good at holding back her strength so I made her observe this time


B1: By the way, I also made another challenge for overconfident people who wanted to fight me
And I’m going to wring them for more mone-… ahem, for future reference for my subordinates

B2: I’ll give you 2 gold coins if you can beat me!
However, you’ll need 1 silver plate as the challenge fee

T: This World Currency Rate
●1 silver coin = 1000 gold            ■1 silver plate = 10.000 gold
○1 gold coin = 100.000 gold         □1 gold plate = 1.000.000 gold

B3: And the result…

B4: The Lords finished all of their fights without losing even once

B5: Even though it was short, seems like they were able to show the results of their daily training

Sfx: Bam!!

B6: I… I still can’t believe it…

B7: To think that… even someone as weak as me… could fight this far..!

B8: Don’t cry stupid!

Sfx: Sob Sob

B9: We decided to get stronger together, didn’t we?
We’re just at the starting line!


B1: Oh, I don’t think I need to tell them this, but most of the advanced adventurers…
Or people who are stronger than the three Lords ended up challenging me that time…

H: Let’s do it again sometime

B2: But still, they managed to win against strong adventurers who aimed for the money prize, so I guess they’re not that bad

B3: I learned a lot from the fight and the three Lords will be more confident, plus I also received a pretty nice sum of money

B4: Sorry, but I’m a mercenary

Sfx: Fwip

B5: Just call us if you need some help

H: Hee…

B6: Phew, what great training we had today!
Afterwards, I got a lot of invitations from many Clans, but I turned them all down, while advertising my own mercenary group

B7: We went for trades at noon

H: Nicola-chan

B8: …

B9: I brought the two that have recovered after resting for a night to sell materials from the forest…
And a latest state of the art long distance magic items (It’s actually my clones though)

B10: Fwip

B11: Next we need to go that pharmacist to sell our medicinal herbs, and… huh?

B12: Where’s Ogarou?

B13: He said that he has “something” to take care of first


Sfx: Thud

B1: As expected, seems like we got some suspicious people tailing us even in this town…

Sfx: Twitch Twitch Twitch

B2: So I led them to an alleyway and ate them all after killing them with my poison

B3: But looks like I couldn’t learn any new abilities any longer from eating humans
It only strengthens my body by a little, and furthermore, it tastes awful

Sfx: Crunch

B4: Guess it can’t really be helped, since I already evolved a lot…

Sfx; Fling

B5: I melted most of their bodies after looting everything in their possession

B6: But to my surprise, they had some pretty nice items in their pockets

B7: But then again, I guess it’s not surprising, since they lived in this Dungeon Town, where most of the Magic Items came from

B8: It brighten my mood a lot, so after that I continued to send any strong and hostile pursuers to their graves in the darkness


B1: I got full after stuffing myself with 5 men worth of limbs and seems like the girls are almost done selling the materials…
So I shopped around for random interesting items after that

B2: I bought [Continual Light], a convenient lantern that can light up the surrounding with magic light, A Harvest backpack and few more…
Seems like I found a nice shop with interesting lineu-…

Sfx: Touch

B3: Oh, you have great taste, Mr. Lord!

B4: That is a pretty rare magic item!

B5: It’s a very convenient item able to copy everything you see inside that pinhole perfectly into a paper inside it!!
It’s recommended for people who want to capture the moment with their family!!

B6: I’ll buy it!!

H: No hesitation

B7: Thanks for your patronage!!

B8: I considered making one myself before, but to think that I’m able to get my hands on a camera this easily…

B9: Of course, I didn’t waste any time and started taking pictures of my children in the inn


B1: We’re going to go towards our final destination…
Of this Bodyguard Quest, the Royal Capital, Osvell tomorrow morning

B2: I wonder what’s waiting for us in the Royal Capital..

B3: Would it be a good thing? Or perhaps a troublesome thing..?
It’s a bit unnerving, but the expectation of the fun I’ll meet there filled my chest more

H: Grin

B4: By the way…

B5: Dhammi and Red Short Bob were pretty aggressive tonight

B6: Do they feel jealous because the other four already gave birth to my child..?


