Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku Chapter 7

Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku Chapter 7

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Chapter 7: Determination

H: The Comic books volume 1 sales are great!
And additional printing is on its way!

B1: Bare handed?

B2: No, it’s certainly a tactical advantage to hide ones weapon in one-on-one fight

Sfx: Click


Sfx: Pweeeeet

Sfx: Rustle

Sfx: Rustle

Sfx: Swish!!


Sfx: Fwip

Sfx: Fwip

Sfx: Voom

B1: He overwrote the Mana I wrapped around my knives…

B2: In just an instant!?


Sfx: Clang


Sfx: Stab Stab Stab

B1: The difference between our Mana is too wide!


SFx: Appear

B1: This is the end

Sfx: Fwip

B2: Behind me..!?

B3: In just that moment!?


B1: ..!

Sfx: Squat

B2: I see, as expected from someone with high detection rank…
Did she detect me from my Mana reaction?

Sfx: Grab

Sfx: Swish

B3: She threw it with just her fingers!?


Sfx: Avoid

Sfx: Release

B1: !?

B2: Seems like you’re as good as the chairwoman boasted you to be

SFx: Tap

Sfx: Screech

B3: So why didn’t you fight at the frontline?
Your ability should be good enough to do that

Sfx: Pant…

B4: …


B1: I know that the difference in our power is way too big…

B2: However, I also know that this is my last chance…

B3: So that’s why, no matter how I end up later… I will not fall back…

B4: I will definitely get one strike in..!

B5: Seems like your resolve is strong enough…

H: So you’re really serious about wanting to be my partner…


H: Then I’ll also be serious in making you give it up completely

Sfx: Shudder

B1: Wha..!!

Sfx: Throb

Sfx: Shudder

Sfx: Throb


B1: What a powerful Mana!
No, it’s not Mana, just what is that!?

Sfx: Pant… Pant…

Sfx: Pant…

B2: So this is the first place’s power..!

B3: His Mana pressure is just too strong..!

Sfx: Pant… Pant…

B4: It’s really hard to breathe…

B5: And my body can’t stop trembling..!

Sfx: Push

B6: However…


B1: I will…

B2: Definitely..!!


Sfx: Stagger

Sfx: Deep breath

Sfx: Glare


B1: I call thee, the one that surpasses the strongest thunder, with the lightning of perfect sharpness…

B2: Impossible!?
The octagon rank of the lightning spells!? And she chants one of them at that age..!

H: [Roaring Thunder]!!


Sfx: Rumble rumble

B1: W-What’s with this tremor!?

B2: Earthquake!?

SFx: Chatter Chatter

SFx: Murmur

B3: Could it be, it’s Al’s..?

B4: No way, no way… I mean, we have damage replacement system, so even he wouldn’t be able to, right..?

Sfx: Murmur

B5: …


B1: Seems like you’re stronger than I thought…


B1: …

B2: Did I misread the amount of her Mana..?

Sfx: Tremble Tremble

Sfx: Twitch

B3: But how did she…

B4: Don’t tell me..!

Sfx: Twitch Twitch

Sfx: Pant…

Sfx: Twitch Twitch

Sfx: Tremble Tremble

Sfx: Pant… Pant…

Sfx: Twitch


B1: Chairwoman, call the medical staff now

B2: Eh?
Why? What happened to her?

Sfx: Pant… Pant…

Sfx: Tremble Tremble

B3: Her life is in danger because her Mana is running dry…

B4: It’s “Mana deficiency”

Sfx: Pant…

Sfx: Rustle Rustle

B5: ..!

B6: So this is why…

Sfx: Pant… Pant…

B7: Yorishiro!?


B1: Yorishiro, the Demon’s core…

Sfx: Crack!

B2: However, only cores from A class Demons which carry giant amount of Mana can be used as Yorishiro…

B3: The basic principal of magic is, by spending your Mana, you can manifest power equivalent to how much Mana you spent…
And Yorishiro act as an intermediate to supplement your Mana amount temporarily when your Mana is not enough to cast a spell

B4: However, Yorishiro is also a double-edged sword like item because after the magic is invoked, it will forcefully rob the Mana that was used in the process from the Magician
And if the Magician doesn’t have enough Mana to compensate for that, then it will take it from the Magician’s own life force

B5: When the Demons had just appeared, humanity used these heretic treasures as we were desperate enough to protect our last line of defense…
However, it’s considered to be forbidden to possess in any country nowadays


B1: And she resorted into using this forbidden item just after a few minutes of battle… She must have known that she would end up like this…

Sfx: Pant… Pant… Pant…

B2: Then at least I’ll end your suffering without any pain in one strike…
Just like I usually do it in the outside world…

B3: Wait wait wait!!
What are you planning to do to her..!? Here is not the same with the outside world, you know!

B4: But she’s already…

Sfx: Pant…

Sfx: Ugh…

Sfx: Zoom

B5: There should be another way..! How about we treat her with healing magic?

B6: It won’t have any effect, as this case is not the same as external wounds


B1: She’s just running out of Mana, right? Can we just, like, resupply her or something..?

B2: That’s also impossible

B3: You also understand that this is not as simple as blood transferring, right?

T: To be continued in the next issue!

H: Alusu-sama…

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