Re:Monster Chapter 49

Re:Monster Chapter 49

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H: The serialization finale came back from break!! Newest Comic Book, Volume 5 is going to be out in stores at the end of January 2019!!

B1: When I arrived at this place…
B1b: Most of them were already dead… eaten…

B2: At that time, I couldn’t really understand what had happened and looked very hard for any survivors…

H: Re:Monster Chapter 49 Original Story: Kanekiru Kogitsune / Art: Kobayakawa Haruyoshi

B3: And finally found one… “She” had somehow survived the whole ordeal…
B3b: And rushed over to my place with a terrified expression…

B4: Anyway, all I could think at that time was doing whatever it took to save her, but…


B1: After that, I can’t really remember anything, but…
B1b: It seems like I succeeded on repelling the Arutimu.

B2: However, rather than saying that I repelled it with my own power…

B3: It’s more correct to say that it went away on its own because it was already full and satisfied, I think…


B1: And after that, you know the rest of the story…

B2: I wasn’t able to do anything aside for hugging her cold, dead body…
B2b: …

B3: She was my childhood friend… and also my lover…
B3b: And the reason why I came here this time was to propose to her and talk about getting married in the Royal Capital…

B4: Are all the obstacles that we overcame all this time… just for naught..?

B5: I won’t force you to answer it…
B5b: But can I ask one question?

B6: Arutimu is considered as “Disaster Level Being”…
B6b: And you fought against it alone and survived…

B7: Are you really a normal Kingdom Knight?

B8: I also “heard” that you’re an <Epic Awakening> as well.
B8b: So there’s your answer.


B1: One day, without any prior warning or anything, I received the [Sun God’s Blessing].

B2: And thanks to this power that I never wanted in my life, I was forced to abandon my peaceful living in this village.

B3: I don’t know where they heard about me, but one day, messengers from the Kingdom came…
B3b: And the younger me couldn’t do anything but to abide to them and enter the Royal Military School.

B4: Every single country in this world is desperate to gather people with blessings and raise them to be Heroes for their own country, even if they have to resort to forceful methods.
B4b: After that, I was doing everything I could to earn their trust so I could get my freedom back as soon as possible.

B5: I had a lot of obstacles and schemes in front of me, but I was able to endure it all because I was always thinking about my future together with her…

B6: And a few days ago…
B6b: I finally got the permission to live together with her in the Royal Capital…

B7: But why did things turn out this way..?


Sfx: Grip

B1: That’s not the eyes of someone who just lost his fiancée, for sure…

B2: I can see it clearly in his face that he’s really itching to take revenge, as soon as possible…

B3: But, I wonder what is he going to do?

B4: His opponent is a Disaster Level Being that no one know its whereabouts.
B4b: And I doubt that he even has any clues about where to find it.

Sfx: Grin

B5: And at that time, my “instinct” suddenly whispered to me.

B6: …Do you want to kill it?

Sfx: Step

B7: That bloody insect who robbed everything from you?


B1: I’ll give you the power to do so…

B2: And help you execute that revenge of yours…

B3: Because we are looking for talented people like you.

B4: So what do you think?
B4b: Will you join our Mercenary Group, Parabellum?

B5: Are you seriously asking me that?

B6: Even if I look like this, I’m still one of the Kingdom’s Knights.
B6b: There’s no way I’ll leave the Kingdom for my own selfish reas-…


B1: Then what if I tell you that I have an idea about…

B2: The one who controlled Arutimu, that just devastated this village?

Sfx: Tense

B3: Got him.

B4: It feels like I’m offering him a devil’s contract.
B4b: However, it’s not an option to let go a big catch like him.

B5: Sorry, but we also have our own circumstances, so I can’t give you that information right now.

B6: However, I promise you that you’ll have a chance to kill Arutimu and its owner in the future.
B6b: …So what do you think?

Sfx: Fwooooooosh


B1: Can I…
B1b: really get the power to do it..?

Sfx: Grip

B2: Can I really…
B2b: Kill that bastard with my own hands..!?

B3: Well, you probably can’t right now.
B3b: However, as long as you don’t forget that feeling, I will personally train you as much as you want.

Sfx: Smack!


B1: If by serving you, I can meet that bastard again for the second time…

B2: Then I won’t hesitate nor have any regret leaving the Kingdom anymore.

B3: Right here right now, Sigurd Ace Sven the Kingdom’s Knight has died.

B4: From now on, I’m just a mere Avenger* who entrusts my everything to you.
B4b: So order me however you like, Master.
TLN: The Author actually calls him Revenger here, but considering that his English isn’t that good (Remember Sage Different?), I changed it to Avenger to match the Wiki.

B5: Well said!

