Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 10

Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 10

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Saikyou no Shokugyou Chapter 10

Translated by Chisui

PR by Azurekite1


Page 1 ~

Title: It Seems the Strongest Job is Not Hero nor Sage, but Inspector (Provisional) Instead?

SubTxt: Chapter 10 Original Story by Takeda Atsushi

P2B1: Found it!


P3B1a: This is the 8th one

P3B1b: Let’s keep up this rate nya~

P3B2: Yep!


P4B1: Sounds like they’re having fun


P5 Box1: Right now I’m hunting by myself



Page 2 ~

P1 Box1: Because with Claude around, his level is so high it scares our prey away

P1 Box2: Claude is near on standby


P2 Box1: So hunting is my job

P2B1: According to the map it should be over here….


P3B1: Oh!


P4B1: There it is!

P4 Box1a: It hasn’t noticed me yet

P4 Box1b: Chance!


P5T1: The distance is approximating 20 meters

P5T2: With my skills, the percentage of hitting it is 50%



Page 3 ~

P1B1: But I have to hit…..

P1B2: I’ll make it happen!!


P2 Box1: This is my first time hunting live prey with a bow.

P2 Box2: Ok I have to calm down! Aim carefully—–


P3 SFX1: *Twitch*


P4 Box1: ….it noticed me



Page 4 ~

P1 Box1: No!

P1 Box2: It’s going after Lillian—


P2 SFX1: *Dash*


P4 SFX1: *Flys past*

P4B1: Screech


P5 Box1: Damn it…!

P5 Box2: I panicked and shot too quickly


P6 SFX1: *glare*


P7B1: But I got it’s attention…!

P7B2: I have to calmly aim between the eyes

P7 SFX1: *pulls out*



Page 5 ~

P1 SFX1: *Thud* *Thud*

P1B1: Here it comes!


P2 SFX1: *Pulls*

P2 Box1: Just like I practiced!


P3 Box1: Wait until it’s close


P4 Box1: Now!



Page 6 ~

P1 SFX1: Screech!

P1 SFX2: *pierce*


P2 SFX1: *thud*


P3 Caption: Horn Rabbit’s meat

P3B1: I…did it?


P4B1: I defeated it……



Page 7 ~

P1B1: Well done, Hibiki-sama

P1B2: Claude


P2B1a: It would have been ideal to kill it off in one shot

P2B1b: But, overall, a passing score

P2B2a: Thank goodness

P2B2b: I was nervous


P3B1a: We’ll fulfill the request after killing 5 or 6 more

P3B1b: Let’s keep going!

P3B2: Yeah, I’ll do my best

P3 Box1: I hour later


P4 Box1: In all, I kill 9 horned rabbits


P5B1: Well then Hibiki-sama

P5 SFX1: *Smile

P5 SFX2: *Takes out

P5 Box1a: ……uh

P5 Box1b: Skin the rabbits? You want me to? I see….


P6 Box1a: In the end I failed at skinning 3 of the rabbits

P6 Box1b: They became lunch.


P7 SFX1: *Crackle* *Crackle*

P7B1: Ok, I think they’re done



Page 8 ~

P1B1: Delicious!


P2B1: The outside is burnt to a crisp nya~

P2B2: U….


P3B1: If you want to be an adventurer you have to at least know how to cook

P3B2:  Well, with practice

P3B3: Uuu……


P4B1: What do we do with the rest of the properly skinned meat?

P4B2: At this rate it will go bad

P4B3: It’s fine nya~


P5B1: Lillian-chan, I’m counting on you nya~

P5B2: Okay!


P6B1: Support magic [Condition Keeping]


P7B1: That’s?

P7B2a: It’s magic that slows down the bleeding or poison of the target nya~

P7B2b: it can also delay the spoilage of food



Page 9 ~

P1B1: Currently Lillian-chan can maintain this magic for half a day nya~

P1B2: So it’s basically like refrigerator magic.

