Re:Monster Chapter 47

Re:Monster Chapter 47

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: Eeeeeeeh!?

B2: Why do we have to wait in the inspection line too!?
If you just let me talk with them, we can enter the Royal Capital right away, you know!?

B3: Now now, just think of this as a good chance to see how commoners actually live
Now, put your glasses back on

B4: Uuuh,,,

B5: And so, I persuaded her with various reason, but…

B6: My main reason was that I didn’t want to stand out any more than this

H: Re:Monster Chapter 47
Original Story: Kanekiru Kogitsune / Art: Kobayakawa Haruyoshi

B7: Sure, I knew with our members, it can’t be helped if we stand out more and have a lot of people gossip about us…

B8: However, if we disregarded the inspection and just entered the Royal Capital without queuing, then I’m pretty sure that bad rumors against us will spread even more
Besides, having this Kingdom’s attention when my mercenary group still isn’t strong enough yet is the last thing I want


B1: It took us a while, but finally, the inspection ended without troubles

Sfx: Bow

B2: !

B3: And thanks to the Tomboy Princess and the Boy Knight being there with us, we were exempted from the toll too

B4: P-Please go ahead!!

B5: Flick

B6: By the way, I put my clone on the Gate Guard’s clothes to feed me some information as we passed him

T: Sternbelt Kingdom
Royal Capital [Osvell]


B1: I guess I should say, as expected from a Royal Capital, huh…

B2: The beauty of its streets and the bustling crowd can’t be compared to any other cities we visited

B3: The road is completely paved and the waterway seems perfect no matter where you look at
I wonder, just how do they maintain all of these facilities?

B4: Oh, you realized an interesting point!

B5: Because you see, we have a very special person called [Sage Different]* in this Kingdom!
Even though he’s almost 57 this year, his sharp wits is what’s making the facilities in the Royal Capital to keep evolving even now!
TLN: Kanji reads: Alien/Otherworldly Sage

B6: [Sage Different], huh…
Is he really a normal human..?

B7: Or perhaps…

B8: There are a lot of things that I’m curious about, like the information about the inside of this Kingdom, but as the Tomboy Princess is still with me, I guess I shouldn’t move… yet…

B9: Just before dark, we finally arrived at the Castle, so time to part with this Tomboy Princess is finally here


B1: At first, I really thought of her as a big troublemaker, but…
I think I get along with her pretty well now

B2: I guess no matter who it is, separation is a bit sad…

B3: Well then, Ogarou!
Good work for escorting me up until now!

B4: I have prepared a special prize for you to express my gratitude, so you can be at ease and rest in my palace tonight

B5: And that’s why, we’re staying in the guest rooms at Tomboy Princess’ home, Amber Palace, for tonight

B6: Well, we haven’t decided on any inn, so to be honest, that helped a lot. However, I can’t imagine how much of a surprise and trouble this is to the Palace Guards and Maids, so I feel a bit sorry for them…

T: Today’s Synthesis result
[Hawk Eye] + [Wind Reading] + [Ephemeral Eye] = [Sense Area]

B7: What should I do… I can’t calm down!

Sfx: Fidget

SFx: Hug me!

B8: Well it’s our first time sleeping in such a luxurious room like this after all…

B9: I mean, somehow this room smells really good too…


H: [Day 118]

B1: I was surprised by the unexpected refreshed feeling when I woke up

Sfx: Refreshed

B2: Perhaps it had something to do with this luxurious bedding, but I also suspected the magic item that has pleasant sleep effect which was installed somewhere here wasn’t unrelated either…
But well, everyone slept soundly last night, so I guess it’s all good

B3: And while we were here, we did our early morning training on Amber Palace’s courtyard too

Sfx: Fwish

Sfx: Trot Trot

B4: Looks like Auro and Argento too are able to join our training if it’s just a light exercise now

H: Isn’t that guy the rumored…

H: Phew…

B5: And perhaps because it’s his last training day with us, the Boy Knight seems to be in high spirits
The other Palace Guards who observed our training today and somehow joined our training in the end, so I guess today’s training was a success too


B1: And unsurprisingly from the elites entrusted to guard the palace, their skill was pretty good

