Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku Chapter 9

Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku Chapter 9

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: Ding dong

Sfx: Creak

Sfx: Peek

B2: Wh-Wh-Wh-Who is this girl..!?

B3: ..!?

H: Chapter 9 Loki


B1: Alusu’s Research Room + Private Room

Sfx: Clink

B2: She’s so cute…

B3: J-J-Just who in the world is this girl!?

H: I’m really curious but I’m also afraid of the answer…

Sfx: Fidget Fidget


B1: She sits naturally!?

H: Beside him!?

SFx: Twitch

Sfx: Sit

B2: Err, Alu…

B3: Can you explain to us just what is your relationship with this girl here..?

B4: Ahh…
Let me introduce you, she is my partner, Loki

B5: I’m the one who got partnered with Alusu-sama. My name is Loki Rechbehell

Sfx: Bow

B6: !?

B7: “Sama”!?


B1: I still have business with the Chairwoman, so I’m going to go now

B2: I’ll leave everything to you, Loki

Sfx: Creak

Sfx: Silence

B3: …

B4: Partner!?
And you called him with sama?

B5: Don’t you think it’s a bit overboard? I don’t think that’s really needed while Alu is attending this school, right?

B6: Yes, certainly Alusu-sama is attending this school for now…
However, his registry is still with the military so he has to show up whenever the military calls him


B1: Okay, I understand now that you’re his partner…

B2: But you don’t really need to live with him, do you..?

B3: Well, I am his partner after all. So it’s natural for me to eat and sleep together with him

Sfx: Serious face

B4: You don’t have to worry about me

B5: But here isn’t the military, so there isn’t any real need for you to live together with him…

B6: You know…
There might be some who will perceive that in a bad way…

B7: No, it’s really important for us to be together so we can sortie whenever we’re needed

B8: Sortie..? But we don’t have that many things which really need HIM to sortie, do we..?

B9: What a foolish way of thinking…


B1: Looks like the both of you don’t really understand how much the current rank 1 mage, Alusu-sama contributed to the humanity, huh…

B2: Hmm!?

B3: Eh..!?

B4: I said that you people of the Great Country of Alpha don’t really understand how much Alusu-sama worked for that peace you enjoyed right now
If you knew about that, I’m sure you wouldn’t address that person with “Alu” or even with just “him”


B1: …

B2: We know that he is the rank 1 mage…

B3: And I know that Alu has been doing a lot things and experienced a lot of difficulties that we can’t even imagine…

B4: But for the current us, it’s really difficult to even imagine just how hard Alu pushed himself for this country…

B5: Yeah, Alu has gone too far from what we can imagine, so it’s rather hard to either respect or to make him our goal…
It’s like it hasn’t really hit home, you know?

B6: Just like we don’t know anything about the time when Alu was in the military, you don’t really know about the time Alu has spent in this academy, right?
Because to us, he will always be “that weird classmate”

B7: …


B1: Besides, Alu himself doesn’t seem to mind it

B2: That’s right, even if we call him with just “you”, I don’t think he really minds it

B3: These people… They can say it like that because they’ve never met Demon Beasts directly…  So this is the current mage’s “novices” from the inside world…

B4: I understand… If Alusu-sama really said it like that, then I have no right to criticize you two

B5: Oh, and did you say that both of you are being taught by Alusu-sama?


B1: Yeah…
We only started it recently though

B2: I see. I thought that he moved into this academy to do his research but, seems like I’m wrong…

B3: Actually, Alu himself said the same thing too, so most of the time he buries himself in his research but…

SFx: Clang

SFx: Wheee

B4: Let’s just say that a lot of things happened, and he ended up taking care of us

B5: Sure, we might be a bother to the Rank 1 Mage Alu, but hey, it’s a chance to learn magic directly from him
So even though we feel bad about it, we’re planning to go through with it until the very end, to improve our future as mages

B6: Seems like they have the motivation to do it, but only that, nothing else …

B7: Just why does Alusu-sama have to teach these foolish plebeians..? Just what kind of good will it bring to Alusu-sama..?


B1: Chairwoman’s Office

B2: Seems like you changed your mind about taking that girl, huh?

SFx: Fwip

B3: And this is..?