P1B3: That’s so convenient


P2B1a: Then I can relax and continue hunting in the afternoon

P2B1b: Thanks Lillian

P2B2: Ehehe, leave it to me


P3 Box1: Lillian’s also growing

P3 Box2: I’ll have to work hard too

P3 SFX1: *Munch* *Munch*


P4B1: Alright, let’s keep this up in the afternoon!

P4 SFX1: *Cheer*

P5 Box1: We’re essentially doing the same things in the afternoon

P5 Box2: Lillian collects herbs while Claude and I hunt Fool Dogs


P6 Box1: This time Claude is participating too

P6 Box2: Because

P6B1: Ha!!



Page 10 ~

P1 SFX1: *Slash*


P2 Box1: This time they don’t have enough intelligence to fear Claude

P2 SFX1: *Growl* *Howl*


P3B1: As expected!

P3 SFX1: *Rustle*


P4 SFX1: *Leap*

PB1: Uwah!



Page 11 ~

P1 SFX1: *Chomp*

P1 SFX2: *Roll*

P1B1: Kuh


P2B1: Wai- My bow isn’t ready—


P3B1: Earth magic [Earth Needle]!

P3 SFX1: *Pierce*


P4B1: Onii-chan, are you ok?

P4B2: Lillian!


P5B1a: We’ve finished gathering the herbs nya~

P5B1b: So Lillian will be joining the battle too nya~!


P6B1: Hibiki-sama, more are coming!


P7B1: I understand! Lillian, let’s do our best!

P7B2: Ok!



Page 12 ~

P4B1: Fuu

P4B2: With this we have enough Fool Dogs


P5B1: The remaining request is exterminating the Red-Horned Rabbits

P5B2: If we start now will we make it?


P6B1: Besides, how do we attract the Red-Horned Rabbits?

P6B2: We’ll use this



Page 13 ~

P1 Descr: [Name] Taban’s fruit

[Note] This extremely sour fruit is not suitable for humans. However, it is popular amongst monsters and is especially liked by the Red-Horned Rabbit.

P1 SFX1: *Takes out*

P1B1: Taban’s Fruit?


P2B1a: Usually most of the fruits are eaten by monkey or bird-like monsters before they fall from the tree

P2B1b: So the ground monsters rarely get the opportunity to eat them

P2B2: I gathered a few earlier.


P3B1: Then if we scatter those…

P3B2: Yes


P4 SFX1: *Sniff* *sniff*


P5B1: They’ll be led by the smell and gather defenseless


P6 SFX1: *munch* *munch*


P7B1: Ok, now!______________________________________________________________________________


Page 14 ~

P1B1: Wind magic [Wind Cutter] !


P2 SFX1: *Rips through*


P4B1: Here, the requested items!

P4 SFX1: *Thud*



Page 15 ~

P1B1: Allow me to check all of them

P1B2: Please do

P1 Box1a: Today’s haul

P1 Box1b: 35 herbs, 15 spices, 9 horned rabbits, 17 full dogs, and 18 red horned rabbits,

P1 Box2: We exceeded the requested amount!


P2 Box1a: It wasn’t difficult

P2 Box1b: But probably due to the stress of this being my first request, I’m tired mentally.


P3B1: The reward is 6 gold coins, 5 silver coins, and 1 copper coin.


P4B1: Eh?


P5B1: We receive this much as the reward?

P5B1: Even the extras are calculated into the profit.


P6B1: A reward worthy of a C rank

P6 SFX1: *Nod*

P6 Box1a: The skill given by god is really cheating

P6 Box1a: As expected of of the [World Map]


P7B1: Unless through illegal means, this amount isn’t normally possible for a F rank…

P7B2: …..



Page 16 ~

P1B1: Did you do something illegal?

P1B2: I didn’t!

P2B1a: Then there isn’t a problem

P2B1b: Can we directly transfer your reward to the guild bank?

P2B2: Yes, I’ll be in your care


P3 Box1: Convert that to yen and it’s 600,000 yen. (TL Note: Yen is japanese currency and this roughly converts to $6,000)

P3 Box2: Over here, that’s enough for a family of 3 to live leisurely for a month. And I earned that in a day.