Sfx: Clang Clang Clang Clang

B2: But well, it was still far from enough to defeat the short redhead who acquired [Sacred Beast Eater] job recently though

B3: Even though she still had some difficulties when fighting more than 2 at once…

B4: But if you consider that each one of them is pretty much a slightly weaker version of that female knight, it’s really a big step for her

T: In the middle of making Great Forest’s map

B5: I wonder what Ogarou is doing these days…

B6: After the training ended, everyone was spoiled by the delicious food that served as our breakfast

B7: But well, it was far from enough for me, since the Royal Family food was more “quality over quantity”

B8: So I asked for seconds and thirds until I was full before I went to say my goodbyes to the Tomboy Princess

B9: Thank you for waiting!
Now hurry up and accept this!


B1: This [Princess Bill]*!!
TLN: Kanji actually read King’s/Royal Permit

T: The one who holds this bill is exempted from any kind of inspection during their travel and/or stay in Sternbelt Kingdom
Rubiria Eis Folle Sternbelt

B2: If you show this to the guard, you’ll be spared from the over-tedious inspection at the gate!

B3: However, if you misuse this bill, it’s going to be seen as a traitorous act towards the Kingdom and you will be executed immediately

Sfx: Fwip

B4: I believe someone like you would never have such foolish thoughts, but just never forget about that

B5: Your true reward will be delivered when you’re about to leave, so just be pat-…

B6: Hmm?
What’s with that difficult face?

B7: Are you really sure you can give a Demi-Human you don’t even know their background this important thing?
I mean, there’s no guarantee that I won’t misuse this thing after all

B8: It’s a double-edged sword that will threaten your position, you know?


B1: But I pretty much know what kind of person you are from our journey, you know?
You are someone who wants to get the best result with minimal effort in both battle and trade. In short, you’re a person who won’t waste anything when you move

B2: Furthermore, you always consider the risk and reward carefully, then take the best action for the problem
I just can’t imagine someone like that will bring disorder to this kingdom and make us his enemy

B3: Besides, the journey itself was a fun experience for me!
And I’m also thankful to you for training me and my soldiers!

B4: So just accept it as a proof of my gratitude!

Sfx: Shudder

B5: …
So she always observed me all this time..!?

B6: Moreover, I will probably ask you for another quest some time later in the future
So it’s better to have less troublesome things on the way to the Royal Capital, right?

SFx: Fuhahahahaha!
I’m counting on you!!

B7: In other words, it’s all for my sake in the long run!

B8: So you’re telling me that there is a high chance that you’ll involve me in another one of your nasty plans in the future too..?

Sfx: Ugh…

B9: Seems like I got acquainted with an unbelievable schemer without realizing it…


B1: By the way, our rewards is 30% more than what we were promised

B2: Seems like my [Luck] and [Golden Rule] worked even in this situation
And since the King didn’t even appear, we left the castle rather easily

B3: Well now… I realized it when I arrived in this city yesterday, but…

B4: Not like the other cities in the Sternbelt Kingdom, seems like Demi-Humans are a bit despised in this Royal Capital

B5: It’s already decided that we sell it at that price for Demi-Humans!

Sfx: Snap

B6: Go to other stores if you don’t like it!

B7: Only humans are employed in the castle and 80% of the population in this city is also human
And thanks to the rule here, the commodities price and tax for Demi-Human is tad bit higher compared to Human

B8: Then there’s no reason for me to hold back from this negotiation!

T: [30% Decrease in Buying Price] Active

T: [30% Increase in Selling Price] Active

Sfx: Collapse

B9: If you decided your price vaguely based on your customer’s race, then it’s not really a problem if you lower it this much, right?