H: [Day 116]

B1: After I woke up in the morning, I found out that Blacksmith-san and Alchemist-san received a new job…
[Morning Madonna], just like the Sisters

B2: Seems like this job is different from other normal jobs, since you can’t receive this the moment the requirement is fulfilled

B3: Perhaps it needs time to ascertain whether they really “Give birth to a child from a demon they love from the bottom of their heart”..?

B4: Lil bro

Sfx: Trot Trot Trot

B5: Lil bro

B6: Then I’ll swear I’ll keep responding to those girls’ feelings forever…
As their “Husband” and as a “Father”..!


B1: To be honest, the food in that inn is even tastier than what the sisters made…
The proprietress there is really the best

H: You’re still young

H: Here, eat more meat!

H: So, I leave my papers here?

H: Yes, that’s correct

B2: That day, I dealt with the procedures while reminiscing such things…
Oh, by the way, I hid all of the items I looted yesterday inside my [Item Box], so it didn’t take that long

B3: However, there is someone who still can’t hide her aura even though she’s already wearing a disguise…

Sfx: Shine Shine

B4: ?

B5: Seems like I can’t let them inspect us too long, since we have someone who looks like a noble, no matter how you look at her

B6: We finally left the town around 10 am

B7: Hey, sing something again

Sfx: Waah

B8: Papa sing?
Papa, sing!

B9: We’re going to arrive at our destination tomorrow, so this time we traveled more leisurely while mapping the area as well

Sfx: Kyaa Kyaa Kyaa

T: Auro and Argento are already over 1 meter tall

B10: The road here has more people travelling on it, compared to the ones at Trient, so I and the Tomboy Princess stood out a bit, but…
Other than that, nothing really special happened in our travel


B1: So I thought to check the other groups’ condition too

B2: Hello, Ogakichi-kun

B3: How are you doing over there?

T: Group 2
■Ogakichi (Leader 1)                    ■Asue (Leader 2)
■1 Hobgoblin Cleric
■4 Foot Soldier Kobolds              ■3 Humans

B4: Group 2 is currently fighting in a certain underground dungeon at another Dungeon City, Grifos

B5: I don’t remember them, but Asue said that there are a lot of strong enemies here

Sfx: Step Step Step

B6: We are not far from the entrance, but the guys here are not bad

B7: I will definitely evolve the next time we meet

B8: So let’s fight again when that time comes, Ogarou!

Sfx: Chuckle

B9: Hahaha
Sure, I’m looking forward to it


T: Group 3
■Burasato (Leader 1)                   ■Supesei (Leader 2)
■3 Hobgoblins
■1 Hobgoblin Cleric
■3 Elves                                           ■1 Human

B1: Seems like Group 3 is collecting Grimoires, Demon Swords and Famous Swords because of its 2 leaders’ interests at the time being

B2: Actually, Grimoires too are a kind of magic items that enable the reader to learn the magic written inside them just by reading them several times

B3: However, you can’t read what’s inside them if your level is not high enough

B4: And because of that handiness, there are a lot of demands for it and of course, the prices have also skyrocketed

B5: Wait… Supesei-san..?
I believe I didn’t give you that much money before…

B6: Don’t worry about it

B7: I only used the elves that have high monetary value as a bait to gather bandits and kidnappers, then hunted them down
So we don’t have any monetary problem in our travel right here

B8: They are not “innocent” people, so it’s okay to kill them, right?
You are so smart, Supesei!

Sfx: Hahahah

B9: Oh… Err, just make sure you don’t go too far, okay?