P4 Box1: Before when i did this by myself I only earned 1 silver coin

P4 Box2: To think I’d change so much with comrades


P5B1: Wasn’t that an easy win nya?


P6B1: Since we worked hard today let’s go have a nice dinner nya

P6B2: Our party is blessed with Hibiki-sama and Lillian



Page 17 ~

P1B1: Like this we can finish 10 requests tomorrow

P1B2: Eh?

P1 Box1: Returns to inn


P2 Box1: After eating plenty of Tanya-chan’s delicious dinner

P2 Txt1: Here, extra helpings are on the house

P2B1: As always, what an amazing appetite


P3 Box1: And today’s last challenge before bed

P3 SFX1: *Rustle*


P4B1: …..ok, let’s start Claude

P4 SFX1: *Kii*


P5B1: Whenever you’re ready Hibiki-sama

P5 SFX1: *Nod*


P6B1: Do your best, Onii-chan

P6B2: It’ll be fine nya if you do it as you were taught master



Page 18 ~

P1B1: Everyday magic [Bubble Wash]

P1 SFX1: *Soft glow*

P1B2: Wow…!


P2 SF1: *Cleanse*

P2B1: This… not only is the grim being washed away

P2B2: It feels nice, like my body is being massaged at the same time


P3B1a: Amazing! This is amazing Claude!

P3B1b: I’ve never felt anything this soft!

P3 SFX1: *Fluffy*

P3B2a: H..Hibiki-sama?

P3B2b: Not my tail!


P4B1: Me too! I want to touch too!

P4B2: Vanet wants to touch too nya

P4 SFX1: *Leap*

P4B3: Lillian, Vanet-sama too?!


P5B1: Wai….not my…

P5B2: Clau-san you’re so fluffy!

P5 SFX1: *Commotion*


P6 SFX1: *Ahaha*

P6 SFX2: *Creeek…*



Page 19 ~

P1B1: Be quiet at night

P1 SFX1: *Creeeek…*

P1B2: Ok?


P2B1: Scary…

P2B2: I’m sorry…


P3B1: W..we have much to do tomorrow, let’s sleep…

P3B2: …Right


P4B1: We’ll do our best tomorrow

P4 Box 1: Although, this thinking only lasted untill the next morning.


P5B1a: From today on we should focus on subjugating the monsters.

P5B1b: This way it’ll be easier to rank up too.

P5B2: Eh but isn’t that dangerous?


P6B1: Don’t you have the [Medical Book]?

P6 SFX1: *Hahaha


P7 Box1: From that day on demon instructor Claude’s spartan training began


P8 SFX1: *Growl* *Growl*

P8 SFX2: *Scream*


P9 SFX1: *Scream*

P9 SFX2: *Usa* *usa*


P10 SFX1: *Eat more*
P10 SFX2: *No thank you*


P11 SFX1: Noooo—



Page 20 ~

P1 Txt1: One month later…


P2B1: Delivery. . . please check the contents


P3B1a: Hibiki-sama

P3B1b: Are you ok?

P3B2a: Huh

P3B2b: Jewel-san?


P4B1: It’s been a long time since we last met Hibiki-sama

P4B2: Yes, long time no see

P4B3a: Did something happen?

P4B3b: Since Merato-san was here this morning


P5B1: I finally finished my troublesome task

P5B2a: Barse-sama will also be returning soon

P5B2b: So, I’ll be returning to my work here at the reception desk


*TLN : sorry we keep changing the guild master’s name, it is weird to translate


P6B1a: I sent Merato-chan home early for today

P6B1b: Merato-chan was only covering for me this month

P6 Box1: Now that I think about it, Jewel-san is big bro Barse’s stand-in guild master and she’s been very busy dealing with the guild’s paperwork.



Page 21 ~

P1B1: I look forward to working with you again.


P2 Txt1: Jewel-san’s so beautiful…

P2 Txt2: Tsk…I’m so jealous…!

P2B1: I look forward to working with you too


P3B1: Seeing Jewel-san’s smile again after so long, it’s relaxing (TL Note: Hibiki says he feel healed but I thought that might sound weird)


P5B1: Eh…?