Sfx: Tap Tap

B6: We’ll start your training tomorrow morning, so prepare yourself!
B6b: And…

Sfx: Rattle

B7: A member of our group is obligated to wear this earcuff, so…


Sfx: Fwip

B1: I see. Then I’ll wear it right away.

B2: *Click*

B3: Ah.

B4: Hey hey, I haven’t even finished explaining, you know?
B4b: I mean, can’t you be a little more on guard or something..?

B5: Why?

B6: Master told me to wear this, so I did. There’s nothing to doubt.

B7: Well, I was about to tell you that once you wear that, there’s no one but me who can remove it…

B8: Not a problem.
B8b: If this is proof of my loyalty, then I don’t think I’ll remove it in my whole life.

B9: Sigh… He’s way too serious, so dealing with him is a bit troubling…

B10: But well, at least the contract is established for now…

Sfx: Ding!

T: ▷Yaten-douji’s <Fate Plunder> activated!


T: ▷Now that <Epic Awakening/Main Cast>, Sigurd Ace Sven’s fate has been put under Yaten-douji’s control, Hero Epic [Leading Shining Warrior’s Back] will be incorporated into World Epic [Black Eclipse Demon’s Story]

T: ▷In order to incorporate itself to the highest level of epic, the connection between National Epic [Sternbelt] and Hero Epic [Leading Shining Warrior’s Back] will be erased permanently.

T: ▷In order to be rewritten, Hero Epic [Leading Shining Warrior’s Back]’s <Sub Casts>, [Witch of the Mystic Flame], [Guardian Cavalier], [Usurper], and [Merciful Maria] will have their [Epic Skill/Special Skill] locked temporarily.

T: ▷Because [Witch of the Mystic Flame] and [Merciful Maria] have been awakened, it’s possible to unlock their Special Skill when they join their Fate’s Master, Yaten-douji.

T: ▷Because [Guardian Cavalier] and [Usurper] haven’t been awakened, please clear the determined requirements after they become Yaten-douji’s subordinates in order to unlock their Special Skill.

T: ▷From now on, the right to unlock Hero Epic [Leading Shining Warrior’s Back]’s [Epic Awakening/Main Cast], Sigurd Ace Sven’s special skill will be given to his fate’s Master, Yaten-douji.

B1: I think I started to have an idea about what “Epic” is from that announcement just now…

B2: I guess it’s something that composes this world’s mystery…

B3: Moreover, it seems like that there are ranks based on how big the Epic’s scale is…


B1: So, guessing from the information I have right now…
B1b: I guess I should call him Avenger, just like what he wanted.

B2: Excuse me, Master…

B3: Can I have some time alone?

B4: By the way, Avenger is the main cast of that “Hero Epic” or something, so it seems like he already has the disposition to become a Hero.

B5: In other words, even without any training…

B6: With just one word, it’s completely possible…

B7: I doubt that everyone’s soul can really rest in peace if I leave this place in such tragic condition…
B7b: That’s why…

B8: To awaken him to become a Hero with [Sun God’s Blessing], The Sunlight Hero.

B9: Seems like I really picked up a jackpot, didn’t I…

Sfx: Drip Drip

B10: However, that’s also why I won’t unlock his ability right now.

B11: Because I also have my own Epic.
B11b: And as one of the <Epic Awakening>, I’m still far from being perfect myself…

B12: So there’s no guarantee that our power relationship won’t be reversed and I’ll get killed after I unlock his ability.


B1: I’m really glad you made everyone’s grave outside of the village, Master…

B2: Because next time I come here…
B2b: It’ll be when I tell everyone… and her especially, that everything has ended…

B3: The earcuff has [Servitude] effect, so I doubt the worst will ever happen, but…
B3b: I don’t think that I can trust a human I just met that easily either.

B4: That’s why, I’m thinking to observe the Avenger carefully for now while looking for the best way to deal with him.

B5: Ah!
B5b: Aporou is back!


B1: We were really worried that something bad happened to you because we saw smoke from your direction!

B2: Welcome back, Papa!
B2b: Welcome back, Daddy!

B3: Dad, who is that mister behind you?

B4: As you can see…
B4b: This Mercenary Group of mine is also my one big family.

Sfx: Yay Yay

B5: So other than in battle and training, you can just relax and be at ease.
B5b: So go rest properly for today.

B6: Thank you very much…

B7: I was more or less worried about him in the beginning, but Avenger’s manner was quite good.

B8: Perhaps it would be good to let him educate my kids too in the near future?