B1: But well, Supesei’s magic is way stronger compared to me when I was an ogre…
And even though Burasato is like that usually, but once she draws her sword, she’s unstoppable…

B2: So I guess this duo is really powerful as they’ll kill their enemies no matter the distance…
I just hope that they can at least stop their wasteful habits…

B3: Group 5 is focusing on collecting information and plants on their journey

Sfx: Vooom

T: Group 5
■Dodome (Leader)                       ■5 Ogres
■1 Genin Kobold
■1 Centaur                                      ■2 Humans

B4: Dodome-chan is a very serious person, and they also have those 5 underlings of mine with them, so there’s nothing I’m worried about

B5: Thanks for your hard work, Dodome-chan
You can go play sometimes, you know?

B6: Waah..! Is it really alright?

B7: Well, she’s using her Dodomeki’s ability non-stop after all, so I guess I should reward her with something suitable


B1: As you can see, the personality of the leaders really influences the groups’ actions…

B2: And it worked pretty well, except for one particular group

T: Group 4
■2 Dragonnewts                            ■2 Were Tigers
■1 Hobgoblin Mage
■2 Ogres                                         ■3 Humans
※Because of various circumstances, no leader selected yet

B3: Group 4 is the only group that’s still awkward with each other even though 3 weeks have already passed from their departure

Sfx: Awkward Awkward

B4: As it has the old members who are still inexperienced but work hard…

B5: And the new members who definitely have the abilities, but are still treated as temporal members…

B6: However, I have my reason for making these guys work together in a group

B7: Because even now, new members that are not satisfied with the rank inside Parabellum still exist
I guess they can’t accept goblins who are weaker than them having a higher position in Parabellum

T: Flexible holiday

T: Allowed to use good quality armor

T: Got higher priority on food and luxury goods distribution

T:  A system that changes treatment based on the achievement in battle and personal efforts

B8: And it probably affects races that honor strength like Dragonnewts and Were Tigers more
And I grouped them in this group as the first step to dissolve that ill feeling, but… the current situation in reality is not that great, huh…


B1: We won’t even be able to decide on our destination at this rate
So please at least appoint a leader for this group

T: Lamura-san (Thunder Dragonnewt)

B2: We won’t have any complaint if it’s you who chooses, Leader..!

T: Jug Bao-san (Were Tiger)

B3: Sigh, can’t be helped…
Then your leader is going to be…

B4: Let’s just say Hoburin-chan, I guess

T: Hoburin-chan (Hobgoblin Mage)

B5: Well, if it’s what Ogarou-Nii sai-…
…Wait, Eeeeeeeeeh!!!!?

B6: Well then, do your best, New Leader!
Don’t let your comrades fight, okay?

T: Hadzuki-san  (Were Tiger)

T: Suputo-kun (Thunder Dragonnewt)

B7: Think of this as a trial and do your best to hold on…
Perhaps I should offer a prayer for her later


B1: Right now, I have 4 little kids with me, so I can’t possibly hunt in a flashy way

B2: Fwip

Sfx: Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle

B3: So I chose the safest route possible so we won’t encounter any monsters, but…

Sfx: Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle

B4: Hey Ogarou

B5: What did you just do?

B6: Hmm?

B7: Even so, there are still reckless guys who tried to approach us, so I have to keep my guard up all the time like this

B8: A good luck charm for safe travel

B9: Fwip

Sfx: Smack!!

B10: What’s that?

B11: And the [Giant’s Iron Hammer] that I learned from Balorl is really useful for this
It’s really convenient to be able to smack enemies from far away

T: Today’s Synthesis result
Disease Carrier + Plague Infection + Epidemic Scatter = Pandemic Black Apostle
Paralysis Claw + Burning Claw + Adamantine Claw = Blazing Adamantine Paralysis Claw
Thermography + Echolocation + Sense Presence + Sense Trap + Sense Enemy = Phased Radar Array


H: [Day 117]

Sfx: Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle

B1: Ooh!
I can see it! I can see it now!

Sfx: Rattle Rattle Rattle

B2: Ogarou! Burn this scenery inside your eyes!!
Because you won’t be able to find such beautiful building anywhere else!!

B3: At the afternoon, we finally could see our destination

B4: So that’s the home of the Tomboy Princess, the Royal Capital, Osvell

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