P5B2a: Because recently all I’ve been seeing is Merato-san’s straight face

P5B2b: She wouldn’t even crack a smile…


P6B1: A…aaah Is…. that so

P6B2: No No. How unbecoming of me! I was about to start swooning like all the other desk receptionists.



Page 22 ~

P1 Box1: For some reason everyone can’t keep calm with Hibiki-sama

P1 Txt1: Aah

P1 Txt2: Hibiki-kun

P1 Txt3: Hibiki-kun

P1 Txt4: So cuuuute—


P2 Box1: Now that I think about it Barse-sama was also unusually interested in Hibiki-sama

P2 Txt1: Have you seen Hibiki?


P3 Box1: Which is why I assigned the strangely unresponsive Merato-chan to Hibiki-sama

P3 Txt1: He’s cute but

P3 Txt2: Is there a reason to make such a huge fuss out of it?


P4 Txt1: How can Merato-chan remain so calm in front of such a cute child?

P4 SFX1: *Deep thought*

P4B1: …….el-san


P5B1: Are you ok Jewel-san?

P5B2: Yes, I’m fine cute Hibiki-sama


P6B1: Cute….

P6 SFX1: *Gloom*

P6 Txt1: I want to look like a man….

P6B2: Ah….


P7B1: Anyways Hibiki-sama!

P7B2: I heard you rose up to E rank the other day. Congratulations.

P7B3: Thank you



Page 23 ~

P1B1: To rank up in just one month, you might be the fastest in the guild

P1B2: On average the time need to go from F rank to E rank is about half a year to 1 year!


P2B1: Moreover, despite taking 5-8 requests everyday surprisingly, you always return without a single scratch.

P2B2a: Using [Medical Book]

P2B2b: I heal my wounds with [Bubble Wash]


P3B1: Without rest I have to take requests everyday

P3B2: have my condolences….

P3B3: His eyes…


P4B1: Well thanks to that my funds increased

P4B2: Your rank also rose


P5 Box1: Additionally my level increased by 10

P5 Box2a: My job level and skill levels all rose

P5 Box2b: Everyday magic is about the only skill that leveled up and didn’t show any changes



Page 24 ~

P1 Box1: After I lost contact with God I haven’t been able to acquire any new skills


P2 Box1: Speaking of which, since Lillian isn’t an adult yet, her statuses have slightly risen but level remains at 1

P2 Display 1: Level 1

P2 Box2: And because of the curse Claude’s level can’t increase at all.

P2 Display 2: Level 25


P3 Box1a: In my case, will I stay the same until God comes back?

P3 Box1b: Sapo-chan’s two unique skills seem to still be offline….

P3 Display: Eyes of the Disciples        OFF

Tutorial       OFF


P4B1: Since you also rose in rank how about taking a slight break?

P4 Txt1: You seem to be tired

P4B2: Yes, I’ll try suggesting that to the demon sergeant

P4 Box1: Maybe if god also took a break he’ll be back afterwards


P6B1: Break…you say?



Page 25 ~

P1B1a: Yeah What….do you think…?

P1B1b: If we don’t rest my heart will…

P1 SFX1: *Exhausted…*

P1B2: Vanet also wants to rest (TL Note: Vaine said he also wants to roll around)

P1B3: Kuro-san me too

P1B4: I see


P2B1: I wanted to keep going all the way until we reach D rank but….

P2B2: Uhi *TLN Note: Flinching sound effect/ a sudden cry in fear


P3B1: I forgot since I don’t feel physical fatigue

P3b2: It might be nice to rest once in a while


P4B1: Let’s take a 2-3 day break

P4B2: Yaay!


P5B1a: We’ve been in the forest for this entire month

P5B1b: Tomorrow, let’s go walking in town together!

P5B2a: We’ll look for new clothes

P5B2b: And search for delicious sweets

P5B3: So energetic all of a sudden nya…..



Page 26 ~

P1B1: Then tomorrow we’ll go shopping together

P1B2: And the day after, we’ll have a free day


P2B1: With that decided let’s return to the inn and prepare for tomorrow…

P2 SFX1: *Thud*


P3B1: Ah, excuse me


P4 Txt1: Oooh!