B4: Loki-chan’s admission paperwork
And of course, all of them have her signature on it so it’s eligible


B1: You sure are well-prepared aren’t you, Chairwoman?

B2: So are you telling me to raise Loki under my personal care huh, Chairwoman?

B3: Well, more or less…
There are a lot of self-interests in this case so don’t think too hard about it

B4: Even though she was sent here under the pretext of being your observer, but the truth is this wasn’t fully the Governor-general’s idea

B5: Perhaps it’s easier if I say that it’s just for appearances? It just proved that the military isn’t as inflexible as you thought. Because both me and Governor-general are just the middlemen in this


B1: Well, certainly, it’s just like what you said Chairwoman, Loki is an excellent mage, even better than what I expected… So, was it a kind of joke that she’s in the 4 digits?
Heck, if it’s just her battle prowess, I believe she’s not weaker than any 2 digit mages

B2: Of course. Because, Loki-chan’s…

B3: No, Loki’s highest rank recorded was 157, you see?

B4: However, the reason why Loki got transferred to supporter role so easily was because she’s suitable for detection type magic

B5: But you see, she was never paired with anyone else while she was still in the military
And that’s why, her rank dropped down significantly to 4 digits
Just ask Loki herself for more details

B6: The reason why Loki wanted to be my partner to even go as far as betting her own life, huh…


B1: Well, my only business here is to ensure that you’ll keep the fact that Loki used a forbidden magic a secret…
So I’m glad that it’s already swept under the rug now

B2: !!

Sfx: Splurt!

B3: Oh dear, but you didn’t give me any hush money though…

B4: So, what now? Are you seriously planning to extort something from me?

B5: Certainly, I’m also somewhat responsible in this incident…
However, if you want me to completely cover the fact about how Loki was so desperate about you that she used a forbidden magic, then I believe a suitable compensation is needed, don’t you think?


B1: I understand

B2: So, how much do you need?

B3: Unfortunately, I’m not that desperate for money, you know?

B4: But let’s see…
Oh right, remember the extracurricular lesson that I asked you for before? Can I ask your cooperation with that?
Because we really need your power, no matter what

B5: You know that I can’t possibly cover everything in that subject, right?

B6: That’s completely fine. We’ll think of detailed directions ourselves

B7: …
I understand


B1: Oh and I don’t think I need to remind you this but regarding the consequences of Loki’s actions…

Sfx: Clack

B2: I expect you to also keep your mouth shut about it

T: I can think of one, and only one way to do it

B3: What are you going to do?
But if it can save Loki’s life, then..!

B4: I’m going to use my unique ability

B5: This is a confidential subject which is only known by the Governor-general so I fear I can’t explain it to you


B1: There are two kinds of Mana that dwell inside my body
One of them is what everyone has as energy inside their body, a perfectly normal Mana

B2: While the other one is my unique ability… Unique Mana that will devour other people’s Mana… In other words, [Mana which “preys” on others’ Mana]

B3: First, I’ll devour any remaining Mana inside Loki’s body and empty her Mana tank to prevent any rejection

B4: Then, I’ll immediately insert my normal Mana into her

B5: It’s not a simple “donating” Mana, as I completely replaced the Mana inside her while also substituting for her Mana deficiency that was caused by forbidden magic

T: Loki   Alu         Loki        Alu


SFx: Breath

B1: Sigh… Extracurricular lesson, huh…

B2: Even though Loki is fine now, but my problems are going to keep increasing at this rate…

B3: Alusu’s Research Room + Private Room

Sfx: Heavy atmoshpere

B4: …

B5: What in the world is with this heavy atmosphere..?


B1: Hey, my research room is not a place for you guys to leisure around, you know?

B2: Ah, I’m very sorry, Alusu-sama

B3: We don’t leisure around! It’s not like we’re here without any reason to begin with…
We were just listening to Loki-chan’s story while you were away…

B4: ?

B5: I don’t know what you girls were talking about but at least give some respect to her


B1: Because her highest rank recorded was 157

B2: ..!!

B3: A-A-Are you kidding me!?

B4: Well, Loki has been through a lot of real battles after all, so I’m not really surprised if her real strength is no worse than any 2 digits…

B5: Really..?