B10: In the end, I bought everything 60% less from their normal price
Perhaps I did too much to him, but I regret nothing


B1: The 4 merchant girls with me were a bit disappointed, but…

B2: Well, we met people who drove a hard bargain in the past too…

B3: So it was kinda driven home back there…

B4: This kind of bargain battle is pretty fun, so maybe I’ll come here again later

B5: After that, we strolled around the city for about 2 hours before we used the Princess Bill to leave this Royal Capital

B6: We’re probably going to come to this city again in the future…

B7: But it’s pretty unfortunate that I can’t uncover the darkness hiding in this kingdom nor the secret that Tomboy Princess has this time

B8: The “spies” that I sent before were mostly on lower nobles, so I didn’t really have the chance to know this kingdom’s secret before…

B9: But now that I have secretly spread my clones in the castle, I’m pretty sure that this predicament will turn better soon enough

B10: And of course, the information about the [Faux Gard]* and that [Sage Different] will also be mine in time
TLN: Kanji actually means 4 Symbol/Imitation/Artificial Heroes

B11: Heh, no matter in what era, searching for the best cooking method for “high-class ingredients” really never gets old


B1: Oh, and about the Empire, I’m still scrapping for info about them

B2: Right now, I’m still in the middle of collecting info about the [Rugard Orden]* other than Philip and that [Priestess of God of Observation], but…
I guess the details can wait until I finish investigating the Kingdom

B3: Oh, it’s not like I have any plan to destroy any country. Too much trouble

B4: All that I want is to eat strong people and get their ability, just that

B5: And for that reason, I don’t want to cut any corners in gathering information about them…

Sfx: Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle

T:One of the [Sub Cast] in World Epic [Black Eclipse Demon’s Story], Ogakichi has successfully Evolved
Title [Great Emperor of the Destructive Axe] is granted for the said individual for clearing condition 1, [Evolve]

B7: I suddenly heard a voice telling me that inside my head this evening

Sfx: Twitch

B8: Spark

B9: It happened so suddenly, so I reflexively checked Ogakichi-kun’s condition from his Ear-cuff without thinking, but then…


Sfx: Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle

B1: Ogakichi-kun “killed” me

B2: …

B3: Wait, what..?

B4: That disturbing image is the last thing I saw before the connection got cut off

B5: I immediately called him again to hear the whole story, but no matter how many times I called him, he didn’t answer it

B6: …Yan…

B7: Wake up!

B8: So I tried calling Asue-chan who should be near him, but…

B9: S… Sorry… Ogarou..!

Sfx: Sob Sob Sob

B10: I will… tell you everything… tomorrow… so… please leave… him alone… for now..!

Sfx: Sniff

B11: Seems like I have no choice but to wait for tomorrow


H: [Day 119]

B1: The following story is the conclusion that I drew from Ogakichi-kun and Asue-chan’s story about what really happened yesterday…

B2: Just like what they reported few days ago, their group was going to challenge the Underground Dungeon

T: Sternbelt Region, Dungeon City, Grifos
Underground Dungeon [Dusith Labyrinth]
Day 118

B3: They met stronger monsters the deeper they delved, but…

B4: They didn’t pose too much problem for them, so their adventure was pretty smooth. However…

Sfx: Creak

SFx: Bwoooooosh

B5: At the bottom floor, a rare monster called “Mind Mirror”* appeared…
TLN: Kanji wrote Mental’s Bitter Enemy

B6: And Ogakichi-kun recklessly challenged it by himself


B1: At that time, Ogakichi-kun tried to get a preemptive strike from it because they didn’t have any idea what kind of monster that glowing soul was…

B2: Little did they know that the Mind Mirror would take the form of “the most powerful being” from inside the heart of anyone who challenges it

Sfx: Voom Voom Voom Voom

B3: After that, without being able to deliver any damage to the Magic Mirror who took my appearance…

B4: Ogakichi-kun was helpless in front of it
And it wasn’t really surprising if he died at that very moment, but…


T: The [Fatal Fate] that Ogakichi is about to meet is now suspended because of Ogarou’s [Fate Plunder] Ability

T: By acquiring a new blessing under the defined time, it’s possible to avoid the [Fatal Fate]

T: By acquiring a new blessing under the defined time, it’s possible to avoid the [Fatal Fate]

T: By acquiring a new blessing under the defined ti

B1: Seems like his memories around that time are a bit hazy
But Ogakichi-kun is pretty sure that he heard a weird voice saying that at that moment

B2: An eternity like moment that Asue-chan and the others who can only watch because Ogakichi-kun refused their help would never know about…