P4B1: Be careful kid


P5B1: Amazing muscles; he seems like strong warrior

P5 Txt1: So cool!


P6 Box1: One day I’ll also be like that—-

P6 SFX1: *Sneak*

P6B1: Hm?


P7B1: Huh?

P7 SFX1: *Takes*



Page 27 ~

P1B1: A..appraisal!

P1 Display1: Job Thief

P1 Txt1: The reason for those muscles—

P1B2: He’s a thief–!!


P2B1: Miss, your wallet’s been stolen!

P2B2: Eh?

P2B3: Ah!


P3B1: Tsk

P3 SFX1: *Dash*


P4B1: Claude!

P4 SFX1: *Runs*

P4B2: Yes!


P5B1: Hmph. There’s no way you can catch up with my highly trained leg muscles and starting da—

P5 SFX1: *Laugh*

P5 SFX2: *Slips in front*


P6B1: Hey hey

P6 SFX1: *Grabs*


P7B1: Ah



Page 28 ~

P1B1: I can’t have you causing trouble in my town

P1B2: Big bro Barse


P2B1: Yo

P2 SFX1: *Smiles*

P2B2: Long time no see Hibiki


P4B1a: Long time no see big bro!

P4B1b: I didn’t know you came back!

P4B2: Yeah I got back just now!



Page 29 ~

P1B1: To defeat such a big guy so easily, as expected of big bro!

P1 SFX1: *Flex*

P1B2: Ha ha ha! My muscles are different from that fake!


P2B1: Has Hibiki put on any muscles since then–?

P2B2: Maybe a bit

P2B3: An acquaintance….

P2B4: Seems like it nya


P3B1: But a few minutes ago I got called cute by Jewel-san….

P3B2: What–?! Geez that Jewel!

P3 Txt1: She doesn’t understand a guy’s heart!

P4B1: Last time’s talk went down the drain (physically) but

P4B2: Next time, you come to my house I’ll give you effective methods to build up muscles

P4B3: Really?! Yaay!!

P5B1: Wait a second



Page 30 ~

P1B1: You are?

P1B2: I’m Claude, Hibiki-sama’s knight


P2B1a: In regards to Hibiki-sama’s training, I’m the one in charge

P2B1b: Stop making selfish suggestions.

P2B2: Huh? Is that how it is?


P3B1: Hey hey muscles aren’t something troubling to have.


P4B1: They’re unnecessary

P4 SFX1: *Annoyed*


P5B1a: Putting on too much muscle will slow you down due to the weight just like that guy earlier

P5B1b: It’s best to naturally strengthen the muscles in the areas needed.

P5B2: That guy didn’t train properly


P6B1: If they’re heavy isn’t it fine if you just add more muscles

P6 SFX1: *More flexing*

P6B2: You can solve anything with muscles!


Page 31 ~

P1B1: Hibiki thinks so too right?

P1 SFX1: *hit*

P1B2: Y..yeah


P2 SFX1: *Irritated*


P3B1a: The thing that should be trained are techniques!

P3B1b: As you train your techniques your body will naturally be trained too

P3B1c: Excessive muscle training for Hibiki-sama is unnecessary

P3 SFX1: *Points*

P3B2: Ha—?! Isn’t Hibiki himself saying he wants them?


P4B1: As a knight there are times where I must harden my heart and correct my lord’s mistakes!

P4 SFX1: *Grind*

P4B2: When fully utilizing techniques if your body can’t keep up there’s no point! Muscles won’t betray you!


P5B1: What Hibiki-sama needs is techniques

P5B2: No! Hibiki doesn’t have enough muscles!

P5B3a: Techniques!

P5B3b: Muscles!

P5B4: Techniques!!

P5B5: Muscles!!


P6 SFX1: *Weez* *weez*

P6B1: ….this is getting nowhere



Page 32 ~

P1B1: ….then you want to test it out?


P2B1: Bring it…!

P2B2: U..umm–…..

Side Title Box: Next Claude’s Techniques V.S. Barse’s Power!! Who will win?!

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