B6: However, I’m still nothing if compared to Alusu-sama


B1: Oh and Loki is actually one year younger than both of you, but the Chairwoman specially allowed her to join your grade

B2: So it just means that both of you are only the 2nd and 3rd best right now

SFx: Surprised

Sfx: Drop

T: Pride as Noble

Sfx: Ugh…

B4: By the way, how was your mock exam battle’s result this afternoon?

B5: …

B6: Ahahaha… You really want to hear?

SFx: Hahaha

B7: Well, I already predicted it’s going to end this way so don’t bother
Seems like you got a fine trashing, huh?

B8: Alusu-sama, I could see that the two of them don’t really have any sense of danger, so is it really wise to keep teaching them?
BC: Whisper Whisper

H: Hmm?

Sfx: Gloom

B9: My life will become much easier if those girls became two digits, don’t you think?

Sfx: Whisper Whisper

B10: But, do you really think that those girls have the potential to do that?

B11: Who knows?


B1: It’s just that the one who survive until the very end will be ranked high, don’t you agree?

B2: Besides, you’ll see it yourself soon enough

B3: na die!! I don’t wanna dieeeeee
(Note to editor: from chapter 8 page 23)

B4: …

B5: I will follow whatever you say, Alusu-sama

B6: I see… So that’s your decision


B1: Then I want you to acquire more strength to prove that you’re suitable as my partner, Loki

B2: ..!!

B3: Your detection radius is around 1km, right?

B4: It depends on the situation, but I think mine is about that far too

B5: So I want you to increase your detection area to at least 5km

B6: 5km… Even for the ones in the single digit detection rank, there are only a handful which are able to do that. However…

B7: I understand

B8: Of course, I want you to polish your battle skills too, but for now, I want you to prioritize on increasing your detection ability


B1: Well then…
I guess that’s it for today. So, pack up and leave

B2: Err, so… Are you seriously like… living here with him, Loki-chan..?

B3: Yes, of course


B1: But, won’t it inconvenience you somewhat that way..?

B2: It’s normal in the military

Sfx: Distinctly

B3: And if it’s Alusu-sama, I believe there won’t be any “inconvenience” whatsoever

B4: No! That’s not good!!

H: So..!
So lew..!


B1: I believe you two don’t have any right to tell me that
This is our private problem, so can you please go home now, Outsiders?

B2: P-P-Private problem!?

B3: You… Don’t tell me, you already…

SFx: Blush


B1: Anyway, just go home
It’s already late

Sfx: Uuh…

SFx: Swish Swish

B2: Pervert

Sfx: Whisper

Sfx: Irritated

B3: …


Sfx: Ring…

B1: I’ll pick it up, Alusu-sama

B2: Nah, I’ll do it myself

B3: Then I will prepare dinner now…

B4: Is there anything wrong, Governor-general..?

B5: Or are you calling me to hear my current situation report?

B6: Well, it would be easier for me if it was about that, but unfortunately…

B7: So inside? Outside?

B8: It’s outside. Forgive me, to bother you when you’re about to familiarize yourself with the academy…

B9: Is that sarcasm I feel there?


B1: I didn’t have any intention of doing that but, hearing your tone, seems like you’ve got a nice experience going on there, haven’t you?

B2: Nice? When nothing ever goes my way like this?

B3: I see… Seems like you’re enjoying your life over there

B4: Alusu, I already sent my subordinates

B5: Target is an A class. It got hit in our detection net earlier

B6: And considering the distance, we can’t give you any reinforcements

B7: Roger, over and out


Sfx: Sigh…

B1: I’m going out for a bit

B2; Alusu-sama?
Then I will prepare myself in a second

B3: The partner thing between us is just a verbal promise right now…
Because there are still a lot of things that we don’t know about each other

B4: Besides, you’re still recovering, so just rest up and wait for me

B5: …

B6: So will you let me go alone tonight?

B7: I’ll be back soon, because we still need to decide about a lot of things from now on


B1: …

B2: I understand… Then may I ask when will you return..?

B3: I’ll definitely get back home before your dinner gets cold

T: To be continued

H: “Back home”, huh…
So i have “A place that I can go back” now…

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