Sfx: Crackle Crackle

T: Ogakichi has successfully got a new blessing, [God of Lightning’s Blessing]

T: Ogakichi has successfully avoided the [Fatal Fate]

B3: Ogakichi-kun seems to not remember too much after that

B4: But all that he knew was that when he woke up, he felt unlimited power swelling inside him
And he felt like it’s okay to kill the enemy before him, so he did it…


B1: So, it looks like what I saw yesterday was the moment that Mind Mirror got defeated

B2: And the reason why Ogakichi-kun didn’t answer my call was because he fainted immediately right after that

B3: We really made a fool of ourselves yesterday, didn’t we, ahaha..?
Sorry for making you listen to that

B4: But we were really lost as to what happened yesterday…
I mean, Kichi-Yan suddenly became much bigger…

B5: The evolved form that Ogakichi-kun evolved into after defeating a very powerful enemy is…

B6: [Minotaur – New Species]

B7: Actually, evolving into a Minotaur from an Ogre is not that rare here, but…
I’m pretty sure Ogakichi-kun is the only one who has 3 blessings from 3 different Gods in him…

B8: And such Ogakichi-kun told me his new [True Name] he just got without any hesitation

Sfx: Bwoosh

Sfx: Crackle

B9: Keraunos
TLN: Kanji reads Ox Emperor of Thunder and Fire

Sfx: Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle

B10: That’s a pretty nice name…

B11: But then again, it’s a very bad idea to let others know your True Name
So seeing this is a perfect chance, I tried to explain it to Ogakichi-kun, as simply as I can


B1: Ogakichi-kun, listen to me

B2: From now on, I change my name from Ogarou to “Aporou”
That Apo is from my race, Apostle Lord… Remember that

B3: And I want you to call yourself with a new name too
From today onwards, you will be “Minokichi”

B4: And be very careful so that the others will never know about your True name that you just told me, Minokichi-kun

B5: …I see!
I don’t really understand it, but it’s a good name!

B6: Thank you Oga- no… Aporou!!

B7: I thought he would find that name a little lame, but I guess my fear was for nothing

B8: By the way, we’re going to return after this
So what is your group going to do now?

B9: About that…

B10: I was pretty sure that he was itching to fight me and return right away

Sfx: Clack

B11: But seems like Asue-chan is about to reach level 100 too, so they were going to challenge the Underground Dungeon for a bit longer


B1: My…
My body is too big now…

Sfx: Mumble Mumble

B2: So I don’t like it because… I can’t make love to Asue properly…

B3: …Oh..?

B4: Well, good luck ★

B5: Promise to fight me when we return!

B6: Sure!

Sfx: Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle

B7: I could just see the others’ form too right away from the Ear Cuffs, but…

B8: I guess I’ll save the surprise for later

B9: Heh

B10: It’s going to be more fun if I see them directly when we reunite again

B11: Yeah… it would be very fun…

B12: Even though I’m a bit astonished with Minokichi-kun’s battle junkie tendencies, but it’s also a fact that I’m looking forward to it

B13: My heart just can’t stop getting fluttery knowing that I have a friend who grew together with me and need not hold back my punches to
Seems like the belligerent personality that I had in my previous life has changed before I knew it


Sfx: Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle

B1: Dhammi-chan..?

B2: Eh!?
Ah… Yeah!! I also can’t wait to meet them again!!

B3: Nothing too important happened today, except from that…

B4: So I just tried to use the Abilities that I never used in training…

B5: Or just immersing myself in looking for the clever way to use my newly acquired abilities from synthesis while hunting…

B6: And with that, I spent my night in peace by sorting the info I got and learning more about this world

T: Today’s Synthesis result
[Improved Charging Power] + [Reckless Charge] = [Black Demon’s Charge]
[Intimidation of the Strong] + [Giant King’s Dignity] = [Black Demon’s Dignity]
[Bone Blade Generation] + [Sharp Horn Generation] = [Sharp Bone Blade Generation]
[Crystal Crocodile’s Armored Hide] + [Tough Skin] + [Steel Hide] = [Black Demon’s Impervious Hardened Skin Armor]