Sfx: Ping Ping Ping

B9: We continued our journey back to our base, and while I was at it, I investigated the mysterious sword that fell from the sky back there…


Sfx: Ping Ping Ping Ping

T: [Sunlight’s Soul Sword, Hisperiol]
[■■/Sword] [■■■■]Class
[Sunlight’s Soul Sword, Hisperiol] [Heresy Nemesis]
[Sunlight Gathering] [Sun’s Egg]
[Hero’s Egg] [Ability Expansion]
[Locked] x4
– A ■■■■ Class ■ Sword that Yaten-douji [Heretic/Epic Awakening/Main Cast] got after winning in the[Escatology – Conquest War].
– One of the 3 forms, <■■/■■/■■>, that the Gods in this world took.
– The sword shines real bright, as if the sun itself was tempered and molded into a sword.
– If someone other than Yaten-douji and people who Yaten-douji allowed is touching this sword, unimaginable disaster will definitely fall down to that very person.
※Because it’s a ■■, it’s completely impossible to destroy it, except by a very special method.

B1: Hmm…

Sfx: Shineee

B2: I don’t really understand that, but I think I’m getting closer to this world’s mystery’s true colors… probably…

B3: …

Sfx: Shineee

B4: Perhaps I’ll know some more if I eat this?

Sfx: Clang!!


H: Can’t be eaten

B1: Up until now, as long as it has physical shape, my [Absorption] skill can digest almost anything.

B2: Sometimes, I find something that tastes so bad that I lost my appetite or something that doesn’t have any physical shape so I can’t put it in my mouth, but…
B2b: This sword is completely different from those. Somehow, my teeth can’t even crush it.

B3: Sigh… even something like this exists..?
B3b: Forget about damaging it, I can’t even leave any teeth marks…

Sfx: Gloom

B4: Sigh… somehow, this is so vexing.

B5: This is just my theory, but…
B5b: Could it be that I can’t eat this sword because some of the details are still blurred?

B6: Guess I don’t have any choice but to safe keep it for now.

B7: By the way, we have to camp outside today, but inside Skeleton Centipede is as comfy as ever.


T: ▷1/3 of World Epic [Black Eclipse Demon’s Story] Chapter 4, [The Proceedings of Kingdom’s Revolution]’s starting condition has been fulfilled.

T: ▷Unlocking condition cleared.
Currently it’s possible to possible to do 1st Verse [Enduring Time, Leviina Mass], 2nd Verse [A Foreboding Sun, Lullan Bella], 3rd Verse [A Beaconing Song, Tiran Chiichi], and 4th Verse [Crunching Fang, Gourde Beland]

T: ▷Will you start Chapter 4 [The Proceedings of Kingdom’s Revolution] right away?

B1: …Huh..?

B2: What the hell is this..? Another Evolution Announcement..?
B2b: Hmm…

B3: *Click*

Sfx: Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt


T: ▷Hereafter, it’s possible to start this chapter automatically or by Yaten-douji’s intention. [The Proceedings of Kingdom’s Revolution]’s success rate will increase when you clear the other conditions.

T: ▷Current Success Rate = 38%

T: [Day 122]


B1: Good morning, Master.
B1b: Please train me well today.

B2: …I think I fucked up, hard…

B3: When my <Fate Plunder> activated yesterday, I heard something about Epic being rewritten or something…

T: World Epic [Black Eclipse Demon’s Story]

T: Hero (Planned)

B4: Avenger’s Epic was originally a part of The Kingdom’s Epic. But now that I broke their connection, can The Kingdom’s Epic still stand like normal..?

T: National Epic [Sternbelt]

B5: There won’t be any bad things or irrevocable disasters that would happen to them, right..?

B6: I mean, I got that weird announcement last night…

B7: Did it want me to cause a revolution against the Kingdom? But why!?

Sfx: Hmm…

B8: Uhmm, Master..?

B9: I really want to praise my last night’s spontaneous self for firmly choosing no .

B10: Ah!
B10b: Oh right, training! Ok, let’s do it!

B11: Well, I don’t want to be involved in any mysterious trouble either, so perhaps it’s a good idea to create some distance with the Kingdom for now…


Sfx: Slide

Sfx: Clang Clang Clang Clang Clang Clang Clang Clang Clang

B1: I’m surprised. His battle prowess seems way higher than what I originally thought, but…
B1b: I can see that he’s still relying on his level and arts a bit, just like most of the battle oriented fighters I saw in this world.

B2: However, if we can fix that, I’m sure that he can becomes someone who rivals that young man who I met at Cluster Mountain Range.

B3: Now that I think of it, he must be one of the <Epic Awakening/Main Cast> too, isn’t he?
B3b: And those comrades of his should be the <Sub Casts> of his Epic…

Sfx: Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle

B4: Just like the orthodox Hero Party in fiction stories…

B5: I don’t know when will we meet again…
B5b: But when we do, I really want to fight and eat him next time.